2008-06-20 (PreU) A dog eat dog world...

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A dog eat dog world...

Summary: What? Did you think Johnny wasn't going to appear again? He's still around, but his motives are only his own. When the time is right he'll make himself known... and this is one of those times. It looks like he might have a new objective after meeting Ashton and Courage as well, but you can read that for yourself...

Who: Ashton, Courage, Johnny_C
When: June 20th, 2008
Where: City Ruins(#2008R)

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City Ruins(#2008R)

Well, "ruins" aren't exactly a fitting description, but when half a city suddenly finds itself uprooted and attached to Twisted, it's kinda hard to know what to call it. The streets which connect here are broken and cracked and some of the buildings seem to be in similar states of disrepair. However, the buildings are occupied, even if this was only a recent event. The citizens of the Twisted Street will take residence where they can find it, and from the looks of things this is a more stable area than some of the others. Occasionaly you'll find shops here and there too although finding one that will let you in is a bit more of a challenge. Rumor has it there's a pet store hiding in the city somewhere...

As empty as the City Ruins normally are, it's a strange sight to see a man with two dragon's attached to his shoulders wandering around, stopping to inspect every container he comes across, marveling in its craftsmanship, or just searching it for anything of use. The dragons attached to his shoulders glance around, as if they were trying to protect the man from any danger he may be to dense to realize.

Perched literally on the side of a building, using a small ledge for support, the figure of Johnny C watches like a morbid gargoyle. His face is streaked with dirt, his clothes dusty. Infact, he almost looks like he really is part of the building where it not for the color of his clothes. Breathing slowly he peers at the dragon-man with no signs of life beyond an occasional twitch of his eye. There really is no telling how long he's sat here, or how long he's willing to sit here before he decides to move again...

In the middle of the street, of all things, a barrel. Who knows where it came from, why it's there, or if that even matters. It's just a barrel of... Well, it's impossible to tell when it's upside-down like that, huh?

Ashton quickly makes his way over to the barrel, studying it closely, as if he were an expert in these sort of things. "Look at that! The bilge hoops and even the chime ones are in perfect shape! The wood looks so alive, almost as if the craftsman put his entire heart and soul into creating this simple item..." His eyes shine brightly as he quickly circles around the barrel, not even daring to touch it. The dragons however, take notice of the 'Gargoyle', turning and narrowing their eyes daringly at it, almost as if they were issuing an unseen challange to the Homicidal Maniac.

Johnny simply lets go of the ledge, falling two stories down and hitting the pavement below with a heavy clang thanks to the metal on his boots. He lands flat on his feet, with his dagger drawn and peircing the sidewalk an inch or two as he uses it for support. Standing slowly he narrows his eyes at the dragons as he turns towards Ashton, freeing and twirling his dagger in the process. "...ya got something worth staring at?" Is he adressing Ashton or the dragons? It probably doesn't matter.

The creature inside the barrel is only aware that there is something outside the barrel that he doesn't want to see or be seen by. Shivering, the little purple dog waits... Two moonlight-white eyes stare at the back of his head, putting him on edge whenever he thinks he saw them, and they move just out of his direct sight.

"I'm merely studying this prime example of a true barrel... I've seen a lot in my day that wanted to pass themselves off as something worthy for use..." Ashton is entirely distracted and taken in by the barrel, his right hand slowly reaching out to touch it for a brief second. Gyoro however, glares at Johnny for a moment, before turning away in distaste, leaving Ururun to merely turn and look at the barrel with Ashton.

One of Johnny's eyes go wide as his eyebrow raises in confusion. Tilting his head to the side he glances at the barrel wondering for the first time just what it's doing here. "...and I thought my life had grown exciting as of late." With a slight sigh and a shrug he twirls his dagger again and resheaths it a moment. He hasn't stopped moving of course and is now standing directly beside the topic of the day as he finaly does. Bending his knees he ducks down and pokes the side of the barrel with a gloved finger before looking upwards into Ashton's face. "Yep, that's a barrel all right. So.... what? Ya gonna run off with it? Throw it into traffic? Marry it? It's not like it's going to get up and run..." Rising to his feet again he leans on it. "Can't say I see it in the same light as you. I look at it and all I wonder is how many bodies can ya stuff in it before you have to get a second one..."

After Johnny's last sentence, the barrel abruptly, and dizzily starts run away from the two, a loud, if somewhat muffled, scream echoing from inside it. Then the rush comes to an end as the barrel slams into the side of a crumbling building and smashes to bits, leaving a highly dizzy purple dog to stumble about, giggling like a loon, with a barrel lid on his head. Must've hit his head pretty hard. He falls over, going completely still. Fainted, one would think.

"...You can't see the remarkable work that went into constructing this?" Ashton shakes his head as he lets both hands touch the barrel, only to grasp air in confusion as the barrel starts to run away. "...Huh?" His voice trails off as Gyoro and Ururun perk up, and narrow their eyes at the now visable dog, as tears slowly start to well up in the corners of his eyes.

Johnny sweatdrops as he watches. "I guess it CAN get up and run away." As the barrel smashes open he winces slightly and shakes his head. "...and that's why I got bored with Chronos. See? Nothing cool like that ever happened on Chronos unless it was that damned Nuumamonjaa again." Smirking at his own statement he glances over at Ashton, reguarding his tears with a roll of his eyes. Patting him on the back, the maniac snickers. "There'll be more, I'm sure..."

Courage slowly rises to a sit, gazing at the surrounding area with blurry vision, swaying with his apparent lack of balance. As the area gets clearer, his sight is pulled to the two figures. The blinky sound is made as, well, he blinks, as if to express confusion. Finally, the purple dog rises to a stand, apparently not the ordinary kind of dog that stands on all fours.

"The..." Ashton sighs dejectedly as he leans down and runs a finger against the ground sadly. "The greatest barrel I've ever seen... Destroyed rigth before my eyes..." The dragons however, move towards the dog, almost as if they were extending a good length away from Ashton towards it. "Rhhh.. Urrhhh... Rhhh? Urh. Hrh..." Gyoro and Ururun seem to enter a conversation with eachother, almost as if they were deciding on wether or not this this dog was an enemy or another occupant of this world.

Johnny disreguards the standing dog, he's seen more than his fair share of strange things over the years after all. Now, the speaking dragons however, they grab his attention. The maniac watches them with a raised eyebrow again wondering just why he can't understand what they're saying. It's been a long time since he'd heard things speak without somehow understanding the conversation. One of the few benefits of being lost in the multiverse. "...um, what are they saying? A-are they talking, or just making noise...?"

Whatever the dragons are saying, it makes Courage pale and stand absolutely still. All the color runs out of him. Literally. There is now an inky purple puddle at the feet of a white figure with a cartoony black outline.

"....Gyoro, Ururun, no. You can't eat it." Ashton sighs as he climbs to his feet and starts to walk away. "They were discussing on wether or not to eat the dog for breaking the item I was coveting... Accidents happen, I should know this better then anyone..." A dark cloud seems to hang over Ashton as he vanishes around the side of a building, as if he were now continuing his search.

Johnny hmm's to himself as the man walks away. He looks back and forth between the frightend dog and the direction Ashton left in and ponders a moment before shruging his shoulders. This person might be intresting to follow. Grinning manicly towards the dog he slinks off, drawing his dagger and twirling it as he quietly trails behind him. Maybe keeping an eye on him from a distance will lead him to some answers of his own...

The color shoots up into Courage's outline, and he screams loudly, turning around and impacting the wall behind himself... That grin did it.

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