2009-03-10 (PreU) Be careful what you wish for

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Be careful what you wish for

Summary: This happned on 3/10/2009, nearly a week after the events in Crystal Cacoons and Dark Plots and just a day before the events in Death, revenge and a rescue. And Chili Dogs!

Who: Hild, Makoto, Usagi
When: March 10th, 2009
Where: Niflheim


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- Hild's Tower: Hild's Office -

Hild-sama sits behind her desk, typing away on her holographic terminal, her fingers dancing across the keys at speeds that make Ranma's amiguriken look like a snail's pace, text filling in and rushing by on the screen, as she waits for her guest to awaken from her slumber.

And, without too much fanfare... the jagged edged crystal coccoon begins to shimmer. But, unlike the one the neo-queen was engulfed in in the far future, this one's.. different. It dosen't fade out of existance so much as it starts to crack, audibly, small snapping sounds as first the smaller crystals framing the main one fall off, then louder as the cracks travel into the heart of the main crystal...

Hild-sama smiles over at the crystal as she turns to watch, her terminal moving to hover over her desk off to the side a bit. She leans back in her chair as she wonders how her guest will turn out.

With a final crack the crystal shatters completely, leaving a girl... no... she was a girl when she entered that, heartsick and determined. Her figure's... grown out a bit, the promise of the teenager she was furfilled into the body of the woman she's become. A golden crescent moon shines steadily in the center of her forhead, and... apparently... she forgot her clothes. Usagi coughs a few times to clear her lungs, and sits up among the shards of crystal, slowly, looking around her confused. Wasn't she on the moon when she entered hibernation?

Hild-sama smiles and leans forward, resting her elbows on her desk and her chin against her folded hands. A warm voice, quite sensual in tones, speaks from behind you. "Welcome Miss Tsukino. Did you have a pleasant nap?"

Usagi resists the urge to jump out of her skin at an unexpected voice, instead turning towards it, still a bit confused but mastering herself well. "As well as can be expected when one does not wake up in the same place one fell asleep in." Were there... nightmares? Why does she feel so strange?

Hild-sama smiles, "I must apologize for that. But it was hardly safe to leave you there on the moon after all. Anyone could have found you and done who knows what after all. So I had my "she pauses a moment as if choosing her words carefully, "servants bring you here." the glass behind her is currently obscured by a heavy purple curtain hiding the view outside.

Usagi, seemingly unaware of the state the hibernation had left her in, ie naked, slowly turns to look around. "It is not like the moon is an often travelled to location. Who would wish me harm that had the resources to reach it? I have tried to be careful to avoid making enemies since my arrival..."

Hild-sama smiles, "The Hell Council, in it's present state, for one." she gets up and pulls a deep purple robe out of someplace and walks over to Usagi, holding it up for her to put on, "You must be a bit chilly." Not that her own dress looks all that warm to be honest. "But you are safe here, though some of your... friends may not see it that way."

Usagi starts to slowly stand up, but, Usagi's balance has never been that great (her body, even after being reborn as a human, really not good with earth-gravity). Her arms pinwheel a moment and she ends up right back flat on her ass. "Are they the ones who said my senshi weren't mine?" That thought sends an unfamiliar heat through her veins.

Hild-sama nods, "The very same. Rest assured, dealing with them is very high on my agenda." she reaches down to offer Usagi a hand up, the robe ending up resting over her other arm. "And no matter what they say, I believe at least some of the senshi are loyal to you."

Usagi sets her hand into Hild's, accepting the other woman's help in rising to her feet, swaying just a little dizzily. Why does she feel like she's on Nemesis again, but worse? And, at Hild's words, she nods slightly. "I know at least one I can always count on," she says, thinking of dear Mercury, her first senshi to be found. "May I know my hostess's name?"

Hild-sama smiles, "You, my dear, may call me Hild." no use overwhelming the poor girl with everything at once." and holds out the robe for Usagi to slide her arms into. Her very touch is full of the same energy that Usagi has been bathing in for the past week while in her crystal. And Hild made sure to spend plenty of time with it, allowing her own energy to mix with it as well."

Hild-sama magics up a chair for Usagi to sit down in, and helps guide her over to it. "That is probably my fault. Nifleheim can be unsettling to those that are firmly trenched in Order. The feeling should pass in time as you adjust to it."

Usagi, fortunately or un, isn't familiar enough with mythology to know exactly WHAT Nifleheim is. She sinks down onto the chair greatfully. "You mean, this place is worse than the streets of Twisted?"

Hild-sama walks back around her desk to sit down. "In one sense. In another, you are far safer here than there. None in my realm will harm you."

Usagi tilts her head, and is unable to push the image of Rei's harsh words from her head, the unfamiliar heat in her veins growing stronger. What is this feeling? She dosen't recognise it because she's only used to the feeling of righteous anger. "No one will harm me here... I like the thought of that."

Hild-sama smiles and nods, "I thought that you might. When you feel up to it, I'll be glad to help you visit your friends. Perhaps they may even want to join you here. There's plenty of room." as she leans back in her chair. "Would you care for something to drink or eat?"

Usagi nods. "That sounds like a good idea." Maybe some food will leave her feeling a bit more grounded. She reaches up to run some fingers absentmindedly through one of her pigtails, then pauses, and brings it in front of her face. "It... changed color..." everything else weird going on, and she picks that to focus on, trying not to feel shocked and failing miserably. First thing to crack her facade, as her eyes widen and she reaches up to bring both white ponytails in front of her eyes, checking for any golden strands left.

