2009-03-01 (PreU) Ice Cream, Dojos, and Pictures

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Ice Cream, Dojos, and Pictures

Summary: Faith walks out of the ice cream store licking an ice cream cone.

Who: Faith, Ranma, Rei, Usagi
When: March 1st, 2009


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Ranma emerges from the Megami Cafe, rubbing her belly, though it's slim as ever. She ponders what to do with her day.

Faith smiles at she notices you, "Yo. 'Sup Red?"

Ranma says, "Hey!" She heads over, then realizes she can't just give her name. "I'm ... Ranko. We didn't get a chance to talk before. How's it going?"

Faith smiles, "Not to bad, was just heading on down to take a peek at a dojo I saw the other day. Figure I could use a better place to train than in my apartment."

Ranma says, "There's a dojo around? I think I might've wandered through an abandoned one the other day, maybe it's the same one?" She admits, "I was looking for one here, that I thought I knew the way to, but it's not here." Which is a bit of a relief, cause it means no one's here to yell at him.

Faith nods, "I'm not sure, wanna tag along? Figure it won't hurt to check it out."

Ranma nods sagely. "I need a place, too. Yeah, I'll come with you."

Displaced Dojo - Gateway Arches

Faith grins, "Ahh, here we are. Man, this town is a pain in the ass to get around in at times."

Ranma nodnods. "It's very confusing. I found myself here before, but I don't think I could have gotten back."

Faith nods as she heads between the arches, "Sometimes it takes a few tries to get where you want to go. And shopping can be a real pain in the ass."

Ranma looks around at the odd statures as she muses, "I haven't tried that yet. I can just about find myself most of the time. I sorta know how my old friend Ryouga feels, though."

Faith nods, "It's an easy place to get lost in." she shrugs, "So are you into martial arts like Ranma?"

Ranma nodnods and tries not to smirk as she says, "Yeah, I am. I'm as good as he is, too."

Faith grins, "Really? Me, I'm more of a brawler. Though Jack's starting to teach me to use a katana. And I'm downright mean with a staff." she shrugs.

Ranma says, "My fiancee Akane is more of a brawler. She wants to be a martial artist, but she's not there yet. I was coming to a dojo in Juuban where a friend of her father's was going to help train her, but I wound up here by mistake."

Faith snickers, "I ended up here... Well, lets just say that it's a long story for now." she shrugs a bit. "Hey, I think I see a light up towards the shrine. Maybe someone's here."

Ranma arches a brow, but shrugs, swaying freely under the top, and peers towards the shrine, heading over to investigate as well. "Hello?" she calls out. (re for Rei and Usagi)

Faith stands outside the door, peering around to see if anyone's about, "Hello? Anyone here? We were wondering about use of your training area?"

The sound of a burning fire with soft chanting quietly fills the shrine as a single occupant sits in the center of it. A raven haired woman wearing a white hakama, with a red hakamashita. With each word she chants, her hands move in sync, forming a symbol. "Rin. Pyou. Tou. Sha. Kai. Jin. Retsu. Zai. Zen."

Faith blinks and stands quietly off to the side, not wanting to interrupt the shrine maiden, and hoping it won't be terribly long until she's done. If she's particularly sensitive, the darkness within her that is the Slayer essence might be apparent.

Ranma blinks as she sees the shrine maiden inside chanting, and like Faith falls silent and remains respectful, bowing her head and standing still.

Rei goes silent as she hears the two newcomers, and slowly climbs to her feet, turning and bowing towards them. "Please, feel free to use the facilities as you please, but I must ask that you keep any conflict out of the shrine. I'm currently in the middle of my afternoon meditation." She smiles slightly as she rises up from the bow. That is of course, until she sees Faith. Her face twitches slightly as the smile becomes blatenly forced. "Please. Leave me to my meditations if you will.."

Faith raises a bit of an eyebrow, but nods and turns to head back out towards the courtyard, "Yeah, no problem..." Figuring the girl is obviously judging her by how she's dressed. "Coming Ranko?"

Ranma looks back and forth between Rei and Faith, a puzzled expression on her face, but she nods slowly and follows Faith.

