2009-05-08 (PreU) HOLY CRAP VIOLENCE

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Who: Arrankhar, Cassie, General_Grievous, Jason_Talben, Morrigan, Trenton, Tyler
When: May 8th, 2009
Where: Twisted Street

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The City is some what tense. The last few days a man named Jason Talben has been going around the place. Apparently some sort of prophet, this Jedi master has been trying to organize the city in preparation for some form of massive attack. This has been going on for the last five days. Pretty much this seems to be the calm before the storm, some how Jason has managed to get most all the thug gangs to back down from each other, and at least pick an area they will defend. A number of Heros are also in the place as well, although they seem to be hidden and waiting. Evening is approaching. As it seems that young man was full of bullshit.

Morrigan's expression is neutral as she stretches her wings, looking for the poor sap who will be her entertaining for the night. She rather lazily stands atop a street post, taking her sweet time to arch and rest her hands on her ass, yawning lazily "Maaaan its more boring than Makai.. maybe I should talk that clown girl into some mischief again." she mumbled, to herself, bat wings twitching.

Tyler hurtles from the air, head downwards before his armor reorients itself and fires off a quick burst from the propulsion units in his boots. The bright blure flares last for a few seconds as he hovers a few inches off the roof of a nearby building. As his rockets cut off he looks out over the city, his helmet diplay bleeping an obnoxious red warning off in the distance, "So...the Jedi was what he said after all." He crosses his armored arms over his chest and sighs, "Always something..." He looks down at the people milling below each with a slight glowing shield strapped to their arms, "Lets hope a show of force is enough...and lets hope there's not a riot." He switches on a radio channel, "Civilian Lead this is Aegis. Be sure to keep a tight reign ont eh volunteers. I don't know what's coming but we want to protect as many as possible. Remember overlap shields and nothing should be able to make it through those riot shields I gave you." He gets an affirmitive reply and returns his attention to the growing sensor reading.

Cassie is just walking down the street. The house was too stuffy. Her body says that something's off, but Cassie assumes it's just one of those days. She's had a lot of them now that she's back on Twisted. Trenton begged her to stay home today, but she argued with him, causing him to sulk in the back of her mind.

Standing out in the street behind a barricade is a reptilian figure, bearing all the features of a komodo dragon. A bipedal one at that. An arsenel of weaponry is present on this one, making this one appear to be an army unto itself. Other than the braces, belts, and other things used to hold weapons, ammunition, and that single sword at the hip, nothing in the way of clothing is on this one. A sniper rifle is held at the ready, loaded but not aimed at anything yet. One hand rises to the headset communicator when the call comes in and the lizard sinks to one knee.

At the Stroke of 8:15 PM something happens. The sound of a light buzzing is heard, and then with out warning the Sky is Full of ships, hundreds of what look like small fighters ( http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/starwars/images/8/81/Droidstarfighter.jpg )begin to fly in the air buzzing buildings through out the town. In the Distance also is another sight. They look like massive drop ships slowly coming into view and rapidly expanding. With in minutes these ships drop down in various places around the City. And with in minutes Large abous of what look like robots ( http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/starwars/images/f/f3/Battledroids_BF.jpg ) start to pour out of them and into the City, all sorts of what could be hover tanks as well. Seems the invasion has happened.

Morrigan instantly blendis at attention, her grin showing "Pyron? .. no.. not retarded looking enough." She crouches down, grinning as she hops onto a nearby building and gets very still, "Its a shame that I haven't a partner this time." She begins to concentrate herself and wait. A grin across her lips, yep waiting for something to come closer.

Cassie,sadly enough, is watching her feet as she walks. Deep in thought, and the fact that she's not really a fighter make her senses less toned. She wonders what she's going to do about Trenton. Things are starting to come to a head, and she's not sure what to do. Granted, anything going through her head right now is suerpficial to the impending fleet.

Tyler grits his teeth inside his helmet before broadcasting, "Everyone stand your ground...shields at maximum power and overlapping!" He flies up into the air, a droid fighter disassembling into a tangled mess before it comes back together as a series of shield arrays around several shelters. Droids begin to fall apart, or jumble together as Tyler focuses his power. Shield after shield comes up beginning to blot out the sky and trap fighters and droids in pockets of energy, "Gotta keep reassembling them into shield generators. No civilian can die if I can help it..." He looks for the main origin, trying to see if he can't bring this to a close faster. "They seem to all be droids...no biological materials in any of them...Time to rearrange the weaponry into something with more...oomph.." Tyler reaches out and snags another droid fighter with his ability reassemblign it into a large disc. The disc hovers over his head as Tyler waits. "The attack routines in each droid are...amazingly complicated. Free will but absolutely no control at teh same time....This could be..difficult."

