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That's Not a Fish

Summary: Rayne fishes up more than she bargained for.

Who: Rayne, Twilight
When: October 21st, 2015
Where: Zeku-Kari Dock


The information contained within this log is to be considered information gained Out of Character (OOC).
This information may not be used as In Character (IC) knowledge or in roleplay unless it has been learned in-game or permission has been granted by the parties involved.

Questions should be directed to staff.

Twilight Sparkle, today, is lacking her regalia as she slowly flies over the beachfront, and the docks, with a wide and relaxed smile. "There's just something so soothing about the sea..."

Rayne walks onto the dock, fishing rod slung over her shoulder, small tackle box held by its handle at her side. She is, of course, whistling an, as usual, unidentified tune. She's not, however, looking up. No, she's got her eyes set firmly on the seas.

Twilight Sparkle picks up on that whistling, banking to one side for a little bit to look down before going into a controlled descent and trying not to scare the fish away. "Rayne, up here - incoming!"

Rayne looks upward, her tone rising mid-note like a slide whistle in an almost inquiry tone. She takes a step backwards, making sure Twilight has plenty of room to stand. "Oh, hey, Twi. What's got you out here today?"

Twilight Sparkle gives her wings a few flaps once she's landed, before folding them shut against her sides. "I felt like getting out of the apartment, and enjoying the sounds of the ocean."

Rayne smirks slightly. "I can hear that. I'm thinking a lot of the same, and maybe catching dinner to boot." She taps her fishing rod on her shoulder.

Twilight Sparkle looks out at the water, before her expression becomes challenging. "Maybe we ought to turn it into a game, to see who can catch more with specific methods? My magic, or your fishing gear."

Rayne raises an eyebrow. "Fishing competition? Eh... well, let's see what happens." She now continues her walk outward on the dock. "I imagine magic will either just completely dominate... or scare the fish."

Twilight Sparkle levitates a decently-sized net over, keeping it aloft in her magenta aura and giggling a bit. "Even then... It'll be a chance for both of us to have a bit of fun, and enjoy each other's company."

Rayne nods, setting the small tackle box down and sitting on the ground to tie a lure to her line. "Yup. Though I think I'd point out... that glowing aura around your net? That's probably going to scare the fish."

Twilight says, "Probably, yeah... But, even though Trixie Lulamoon kind of found a way to hide the aura around her horn, with that hat she's always wearing... It's impossible, outright, for anypony to conceal their aura completely, even for a Princess as knowledgeable about magic as I am."

Rayne says, "Huh... Well, I'm going to say I have a good chance of winning, then, unless you just scare all the fish." Lure set on the line, she stands and walks to an edge of the dock with a guardrail. "Watch your head... and wings." She swings the rod back, then flips it forward and releases the reel, sending the lure flying out into the ocean. Connected with a fishing line, of course."

Twilight Sparkle watches, stepping out of range and lowering her magic-cocooned net into the water on the opposite side of the pier. "It's complicated... Anyways, let's just do our best, right?"

Rayne says, "Yeah, sure." She's already seemingly focussed more on the line. That doesn't stop idle banter, though, it just makes her a little less wordy than usual. "So how've you been? I've not seen you in a week or so. I keep missing you at TASK, it seems."

Twilight Sparkle keeps her gaze trained on the distorted and glowing net down in the water, flicking an ear in Rayne's direction. "Well, I've been doing alright, and spending some time at my apartment to research ways to get back in touch with my friends in Equestria. I do need to help, though, and thank you for the reminder..."

Rayne frowns as she slowly rolls the line in a few inches at a time. "Ah... I take it your attempt at the meeting didn't work, afterall?"

Twilight says, "Well... Not really. Somehow, I can't get the message through to them, as though something here is blocking the magic that should allow transmissions."

Rayne says, "Well, from the files I was looking at... It was described as 'dangerous' to try to go to a world that isn't fully linked. I'm guessing it's talking about dangerous to go through as opposed to some sort of feedback thing. So I'd say it..." She makes a quick tug on her line, but it doesn't look like she has anything. "...I'd say it probably got lost. Maybe spam them through?""

Twilight Sparkle lifts her net out of the water to inspect it, before dropping the few fish into a bag and returning it to the water. "That might work."

Rayne says, "Not knowing much about your magic or whatever interferes with it, I can't say for sure what-" She jerks back with the rod again, but this time she doesn't go back to her previous thought. She's definitely got something on the line! Conversation momentarily forgotten, she is now focused on her line. Rapid reeling in. Pause. Reeling again, then let the line go free a few seconds before stopping the reel. A pull to the side, then reeling in again."

Twilight Sparkle takes flight, keeping the net stationary as she comes to a hovering stop above the spot where it's resting to look down for fish swimming towards it.