Hild-sama smiles, "Anything in particular that you might like? I assure you, we have several excellent chefs here." she quirks her head a bit, "Your hair you mean? I must say, I like the color on you. White looks so regal, if I do say so myelf." she smiles.

Usagi nods. "It is, I mean..." a bit of her fluster comes back as she looks at it. "I now have my mother's hair... just a shock, that's all." And a puzzlement. Why is her hair now white? The neo-queen serenity she was hoping to become by this always appeared with golden hair... she's well and truly screwed up the timelines now, hasn't she?

Hild-sama smiles, "Well, you did seal yourself in a crystal cacoon on the moon after all. Funny things are liable to happen when you do such things. That's the price of magic. Now, what would you like to eat. I'll have Sherra bring it up."

Usagi responds with the first thing that comes to mind. Hey, she's had a few shocks, so don't be surprised at "A bacon cheeseburger with fries and a chocolate milkshake, please." And she nods at the price of magic comment. "I guess you're right about the cost of such things, I mean I know my metabolism burns through way more calories than other people... I tried to go on a diet once and fainted before dinnertime."

Hild-sama smiles and reaches over with a manicured finger to press a button on her intercom, "Sherra, be a dear and get a bacon cheeseburger with fries and a chocolate milkshake for my guest." she eyes you for a moment, "You better make that a double milkshake. Bring me a carmel macciato while you're at it." then lets go of the button. "At least you can eat anything you want that way. I've known girls that would kill to be able to do that." or die for that matter. She probably recruited a few followers that way.

Usagi nods, crossing her legs at the ankles. "Think that's why I'd get teased so badly about it? The other girls being jealous of my eating so much and staying so trim?"

Hild-sama nods, "That could very well be." About that time, the office doors open and a girl who must be Sherra comes in carrying a tray with your food and milkshake and Hild's coffee on it. Well, if you want to call a lush figured girl with green hair and a pair of black batwings on her back a 'girl' that is. "Where would you like this Hild-sama?" Hild looks towards her, "Just put it on the desk Sherra." she does then turns and heads back out the door, closing it behind her.

The sama suffix has Usagi quirking an eyebrow in curiosity, but she lets it pass for now, remaining seated and calm while the girl, who while of nonhuman origins is still very female, makes the delivery. Hey, she has been living with Mei up till this point, so she's gotten past the whole nonhuman=youma equasion in her brain. She's quiet till the other girl leaves, then reaches for the milkshake, taking a sip, trying to restrain herself... can't go into usagi-feeding-frenzy in front of strangers... must resist...

Hild-sama reaches over to pick up her macciato, which has carmel and whipped cream on top of it, and sips at it. The burger smells absolutely delicious, like it's made from the absolute best beef you could get. Likewise, the milkshake is thick and rich and very chocolatey. The food budget here must be enourmous, and the chefs really good. "Sherra is a succubus, if you're wondering. She's my personal assistant."

Usagi reaches for the hamburger in one hand, and takes slow bites, obviously trying to stay in control of what's one of her greatest weaknesses... good food. Very large food budget, she can taste it. What she gets out of that is Sherra... personal assistant.... mmmmmmmm food! she makes it about halfway through the burger before the control breaks and the rest of the burger gets wolfed down, followed quickly by the fries, and the milkshake's gone so fast she ends up with an ice cream headache.

Hild-sama smiles and sits back, glad you're enjoying your food. She has seen far worse eaters. And the young man that's come up as deserving of a wish really isn't any different in that respect. "My, but the girls that run the buffet downtown will just adore you. They always appreciate people that enjoy lots of good food."

Usagi Reaches up to rub her forhead, a slightly odd tingle happening when her fingers brush... wait... "Can I have a mirror?" Oh please don't tell her it's stuck on there now... "Wait, Buffet?" she asks, momentarily distracted by Hild's words. Ooh, she hasn't been to one of those in ages! "I usually get banned from those, though..."

Hild-sama smiles, "I can assure you that won't happen in this one. While anyone can eat there, they love having customers like you." and magics up a small hand mirror for you, causing it to float in the air in front of you.

Usagi checks her reflection and sighs, then concentrates to try and get the crescent moon to go away... all she manages to do is to make it smaller, about the size of her thumbnail. "Huh? Usually it just goes away, it dosen't change sizes..." and, in that surprise, it flares out large enough to run the length of her forhead, as it's more a horizontal marking than a vertical one.

Hild-sama smiles, "I wouldn't worry about it, it's not that uncommon here." she points to the mark on her own forehead. "Though most just have simple slashes, not anything so fancy. Perhaps, if you decide to stay, we can get you the full set of marks." points to the ones on her cheeks.

Usagi blinks. "A full set? You mean, some on my cheeks too?" she asks, a little curious even while her mind's turning over the whole 'decide to stay' comment. Well, except for the odd energy she hasn't seen anything that'd make her not want to stay for a while...

Hild-sama nods, "Yes, many here have them. Some of my weaker servants have only one, but even they are striving someday to have all 3." she types on her computer for a moment and brings up an image of Mara in it, but no information on her, and swivels the screen to show you. "Though all their markings are similar to this."

Usagi mms, her moon returning to normal as she looks at the screen. "Well, people in my family line tend to have only one," she says, reaching up to touch the forhead marking. "I didn't even know they could come in sets..."

Hild-sama nods, "All my family have 3, though the markings vary." she smiles, "They're a symbol of who we are, and our connection to Niddhog, and through it Yggdrasil. They allow us to cast spells and help to replenish our energies when we use to much."