And from the direction of the courtyard would come a voice that Rei hasn't heard in a while. "Faith, there you are! I thought I saw you duck into here. It's been too long since we hung out!" Bright, cheerful, oblivious to the fact that there's a senshi here she hasn't met yet in this world.

Rei slowly starts to clench her fists, as she starts gritting her teeth. "Usagi...." Wearing what she currently is, it's a wonder anyone can move so fast dressed like that. But the Fire Senshi manages to pass Faith and Ranma easily, and stands at the very entrance of the shrine, overlooking the courtyard. The anger thats eminating from the woman can be felt by all, and it should slowly become apparent as her eyes zero in on the bunny-rabbit. "Odango-head! WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS!?" Her right hand shoots forward, and is holding a picture, which Faith and Usagi both should be able to tell easily just what it is.

Faith's frown turns into a grin and she starts to raise a hand and answer Usagi when Rei blows past her. She blinks and her grin slips into a glare as she charges after her, not about to allow anyone to hurt one of her friends. She's only a few steps behind Rei as she holds out the photo and skids to a stop, her boots sounding much like a pair of skidding tires as she comes to a stop with a slight 'Gurk!' sound. Well, that's one way to distract an upset Slayer.

EEEK!!!! The last thing Usagi was expecting was to be confronted by a Rei holding THAT picture! "Too much firewine and an accident..." Rei's scary! "Nevermind that... Rei, you're okay!" And, in spite of the scary yelling Rei, Usagi'd go for a full-on glomp. Okay... what the heck?

Ranma looks puzzled some more, but steps aside as Rei darts past. Anyone that angry needs to get where she's going and Ranma's not going to help by getting stepped on. "Uhm?" she manages to say while trying to figure out what's going on.

As one would typically expect, Rei's left fist crashes down into the top of Usagi's head, as the death glare is still in full effect. "What's with that non-chalant answer?!" The veins in her forehead slowly start to become more and more apparent as she continues to yell and scream at Usagi at the top of her lungs, before she turns, and starts giving 'The Look' to Faith. "And YOU...."

Faith's glare is back full force as Rei turns to look at her. She takes the final few steps forward to try to get right up into Rei's face. Her teeth are clenched tightly as she growls at Rei, her fingers curling into a fist and relaxing several times, "Nobody hurts Usagi. Got that?" The darkness within her is practically throbbing now, as if singing at the prospect of a brawl.

Usagi reaches up to rub the spot on her head where Rei bopped her, and, when Rei turns towards Faith... she starts to giggle. Then outright laugh, a joyous, carefree sound. Rei's upset with Usagi, so that means almost everything's right in her world again. "Rei, what do you expect? From my perspective I haven't seen you since Galaxia... I'm just glad you're alive!"

Ranma is okay with the yelling, but when the head smacking starts, she holds up both hands, "Wait, wait, hold on here! What's going on?" Then Usagi turns on Rei with that carefree attitude and Ranma is even more confused. She waits to see what Rei does, still puzzled and trying to work out what she should do. Usagi seems to clearly be a non-combatant, and she won't let people just beat up on the innocent, even if they did something in a picture, which Ranma tries to look at it in case it clears anything up?

the picture, if Ranma's able to see it, is of Usagi on the floor, Faith sitting on the couch... and they're kissing. in nothing but their underwear.

Another smack to Usagi's head is given as Rei continues to glare at Faith. "First off, just where do you get off thinking you can tell me what I can and can't do to my friends?!" She then turns and crosses her arms as she starts walking back into the shrine. "I'm not talking to you anymore Usagi. Especially with /her/ around." She lifts her head and hmphs haughtily, as she moves back to where she was originally meditating at.

Faith snorts at Rei, "If that's how you treat your friends, I'd hate to see how you treat strangers that come here." then turns her attention to Usagi and starts checking her head for injuries, "You okay 'Gi?" then leans in close to whisper to her, "Galaxia? So that's one of your 'special' friends?"

Ranma does see it, and turns twelve shades of red. *n.n* She seems about to try and stop Rei from bonking Usagi, but sees it for what it is, not an intent to harm, just Rei's way of giving affection. She's been on the receiving end of enough headshots to see that. It's sort of like when he kicks his father into the pond. She looks over at Faith and suggests, "Maybe we should leave them? She's not really hurt, it looks like...."

