2011-06-03 (PreU) The Broken Drawbridge

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The Broken Drawbridge


Who: Kane_Blueriver, Gegoshi
When: June 03, 2011
Where: The Broken Drawbridge

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Broken Drawbridge

A feeling of bleakness washes over the soul as one approaches this broken drawbridge. The very center of the bridge is broke, almost as if something massive split it right in two, leaving the two halves barely connected to eachother, to allow passage across. Upon the far end of the bridge lies a city that appears to be in ruins, a black overcast cloud hanging over the sky above. Positioned at the entrance of the town, is a glowing red portal...

Gegoshi sits on a large block of the drawbridge that has seperated from the rest and just floats in the air ground level to ther est of the pieces of the bridge. The rock is slowly turning from one side to the next, though the girl sitting upon it does not seem to have a problem with falling off of it, even when upside down. In fact, her hair and clohing do not react to these outside circumstances either. Gegoshi is currently dressed in a large black holocaust cloak with a hood pulled down over her face, casting it in shadow. Her halo remains above her head, spinning idly; though it is currently gold with black and reg singe marks upon it. Her legs are crisscrossed and she seems to be meditating. There is a large scythe hovering in the air behind her, floating by itself as well.

The grumbling becomes apparent after a while, heralding the approach of another individual. He'd probably appreciate Gegoshi's sense of fashion, being that he sports a black cape, himself. It's not really the foremost issue on his mind at the moment, however. Wandering around this city has really gotten him nowhere, and it's bad enough his senses have been on edge ever since his arrival, but places like this just stuck out all the more, and he has the feeling he really doesn't want to know why. Kane eventually comes into view of the bridge, blue eyes blinking as he sees the ruined bridge, brow arching as he spies the girl perched on one of the crumbling, floating rocks. ...this place.... "...hey."

The words of Kane Blueriver echo across the expanse of the bridge, bouncing between the rocks. The girl does not respond to Kane right away, allowing ten seconds to tick by before her head inclines upwards. Eyes of luminescent green peering from beneath the hood to look upon you. "Hey is for horses and cows like Caliga." She says and then giggles! She sweeps up to her feet and the rock she is upon shifts. It bashes a few others pieces of the brokden drawbridge on the way but soon it is floating near Kane Blueriver. The scythe behind the girl turns itself so the butt of the staff is on the rock and is ready to be taken by the syntha. The girl does not take it however, and a smile comes over her shadowed lips, "Pray tell adventurer. What brings you upon this path?" She says, her tone switching from the giggling to complete serious in an instant.

Yeah, that's a little creepy. The young Trouble Contractor frowns, becoming all the more wary now that he has the girl's attention. He watches the resulting movements as Gegoshi gets to her feet. Gravity-defying rocks, creepy little girls with glowing eyes and dangerous looking weapons. What a wonderful place he's found himself in, all right. Kane shakes his head in response to the question. "No particular reason. If this crazy place has a map to it, then I've yet to find one, otherwise I've just been wandering."

Gegoshi gives a deep nod of her head. "The map is not available at this time. Please try again later when I am feeling more patient with you," she says with a giggle. Her hands reach up and she pulls her cloak away from her head, reavling blonde hair singed with the same black and red markings that her halo sports. "Your wanderings are for a purpose, however," she whispers suddenly and then leans forward towards you. Her eyes look towards your own seeking their depth. "I am Gegoshi. My current profession is direction and solvation. Tell me, good sir, your name and occupation and I shall reward you greatly."

"....right..." Forgive him for that dubious look, but those words sound as good as crazy talk to him. He supposes it's fitting enough for a crazy place. What a strange girl, though. Stranger still, that hair, and...that halo? Brow furrowing, Kane takes a step back as Gegoshi leans closer. "Gegoshi, huh. Name's Kane Blueriver. I'm a Trouble Contractor," he supplies, wondering if he'll have to further explain the title. Mercenary just has all sorts of negative undertones to it, but then again, so does the word 'trouble.'

"Kane Blueriver." Gegoshi tries the name upon her lips. It's good. As you step back from her she suddenly hops off of her rock and onto the broken bridge close to you. The rock she was upon goes spiraling away as if launched by a rocket, smashing into debris and wreckage before returning to its place near the center of the bridge and resuming its rotation. The scythe upon it disappears and reappears next to Gegoshi. The girl unfurls her hand from her sleeve and grips the sythe which transforms itself into a large crescent moon; complete with glow. "Your profression is unknown to me, which is an unexpected error. I surmise however, that you contract yourself out for troubling circumtances. Such as: Kidnappings, Muder Investigations, Theft, Affair Detection, and the like. Are any of the subjects correct?" She wonders. A large smile unexplicably plays over her face as she says, "Or provide me with the proper defintions, of course!"