Usagi blinks. A connection to something higher... "I always thought it was just a birthmark that'd come and go cause I was reincarnated into this body." Yeah, you really didn't think she'd overthink a thing like that, would you?

Hild-sama smiles, "It may have been. But the energies here have most likely altered it. You seem to be able to alter your mark as we can. So perhaps you might be able to form a connection like we have. For it to have done that though, the mark had to have been magic to begin with."

Usagi huhs... "Maybe Queen Serenity found tiaras messed up her hair and went with magical tattoos instead?" she suggests with a shrug, still trying to work it out. A small wave of longing sweeps her as she thinks of her mom, both the human one who tried her best but could never touch the core of her problems because she could never find out about Usagi's double life, and the Queen, so remote, so dead in the past... both of them out of her reach. Usagi lets out a small sigh. "I wish..." there's a hesitation, a pause. "That I had a mom like you, who was here and that I could actually talk to about things like this. But, I should really learn wishes don't come true..." a touch of bitterness, something also alien to her up till now...

Hild-sama blinks and her eyes widen. She hadn't expected that, but then this is a realm of chaos after all. She opens her mouth to say something but nothing comes out as her markings flare up brightly, washing all color out of the room as light lifts her up out of her chair, her back arching as Niddhog procesess the wish and Hild's voice echos everwhere in the room, "WISH GRANTED!" The same light that surrounds and lifts her forms around you, lifting you up as well as Niddhog rewrites reality to conform to your heartfelt desires and a pair of red crescent moons etch themselves into your cheeks near your eyes in small flares of light, the moon on your forehead flaring to life and turning red as well as first a brief burst of pain and then a surge pure POWER floods through you as both you and Hild come to slowly rest back in your seats.

Usagi starts to stand up as the light show begins, startled, a slightly fearful expression on her face before the power takes her, her head arching back as pain and power sweep through her, riding it out rather than trying to resist, having an idea that resisting it would be a bad idea at this point. She drops back down into the chair, and looks towards Hild, a bit dazed. "What was... that?"

Hild-sama slumps over the desk for a moment, not having personally granted a wish in a long time. She'd forgotten what a rush that was. She looks up at Usagi and takes in the changes in her face, a smile slowly forming on her face even as a few tears leak out of her eyes, "That was Niddhog rewriting reality itself to make your wish real..." then drops the bombshell, "Daughter."

Usagi blinks. "Daughter? Then, you mean... it... and I..." yeah, a little flustered, composure destroyed. Well, what a time for a system to kick in! But... a mother. One she can actually TALK to, and therefore can help her out when things get tough! After taking a couple seconds to wrap her mind around that, she stands up, and circles the desk so she can be in a good position to reach out and hug her new mother tightly. "Mother!"

Hild-sama stands up and gently enfolds you in her arms, hugging you tightly to her, "It's been so long since I've been called that..." She sniffles a bit as she holds you tightly. "Welcome to the family Daughter." and she hopes this one won't turn against her too when what she is comes out. Of course, seeing what Hild might do to anyone that threatened her daughter could be scary too.

Naah, Usagi's already past the rebellious teenager stage. She hugs back just as tightly, the overwhealming sense of relief and yes, love, making her unable to do much more than that at the moment. Rather sentimentally, she calls out the traditional greeting, "I'm home.."

Hild-sama smiles at that, softly kissing the top of your head, "Yes you are dear, yes you are." she steps back a bit and tilts your face up so she can better see your new Demoness marks, "Yes, somehow I think these suit you just fine." she grins and holds up a mirror for you to get a look at your new 'tattoos'.

Usagi peers at the Mirror, tilting her head first one way then another to look at her markings. "Wow, they ... look pretty good. Though, I should probably use a bit of concealer until I learn how to hide them. Otherwise, Rei really will freak out the next time she sees me..."

Hild-sama nods a bit, "I think she'll freak out either way Usagi-chan, if she's at all good at feeling spiritual things. But teaching you the spell to conceal the marks shouldn't be an issue. It's pretty basic and will hide them from most mortals." she smiles, "They are kind of fitting though, since mine are suns."

Usagi nods. "And, her little crows told me that she had been having bad visions about my betrayal, they didn't say if I was the one betrayed or the one doing the betraying... if it's the latter, she'll just see it as confirmation. I should avoid Rei." she admits softly, thinking over things. "A basic spell, could be very nice, so far I've had to use tools to channel the energy to get anything done..." thus the tiara, various wands...

Hild-sama nods and taps the mark on your forehead, "These are all the tools you really need now besides knowledge. At least for our things. I'm not entirely sure about for the Senshi stuff. Perhaps you should talk with the others first, see how many of them will stand by you now." Sooner or later she'll have to tell her what she is.

Usagi nods, eyes crossing briefly as her forhead is tapped. "I'll wait until I have the concealment spell down, then I'll make a few visits." She thinks on this quietly a couple seconds. "So, perhaps we should use this time to talk and get to know each other?" she asks a bit hopefully.

Hild-sama smiles and nods, "Of course Daughter. I admit, I've read your file, but that's rather impersonal. I'm sure you have many questions." she magics the chair you were in earlier into a small couch for the two of them to sit on. Then smirks just a tad. Time to give her daughter her first view of the city. "But first... Would you care to take a look outside? I have the feeling you really don't know where we are." and motions to the drapes. Outside, of course, is a gleaming city with a crystalline lake off in the distance. Of course, the lake is huge, so much so that the only thing of the far shore that can be seen is just a hint of fire on the horizon. The buildings themselves look like they're made of some ice like crystals. The sky is red, though no sun is visible anywhere.