As things start to get interesting, the Komodo just cannot help but stare at what is coming out of the woodwork, so to speak. Through the communicator he calls out, "What sort of invasion is this? I've never seen ships like these before." With the sight of the dropships and whatnot starting to deploy the droids he can't help but wonder if he has the right weapon out. Looking to the weapons he has nearby he quickly switches to that of the RPG, setting it up on one shoulder and staring into the sights.

--- The Army is large several thousand robots of various types are marching onmass. In one large is a large transport stands a monster of a machine in a large robe. He is looking around as his forces are on the move. Finally He transmits on every possible frequancy. Radio channels are jammed, TV stations are inturpeted, even a massive projector is used to display a Hologram of the invader into the air. ( http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/starwars/images/d/de/Grievoushead.jpg ) Who then Speaks in a semi mechanical tone. "This is General Grievous, leader of the Droid armies of the Confederacy of Independent System. This City is now under our juristiction. Any who resists will be dealt with swiftly." --- The Image cuts away to a middle aged man who says "You can not simply come into this city, you have no athortity here, TASK council will have your head for this." The image Shows Grievous simply lift his hand up. When he does that no order is given, but a number of heavy armored droids just level their arms at the older man and blast him. Bursts of rapid fire red light erupts from their forearms striking the man. The man is instantly killed and knocked back. The final image sshows Grievous turning to a driod and says, "Commander, Secure this city, Destory any and all who resist us with out mercy!" he says. So signaling the conquest. Just as that Jedi fortold. The Droids just start to rush in line a mindless endless wave. No fear, to compassion, just pure machine logic. And the Droids Do not hesitate to open fire on groups of Armed men, such as police, security, or the defenders here. ---

Morrigan grins and moves foreward into the street, keeping light and a curious glance " Ohoho.. How tacky. Robots are no replacement for trained warriors." she commented to herself, holding her hands back to focus and concentrate, sending a bluish ball at some of the droids with a laziness, her weight moving rapidly towards the beasts.

Tyler shakes his head as the disc hovers out towards the main army. Thousands of tiny spheroids drop as the disc disintigrates, each sphere exploding into an EMP pulse as it hits the ground. As droids come into Tyler's range he simply adds them to a growing pile of debris, each one adding to some huge construction. "Let's see if I can get in on their network...." A hologram appears near Grievous, "You made a mistake Grievous. You sent an army of machines into a city protected by a man who can take any inorganic matter and reassemble it as he pleases. You gave me every bit of material I'd ever need to stop your invasion, and the greatest thing is that your invasion is exactly what is allowing me to stop you." The hologram just looks around the bridge, "Let's see...Star Wars...that means you must keep flight control at....aha...So that's how you cause blasters to travel slower than light...interesting. I would have thought it was a heated plasma packet in a forcefield, but that is much more clever!" Back at hsi real location Tyler smiles to himself, oh the knowledge he is picking up!

(*Damnit, Cassie, I told you to..*) The voice in Cassie's head fades out, and breaks from her own mouth. "Stay home!" She gasps, her purple eyes flickering and turning a bright ice blue, pupils and all. Her long black hair curls up into a tight bun at the back of her head. Her posture changes too, from that of relaxed and at ease to that of a fighter. Tense and quick. He rises up off the ground, arms folded over his chest, and eyes glinting sharply. As the driods roll in towards him, he grins. The air around him rises in pressure until the droids within 10 feet of him crush under their own weight. A transparent blue bubble surrounds Trenton, and he throws his head back even as the slight debris around him is fling away like a hurricane was lifting them. "You should have stayed home." Cassie berades him in their head. (*Like I -knew- this was going to happen. This was totally my plan, love.*)

Arrankhar does not get an answer to his question. Not that he needs it right now anyway. Hmmm. Lots of machines coming at them. Lots of these blueish balls bouncing about. He doesn't have anything like that but that won't be stopping him from delivering his version of death....or just general destruction. The tigger is pulled and a single RPG round goes careening off into the masses. When it makes contact with one of the droids it makes the victim and everything 8 ranks around it go flying in a large explosion. Beware those hit by the more whole bodies.

