2009-03-04 (PreU) Crystal Cacoons and Dark Plots

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Crystal Cacoons and Dark Plots


Who: Belldandy, Hild, Usagi
When: March 4th, 2009
Where: Nowhereto Park


The information contained within this log is to be considered information gained Out of Character (OOC).
This information may not be used as In Character (IC) knowledge or in roleplay unless it has been learned in-game or permission has been granted by the parties involved.

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In the center of Nowhereto park, a blonde figure, a bit bruised and dazed, makes her way to a clear spot, looking up at the moon peeking from behind some clouds. Her head throbs terribly from where a chunk of the Integra Arms building hit her, and one overheard thing echoes in her mind. The senshi aren't hers... they belong to the Neo-Queen Serenity. If they aren't hers... her warriors, her defenders, her friends, then... why in the name of the Moon is she HERE??? "No Mamo-chan, my team scattered... I'm not a queen, not as I am now..." a moment of concentration, and she's in her Princess gown, a golden crescent moon on her forhead, two large wings spread from her shoulders. "I need to fix that." She lifts her scepter high, and with a wirl of feathers left behind flies upwards, towards the sacred Moon, the home of her past life, the kingdom she was once to inherit. She makes her way to the Sea of Serenity, where the ruins of the castle would be back in her home dimention, and kneels by the spot where her mother fell. "I can't do this alone, Mother... help me become the Queen my people need me to become, to keep them safe in both spirit and body." The crystal emerges in front of her heart, and with a soft sigh of relief it begins to grow, first into the familiar flower, then spreading over her body as Princess Serenity falls backwards, swiftly becoming engulfed in a coccoon that will hopefully allow her to metamorphise from Princess to Neo-Queen...

Hild-sama sits in her office in Nifleheim, typing away on her computer when at alert flashes on it. She blinks and opens it, a smirk slowly forming on her face as she reaches over to key her intercom, "Belldandy! I have an assignment for you. Come to me office at once." then removes her finger, "So she's finally moving fowards towards turning the mortals into shells of themselves. Maybe this will be a chance to keep her from making that mistake." she murmurs to herself.

A few scant moments later, one of the mirrors in Hild's office... cracks. And then shatters into pieces, the shards flying out and slowly turning in midair, revealing a portal of fire hanging in the frame where they had been. The a gout of fire comes from the portal, whirling into a brief whirlwind, which then dissipates to reveal Belldandy, fingertips touched gently to her shoulder, eyes closed and head bowed, as the pieces of mirror fly back into the frame and become whole again. "You summoned me, my mistress?"

Hild-sama smiles, "Young Miss Tsukino has finally moved towards turning herself into the Neo-Queen." she hands a file over to Belldandy, explaining what Usagi would have done to humanity in the future, "She's just entombed herself in crystal on the moon. I think perhaps a change of scenery would do her good. And maybe we can convince her that giving all of humanity a magical lobotomy wouldn't be a good thing."

Belldandy takes the file, then parts her hands and lets it open into light-display mode, showing as scrolling lines of text moving through the air. "I see. Oh dear, that's quite a powerful artifact she's created for herself, for such a young girl." n.n "Am I correct to assume that you wish it brought here to Niflheim, mistress?" She pauses, then tilts her head a bit and smiles, adding, "Did you have a spot picked out where you'd like it put?"

Hild-sama smiles, "Yes, I think bringing her here will do nicely. The energy here at the center of Nifleheim should do quite well to corrupt her in her current state." she looks around her office, "I think bringing her here should do. That way I can add my own personal touches to her corruption. Don't you think so Bell-chan?"