All the righteous anger in the world from Rei at that point couldn't get Usagi past the fact that Rei's there, in front of her, at the moment. "Yeah, I'm okay Faith. That's just Rei." She resists the urge to tack on, and rei's not happy unless she's yelling about something, that only seems to be true on the surface. "So, when should I come back to talk to you, Rei, if you're not talking to me now?" she asks cheerfully.

Ranma slips out with Faith so Usagi and Rei can chat. She has a look around the place meanwhile.

The fire thats burning seems to be dying down as Rei clenches her teeth, trying to start her meditation once more. But its just so hard to get anything done with Usagi hanging about. "An accident? No, 'It's not a real photo!' You're actually admitting.. to something like this?!" The fire senshi stands up, and spins around, an uneasy look of calmness on her face. "What about Mamoru? What about /us/? You've been here how long, and I'm only just NOW finding out about you? Do the others know you're here? Do you have any idea how worried /I/ was when I arrived here? About how you were alone, and had no one with you?!" She crosses her arms, as the anger starts to become more apparent once again. "Instead of focusing on finding all of us, you're off getting drunk and making out with another woman."

Usagi sighs. "I found Ami and Makoto first off, and, I have been looking. This place is big, I still haven't found Minako yet... And, I wasn't kidding about it being an accident. She found some firewine from the Silver Millineum. It wasn't so much as making out as her leaning down as I was turning my face up and, literally, accident. Mamoru..." she swallows. "I haven't seen him since his star seed was dissolved in the Galaxy Caldron, and Chibi-Usa vanished from existance..."

Silence comes from the fire senshi as she turns back around and starts making her way further into the shrine. "I don't like your new 'friend'. There's something wrong with her, and I can feel it. Just like with Ami and Makoto... Visions of the past, future.. I don't like it here. At all. Even if you're here.. I don't want to be here. I want to go back to Tokyo... I want to go home."

Usagi nods. "If I had a way to get everybody back... I would. I want to go home too." Somehow she gets the feeling that it's going to take far more than bringing over food and manga to make things right between them. "Rei... I'm glad to see you okay. Try and make it a point to meet a person called Jack Karrde. Setsuna's left him in charge of the Time Gates here. And, in case you didn't already know... Beryl's here."

Faith leans against a wall down in the courtyard, her eyes closed, smoking a cigarette and letting her friend deal with another friend.

Ranma wrinkles her nose at the cigarette and spends her time running up and down the staircase.

"...I already knew.." Rei sighs loudly as she starts to kneel down once again. "I need to finish my meditations." She closes her eyes once again, and starts chanting. "Rin. Pyou. Tou. Sha. Kai. Jin. Retsu. Zai. Zen. Rin. Pyou. Tou. Sha. Kai. Jin. Retsu. Zai. Zen." It doesn't take long for her to get back into the trance like state, and the fire that was once starting to die down, suddenly springs to life once again with renewed vigor.

Usagi watches Rei sink back down into her meditations with a slight frown. Rei... what's the other girl gone through to close her off like that so completely? Something's wrong... Usagi turns to head back into the main courtyard, leaving her friend to her meditations. Did she really hurt Rei that badly by not looking harder?

Faith is still siting down in the courtyard. By now she's put out her cigarette and put the butt in her pocket for later disposal. Even she's not going to throw trash on shrine grounds after al.

Ranma is more at home on shrines and places like that. Of course at the root of it all, everything is a training location. Up and down the stairs, with a glance to Faith at the bottom and a peek through the door at the top to see what's up and make sure no one's having their odangoes pulled off.

Usagi looks up towards Faith as she hits the courtyard. "Well, the good news is I found one of my friends," she says, trying to keep upbeat about it. "Mind introducing me to your new friend?"

Faith nods, "That is not a happy girl." she smirks, "'Gi, this is Ranko. I ran into her and a friend of hers over in the UR the other night. Ranko, this is Usagi." she shrugs, "I was looking at this place to see if it'd be a good place to work out till I move into the new place and all."

Ranma smiles to Usagi and waves to her, "Hey there. Sorry about your friend upstairs." Ranma, master of tact. "Don't worry about it, though. My fiancee hits me on the head all the time."