General_Grievous Watches as the counter attack comes and his Forces are spreading through out the City. When The hologram appears next to him he says, "And you are doomed with out the pathetic Jedi Scum and their clone troopers!" And his system tries to track down Tyler's location, "Surrender Or I will purge this city of all life, Not one Child will survive!" Then It doesn't take much for The Droid tanks to Start Opening fire on large groups of the Riot Police. As those men and their hand held Shields most likely can't with stand the full impact. Morrigan's ball will blow away a number of the normal battle Droids but What will happen is a group of ten or so Destroyers will roll up behind her flip open with a snap, deploy their shields and start to fire on mass to try and deal with her.

Trenton's attack will flatten a number of Droids as well. A few Super battle droids will converge on Their location leveling their arms and beginning to open fire with their rapid fire blasters. These Lumbering brutes will even knock aside the lesser blaster rifles to the side. Arrankhar's RPG will do the job. The old saying is true. More advanced something is more vulnerable it is to primitive attacks. Naturally This will get a Large group of the Smaller battle droids after him. Their blaster rifles posed as they fire. As the Droids do fall under the assault of the EMP Grievous notes the structure and has all his artillery batteries open fire at full power to blast what ever it is to dust. For the single droids being dropped by the EMP bombs They do start taking cover showing some measure of Self preservation, enter building and such to gain protection and better firing positions. If Tyler is on a roof or in view of a building he will note a new figure in the fight looking down at the battle field as if observing it.

Out of a pocket, a patrol of about 50 horned demon varietied monsters with one carrying the Aensland Crest. This of course causes Morrigan to chuckle. They're equipped with rather generic automatic weaponry and should the monsters get up close, they're skilled in hand to hand. ( Generic NPC fighters. Ya can kill a few. s'all good.) the Queen of Makai herself pauses "If you harm one child, the full force of Makai will be upon you, as without children no one will be left to entertain me." she called out, moving in closer to move quick enough that her legs turn into something like a drill which she uses to maim one of the droids, her wing swiftly swinging around to crack another. Morrigan is adept at fighting such things it seems. Her troops however aren't your typical retard NPCs, they also have self preservation skills, but don't really see to have any fear of charging enemy fire. "Captain Shoal, we may need to call out the dragon riders..." she called out, punching one of the droids. ( Her punch is on the record as being able to short out robots. I haz video proofz.)

Tyler growls as the blasts at his structure explode harmlessly against an immensly powerful shield. "People are going to get hurt." He glances about finding pockets of heroes about as well as the 'average Joe' doing what he can. He closes his eyes and sweeps his arms out as he focuses. Droids begin to disassemble in mass addign rapidly to the structure. He focuses on the droids immediatly threatening others and then the tanks. The hologram flickers for a moment as Tyler stops focusing on maintaining the link to Grievous's ship. The wrist shields of the volunteers begin to grow as arcs of glowing power flow off of Tyler's armor, each shield growing into a tall bubble. The volunteer radio's crackle for a moment before teh sound of Tyler's voice fills them, "Hold your ground. Stay out of harms way. Better I run out of power protecting you than any of you get hurt. Keep the droids physically back from the shelte*static*" Tyler's armor begins to sink back towards the roof, the glowing lines over his sleek exo-skeleton slowly fading. The computer's voice sounds in his helmet, "Warning! Switching to backup power!" He sighs, "Three minutes at most to keep up the civilians shields..I can make it last longer, but not at the rate I'm disassembling these droids!"

Trenton cackles like a mad man. "Oh, look. Someone let their pet robot get out and have to much 'fun'." Long tendrils of power form on the outside on his shield-bubble. They thrash around violently, streaching about 10 feet, numbering 6. Any droid that has the misfortune of getting hit with them, unless they have massive shields up, are done for. The 'vectors' (That's what we're gunna call them, ok?) slowly from droplets. As the droplets fall, it turns into somethin akin to napalm. Trenton himself isn't standing still for this manuver however, swiftly flying around his area, dodgeing blasters. The hair on the back of his head unravels as Cassie tries in vain to get him to come back to a resonable mindset, and off the murder one he's walkin.