The girl indeed does rise to her feet and go to look outside the window, stunned into silence a few minutes as she takes it in. A crystal city. A Crystal City. Some aspects of the future are set in stone it seems, as it were. "Beautiful..." she whispers softly. "When we went to that possible future... the future me ruled over a city that looked like this..."

Hild-sama smiles, "I've always thought it was. There's a little park down by the lake where families go for picnics. The trees look like they're sculpted from ice, though they aren't. This is my city, the city of Niflheim, the City of Ice." she hugs you softly from behind, "Someday, if you choose to follow in my footsteps, you'll rule over this as well."

Usagi resists the urge to agree out of hand. Things are moving quickly, she dosen't want them to move THAT quickly. Usagi leans back into the hug, her arms dropping down to hug Hild's arms against her, and smiles happily, unreservedly. "That sounds lovely."

Hild-sama smiles, as if reading your thoughts, "You have a long time to make that decision. I'm not going anywhere for a long long time." then she guides you over to the couch and sits down. "Ask your questions, I'll do my best to answer them."

Usagi sits herself comfortably in the couch, relaxing. First question that comes to mind is, "So... when Mamoru dumped me, would you have been one of those who wanted to go and beat him up, or would you have responded with ice cream and a spoon?"

Hild-sama smiles, "Ice cream of course. Chocolate. I know what it's like to have someone you love turn their back on you." though she'd probably send Mara after him too. "Though honestly Usagi-chan, you're to good for him."

Usagi blinks a second at the thought that she may be too good for him, and lets it settle into her mind. "But, there's the fact that without him, Chibi-usa won't be born. I've met her, talked to her... Not going to deny her life like that."

Hild-sama says, "To really know the future, we'd have to ask my other daughter's half sister Skuld. But are you certain that he is her father? If she's meant to be, another man may do just as well."

Usagi nods. "Well, he was the one in the purple tuxedo that was introduced as king to my queen, and she called him father, but..." but is that any reason to truly believe that he was the actual biological dad? There's so many things that could have happened, and the timeline's changed this much already...

Hild-sama shrugs a bit, "Even if he is, he can always donate sperm for it. Just because you aren't together doesn't mean she won't be born."

Usagi nods once, actually thinking about it. "And, after all, we don't know if he's ever going to show up in this reality." A thought tickles the back of her brain and she brings it out, looking at it. "And, for all I know, the Hell council could very well have set up some barrier in place to keep him from joining me, knowing about us both and how his presence has always strengthened the moon princess in the past."

Hild-sama nods, "It's possible. They, however, won't be expecting the new you. " she smiles, "When the time comes, we'll deal with them together."

Usagi's answering grin is a little chilling. "Perhaps... as your daughter, I should cultivate a different image from the virginal white-clad princess... let my hair down, with the markings and a page from your wardrobe, and I don't think they'd connect Hild's Daughter with little Usagi."

Hild-sama smiles, "Perhaps. That wouldn't be such a bad idea. And even if they do, there is nothing they can do about it." she thinks for a moment, "We'll have to get you seals too before we step out of my city."

Usagi tilts her head. "Seals? You mean... something like the transformation broach that'd hide the silver crystal till I got used to holding it within my soul?" she asks curiously. "Seals to hide the difference in my power?"

Hild-sama shakes her head, "Not exactly. All beings with more than a certain amount of power are required, by treaty, to wear a seal to hold back their power. How many seals depends on how powerful they are. The more powerful of my servants require 2, usually in the form of earrings. Urd, my other daughter, requires 2 as well."

Usagi blinks. "Huh... I wonder how many I'll need..." or, worse, if she won't need any, now wouldn't THAT be embarassing and chilling. "Hey, does this treaty apply to the members of the hell council?"

Hild-sama smiles, "Probably 2 as well, but you'll need more if you take the position of my heir." she shakes her head, "Unfortunately no, the treaty is only between Nifleheim and it's realms and Asgard and theirs. Though since Twisted is technically NOT Midgard, we could go without them if we wanted. Still, it's better to follow form. And it's not like they can't be taken off if needed."

Usagi returns the smile. "And it's always good to have hidden powers others can't detect... could we hide the seals? Maybe as jewelry that's not visible over the clothes? That sounds like a good way to get someone to underestimate you..."

Hild-sama nods, "We could. Most people don't realize that every piece of jewelry I'm wearing is a limiter." And she has on enough to make Mr. T jealous. "I don't think many in Twisted know about them anyway."

Usagi nods. "But, it's the ones who know what they mean that'd be the most dangerous." she thinks a few seconds. "Maybe hide one as a belly button peircing?" Sure, that might hurt to get, and to yank out, but, she dosen't think that'll be an issue if the situation's where she needs it GONE. Then, she eyes her mother's outfit. "Or.. that might not be as effective as I think if I dress like you..."

Hild-sama smiles, "The ones we have the treaty with won't start that level of trouble, the doublet system prevents that." but she nods, "We'll think of something if it becomes an issue. Perhaps a decorated pin hidden in your hair."

Usagi nods. "A decorated pin would be a good idea, I have been known to put jewelry in my hair, most notably a strand or two of pearls around the base of each bun." she states, reaching up to lightly touch said hair.

Hild-sama nods... "We can worry about that later. What's your next question Usagi-chan?"