Usagi smiles a bit wryly at Ranma's comment. "Wow, that must be one harsh boyfriend." Well, what else is she gonna assume with Ranma in girl form being introduced as Ranko? "Pleased to meet you, Ranko."

Faith blinks, "Your boyfriend does what Ranko?" she fumes. With her history, it's no wonder that upsets her, "And Ranma hasn't done anything to stop it? He and I are going to have some words... And this guy of yours too."

Ranma smiles to Usagi, then acks as she realizes her little lie before, claiming not to be Ranma, is starting to snowball. "Nononono, it's not a guy, it's Akane. Who acts like a guy and is built like a guy," because Ranma can't be kind to Akane even when she's not here, "but is actually a girl." And actually she's Ranma's fiancee," she adds as her brain tries and fails to keep up with her mouth. "Uh, Ranma can't do much about her, cause Ranma doesn't fight with girls," she adds hesitantly. Not because it's not 100% true, but she's not sure how it helps her case."

Ranma smiles to Usagi, then acks as she realizes her little lie before, claiming not to be Ranma, is starting to snowball. "Nononono, it's not a guy, it's Akane. Who acts like a guy and is built like a guy," because Ranma can't be kind to Akane even when she's not here, "but is actually a girl. And actually she's Ranma's fiancee," she adds as her brain tries and fails to keep up with her mouth. "Uh, Ranma can't do much about her, cause Ranma doesn't fight with girls," she adds hesitantly. Not because it's not 100% true, but she's not sure how it helps her case.

Sorry Ranma, that dosen't really help. "But, why would you be calling a girl your fiancee? Unless... You're like Haruka and Michiru, and your families are really, really open about the whole gay thing..."

Faith just blinks... "Umm, 'Gi, I think she's saying that she's gay and fooling around with Ranma's fiancee. And that his fiancee beats on both of them." she scratches her head. "Right Ranko?"

Ranma's cheeks burn and she shakes her head, first to Usagi, then more vigorously to Faith. "I've never fooled around with Akane! And Ranma hasn't, either," she adds quickly. "No one'd want to fool around with a tomboy like her anyhow." Though her kind words might explain all the beatings.

Usagi glances at Faith. "I think we know why Ranko here gets smacked from time to time... and, if they're engaged, why don'tthey want to fool around a little? I mean, a marriage without any physical attraction has to really stink in the long run..."

Faith nods, "Yeah, you might have a point there 'Gi. But all three of em fooling around together is a bit unusual right?" she peers at Ranko, "Or are you and Ranma fooling around too?"

Ranma grumbles a little, "She's too sensitive about stuff." Her cheeks blaze as Faith and Usagi speculate on her relationships. "We're not fooling around. And Ranma's not fooling around, either. I'm not fooling around with anyone. I like girls, I'm not gay," she claims, forgetting for a moment that she's a girl.

Usagi reaches into her purse, pulls out a small mirror, and holds it up to Ran'ko', quirking an eyebrow and letting Ranma's reflection say it all.

Faith says, "Umm, Ranko... Being gay means you like girls. Unless there's something you really want to tell us about what's in your pants." she quirks an eyebrow as she begins to suspect that Ranko's like that girl she met in Des Moines that had a few extra parts.

Ranma might, with an extreme effort, manage to get her foot deeper into her mouth. "No, there's nothing in my pants. I mean... um." She nods at Usagi, "Yeah, I know I'm a girl. But ... sort of ... it's hard to explain." The truth might help here, but Ranma's convinced that it'll just get her in deeper.

Usagi mms, and puts the mirror away. "So, you're not gay, but you like girls, and happen to be a girl." She thinks a heartbeat. "Does that mean you like boys and girls?"

Faith shrugs, "So you're gay then. Heck, I know a girl that'd just adore you." she grins and looks at Usagi, "Don't you think Red would like Ranko?" then blinks at Usagi, "Hey, you're right, she could be bi then... I kinda think Red is, since she dated Oz for awhile."

Ranma's face tenses at the liking guys comment, and she shakes her head, looking back and forth between Usagi and Faith and feeling a bit hunted. Her face is as red as her shirt. "I guess ... er... no, not guys," she says vehemently. "And I've got too many fian-" she tries to work out how that'd sound, "I've got too many girls after me already. My pop is kinda crazy with getting me married off."

