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Not the Usual Usual

Summary: Kotal appears in the Usual Restaurant. But Steve's not at the bar, and no one knows what Pulque is...

Who: Violet, Kotal_Kahn, Miki, Kibi, Bridget_Lake, Tron_Bonne, Mecha-Crab, Yuji, Kats, Ryoga
When: March 24th, 2016
Where: Neo-Tokyo - The Usual Restaurant

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This information may not be used as In Character (IC) knowledge or in roleplay unless it has been learned in-game or permission has been granted by the parties involved.

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Violet steps out of the gym, sweating slightly as she's been, well, using said facilities. As she walks out, she is removing wrapping from around her hands... Looks like she was working on the old Holographic Opponents. She glances around the room and frowns a bit, not seeing anyone familiar to her just yet.

The blue haired one was at the back, the furthermost one can have that overlooks the place, a cup of coffee, something small, an appetizer on the table, nbbled on, sipped, as the catgirl in the chair reads a book, something with a hard covering, but the jacket is removed and held at an angle that one would be hard pressed to see the title, without invading personal space.

Suddenly, a flash of swirling light appears overhead and a large turquoise skinned person drops from the ceiling. "Hrraa!" The large man grunts as he smashes onto the ground feet first and rolls forward to not put so much pressure on his knee. He manages to land on a squat position though and he slowly begins to stand up to his full height for nearly seven feet tall. "What in all in the hells??" Mutters the turquoise one as he blinks golden glowing eyes and looks around.

Violet raises an eyebrow at the big blue guy. "Huh," she says. With a shrug, she moves on to the bar. No, she doesn't seem terribly concerned at the moment. "Wierd." Once there, she takes a seat and orders a glass of orange juice.

Miki looks up after the light show, reaching for her cup and takes a sip, "Hrmm." she lets out, head tilting to the side, "The more things change...." she comments, and reaches over to take a bite of the knish she ordered last.

Kotal seems more confused than distressed as well, certainly calmer than a person who seemingly just unexpectedly shifted dimensions as the portal that closes behind him implies. Slightly disoriented, the muscled warrior glances at first to Violent then to Miki. He doesn't recognize either of them, but he does seem to know where he is. "Is this.. the Usual?" The Eagle Knight looks around. "Those blasted teleporters must be malfunctioning. I better send a report to that Yoiko about this." He finishes muttering to himself and adjusts his belt. Well, since he's here! He might as well get a drink, thinks he. The Aztec approaches the counter and leans forward hailing the bartender. "Steve. Give me the usual."

Violet glances in Miki's direction upon hearing her voice and narrows her eyes slightly. "Oh... by the way, it's not looking like I'm gonna be seeing Jack anytime soon, so you're on your own to pass on your message." She glances back at the big blue guy and raises an eyebrow.

A small bow of her head as Violet comes up to her, and she nods slowly, "That..." she sighs, "I am sorry for your loss, he was a good man, from what I can still remember of him. Remember all you can, and hold that close to your heart, let his memory be the rays of sunshine behind any dark cloud." Miki says in a gentle and somber tone, bowing her head once more to the girl.

In the meantime, it looks like whoever this 'Steve' is, isn't going to listen to the Aztec warrior's request. "Is he not in today? Most strange." The Eagle Knight mutters to himself again and turns around, glowing eyes shifting to the sides. Slowly, he is starting to realizes some things are out of place. "Was this place remodeled recently?" He continues to talk to himself and rub his chin. Its more than just material changes though. The 'chi' of this place isn't quite right. The energy flow is similar but.. there is something amiss. Again he hmms and stands pensive whilst eavesdropping on the conversation of the two women nearby.

Violet blows out a puff of air with an annoyed tone. "Sure. If he's really dead and not just a deadbeat..." She waves a hand dismissively at the kind words. Is this the denial stage? Or does she really think something else of her father? The fact that she called him by name felt a little odd, to be sure.

Regardless, the bartender slides the green haired woman a glass of orange juice before giving the large blue man a strange look. "And... what's your usual?"

"I do understand what you are going through. The pain...let it hurt, and It will pass, don't force it, don't dull it. Let it happen." Miki offers, "I...If you'd ever like to talk about something, I'm around, hard to miss.."