Usagi thinks a few seconds. "Do I have a bedroom here, and how soon can we get it decorated?" She flashes a warm, wry, happy smile. "Seems like rather a good thing to know before all this catches up with me and I crash."

Hild-sama nods, "Of course you have a bedroom. Or will at any rate, I'm having my palace renovated at the moment (OOC: Haven't finished building it), but it should be done by tomorrow. And then we can set about decorating it however you want."

Usagi blinks. "How do you renovate a building made out of ice? Waterguns?" Her mind goes to a weird place where she pictures an enthusiastic watergun fight getting out of hand leading to a new wing...

Hild-sama smiles, "Magic of course. Besides, it isn't really ice, it just looks like it. Otherwise it'd be really cold here."

Usagi nods. "Yes, I bet it would be. No way you could wear something that revealing, Mom.." she says in a teasing tone of voice, reaching over to lightly poke at the bottom of the V neckline of her mother's gown.

Hild-sama smiles, "Hey, even a woman my age like to show off her body you know." she grins and teases, "Besides, weren't you saying you want to try out clothing like mine?"

Usagi nods. "Yes, that sounds like fun! But, I think I couldn't borrow your dresses, they..." with a pointed look down at her own chest, "Wouldn't fit right in some places. You really were blessed, huh?"

Hild-sama smirks, "Blessed isn't the word I'd use, that's more for the other side than ours you know. Don't worry, we can have something made up for you, or teach you how to magic up clothing."

Usagi winks. "Fine then, as dear old Mako-chan would say, you're the one with the most 'talent' in this room." she says, trying not to giggle.

Hild-sama smiles, "I can't wait to meet your friends Usagi-chan. They seem like such fun."

Usagi nods happily. "Oh, they are, though the only ones I've really been in contact with since I arrived here are Ami and Makoto. Rei, you know of, and while I hear Minako's around, she just hasn't shown up where I could see her yet. She's the most fun to go out boy-watching with."

Hild-sama says, "Makoto and Ami are probably the best ones to approach first. Rei would take one look at me with her senses and start throwing wards at me."

Usagi nods. "Yeah, she would. She's got a very firey temper, too." Usagi reaches up to rub her forhead slightly. "Ami and Makoto are very sweet together when you watch them interact, fair warning."

Hild-sama chuckles, "I'm sure it will be fine." she quirks her head at you, "Have you figured out what we are yet Usagi-chan?"

Usagi tilts her head to one side, thinking. In spite of what others may think, she does have a brain, and she does use it, she just likes to be underestimated and to have fun when she's not fighting. "'Blessed' is a term the other side uses, a city of crystal-ice, and... a succubus for a personal assistant. We're demons, aren't we?"

Hild-sama smiles and nods, "Exactly right Usagi-chan. My proper title is The Daimakaicho Hild. If you decide to be my heir, you will be The Daimakoujo Usagi. My other daughter is the Goddess Urd, the Norn of the Past. Her half sisters, same father but a different mother, are Belldandy the Norn of the Present and Skuld The Norn of the Future."

Usagi thinks on this a few minutes, one detail rising to the surface. "I have sisters now? I could barely handle a younger brother..." she thinks of the pranks Shingo pulled, like adjusting the scale (which set off her diet panic in the first place) or filling her shampoo bottle with bugs. "Yeah, like this, Rei will definitely throw a hissy fit."

Hild-sama nods, "There isn't really much she could do to harm you now Usagi-chan, even if she does have a fit. Her wards would really be more than a nuisance, unless a Goddess blesses them. Technically, you have one sister. Belldandy and Skuld aren't my children, and you aren't their father's child."

Usagi gives Hild a slightly odd look. "Urd's my sister, right? And Belldandy and Skuld are Urd's sisters too, so, that makes us all sisters." Funny how logic works around the moon bunny. "I'm sure if I put it like that, then they'll see the light."

Hild-sama says, "In a sense. I don't get along all that well with Urd. Being that we're on different sides of the fence. She doesn't even write or call or anything." she shrugs. then grins and magics Usagi's robe into a duplicate of her dress, but with pink instead of red. And minus all the jewelry.

Usagi nods. "Well, I'm here now Mama, I won't let you be lonely like that, okay?" she says in an ernest voice, the shift of textures against her skin having her glance down... and down... CUTE! Sexy, but the pink adds a nice -her- touch to the whole ensamble. "Wow that's low cut... but cute!"

Hild-sama smiles and leans over to kiss you softly on your forehead. "Thank you dear." then sits back, "I thought you would like that." then holds out a hand two pearl like strings of pink stones in them... Wait, are those pink sapphires? "For now, these should suffice for limiters. " she smiles. "And will go better against your hair that regular diamonds." Nope, apparently they're pink diamonds.

Usagi blinks as the worth of what they are sinks in. Pink diamonds? She leans in closer, studying the stones intensely. Well, at least she knows she won't break the stone! if anything snaps, it'll be the strings. "They're lovely, mother..." Slowly, carefully, she takes the strands and with the ease of practice wraps each one around the base of her buns, tucking the stray ends into the bun itself so the mass of hair holds it in place. Then, a little shyly, she asks, "How do they look?"

Hild-sama smiles, "They look very lovely dear. The pink does go well against your hair. I'm sure your friends will agree. " she smiles some more, she just loves being called mother. Then cocks her head a bit, "I wonder how this will affect your transformation..."