Usagi can't help but giggle at Ranma's blush. "Wow, your family must be really open about these things." She takes a step back, and stretches her arms over her head. "Is there a good tea shop in the area? I could use something hot to drink."

Faith says, "I'm not really sure. There's the UR of course. But I'm not that familiar with the area around here. Maybe your friend would know?" she shrugs, then looks at Ranko, "At least your father cares about you. Mine only cared for how much money I could make him. Be thankful yours cares enough to find you a good girl."

There's a loud commotion coming from back up the stairs as a small balding man suddenly flies overhead, dropping a gold kettle of hot water down as he bounds across the trees out of sight.. That couldn't have been...? However, that doesn't stop the Fire Senshi from rushing out of the shrine, looking even more upset then she was at Usagi. "You lecher! DON'T COME BACK HERE AGAIN! I'LL KILL YOU IF YOU DO!" Part of her clothing is disheveled and she's obviously more then just angry.

Ranma looks back and forth at Usagi and Faith, "That's sort of the opposite of the case. My mom'll make me commit seppuku if I don't turn out to be a man among men," which has to sound really odd, considering she's in girl type at the moment. She winces at Faith's comment and points out, "My pop didn't try and find me good girls, he tried to marry me off for money or the art or an okonomiyaki cart." And because she's so busy denying the allegations from Usagi and Faith, and then looking to see about Rei's screaming, she totally misses the descending kettle, which lands upside down on her head. "Ow!" And then, it's boytype Ranma grumbling and rubbing his head.

At Rei's yelling and the small man flying overhead, Usagi reacts instinctively. She grabs the lid off a nearby trashcan, focuses, and throws. Thanks to her practice with the Moon Tiara, her aim's dead on as she tries to get vengance on someone who'd dare mess with not just a shrine maiden, but HER FRIEND! "Rei, are you all right?" She's worried enough about the assult to her friend that she completely misses Ranma's gender change.

Faith blinks at Ranko..? Ranma..? Whoever. Several times... Then, "Holy Shit. Jack wasn't shitting me. There really is water that can change people's sex." she stares, then reaches over to pat Ranko's arm, "Don't worry Ranko, I've got some water in my fridge that'll turn you back into a girl. We'll get this fixed right up before anyone finds out."

Ranma acks at Faith and mumbles, "I'm a guy, okay? That's what I was try'n t'say before." But with Happousai around, and molesting Usagi's friend, Ranma can'

There's a blur from the balding figure as the trashcan lid is deflected with a simple pipe, but the culprit vanishes entirely before anymore attempts at retribution can be made upon him. This of course doesn't stop Rei, whose already throwing out ofuda like throwing stars towards the beast of a man. "I.. I'll.. I'LL KILL HIM... How dare he..." She drops to her knees and starts grinding her teeth.

Ranma acks at Faith and mumbles, "I'm a guy, okay? That's what I was try'n t'say before." But with Happousai around, and molesting Usagi's friend, Ranma can't just stay idle. Oh man, if the lecher is here, with no one to stop him, it could be disastrous. He takes a few steps and leaps up as if to pursue, but the deflected trashcan lid strikes him square in the face and he falls back to the ground with an oblong mark from his chin to his forehead.

Usagi completely misses what Ranma's saying, or the fate of the trash can lid. Instead, she's running over to Rei and kneeling by her friend. "Rei, are you okay? What happened? What did he do to you? Don't worry, I'll find him and punish him in the name of Love and Justice..."

Faith apparently didn't hear Ranma or misunderstood him and looks over to Rei, "Hey, get a grip! The freak turned Ranko into a guy! We gotta help her first. Then we'll go kick the freak's ass." then glances back to see the downed Ranma, "Ack! Are you okay Ranma?" as she leans over to check on him.

The poor girls face turns a brilliant shade of red as Usagi presses for answers as to what just transpired, but Rei starts shaking head violently. "He.. He..." She climbs to her feet, and pulls out her transformation pen, as her mind once again replays for her just what happened. "I'LL KILL HIM!" She quickly starts making her way down the stairs, firmly set in hunting down the monster thats a threat to women everywhere.