Ah! There's the bartender! Kotal Kahn turns around to face them and gives a strange look, large hands pressing against the counter. "Pulque!" He responds, sounding a little aggravated, the golden lines tattooed across his body glowing lightly. "How many times have I been here and you still cannot memorize this crucial detail?" The tall man huffs, almost sounding somewhat haughty. It sounds and acts as if he were some kind of royalty. "Honestly, the things I have done for this city. The least you could do is have my usual drink ready." Another huff and muscled arms cross over his chest. Whilst he frowns, he turns to look at Violet suddenly, staring strangely at her eyes. He doesn't interrupt the conversation between she and Miki though since it sounds important to both women. %R

Violet looks back towards Miki again. "Do you have solid information? Proof? Or is it all just hearsay? Look... Miki, was it? I don't know you, I don't know the woman that first told me he was dead. People I know and trust still think he's just as likely alive and avoiding this place. Why should I just be taking the word of strangers on this?" She gives a glance towards the blue guy with a raised eyebrow. The Bartender, of course, doesn't seem to recognized Kotal at all, but starts going through the bottles to find this 'pulque' drink, going right by the place where it normally would be, by Kotal's memory. In its place is clearly several bottles of other random liquers.

She closes her book and sets it on her lap, "I'm not saying to trust me or anyone else, I do know though, what losing parents and loved ones is like, not knowing if they are alive or dead, wondering, anguishing, I know what that feels like, and how alone it can make someone even if they are surrounded." Miki bows her head, "I am saying if you'd like someone to talk too, I would be open to talking with you about anything that isn't your father, or things that concern him."

Kotal didn't notice the bartender missing the usual spot where his beloved pulque is kept. His eyes are focused on the conversation happening next to him. This sounds important and considering that Kotal prides himself for knowing everything that happens in his city, it bothers him somewhat that he doesn't know what are these women talking about. More importantly, he doesn't recognize either of them.

He stands away from the counter and approaches Violet and Miki, thumbs sliding inside his large belt. When in doubt, Kotal always find that focusing on his job alleviates things, and a suddenly disappear and presumed dead parent does sound like something that the police should be involved with. "Greetings citizens, is there a problem here?"

Violet continues gazing at Miki harshly for another moment before she drops the look with a sigh. She sits down at the bar, finally, dropping her head all the way to the counter as she does so. "Damnit. I just don't know what to think anymore." She then lifts her head again to look at Kotal with a look of utter annoyance on her face. "Do I know you?" she asks... oddly enough, her town doesn't sound as annoyed as her expression... almost like she's legitimately asking the question. But still annoyed.

She smiles, "That is something I could influence directly, but won't, spend some time alone, spa day." she suggests. Miki then looks up at Kotal, head tilting as she regards him for a moment and shakes her head, "No problems here." she says, taking another sip of her coffee and reaching for her book again.

Kibi enter pushing the door wide open! "Tadaa!!! Kibi is here!!"

"I am Kotal Kahn." Says the giant warrior as if it was common knowledge. "Worry not madam, I am with TASK." He says to Miki, again, in a tone that implies this makes everything better. The Aztec looking fellow also pats a police badge he wears on his belt, right next to the broken human skull and jaws that he seems to wear as legit articles of clothing. He blinks slightly at the sudden appearance of Kibi, but otherwise keeps his focus on Violet and Miki.

Violet sighs, deflating slightly. "I'm... growing restless, Miki. I'm not sure alone time is gonna do me any good. I wanna... I wanna do something..." She blinks at the entrance and looks towards the door, slightly bewildered. "Uhhh. Hello, Kibi?" She then blinks at Kotal with a raised eyebrow, then looks to Miki, then back to Kotal. "Uhhh... my memories have been a bit fuzzy lately... what's Task again? It doesn't sound familiar."

Kibi smiles at Violet! "hi!!! umm... Violet right?", she makes her way to the bar hopping up on a seat. "oh! Kibi hope you are feeling better now."

"Not familiar?" Kotal Kahn blinks in ever growing confusion. "We are the local law enforcement." He sounds utterly convinced this is the truth and that he's not making this up at all! The tall warrior shifts slightly as a thought occurs to him. "Are you perhaps a new convergence?" That must be it! Though it seems odd to him as his Second in command usually reports that from her Welcome Center march. "One moment." He excuses himself and turns around, fiddling with a highly advanced bracer that seems to clash with his Mesoamerican attire. "Come in, Rayne." A pause as he hears static. That's not good! "Rayne? Minu? .. Anyone??"

