2007-02-11 (PreU) Devi and Nny hash some more with Vash

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Devi and Nny hash some more with Vash


Who: Devi, Johnny_C
When: 2-11-07
Where: Twisted

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Growling as Vashtearnia vanishes, Johnny takes out his aggression on the duplicate he'd created. Gashing out her throat he stands over her body as it vanishes and tries to slow his rapid breathing. Raising an eyebrow he looks over towards Devi and asks, "So... uh. Devi? Where the fuck did that come from?" He refers of course to her energy attack if it's not obvious.

Devi cackles as Vash disappears, her hands clenching into fists as her eyes fade back to normal, the green orbs switching to look at Nny. Grinning she replys," Oblivion. I would have told you but your sarcasm was to high for me to explain, so I opted not to say anything. I -could- ask the same thing, but I'm not sure I really want to know." Sitting back down on the bench, Devi brushes her left hand through her hair, tucking it behind an ear."Well, on a high note, I'm not shaking anymore."

Johnny watches the skyline as he takes her words in, trying to decide if it's worth chasing after Vashtearnia or not. On one hand she could do a lot of damage but then again, he doesn't really care anymore. In fact, he's still not sure if he'd be upset if she did die during her 'singing'. This is what he tries to decide as he turns his gaze towards the ground. "...the same thing? This is all shit I picked up from that stint with Benedict I told you about. Drains the fuck outta my wastelock though." The darkness begins to burn away from everywhere, including on his body, as he makes his way back towards Devi. "Of course some good violence and I should be back together again." Absently he mutters to himself, "...of course I never had to worry about that back on Chronos for some reason..." Shrugging he looks up at Devi again. "So? What's the plan? Chase after her or rebuild our strengths?"

Devi looks towards the rest of Twisted and sighs, shaking her head, grin still on her face. "I don't really care enough about her to chase after her. If she dies while doing whatever it is she's doing, oh well. She doesn't seem like that redeemable to me anyways." Turning her gaze back to Nny, she becomes serious, and the grin fades away. "I really am sorry for not being there when you woke up. As soon as I got back, I rushed over to your place, but you'd already left."

Johnny begins to force a laugh. This one comes out strange even for him. First it's forced, then it sounds nervous, then it becomes michivious. Few people realize how many strange ways one can laugh and even fewer ever hear so many at one time. When he's done his sickly demonic smile is pasted on his face and he shrugs. "Well... I just decided I -had- to go for a walk." His mind getting the better of him, his face drops and he looks at the ground again. "...but I do appreciate it. Delayed or not." Looking back up he smirks, "But it all worked out good in the end! You'll see!"

Devi nodding, she gathers her jacket around her and stands, looking off into the sky. The sun has set by now, and the dusk is quickly fading away. "What do ya say we get out of this creepy place and get a drink at the UR or something? I'd really just rather not be here anymore. Considering where we are, zombies may rise and seek our BRAINS!" She raises her arms into the air dramatically, and pretends to drool and grunt for a few seconds as she waits for Nny's reply.

Johnny glances around at the thought of zombies and smiles at the gravestones. Then again, maybe he's smiling at the irony. "Zombies, huh? Zombies might be pretty cool! But, uh... yeah. If you'd rather we could hit the UR." Bitting his lower lip he looks to the gravestones again, "...of course there -is- something I should be checking up on." Letting out a sigh he struggles to decide what to do. Suddenly though he blinks and looks at Devi, his face full of seriousness. "Hey? Devi? Is it just me or is the sun setting twice?" Shuddering he grabs her wrist and starts pulling her out of the cemetery. "It's like that Groundhogs Day movie! I'm not going through this again. Let's hit the UR."

Devi drops her arms, hands back into her pockets as she says, "If you've got something you need to do and I need to bugger off, you could meet me at the UR later ya know." She gets drug along, not putting up much resistance until they hit the next area, then hopefully, she'll regain ownership of her wrist.

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