Ranma would facefault at the idea of punishing Happousai for Love and Justice. But ... really, that's probably a good idea. Of course his mental image is Rei and Usagi pummeling Happousai with gym utensils or brooms or something. "Wait, what?" he asks Faith, peering over at her and rubbing his face. "I'm fine, Faith. Er, about Ranko," he mumbles. "There's sort of a misunderstanding." He didn't understand that he'd never maintain a lie like that. As Rei dashes off to administer justice, he gets to his feet to help out. Just on general principles.

Usagi is quick to run after Rei, not wanting to think of what'll happen if she manages to catch up to the pervert alone. "Charge!!!!" Of course, with her skills... she only makes it halfway down the stairs before she mistimes a step and beats Rei to the bottom of the staircase... by falling. One can almost see the birds circling her head as she says, "Owie..."

Faith sighs and runs after the group, "Don't worry Ranko, we'll get you straightened out as soon as we catch him." Maybe you should try to explain it when things haven't gone to hell. She acks as Usagi goes rolling down the stairs like she just got real life rick-rolled and hurries down to help her.

A posse to round up the most vicious of the denizens of Twisted is always a fun thing, but that is until the unpredictable weather of the realm starts to kick in. What was once a clear and beautiful day, suddenly in mere moments starts to drizzle rain, slowly picking up in intensity. This of course stops Rei in her tracks, as she drops to her knees once again, covering her chest tightly with her arms. She may be driven by rage, but she still has her modesty. A small noise escapes her lips as she finally starts to unclench her jaw.

Ranma erks at Faith, "I'm already straightened out!" Yeah, no one's really concentrating on him for the moment, which is just as well. He dashes down the stairs as Usagi goes tumbling, calling out in alarm. "Usagi!" Rushing down pell-mell, he never misses a step or breaks stride. Those laps running up and down were good for something, it seems. At the bottom, he slides to a stop near Usagi, the rain changing him back to girltype as he asks, "Usagi, are you all right?"

Usagi sits up, the water helping revive her from falling daze. "Yeah, I'm good..." she looks towards Rei, worry and concern in her eyes. "Come on, let's get you inside and some fresh clothes, okay?" Yeah, even after falling down a large staircase, her first concern is still for her friends. Sure, she's gonna have several bruises, but, what fighter dosen't get those and know how to deal with them? "We'll catch that pervert later, after we've found out more about him." She smiles at Ranma and Faith. "Too bad none of us are wearing a jacket to lend her..."

Faith smirks at Usagi and takes the hint. Even though she doesn't think much of Rei for the way she treated Usagi, she still takes off her leather jacket and lays it over her shoulders. Rei may notice the large knife that's now sheathed at the small of her back. And sure as hell Usagi and Ranma will notice the two pistols holstered under Faith's shoulders, "Yeah, we'll get him later. Lets get you inside." then peers at Ranma, "Ranko... How'd you manage to change back?"

Ranma looks over once Usagi says she's okay and flushes a little at Rei's dishabille. "Uh, it's not a problem," she says to Usagi and starts to take her shirt off, apparently not realizing she's not a guy once again and giving everyone a free show. Hotcha! Fortunately, Faith comes through and Ranma buttons back up, acking as Faith addresses her as Ranko. "Um, this is a little complicated," she says. "Let's get out of the rain first?" she suggests.

"No thank you." Rei shrugs the jacket off her shoulders as she starts to climb to her feet. She starts trudging up the stairs, her head lowered. "I'll be fine. I'll change into some spare clothes here. You better get out of the rain before you all get soaked. If you wish to stay here, there's spare shrine clothing near the the first bath-house."

Usagi watches Rei walk up the steps, wishing there was something she could do. "Thank you for the offer, Rei." But really, what's a little rain when a friend's in emotional distress? She looks at the others, getting the feeling it might be appropriate for them to find another place to conveine, as Rei dosen't seem up for company at the moment.

Faith shrugs at Rei and frowns as she walks away, "We can head over to my place if you'd like 'Gi." she jerks her head to the maiden, "You can give her the address if you want, in case she changes her mind." and puts her jacket back on.

Ranma looks back and forth between the three. She sort of catches some of the emotional tension, but doesn't entirely get it. "Yeah, sure, we can head out. We just came to see if the shrine was in use. I guess that's a yes. It was...er... nice to meet you both."

