2009-03-24 (PreU) One Bad Acid Trip

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One Bad Acid Trip

Summary: Kyle takes a trip to the local cemetery.. I think.

Who: Kyle
When: March 24th, 2009
Where: Cemetary Gates


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Cemetary Gates

Beyond a pair of massive gates, rows and rows of tombstones streatch off into the distance. On the horizon you can see a large boarded up cathedral with massive stained glass windows. Leading into the cemetary you can see a path leading towards an enormous cherry tree and down an opposite path leading around the cathedral rests an ancient looking bare tree contrasting the cherry tree like the angel of death looking into the eyes of an angel...

Kyle stands in front of the cathedral, looking up at it as he rubs his chin. "Figures.." He begins walking around along the path around the Cathedral, always examining it from all angles. Eventually he just shrugs and sits down on a tombstone, glaring at the old building.

Gentle crying can be heard off to the side, in the mists. Female in nature, by the sound.

Kyle jumps off the tombstone looking off into the mists. He moves in that direction, carefully though just in case.

As Kyle comes closer, he can start to see the outline of a woman in black funeral clothes. While she is wearing a hat, there is no viel. Her black hair spills down her back, almost reaching her waist. Her shoulders bob slightly as she sobs audibly....

Kyle stands still as he watched her, guess that shouldn't be unexpected in a graveyard. He leans back and watches only for a moment, looking away to leave the woman to her misery as he once again focuses on his thoughts.

She just continues to cry, her sobs echoing throughout the graveyard. As he starts to walk away, however, they abruptly stop. Looking back, he'll see no one where at all.

Kyle looks back over to where the sounds were, frowning as he now sees no one at all. He walks over to the grave where the woman was, some of his curiousity getting the better of him.

The gravestone reads 'Kyle Quillan'. As he looks at it, there's a sniffling sob from behind him. The lady in the black is standing there, head down, and face hidden by her hat. She abruptly looks up, the hair in front of her upper face also parting, revealing a twisted grin containing a double-row of razor sharp teeth, a slightly aged, decomposing face, and eyes giving off a faint red light, despite their contents. Black and purple color swirl in an infinite vortex where the eyes should be. The sobbing slowly becomes an amused girlish giggling as the creature 'looks' at Kyle. It's hands come up as it starts to approach him, now visible as being also withered, with very sharp, gnarled fingernails.

Kyle looks at the gravestone, his eyes going wide for only a moment before he turns around to face the 'creature' He fumbles his gun out of it's holster, pointing it at the thing. "Back off you disgusting.." He moves away as much as he can until his legs bang against the tombstone.

The creature giggles again, then SCREAMS an ear-piercing scream, falling into dust, which when looked for, isn't there. Nothing but grass and sod. A skeletal hand suddenly bursts from 'his' grave, gripping at his leg.

Kyle clutches at his ears, muttering a curse under his breath. He wheels at the feel of something gripping his leg, and aims the gun in that direction, but shooting towards yourself is a notoriously bad idea, so instead he tries to pull his leg free, probably with little success.

The arm holds fast, and while he's distracted, theres a momentary shift in the astral. Something attempts to seperate his gun-wielding hand from the arm it is attached to at the wrist. Once this happens, the arm abruptly vanishes.

Kyle isn't paying attention to anything but the hand gripping him, so misses his own hand being severed, until the pain hits anyway. With a shout he falls to the ground clutching his stump to his chest. He tries to reach for the gun with his

The gun is nowhere to be seen as he grasps for it. However, a high-heeled shoe suddenly appears from behind a gravestone to step on the hand looking for the gun. If it succeeds or not, the figure wearing it rises up from behind the grave. Its the woman from before, the swirling evil-pulsing eyes seeming to stare into his very soul....

Kyle bites back screams as the heel digs into his hand. He tries to focus on the figure of the woman, but the loos of blood from the wound on his arm seems to be getting to him, as his eyes don't want to focus on anything really. He manages to spit out some nonsensical blabbering at the woman, maybe it was meant to be a curse, sounded more like a drunken slur.

The figure smiles evily at him, then descends upon him with a scream..... and suddenly, Kyles back at the entrance to the graveyard. His gun is in the holster. His body is unwounded, and he feels fine. Off in the distance nearby, he can hear a woman crying.....

Kyle shakes his head, putting his hand to his forehead. He stares at his hand for a minute as if trying to think of something. Instead he just shrugs and turns around, not about to bother going in there right now. And he walks off.

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