Usagi smiles back, a tiny bit nervous. "Well, there's only one way to find out..." she stands up from the couch, and cups her hands over where her heart should be. "Moon Nielfhelm Power... Make-Up!" Her hands shoot up to the ceiling and cue the modesty lights----- no. wait. the modesty lights don't show up for once. Her demoness gown shimmers, becomes black ribbons of tulle that swirl around her figure, first tightening to form the familiar white leotard, then swirl and flow to form first the skirt, the already indecently short skirt now opaque blue at the top and... erm.. not just fading to a darker color at the hem, but the weave loosening so that it's transparent at said hem. The ribbons keep flowing down to form thigh high stilluetto boots, the heels clear glass, the boots themselves blood red with nordic knotwork tracing along the sides. From there the ribbons flash upwards, engulfing her hands in, for once in her life, fingerless lace gloves, black like the tulle ribbon that's now going around her neck, forming into her trademark bows and extending into two largely decorative black wings. On her scarf, too, are the nordic knotwork instead of the thin white line, and unlike her previous senshi outfits, the neckline's... a bit lower. Not as low as her mothers, but definitely flashing cleavage, enough to make the bow on the front of the blouse redundant, and after a second that vanishes, the only decoration at the base of the V is her transformation broach. The tiara's the same, but the jewel in the tiara, and on her buns, now match the pink diamonds her mother gave her, and the eye make up is... dramatic. good enough for clubbing. She lowers her hands, falling into the classic 'i'll punish you' pose, and comes out of the transformation.

Hild-sama grins, "Oh, that looks wonderful Usagi-chan. Your uniform looks much nice now I think. Fit for a Princess of Nifleheim." she stands up and walks around you, "Yes, I have to say I like the changes." and magics up a full length mirror so you can see for yourself.

Usagi looks at that mirror, and poses slightly. "Well, there's no way that they'll miss what I am now with this, but... yeah, I do like it! It'll certainly distract the enemy." She giggles slightly. "And, the bow that was here before... it always really hit my chest..."

Hild-sama nods, "Shall we go see some of your friends Usagi-chan? Let them know you're okay? I can toss an illusion up over your clothes to make them look like something normal. And hide your marks."

Usagi looks at her gloves, and reaches up to lightly touch her marks. "For some reason, I don't want to hide them, but... we really should, huh?" She sighs, and releases the transformation, returning to her Hild-mama style dress. "Yes, we should at least tell Ami and Makoto I'm okay." She pauses, a gleam entering her eyes. "Hild-mama, there's a dark queen from my world that landed here as well, Beryl, and I had been working hard on befriending her here rather than start up that old war. Should we make overtures?"

Hild-sama considers that, "Well, we can hide them till you explain it to them, then it should be okay to drop the illusions." and casts a quick illusion spell on you to hide them and make your dress look normal. She considers this Beryl, "Yes, I think that would be a good idea."

- Yuki's Apartment -

Makoto is not a happy person these days. She got home one night to find her home a pile of rubble and Ami nowhere to be found. Since then she's been living out of a bag at her alternate universe daughter's home hoping someone will give her some answers since the local 'authorities'have been no help at all. She doesn't evebn know if Ami was inside but with each day that goes by the hope dies a little more. Yuki's out at her job this evening, leaving Makoto on her own, laying on the couch and staring at the TV, taking in the local weather.

Suddenly, the ground starts shaking under you and lightning flashes outside your window. A large intricate rune circle slowly starts forming on your floor. Something big is apparently happening.

Hild-sama appears suddenly in the center of the circle, Usagi by her side, in a flash of lightning that seems to enter the apartment as a transformer outside gives off a shower of sparks as it falls from the poll. Lukcily, it isn't one for this building.

Makoto blinks and within seconds has transformed into Sailor Jupiter, flexing her fingers. If something's attacking she's going to take advantage of the stress relief. Whatever this is will get the full nin yards 'lightning goddess' treatment.

Makoto blinkblinks and relaxes at the sight of Usagi. She runs up to give the blonde a hug, not having known if the Princess might have been at Faith's. "Oh thank the gods you're allright!"

Usagi takes in the fact that it's Jupiter that's greeting them, and resists the urge to whap her mom on the back of the head. "Moooom, did you have to be so dramatic? We could have arrived outside the building and come to her front door, you know?" she says, a touch of exasperation in her voice before wrapping her arms around Jupiter tightly, returning the hug firmly. "I'm okay, I just... had a bit of a long nap, that's all. I'm here now..."

Hild-sama smiles, "It's part of the job description dear. And believe me, that was holding back as much as I can." the streamers of her dress slowly float down around her as they settle. She takes in Makoto's transformed state and raises an eyebrow, "Though perhaps we should have called ahead."

Makoto barely seems to notice hilde. Bad manners but this is the first ray of hope in her life in days. "If you're safe then Ami may have been away.Was Ami with you, Usagi-chan? Do you know where she is??" She de-transforms in a whirlwind of green and pink ribbon. in her natural state you can clearly see she's been crying a lot. She's all red and puffy and... this isn't Mako-chan

Usagi shakes her head. "No, Ami wasn't with me. I had gotten a bad shock, and fallen into a crystal coccoon for a while. Hild found me and kept me safe till I woke up again. I don't know anything that's happened since that explosion..." she says, leaving alot out, but every word the truth. She knows the look in Makoto's eyes, she looked just as bad after Mamochan had gotten captured by the negaverse.

Hild-sama nods, "I haven't heard word of her either I'm sorry to say. But I can send people out to look for her once we return home if you want." She has the perfect person in mind too.