"Hai, mistress! Your personal touches are always welcome, I think," Belldandy replies with just a bit of a giggle, then getting thoughtful again and putting a finger to her cheek. "Oh my, but an artifact that powerful... I'll have to take care of it through my own personal travel method. I can leave my succubi in charge of setting things up on this end, mistress, but I'll have to force-teleport to the moon. That will take a lot of power, and I'll need even more when I get there... I'd better come as close to overcharging myself as I can." She tilts her head a bit and closes her eyes, hmming. Then she gives a little 'Ah!' and smiles happily. "I can do it if you'll let me draw off the tiniest fraction of your power, mistress! May I...?"

Hild-sama nods, "If that's what it takes Bell-chan. Remove your limiters if you have to." as she opens up a small tap in her power for Belldandy. "This must be done fast, before someone else takes advantage of the situation. We wouldn't want her to fall in the hands of those insipid fools that call themselves the Hell Council. Something will have to be done about them soon. They're giving us demons a bad name."

Belldandy's smile gets a touch brighter, though her eyes also take on a rather impish glitter. "Then let me simply... access the power, mistress." She steps close and brings her hands up to touch Hild's cheeks, closing her eyes as she leans in to press black-painted lips to the demon lord's. Almost immediately, tiny little flecks of light begin rising in the air around the two of them, Belldandy's demon marks starting to glow, and the same of the gems on her costumes, which flicker as if some inner light had begun, but in seconds growing brighter and brighter until they're almost blinding. It only takes a moment before Belldandy draws back again, lips still a bit parted and cheeks flushed, her hair and clothes having lifted and moving as if they were flowing in some invisible underwater current. She seems to take a moment to collect herself, then touches her shoulder and gives a slow, careful bow, before flickering and disappearing.

Usagi meanwhile, has been unaware of all this. By the time Belldandy reaches her resting place, the process is complete, fast asleep engulfed in a crystal coccoon, lying on her back suspended in the crystal's matrix, much smaller crystals jetting out at random intervals from the surface, turning the whole thing into a spikey mess.

Hild-sama smirks a bit as Belldandy disappears, "Naughty Naughty Bell-chan. I knew bringing you over to my side was a good idea." she grins and looks at her computer for a few moments, "Now if we can just find Keiichi to bring him here with you. The boy will never know what hit him."

Belldandy flickers back into being on the moon's surface, touching down very lightly on the tips of her toes before coming to stand full, the glow of her marks and gems mostly diminished, though still noticeable. Despite the lack of atmosphere and the deadly cold, she's actually sweating and breathing hard, bringing a hand up to her chest for a moment as she steadies herself. Forcing Yggdrasil to suffer a "controlled glitch" for non-medium teleport is difficult at the best of times, but especially when you're denied the better part of admin-level access. But it doesn't take her too long to calm down, and eventually she looks up at the crystal. "Oh my, so pretty. You did a wonderful job, princess! I hope it doesn't shatter when you come out, we can keep it as a memento." <3 She hms, then begins the process of enchanting a few rocks to move by the power of her thought.


Almost an hour later, the housewife succubi have almost finished the large, round, highly-polished black mirror they've set up in a section of Hild's office. One of them walks over and bows to Hild. "Hild-sama, we're just polishing the frame a bit more. Our connection to Lady Belldandy says that she's almost done on the moon, if you are prepared to receive the crystal...?"

Hild-sama smiles at the succubus, "Whenever she is ready is fine. Though perhaps one of you should have tea ready for her when she gets here. I'm sure she'll be thirsty." as she leans back in her chair and watches. "And do put down a nice blanket to rest the crystal on. We wouldn't want it to get damaged after all."

"Ah, Lady Belldandy ordered us to make certain that the mirror itself would hold up as a base for the crystal, Hild-sama," the succubus replies, sounding a bit sheepish. Behind her, the rest move the mirror into position, making sure it's resting flat against the floor and then polishing off any more smudges. "She said that way it would get some reflection, 'like one of those little glass curios'."