Arrankhar is kneeling so he presents a smaller target. The fact that he is behind a barricade makes it even tougher for the droids to get a decent lock on him. In the mayhem that follows his shot he quickly reloads the weapon with another grenade. It doesn't take much knowledge to figure out that he is going to shoot that grenade in the center of the group that is firing in his direction. More carnage for the masses!

--- The Droids work hard to try and blow apart defensive positions, Using Rocket launchers, grenades, just about anything they have to breech barriers. As Morrigan's Troops come out a large number of Battle droids lock on and just open fire with no mercy. How ever that phrase "The Storm Trooper effect" Seems to be into play. Despite being computers, it seems these droids are not pin point Shots. While they will hit and kill some people and others. The Heros seem to not get hit that much. But that doesn't stop them from unleashing the Big Guns. Like a Droid Tank turning the Corner to point it's cannon at Arrankhar's Position. Fortunately the Tip of it's barrel will suddenly Pinch closed before it fires causing a massive Back fire as the back end of the tank blows out. Morrigan will get a number of Super battle droids as well and those Vulture droids will start making massive strafing runs down the City street as the fire missiles at Tayler's Tower trying to slow it's progress allowing the droids to get deeper into the City. Trenton Will find a number of his droid playthings running from him, well those which don't get melted. Some fast moving Vulture droids home in on him Firing Missiles and open fire with their Blasters.

Jason_Talben watched in horror as the Droid forces advance, this reminds him too much of the Mandalorian wars. The Exile was not about to allow them to march upon the city with out a fight from him. He could see a number of police, army, and other heroes here trying to fight off the hoard. From the roof top, Jason was able to see the battle field in the streets below. Reaching for a tarp he pulled it off of a box, looking at the Ion Grenades he had stored in it. The Exile pointed his fingers at the grenades and through the force activated them all at once. Still using the Force, Jason lifted them up and hurled them at the droid forces below. The Grenades then flew at near break neck speed as they were sent to blast the larger assault vehicles and the larger groups of Battle droids. One special Grenade goes flying at Grievous' command point as well.

General_Grievous laughs as he watches the pathetic attempts by the local guards and pathetic army fights his droid forces. With his sadistic glee, he cackled out transmitting over a loud speaker to the doomed city, "Surrender you fools you are hopelessly over powered by my Droid army!" His glee is short live when he looked up to watch from a roof a large number of Grenades fly into view. In a moment of Shock and dismay, He watched as the Ion grenades began to impact his forces. The Ion grenades when they impact start to take out his heavy support units, exploding in fifty foot blast radius. They were able to impact multiple units disabling three or four hover tanks with one grenade. This has the effect of breaking his army's formation. He tries to scream his orders over the comm system to get his troops back into a counter formation to minimize their vulnerability to counter attack. He never gets the chance as he is forced to jump from his Command platform when he barely noticed a Thermal Detonator heading his way forcing him to jump off of it, barely having enough time to escape unharmed. Jason has effectively given the place more time and a better chance by taking out a good deal of the Heavy Artillery.

Morrigan's body moves up, and suddenly she moves up to one of the larger droids, her body bolting and rapidly splitting in two, her legs again turning into that drill like kick of hers, except both bodies are doing it. She then promtply cracks her hand into the robot and does a quick flip before ducking any incoming fire. "Tsk.." she holds out a hand, a golden bat leaving her person to head back for Aensland castle and assumably get more reinforcements for those trying to protect the city. Morrigan holds up a hand "Aensland guard. Prepare your soul fists. Show them the power of Makai itself!" she pauses and retreats, moving to rapidly hop behind Arrankhar's barricade.. She takes a moment, sending another gold bat out.. She takes a breath, holding her unarmored chest. " Send in the main batallions and a sqaud of dragon riders. Lets make this fun. She gives a wink at Arrankhar and sends her order out "Post haste." she pats Arrankhar on the shoulder, darting up to a higher point to get a good vantage point. ( Morrigan has called for ~500 men and 12 specialty users.)"

Tyler spots two of the defenders behind a barricade and floats down towards them. He looks over them and then focuses on the only one he knows at all, Morrigan, "Morrigan, You know of my powers right? Well I'm going to have to power down my armor and focus all of my attention on trying to completely disassemble this army, but I'll be defenseless while I gather my own internal energy. Do you think you two can cover me while I do so?" He looks from one to another as he snags all the nearby droids and builds a couple of ion turrets and a shield generator for them to use. He snags teh smoking tank to build a shield amplifier for the civilians as he waits for the pair's answer.