Makoto bites her lip and nods slowly. "Kay..." She finally seems to catch up with reality and looks to Hilde. "Oh I'm sorry." she bows politely. "Can I get you two anything? I'm sure Yuki-chan won't mind. And... If you can help I'd be so grateful... but she hasn't gotten ahold of me and none of the hospitals have seen her so... I think AMi-chan's..." she bites her lip again and glances to Usagi.

Usagi smiles reassuringly. "I'm sure she's not. I would have felt it, the way I've felt all of your deaths, each time... I'm sure she'll turn up, Mako-chan." She steps forward to hug her friend again briefly, reassuringly. "And, if she is... then... I'll do what I can to get her back, all right?" She taps the broach on her shirt meaningfully, then glances over towards Hild. "Please, I hate not knowing if she's okay or not."

Hild-sama smiles, "Don't worry, we'll find her. And even if she is, it won't be a problem. You'd be surprised where my servants can get themselves into." then quirks her head, "Just a coffee for me, thank you." as she takes a few steps forward from where the circle was on the floor.

Makoto nods and smiles softly, rushing into the the kitchenette to get some coffee, tea, soda, sandwiches. "I'm glad you're Allright Usagi-chan. So. Who's your friend?" She pours some coffee for Hild and lays out everything else for whoever wants it. It keeps her mind occupied.

Usagi says cheerfully, with all the tact we've come to know and expect from Usagi, "I made a wish and now Hild's my mom. Makoto Kino, this is Hild, a ruler of one of the planes connected to this world." Truth, truth, and truth, she just didn't mention what plane, now, did she? "Hild-mama, this is my dear friend, Makoto."

And yes, it might be noted that Usagi's hair is the most visible change, having gone from golden to the white of Queen Serenity... and Hild.

Hild-sama smiles and offers her hand to Makoto, "It's nice to meet you Makoto. Once Usagi-chan got settled in, she wanted to check on her friends." She seems quite pleasant, what kind of a plane would she be ruling. "I've heard good things about you."

Makoto blinkblinks and bows politely again. "Ahh.. Nice to meet you, Hild-san..." she shakes Hild's hand and grabs a soda for herself. "I don't think usagi has anything _but_ good things to say about people." she gestures to the couch and pulls up a chair for herself. "I'm glad you came. I've been feeling a little isolated. No word from Minako or Rei lately."

Usagi smiles. "Well, that's because I'm surrounded by good people!" she says cheerfully, sitting down easily on the couch and absentmindedly reaching up to straighten her hair slightly and check with fingertips if the strands of pink stones are still around the base of her buns. "I'm glad to come, honestly. I'm sorry I didn't stop by sooner..."

Hild-sama smiles and sits down next to Usagi, crossing her long legs. "Please, call me Hild. Usagi was asleep inside a giant crystal for awhile, or I'm sure she would have been by. She just woke up today." she pats Usagi softly on the shoulder then glances around the apartment before picking up her coffee and taking a sip.

Makoto smiles. "I like the new look, Usagi-chan... So... Hilde.. You're usagi's mother now..? How does that work? What's this about a wish?"

Usagi nods. "I said aloud that I wish I had a mom like her, who was here and that I could talk to, and this booming voice said Wish Granted, and things went kinda special effect-y for a few minutes."

Hild-sama nods, "That's essentially it. Niddhog grants a wish if it determines someone qualifies for one. If she hadn't been with me, someone would have been by to offer one to her. Once she made the wish, Niddhog rewrote reality to make it happen." she glances at her daughter, "She seems to be taking this remarkably well."

Makoto says, "I've seen a lot of odd things in my life..." And things definately got odder since she was dragged into this world. Why were none of her wishes ever answered? she wonders. Her parents, Ami, Yuki... "Well.. Like I said usagi-chan. Things will work out. They allways do."

Usagi nods. "They will, as long as we're together." She thinks a few seconds, then turns to look at Hild. "Mom, can Makoto come stay with us for a little bit? I know odd things seem to bother her sometimes, like that jerk who sent her porn of us and watched at the window to see if we'd get upset..."

Hild-sama blinks, "I don't see why not." she glances to Makoto, "Would you like to come to me home with us Makoto? You'd have to take a couch tonight, I'm having my palace renovated, but it should be finished tomorrow."

Makoto blinks "Well... Sure. I guess a change of scenery can't hurt. And Yuki won't have to watch me sulk..." she smiles a little more. She's so kind. I sometimes with she was my daughter, you know? I'm glad to know she's the kind of person Ami and i would... you know.

Usagi smiles kindly at Makoto. "Yeah, kids from alternate timelines or the future can be rather disorienting, huh? She's alot like her mom." Usagi states, giving a big compliment to mother and daughter both with that one statement. "Where Mom lives is so pretty, a city designed to look like everything's made of ice, and I really want to explore the park I saw from the window near a lake..."

Hild-sama smiles, "Why don't you gather anything you'd like to take with you, and leave Yuki a note so she won't worry. And make a trip to the bathroom. Planar teleports can be a bit unsettling to some."

Makoto ooohs and nods. "Ami's gonna .... Will want to see that." she corrects herself. "I just have my gymbag and a couple things Yuki picked up for me..." she runs off to tidy up the food and write a note. She fills her backpack with some personal items and as suggested, makes a bathroom stop

Usagi smiles happily. "I fully intend to show everything to Ami once we find her." She stretches her arms over her head, still a tiny bit kinked up from her long sleep, and waits for Makoto to get ready to go. "I think Yuki'll probably smile at the thought of you getting out for a little bit."