Once everyone seems to have decided what they're going to do, two shrill caws suddenly echo out loudly through the courtyard. Sitting upon on the statues at the very end of the staircase is two black ravens, who seem to be staring directly at Usagi. They both caw loudly once more, before taking to spreading their wings lazily outwards so the rain falls upon them.

Usagi looks up sharply as the caws ring out, and, she's hung out with Rei often enough to know their names. "Phobos, Demos." she says quietly, meeting the gaze of the Crows. "Please, keep an eye on Rei... and come get me when she needs me. I'm not going to leave her without support in this place." She's really hoping they drew her attention for something like that, rather than some sort of omen of badness on the way.

Faith shrugs a bit, "Like I said, you can leave my address if you want 'Gi." then turns and starts to walk away. "Hell, all this shit over a photo..."

Ranma admonishes Faith gently as she heads out with the older woman, "She's upset cause you were kissing her girlfriend, right?"

Usagi reaches up to rub her forhead. "It's not just the photo... it's that... she thinks I wasn't looking for her, and left her to worry over me longer than she needed to. And instead of looking for her and being worried, I was off getting drunk." She tilts her head up to look at the raining sky.

"It's not even that!" Where the two crows were sitting, are now two women, dressed in matching leotards, one in blue, the other in red. The both wave cheerfully at the women and smile. Phobos, the one in the red leotard softly speaks. "Hello Serenity-hime! Forgive Mars-hime, she's been having nothing but dreadful visions since she came to this place." Deimos, the one in the blue leotard presses her left hand against her face and nods solemnly. "Its been nothing but a roller coaster. But, since Serenity-hime's here, it'll get better! Maybe she'll even be able to prevent what Mars-hime's visions are predicting!" Phobos starts to nod energetically at this, before they both sigh. "She's also still upset about Mercury-hime and Jupiter-hime.. Then theres Beryl-sama.. Such a dreadful combination." Deimos says all of this, looking at Phobos, the two of them now seemingly ignoring the other three people.

Faith shakes her head at Ranma, "'Gi's not gay. She has a boyfriend somewhen." then shrugs, "Not sure what..." she trails off as the ravens start to speak, listening quietly through it, "She isn't the only one having visions you know. There are a few of us, and we are working to stop it. As soon as we get the prophecy translated.." she shrugs again.

Ranma doesn't understand most of the personalities involved, but declares, "Apocalypse or whatever, I'll help as much as I can. I won't let bad things happen to my friends!" She scratches her head, wondering why everyone's named after a planet, though. "This is the sort of conversation I expect to hear from the Sailor Senshi or something," she remarks thoughtfully, still not making the connection. She says to Usagi, "You can't look every moment of every day, if you don't take time off and relax, you'll go whacky." She gives Faith a strange look and wonders, "Not even a little? Then why the kissing?" She shrugs, though, and nods about the boyfriend.

Usagi blinks. They... they took that form... wait. The crows are girls? She always kinda thought of them as guys. After a brief mental image of Starlight Crows she focuses on what they're saying. "Phobos, Deimos, I can't stop a prediction I'm unaware of." Amazing what being adressed like that will do, at being called Hime her spine straightens, chin elevates, the whole body posture goes from teenage to regal. "I am aware of the situation with Mercury and Jupiter, and am doing my best to keep a close eye on things. What visions plague her so?"

"The Dark Senshi. The fall from within. The ultimate betrayal of Neo-Queen Serenity. The death of Princess Lady Serenity. The return of a threat from the Black Moon.." Phobos lowers her head after she speaks, before nodding towards Deimos. "We serve Mars-hime as her guardians, as she is yours. Surely you must be aware of how Chaos reigns in this universe. The threat of the Death Phantom will return, and here, it will be unstoppable. The gates will open, and the minions of hell will wash onto the streets, as they did last night."

Faith raises an eyebrow, "Oh joy. This on top of an evil version of Jack running around. Well, B's dealt with the Hellmouth before. Should be a real hoot." she sighs, "I'll have to let Jack know we have 2 Apocali brewing and not just one though."

Ranma listens quietly as the crow-girls warn of a dire future, remaining quiet and listening since the others seem to know what's going on. Or at least Usagi does, and Faith knows about something else. He gives Faith a little shrug and a helpless look.