He can't help but flinch at the collision of rocks, but otherwise he remains where he stands, still keeping a close eye on Gegoshi. Still not sure what to make of the scythe, much less its transformation. "...oh yeah? Hm. Well...." Kane scratches the back of his head. "...I won't deny it hasn't included things like that now and then..."

Gegoshi's smile widens and she shuffles to be RIGHT next to you. Nice and personal. She hides the moon behind her back, though it is too large to actually be -hidden-. Her tilts her head and looks up towards your and her eyes change from luminescent green to a gentle ashen grey. "Then, Kane Blueriver, I declare you as one of the chosen." She pauses and a cheap sound effect of thunder echos from her halo! "Things on Twisted have changed. With the fall of The Council a great Void has risen. You must rise up to fix these troubles. You have come at the fated time." Her free hand reaches up to try and cup your cheek lovingly, "Will you not aide me and all of Twisted in its time of dire need?" She asks, a small tear dripping down from her left eye. She sounds so very sincere and serious!

Kane Blueriver is certainly not going to forget about that enormous thing just because she hides it behind her back, now! He leans back juuust a bit as Gegoshi peers up at him. Really kid, personal space? That shift of eye colors hardly goes unnoticed. "Wait- what?" He blinks as she speaks up again, shaking his head. "Whoa, hold on a sec- I don't even have any idea what's going on in this whacked out place!" And then he looks flatly at her as she really seems to pour on the melodrama, lifting his own hand to brush her's away. "...seriously?"

Gegoshi's hand pulls back as if slapped when it's brushed away. She clutches it to her chest as if in pain. Her eyes squint down slightly and she gives a great sniffle as more tears begin to come down from her eyes. "Will you not help us?" She pleads. Begs. "Can you not search the depths of your heart and pull forth the would be strength from within? Are you not one of the chosen?" Gegoshi then falls to her knees and begins to weep as the slapped hand comes to rest upon her face. Tears wash down it and begin to drip to the stone bridge beneath her. The moon is still clutched in her hand behind her back and glowing with an eerie moonlight; as moons are want to do.

The red-haired Trouble Contractor stares down at her in disbelief. Goodness, she's almost as bad as Canal! "I try to make it a habit not to jump into things without knowing the full details. All I've heard from you are a bunch of names, and you make it sound like there's a lot more around here than just you, but I've yet to see otherwise so far." He brushes his mantle back, folding his arms. "Why don't you at least start from the beginning?"

The girl wipes at her tears with her hand and nods her head. She gets up to her feet and drops the moon from behind her back which unfolds itself out into a large plush leather chair. The kind old people sit in. Gegoshi sits down in the chair, wiping at her face with her cloak. Speaking of, her black cloak shimmers and changes color to silver and liquifies. It floods around her like water, shrikning her and there, lengthening just so. It all finally settles down into that of a cheongsam. Colored with ashen greys and singes of red and with small twisps of black here and there, almost like smoke billowing across it. "I understand your request, but starting from the beginning would not result in a proper explanation. Instead, I will offer you relevant information," she says with no trace of tears or sadness in her tone anymore. She smiles brightly and continues, "This world has lost its stability. The one who held it at peace was destroyed and now something is stirring upon Twisted. I don't know what form it will take, but it is even know causing ripples. Everything is rippling. If have tasks for you, if you will take them. I cannot tell you what you will find or the results that are desired; but something must be done. I would do them, but I am not designed destined. Even now, there is a soul crying in Wraithshadow. I hear a trembling in the long grassy fields of Thorne. The world of Crono is silent; which it should not be. The Council is gone and TASKs members no longer perform their function. No, it is that they need a new one. I do not look to them, but to you, oh great and noble Kane Blueriver. And if it is rewards you seek, tell me a desire from your heart."

Yup. Definitely like Canal; even has to get dressed for the occassion- even if it's just to supply information. This girl seems to have quite the thing for dramatics. The information, he'll accept, nodding at that. It's better than nothing, at least. "...sounds like a pretty tall order for one person," Kane replies, arching a brow. He lifts his shoulders in a shrug, dropping his head with a sigh. "...but my grandmother told me never to back down from an honest request if there's even the smallest thing you can try doing to set things back on track." Blue eyes fix upon Gegoshi once he lifts his head again. "Right now the only thing I want is to get back to my ship and world. Credits can't hurt either, but it won't do me any good if I'm not back home to spend it."