Hild-sama nods, "It's not good to stay cooped up in one place. I think getting out will do you good." then considers something, "I could have the chefs make us a picnic lunch for tomorrow and we could go down to the park..."

Makoto blinks. Hilde must be rich to have personal cheifs. "Sure.. Sounds like it could be fun." Would be better with Ami, but she tries to make a consious effort to be more cheerful for Usagi-chan and her new mother.

Usagi stands up and walks to where the circle was before, eyes twinkling happily. "That sounds like lots of fun, mom! I want to see the trees that look like ice but aren't." She rocks back and forth on her feet, seemingly the same cheerful oblivious girl that Makoto's always known.

Hild-sama smiles and stands up to join Usagi, waiting for Makoto to join them and then... Opens her mouth and starts singing. Only it sounds like she's singing multiple parts of a song in multiple voices all at the same time. The rune circle from before begins reforming, spiralling outward from her feet.

Makoto smiles as she writes Yuki a note of thanks and that she'd call soon. She scoopsup her bag and nods to the two of you."Allright. That's everything, I think"

Usagi closes her eyes, listening to Hild sing and resisting the faint urge to join in. She knows her voice isn't that good (a few embarassing tapes made during a karaoke trip convinced her) and dosen't want to mess up whatever her mom's doing. "Guess that's all aboard for my new home then. Best close your eyes, the reality warp's a bit disorienting."

Makoto blinkblinks at the singing and rushes over to the pair, doing as Usagi instructs and closing her eyes, focusing on the singing.

Hild-sama's song reaches it's crescendo, and with a surge of bright light and a rumble of either earth or thunder, the trio is gone.

- Hild's Tower: Hild's Office -

The arrival here is much quieter than the one back on the mortal plane. Guess this place is built for it.

Makoto falls on her ass in an undignified *thud*

Usagi opens her eyes again, and smiles. "We're home." She steps out of the circle and spins around a bit, then reaches down to help Makoto back to her feet. "Makochan, there's one other thing to tell you, but, I didn't know if Yuki's apartment was being watched or not, so it had to wait till we got here. Mom's line of work."

Hild-sama chuckles a bit and walks over to sit down behind her desk. This is Usagi's show after all.

Makoto boggles at the view out the window. "This place is like... the utter opposite of Twisted... I've never heard of anything like it in what I've read"

Usagi nods. "It's great, isn't it? This is Nielfhelm, though I'm not sure if I'm pronouncing it correctly. Many non-humans make their home here." Polite way of saying it's the home of demons. "Mom's the leader here. And, because of the wish, I got turned at least partially into what she is, though it hasn't been decided if I'm going to be her heir or not."

Hild-sama smiles, "It's Niflheim dear." she corrects, but lets Usagi handle her friend, she knows her best after all.

Makoto blinks. "Changed? Is that why your hair is silver, usagi-chan?" She looks back to hide for a moment and then back out the window. Easilly the nicest scenery she's seen since the was last on Earth. Living in Twisted has opening her up to many things so she's not too fazed by the idea of non-humans. Technically the senshi aren't quite human either.

Usagi smiles just a touch indulgently at how well Makoto's accepting it. "Uh-huh. I'm still me, just, got a few new things to learn." She walks over to stand by her friend's side, looking out the window as well, down at the city. "The race that lives here is called demons." Final bombshell dropped, let's really hope it dosen't explode messily. "And Mother's the leader. You can see why I didn't want anyone overhearing..." she swallows, hoping Makoto dosen't reject her outright because of this. "I don't want to loose anyone over this, but... I'll understand if you do. You're my friend first, senshi second, after all..."

Hild-sama watches Makoto quietly, waiting to see what her reaction is going to be...

Makoto says, "Demons, huh...." she looks back out at the city. "Seems like a nice place..." She shrugs and turns back to the two of you. "I've seen worse..." she grins. "This isn't some optical issusion covering lakes of fire and tortured souls, ne?" she chuckles. She trusts Usagi's character judgement completely.

Usagi shakes her head. "Not that I'm aware of. So, it sounds like it's okay to let the spell hiding my marks fade, mom..." such a baby, needing her mom's help with this, of course, she only became demonic today, no wonder it was giving her trouble. And, when her mom lets the spell go, her crescent moon is there... red, instead of yellow, and two smaller ones appear as well, one under each eye. As for her dress, well...ahem... think Hild's, but pink where there's red. "I think I can be much happier here than I ever could on Twisted's streets."

Hild-sama smiles, "Why would demons want to live in such a place Makoto? What you're describing is Hell, not Niflheim. Yes, Hell is a nasty place. But fortunately, it's a mostly self running system. And believe me, if someone has damaged their soul so much that they go there, they deserve every moment of it. Niflheim is where my demons live and work." and she does let the spell go.

Makoto blinks... "Well... I hope I never see it then.... she wows and looks usagi over. "Definately a no look for you, Usagi-chan. Ami would be bright red seeing you in that, I think." she grins"

Usagi puts one hand behind her head and strikes a pose for a couple seconds, then giggles. "It's based on my mom's dress. Do you like it?" She swishes the skirt a little, and blushes, ducking her head down slightly at a thought. "How do you think Mamochan would react?"

Hild-sama smirks a bit at that, "Probably a nasal hemmorage."

Makoto laughs softly. "All I'll say is... I wouldn't mind the chance to see Ami in something similar." she winks

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