Trenton's grin would be disturbing to anyone with a sane mind, and as Jason takes out a good chunk of the Heavy Artilery, it boosts Trenton's spirits. Nothing raises morale quicker then massive death to the emeny forces. As the winged driods start picking on him, he screams hysterically at them and shoots off from the ground, his vectors flating against his bubble. The blaster shots hit his shield with no effect, but the missles slow him down, the bubble flickering as the impact and fire consumes the engery he's got for that. He snaps it back up just as it falls, the vectors falling into the fray below him. Rushing the droids, he trys to get on top of them and tear out wires, melt joints, anything that he can get too. The hair that was once orderly and neat is now spreading out behind him, spastic and unruly.

Jason smiled as his sneak attack was launched successfully. He stood on the ledge of the building and leaps off, down to the forces below. Using the Force to guide his fall, he lands on a ledge and jumps again to the ground. Activating his lightsaber, Jason took off like the devil was after him as he made his mad dash after General Grievous. He lunges through the droid armies with his lightsaber activated as he slashes left and right. His saber cleaves through any battle droid it comes in contact with. Jason dashes through the formation of the Battle droids. Slashing and hacking as he goes, using the force to fling droids out of the way as a large number of Droids to his left, right, and behind him soon surround him. When Jason stops to look around the place, he hears Grievous issue an order.

Grievous directs his troops as best he can to circle the Jedi. When they have him surrounded on all sides he issues the order "Destroy the Jedi Scum!" pointing one of his metallic hands at Talben.

Talben summons all the strength he can in the Force, and holding his hands out to his side, channeling the Force into a Purple lightning like effect. The lightning jumps in a chain like effect from one droid to the ones next to it, leaping and growing. In a spider like web and in almost a blink of an eye that lightning disables or flat out destroys every battle droid with in 200 meters of Jason. This Leaves him an almost clear path to General Grievous who turns to flee. For those here who can sense Energy, lightforce, Chi, Zen, or what ever. Jason Has just unleashed enough energy of such to be like that of 40 grown adult men in their prime of life. For To any one who can sense such, Jason will stand out like a bonfire. He stands there looking at Grievous with his saber pointing at him and takes off after the Cyborg general.

The Droids blow up, shut down and stop. A number of them Now with out heavy support seend to be stuck in a loop of sorts as they are working to re group for a new offencive. A number do run down alleys, those in buildings try to snip at Tyler when they find him, and moregan will get a few heat seeking and laser guiding missiles to her location. Worse yet they have droid brains. So they can try to home in on her better and faster. Trention's will shred more droids as the invasion is falling a part now. Taking out the Heavy artilery in the city seems to have been Jason's plan.

Morrigan grins, lopsidedly "You called me scum you know." she wags a finger. She concentrates, splitting out a secondary smaller succubus with a red and light purple color scheme. Lilith? Yep. "Lilith, guard him." However in doing the split, she's managed to lower her own power a bit. Morrigan's dragon squad seems to be whipping in to help with the attack and attack anything around the skies of the city. All on white dragons ; an odd color for demonic forces, ain' it? Morrigan however seems to be observing the battle, full trust in Lilith. With the laser guided missles she's scared, the heat seeking? not so much. She concentrates her soul fist, firing a few off at the weapons. Considering they're basically knock off hadouken it should do the trick. Morrigan grins a bit "Oh my its finally getting entertaining. I should compliment the gentleman arranging this." she claps delightedly before hopping up over Tyler to keep track of the droids near Tyler, her wings turning into chain lengths and striking out with razor sharp tips and rather horrible accuracy. Also its a multiple target attack and can take up a considerable amount of area, although most of the attack pieces go for nothing.

Tyler shuts his armor down as he begins to focus, invisioning his final goal. He calms his mind as he reaches out across teh city, finding the droids and drop ships still threatening the city. The deactivated ones immediatly begin to fly apart and gather onto the huge tower rising near the center of the sprawling city. He's completely still and silent, not moving, almost not even breathing.

Trenton cackles again as the army starts falling apart. Picking a sector, he lands, the bubble around him fainter then before. (*You know what, your ass is taking us home.*) Striding confidently forward, he pushes out another set of vectors (sans napalm) and starts slashing through droids left and right, clearing a path for himself as best he can towards the other hero's.