Rayne working on her line further, the angle of the line gets steeper and steeper as the fish gets closer to the dock. "Uhhhh... this one feels heavy."

Twilight Sparkle quickly empties the second load in her net, setting it down as she directs her magic to helping Rayne reel her catch in.

Suddenly, the line goes very, very slack. Rayne almost loses her footing entirely as all the force she's put on the line is now directed at nothing. "I think it's actually headed for us!" The line suddenly goes tight again straight down, and goes slack again.

That's when the thing erupts from the water to land on the dock nearby. It's clearly some sort of reptilian... thing. It looks mostly humanoid, though the head has quite the snout... and instead of legs, it has a long, serpentine tail. It definitely looks intelligent, though... because it's wearing armor and wielding a nasty looking trident. "Filthy air breathers! I will slaughter you for this offense!" And it apparently has a fishing lure snagged on its armor.

Twilight Sparkle promptly goes wide-eyed, narrowly avoiding her flying catch and net as the dock's jostled. Her horn remains aglow, however, despite there being nothing to hold now. "W-whoa...!"

Rayne drops her fishing rod. "Okay, okay, calm down, I didn't mean to snag you! I was going for fish, not big... Snake man things..."

Its rage, however doesn't seem mollified by Rayne's apology as it slithers - surprisingly quickly - towards the rainbow haired woman. It makes a thrusting attack at what seems to be a rather extreme range for the weapon, but Rayne is able to jump backwards to avoid the strike.

Twilight Sparkle flies higher to keep out of range (and keep from losing limbs, wings, or her head in the process) before conjuring up a dense barrier-dome of magic around the angered serpent-man. "Let's hope this holds...!"

Rayne, for her part, has the sense to draw her weapons in cast the barrier doesn't hold. Which it actually does seem to do for the moment, as the creature slams into it. This does nothing to mollify it's anger, of course, as it hisses in rage and batters its shoulder against the dome in an attempt to break free.

Twilight Sparkle winces at the resonance from the forceful impact against her barrier, especially as it feeds back directly into her mind. Despite the pain, though, she doesn't dare drop her protective spell.

The creature paces, looking upwards at Twilight Sparkle. After a few seconds of this, however, it roars and punches downward at the dock itself in an attempt to get around the dome from underneath.

Seeing this, Rayne quickly combines her swords into their bow form and draws an arrow from the quiver.

One thing about Princess Twilight's barriers is that they're designed to function however she wills them to. And the moment the serpent-man tries to break through by going down is the exact moment the lavender pegacorn is raining hundreds of small magic blasts upon her target, through the surface of her barrier-dome. "Not a chance...!"

Upon the start of the pelting, the thing looks up. Bad idea, as one of its eyes gets caught in the blast. It screams in pain thrashing on the dock and scrabbling for a grip on the so-far too small hole in the dock, trying desperately to get away from the nuisance.

Rayne, meanwhile, stands ready with bow drawn, not wanting to interfere with the shield when Twilight seems to have this more or less under control.

Twilight Sparkle backs up and away, as her horn begins to spark violently. "Get clear of the dock, Rayne! I'm going to finish this thing off!"

After waiting for her friend to get out of danger, and charging up enough energy in the moderate magic-bomb hovering at the tip of her horn, Twilight fires it off at the serpent-man, with a facsimile of her Cutie Mark occasionally visible across the surface. "For interrupting the good time two friends could've had... Take this!"

Rayne nods and backs away, not removing her eyes from the creature as it tries to escape in panic.

Despite the clearly shouted incoming attack, the thing does not look back up. It seems to think that's a bad idea from the last time it looked upwards. Instead it keeps its focus on the dock, ripping out a chunk large enough for it to get through. "Foolish air breathers! When my lady hears of-" And then it's blasted clear through the dock.

Twilight Sparkle snorts, glaring down at what's left of the dock as the serpent-man disappears in the discharge of her magic-bomb. "Yeah, well, your lady will have to take it up with PRINCESS Twilight Sparkle! Jeez..."

Rayne comes running back up to the hole now. "Yeesh! Did you vaporize it?" She retrieves her rod and reels in the line again. Unsurprising, the line has broken from that blast.

Twilight Sparkle touches down, ears lowered as she looks over. "I'm pretty sure I did with the amount of energy in that blast... And sorry about the competition - I guess I kind of cost us both our haul there, Rayne..."

Rayne says, "Hey, if we're going by weight, I'm pretty damn sure my catch is bigger than all of what you caught combined!"

Twilight says, "Oh, no doubt, even if it DID try to kill us..."

Rayne says, "Yeah... have you seen anything like that before? It didn't seem nearly as tough as the fog monsters, and definitely more talkative.""

Twilight Sparkle shakes her head, sighing as she catches sight of her ruined net.

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