Usagi's hands tighten into fists at her sides. "Not if I have anything to say about it. And... that photograph earlier, I believe it was sent with the sole purpose of trying to drive me from my senshi." The Death Phantom... gods, that was one of the worst enemies... and it took TWO Silver Crystals... no Chibi-Usa... just how badly are they screwed here? "The Death Phantom... this isn't good. And... I wouldn't betray any of my people... never... we've died together too many times for that..." Her spine, if possible, stiffens a bit more, and she looks up at the birds in human form. "Thank you for the warning, Phobos, Deimos, I will do my best to stop these events."

"Mars-hime has been shaken to her core, and is unsure what she should believe. We have been the only two constants aside her since she was sent here, and have been unable to do anything except watch." Deimos smiles childishly as she rubs the back of her head. "We'd have warned someone sooner, but there is no one that can be trusted. Metallia has already infected Mercury-hime and Jupiter-hime, as she did Beryl. And Venus-hime is hard to find. There are rumors that the traitor Lead-Crow was here as well. But what can we do? We're not Senshi." For beings that are speaking of dire prophicies, they sure are rather upbeat about everything.

Faith blinks, "There's something wrong with Mako and Ami?" It's funny, she's been around them and they seem okay to her. She finally turns to Ranma, "We were both drunk when the picture was taken is all. That was some VERY good wine."

Ranma nods slowly to Faith. "Yeah, wine'll do that. It happened to me once during a school play, I had to kiss this guy, and it was really weird."

Usagi nods. "It's okay. I'll do what I can to fix this. Please, keep an eye on Mars. Keep her as grounded as you can, reassure her as much as you can." She offers a gentle, reaffirming smile. "And, come get me as swiftly as possible should she have any need of me. Yes, Ami and Makoto were tainted by darkness, but they've been fighting their way back. I've been trying to help as much as possible without breaking out the heavy weapons." one finger taps her broach almost thoughtfully.

"Umm.. About that..." The two girls look to eachother nervously and then back to Usagi. "We'll do what we can... but... Wouldn't it be best for you to try and bring Mars-hime back to her senses? If we do it, then she'll only believe she can trust us. We can only do so much. We're only her guardians. We're not even Senshi, so we really don't have a real right to approach her like friends.."

Faith shrugs at Usagi, as if saying it's up to her. She's behind her all the way...

Usagi nods. "Oh, I plan on doing so. I'm just asking for you to be there till she calms down enough from today for me to return and actually sit down and talk with her instead of getting yelled at. Things will just get worse if I try to talk to her now. I'll try again tomorrow." And she'll keep on trying each day till she wears Rei down, but, Rei's one of the most stubborn people she knows, and it could take a while.

Ranma is not the person to ask for advice on how to deal with friends in tough situations. In fact, doing the opposite of anything Ranma suggests is often a good idea. "Maybe a little sparring will take her mind off things?"

"As you command, Serenity-hime." The two women echo these words in sync, before bowing their heads towards Usagi. "We're sorry for our mistresses behaviour today.. She's usually not like this.." And before anyone can shake a feather, the two girls have vanished entirely, with only the sound of beating wings filling the air around the courtyard.

Faith blinks at Ranma, "I really don't think she's the type to really enjoy a little physical combat. Ya know, being a shrine maiden and all." she shrugs, "Maybe you should bring a bottle of the firewine over with you 'Gi."

Ranma shrugs to Faith, "Well, I know sparring always makes me feel better, when I'm annoyed or down or whatever."

Usagi sighs, her posture relaxing as the two girls vanish. "Sorry about the interruption." And it's only now she realises just how horribly soaked she's gotten from the rain, and sneezes. "It must've been extremely important for them to directly adress me like that. Shall we return to Faith's apartment and dry off a bit?"

Faith nods, "Sounds good to me. And something to drink to warm up too." she grins, "I'm so wet I'm ready to slide out of my pants." then pats Usagi on the arm, "Don't worry, whatever shit comes, we'll take care of it. Like I said, it's a Slayer's job to take care of the gates of hell opening."

Ranma nodnodnods to Usagi, her clothes plastered to her with the rain. She wipes her sleeve across her eyes, which doesn't help much at all, and nods to Faith. "Definitely."

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