Gegoshi giggles, "As I have said, you are one of the chosen. The others will be found or come to me as you did." She criss-crosses her legs. "Your grandmother was a wonderful person," she says and stands up. Her blonde hair spills out behind her as its colors change to that of red and gold. "I will pay you one thousand credits for your first investigation solution. Provide me a detailed analysis of your homeworld and your ship." She giggles suddenly and then stifles it, trying to hold it in. The edges of her lips quivering from the effort. The chair behind her morphs itself into a minature twisting road with cracks throughout it.

"Whatever." Kane shrugs again, but the girl has his full attention once more, now that she's gotten to her feet. "One thousand? Heh, that's like spare change compared to what we usually take on." That laughter sure doesn't sit well with him. It's hard to take the girl seriously that he's still not certain he can trust her, especially with her giggling like that. "Analysis? What do you mean?"

"Draw a picture or give me a diagram. Explain the properties of the ship. It is very difficult to locate objects without very specific information and I am not sure it is within my capacity. I may be able to gather minor clues however with enough specific data," she says matter of factly, almost like a machine but with enough emotion to not give you that 'she's a robot' feel. "I will raise your payment depending on the outcome of your revelations."

He stares almost blankly for a moment at that, then unfolds his arms so he can raise his left hand, tapping at the silver bracelet on his wrist. "I've got better than a picture or a diagram," he says, pulling up a hologram image of the sleek white Lost Ship known as the Swordbreaker. The name might very well be due to its shape, twin prongs jutting out ahead of the main body. Another tap on the bracelet produces a general overview of its specs, floating alongside the ship's image. "How's that?"

Gegoshi's eyes literally light up with blue that flickers and scrolls across her eyes, miniscule text that the naked eye couldn't hope to make out. "I've obtained sufficent data," she says and the halo above her head begins to spin noticeably faster than it has been which produces a faint hummmm sound. "Thank you. I will do what my systems can. Now the choice is yours, Kane Blueriver." Gegoshi blinks and her eyes change to an off blue that then changes into violet. "There are many troubles that are slowly surfacing. These are the beginnings, but I cannot know if they are the ends." She turns sideways to allow you a better view of the map of Twisted, though there are large gaps spotted throughout it. It's nowhere complete but it's better than nothing. Her finger points to a place upon the map and a small white light begins blinking, "This is us," she says and then another point lights up in grey, "This is where souls are screaming in Wraithshadow. I'll pay you one thousand credits and continue seeking your ship, if you will aide all of Twisted by going there and seeking out the source."

He still isn't quite sure what Gegoshi is, but now he can't help but wonder if in fact the girl /is/ similar to his ship's OS. Toggling the hologram off, he lowers his arm as he turns his attention to the map. It's really nothing like he's ever seen before, which doesn't make him feel any better for being stuck here. Still, at least he's making note of what Gegoshi has to say. "Screaming souls, huh? Sounds pleasant," he says drily. "Well, it isn't like I've got anywhere else to go for the moment." Straightening, he fixes the girl a look. "Anything else you can tell me about the area?"

Gegoshi spreads her arms out wide and giggles, "I can tell you many things, but they can change before I can be notified now. Twisted is its namesake; a twisting and changing place." She gestures at the map, trailing her finger along a path from the place that shows the both of you to the place that shows the other light. "This is the best path to take if you are on foot," she explains. She then turns to you fully and clasps her hands in front of herself, "You will do this then Kane Blueriver? You will go and do what I cannot? My thanks, my many many heartfelt thanks." She takes a step to be right near you again. Her eyes looking up to your own with desperation etched into her face.

"Hmmm..." Kane studies the map for a time, nodding. "All right. Think I got it." It'd be easier if he could just upload it to his bracelet, but he supposes it won't be all that helpful if the world changes, just as Gegoshi's said. He waves a hand at the girl's thanks. "Save it for when I get the job done." Brushing his cape back, he turns to face the direction he's to head. "...anything else you forget to mention? Otherwise, I guess I'll get going."

Gegoshi shakes her head solemly. "No, nothing else." She says and clasps her hands to her chest. As you start to walk away though she suddenly bursts out into a fit of giggling. Her hands cover her mouth and her eyes close, "He hehehehehhehe!!!" Her dress turns silver and liquifies, shrinking down and then leaving her in the outfit show in her picture. The wings on her back flap wildly and she opens an eye to look at you, "Marvelous, marvelous! You are very good at this!" She says enthusiastically. "Yes, yes!" She claps her hands!

That just gets her another odd look, but Kane supposes it's not really any different from dealing with Raile, ultimately. He holds back a sigh as he turns, tossing a wave over his shoulder as he starts on his way. All the while he can't help but wonder just what exactly he's gotten himself into now...

Gegoshi blows you a kiss as you go!

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