And high above the earth, said admirer of little carved glass animals resting on cheap two dollar mirrors is hovering above the site of the crystal, watching as the rocks finish drawing a spell circle almost a mile across. She nods in satisfaction, then lowers down to stand on tiptoe atop the crystal itself. She closes her eyes and places her hands together, index and middle fingers extended and together, other fingers curled in; her devil emerges from her back, stretching its batlike wings. Belldandy and Dark Reflection both open their mouths and sing a single low, steady note, the dust of the lunar surface stirring and then blown away from the crystal as if in a steadily-rising wind, save for the lines of the spell circle, which begin glowing a bright, almost pinkish red.

Hild-sama facepalms a bit, "That girl is entirely to domestic. We really need to find Keiichi soon so they can settle down." she smiles and shakes her head, "Maybe we can even tempt my wayward daughter into joining me then, if she sees how happy Bell and he are."

"Ah... well, be that as it may, Hild-sama, we-" The succubus cuts herself off and glances upward. "... She's beginning!"

Belldandy's voice seems to reverberate in the lack of atmosphere as she moves her hands slowly in exacting gestures, Dark Reflection copying her every movement, down to silently mouthing the words. "Come spirits of dust and void, come spirits of the cold and the dark, bend yourselves to my will, know my dominance over you, serve or die as I ask of you! Know the joy that is to be crushed for my will, know the exultation of being transformed for my need!" As she speaks, a wind begins to howl across the desolate lunar surface, slowly churning the dust into motion, whirling it into a flat grey hurricane with the goddess and the crystal at its eye. "Cold and still, become heat and motion! Elements bend to my call, tear your bonds and make them anew! Hills into plains, dust into glass! HYA!" She suddenly opens her eyes and thrusts her hands out.

The explosion is easily visible from Earth, even in the places where the moon is displayed in the hazy twilight of morning or afternoon, though it lasts only for an instant. When it is done, the dust storm is gone, the area of the spell circle having been transformed into a rough, lumpy, cracked, but still just barely reflective, mirror. Belldandy slumps slightly at her perch atop the crystal, the glow of her marks and gems completely exhausted. "Ah... oh dear, it was such a trial to get enough mirrored surface to count," she murmurs, sounding exhausted. She gives a slight hop forward and drifts slowly down to land on the glass, then turns and places both hands on the crystal. "Now, Princess Usagi-chan... let's go home." <3 As she says the words, a mile of glass explodes, revealing an enormous lake of fire that gazes down on the earth like a tiny, angry pupil from the moon's surface, the crystal and the former goddess both sinking down into the flames of Hell.

A moment later, the large black mirror shatters and flies apart, obsidian shards stopping and slowly rotating in midair as Usagi's crystal cocoon rises out of roiling, licking flames until it comes to rest on the surface, the shards of mirror flying back together and reforming flawlessly. And slumped at the base of the crystal, leaned against it with her cheek against a flat surface, is Belldandy, blissfully and completely asleep.

Hild-sama smiles, "Oh, excellent." and glances at the succubi, "Be dears and take Belldandy home to rest if you would. She must be exhausted after that. But she performed very well." Was Hild using this to test Bell? No one may ever know for sure. "Very well indeed." she stands up and walks over to the crystal, running her fingers over it softly as she gazes at the figure within, "Soon my dear Usagi, soon you'll understand what a mistake Crystal Tokyo really was. Nothing must be allowed to upset the Balance." as she relaxes her control a bit and allows her own dark energies to play over the crystal.

"Of course, Hild-sama," the succubus murmurs, some of the others gathering their boss up and carrying her out of the room, leaving Hild to her dramatic moment with the crystal. ... In the background, one pokes her head out into frame carefully, then sidles over to Hild's desk and sets down a saucer and cup of tea, clearly trying to not get in the way of the serious business. Then of course she trips over the bottom edge of the panel trying to scoot back out. "Aa! Hachchchchch!" The succubus rubs her hip a bit, then blushes and leaps up, bowing repeatedly in apology, and continuing to do so as she edges back out of frame.

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