Grievous, seeing what power this jedi has, starts to make a tactical withdraw. Leaving his droid troopers behind with orders, they begin to attack buildings and trying to level as much of the City as possible before they are destroyed by the ground troops. Grievous jumps on his Speeder and takes off for his ship. The Droids to prove the point start to attack the City it's self, one building a numnber of droids went into just starts to issue smoke and soon flames start to come out of the building. Jason is not about to be left behind as he locates a nearby Speeder, after jumping on it, he tears off after Grievous in hot pursuit. Jason uses the force, allowing him to expertly weave the bike in and out of Battle droids. When some get in his way with the slightest thought they go flying as he starts to catch up with the half droid as the two take off out of the battle field. --- The Droid army is in a bit of a Disarray now thanks to the efforts of the fighters here. The Laser guiding missiles one gets destroyed but the others weave and bob after Morrigan. One Even trails off to follow Lilith as more droids start to reorganize and home in on Tyler's position. A number of Vluture droids seeing him as a stationary target try to make an easy mark out of him. How ever all is not well. The Droids suddenly break off from the heros and start attacking the City. Buildings begin to blow up, windows blow out. Fire starts as it seems the droids are now more interested in destroying the city and killing the populace then conquering the place.

Morrigan's still near Tyler, But she does hop up to do her chain move again, her wings focusing to rapidly become chains, attacking all the droids attacking Tyler and the missiles. She's pretty sharp you know, considering she kind of has to be. Morrigan points along, troops soon fighting with the left over drones, trying to shoot them into scraps. Trying to at least scare them down. Considering Morrigan called 500 support troops, and a squad of dragon riders ( A dozen in this case) which are aerial.. she's serious about being entertained, and entertained she is. "Sir, hurry it up, if you'd be so kind.", she aimed at Tyler, "And don't ever call me scum again, or I'll attack your codpiece with a can opener." Lilith fights in a similar style, less jiggling tho, definantly making sure to cover Tyler.

Tyler opens his eyes as his armor suddenly lets out a brilliant blue glow, bathing the city in it's intense light. He lets out an amplified shout as energy surges through his body as he litterally rips the army in the city to pieces swirling all the bits of droid, ship, and tank his mind can touch into the sky. The parts rapidly converge upon teh massive sky-scraper tower that he'd been building. IN a brililant flash the tower erects a brilliant shield around the city. IF anyone wanted to assault this city...they'd have to find a way through that. Tyler drops to his knees as he catches a glimpse of Grievous's electronic droid brain and he sighs, "Lets hope the Jedi can catch him...I don't think we've seen the last of him if he can't." His helmet slides back as the suit loses power. "Hey, Morrigan...thanks." He looks up to the gleaming skyscraper, "Finally a place the people of this City can go to if they need help. I'll need a group of people to help me keep the city safe." He looks to the heroes converging about the area, "I wonder if there are any of you here willing to accept such an offer?"

Trenton doesn't concentrate his power on anything specific, choosing instead to just slaughter anything in his path. After he's done with that, he grins and makes another path in a totally diffrent direction. Once he's effectivly run out of things to destroy, he looks around to survey the remaining Army. The bubble fizzles out of exsistance, and the hair coils back at the nape of his neck. The eyes still look rather manic, but other then that, he seems to be back to normal.

Morrigan mms a bit, taking out something to offer to Tyler. A protein bar yep. "Aensland Guard will watch the city and you can call on them. its not like we're fighting with other nobles in Makai anymore." she eyes Lilith and makes a come hither motion "Get back here lest you wander off again." She rather dully holds her arm up, Lil mimicking as the two merge back together. "Cinnabar, I need a casualty report and the bodies recovered for proper burial before 48 hours have passed." She looks out at the city, grinning "You are planning to recycle this, yes?" she takes her earring from her left ear to offer to Tyler. "Its a communication link to the barracks of Aensland castle. I have minimal troops but you are welcome to them provided Aensland castle is not directly attacked. I tend to use my familiars." She watches the chaos and takes the gem to give an order "Slaughter anything without a heart, once you have patrolled the city and made sure there are no stragglers, call in the clean up crew and gather the metal to be dealt with by the humans." she then properly hands the communication line over to Tyler

Tyler smiles and hands her his own device, "That'll let you into the Tower, and let you find me wherever I am." He pockets her communicator someplace on his suit, integrating it for future use.

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