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Arrankhar Ch'Krall
Full Name: Arrankhar Ch'Krall

Series: Original
Class: Fighter

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Gender: Hermaphrodite
Species: Komodo Dragon
Age: 35
Height: Five feet
Weight: 250 Lbs

Short Description: Five foot Komodo in Marine Uniform

Arrankhar Ch'Krall
A rather obvious specimen belonging to the Komodo Dragon family lies before you. Standing at a meager height of five feet, he comes out to be rather short for his species, perhaps a runt of some clutch or another, his scales a glossy emerald hue, the light deepening the color. His head shows the typical bluntness of the species, with the hard ridged brows surrounding the dead-yellow, vertically slitted eyes, the wart-like nostrils at the tip of the blunt muzzle, and the sharp teeth that jut out of the upper jaw. Rounding out the head is the long, purple-hued forked tongue that flicks out of his mouth from time to time.

Looking down, one cannot help but notice his broad shoulders and his barrel chest, something that one would find in an athletic figure. However, the body that greets your eyes appears to be more of what an exotic dancer would be like. Other than the built up muscles in the arms and digitigrade legs, which would need to be a bit bulky to support his weight and whatever else he is carrying, there is no obvious sign of a body builder here. His fingers sport the usual four fingers that reptiles usually possess. Each finger ends in a two-inch talon that is blunted to prevent accidental injury to those around him. His three-toed feet are not blunted to allow for traction, each talon being four inches long. Snaking behind him is a four foot long tail. The limb seems to have a mind of its own while you watch it, twitching and swaying a bit, also appearing to be prehensile due to the amount of control he has over it.

Currently, he is clothed in the trappings of a marine officer of the SDF. Instead of the simple black outfit that most other SDF Marines employ, he is currently outfitted in a form-fitting, very dark green jumpsuit. The short sleeved suit that he wears is tailored to mimic that of a reptile's scaly body, the 'scales' nothing more than a criss-crossing of black lines along the sides and back. Along the front is a rendition of 'scutes', which is what are found on the underbellies of snakes. The sleeves of this suit go down as far as his wrists, but do not end there. The suit also covers his hands, acting like a pair of open-fingered gloves that allow his talons to poke through, and with a rough surface that allows him to hold his grip on whatever he is holding, be it a weapon or otherwise. A patch on the right sleeve identifies the rank he holds as Captain. On the left breast of the outfit is a name bar with what can only be his last name, if only because of the reptilian inflection, "Ch'krall". The lower portion of the suit continues the reptile appearance as the top half, including the scutes design on the inner thighs. The suit travels down his digitigrade legs and hugs his ankles, keeping his feet bare to provide traction, as well as to prevent his talons from tearing up the fabric. Looking behind him reveals that the suit also covers his tail seamlessly, yet still allowing it full movement. Starting from mid-back and traveling all the way up to the back of his neck, a zipper can be seen, which identifies how it is put on and removed.

Attached to a belt that is around his waist are a few weapons of choice. Hanging in a holster on his right hip is a military grade pistol, armed with live rounds with the security feature of which he, and other SDF personnel, is the only one able to draw the weapon from its holster (similar to modern-day police pistols). Strapped to the other side is a scabbard containing a finely crafted sword that is a standard-issue longsword given to the marines. Unlike most standard swords, this one has been customized with runic inscriptions on the flat of the blade on both sides, though those that are familiar with the komodo tongue will know what they say.



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