Miki looks pretty unimpressed by the name of both the person and his organization, "Ms. Karrde, I cannot tell you what to do, I can just offer what little I can." she says, "It's rough, it sucks, but you get through it. If the arena is open, you could still challenge people if I remember correctly, you could work off aggression and pent up energy that way." she suggests.

Bridget_Lake walks into the UR, bag of knitting dangling from one shoulder, and settles herself at a corner of the bar, looking over the menu. She really shouldn't be having dinner out, but... she's been baking ALL DAY. "Someone else can cook for once," she mutters under her breath before, louder, "Chicken fried rice, please, and some sprite."

Violet growls slightly. "Ngggrrrrr.....Maybe I will, just to let off steam." She grabs her orange juice fairly quickly, but slows down when bringing it to her lips... She does not want to spill it on herself, of course. She does raise an eyebrow as the blue guy thinks the law enfocement is called 'Task'. After a swallow of the juice, she shakes her head. "What, is that like NTPD's heavy hitters or something? When the regular cops can't handle it, but before the military gets called in? Never heard of it."

It's at about this point that the front door to the restaurant is kicked in, and a dozen Servbots - robots that look like lego men - come streaming in the door, followed by the notorious Tron Bonne. Half the robots are holding giant sacks, the other half giant bombs. Tron herself just fires her pistol - some kind of energy weapon - at the ceiling; there's an explosion, probably just something inconsequential.

Tron, still brandishing her pistol, shouts, "Listen up everyone, this is a stickup! Just put your belongings in the bags and no one has to get hurt, as long as no one tries being a hero!"

One of the servbots, one with one of the bombs. "Oooh, and something to eat!"

Tron thinks about that for a moment, then says, "Yeah! And fourty-two orders of curry rice!"

A sigh at the new entrant, and Miki looks up from her book, and then just back down to it, reading while looking up everyonce in awhile, and of course sipping her coffee.

Kibi looks over at Tron and the servbots "Can this wait till Kibi has her ice cream?"

Kotal is too busy fiddling with his apparent radio to wonder what does Violet mean by TASK being another branch of the local police. TASK is the local police, there are no other branches! That's always been a big problem in Twisted actually which needs to be resolved at some point, though not now clearly, considering there are so many things happening at the same time.

For instance, the arrival of a criminal and her gang. As he said before.. focusing on his job always takes his mind off problems. In a flash, the giant turquoise skinned warrior is no longer next to Violet, but diving into the group of little lego men. A massive serrated macuahuitl blade appears in his hands and he uses the flat of his blade like a cricket bat to try and slam as many Servbots out of the way in one blow, particularly the ones that are carrying bombs. "Halt, evildoer!!" Kotal Kahn's imposing voice booms out to Tron Bonne. "You are under arrest!"

Bridget_Lake pinches the bridge of her nose. There are so many things she could say, so few of them in polite company. This has not been an easy day for her. "Do you really want a half finished sock, three balls of yarn, four wooden knitting needles, and a small bag of macadamia nut cookies?" She pulls out the small handful of coins she -was- going to use to pay for dinner. It could barely cover what she was going to eat, much less a tip... Aaaaand then a hero shows up. "Fuck. Me. Sideways." Her head slams down onto the bar. "This day has been too long."

Violet slowly sets down the glass before turning to Tron with a bit of a wicked grin. "You wanna take this ou-" But no. Someone else has very much beaten her to the punch... or rather, swing. So instead she picks up her glass again and takes a swig, watching to see how this unfolds.

Mecha-Crab walks in from outside, and looks around, and shakes it's eye stalks and heads for behind the counter to start his shift

Kotal's flat bladed swipe sends servbots flying through the air, squealing and bouncing off of walls and tables. The bombs scatter and bounce, starting to flash bright red as they roll under tables and chairs. One of the servbots that wasn't hit runs in circles around Kotal, its sack over its head. "Miss Tron! Miss Tron! They're fighting back somehow!"

Tron looks remarkably taken aback by this development. "W-well, don't just shout about it, *do* something!" She starts running along the side wall, pushing buttons on her wrist watch. "I knew I should have brought the Gustaff in here!"

There's a loud *slam* as something shakes one of the walls of the Usual. The servbots, most of whom look no worse for having been thrown across the room, jump up and try to dive at Kotal, attempting to cling to him in a very annoying fashion.

Mecha-Crab just blinsk and clamly clicks, the noises being translated to "pardon me, but please desist this course of action or I will have to call the Police" in a voice that is a british accented mix of ALfred and Morgan Freeman

Violet says, "Awww, crap...." She jumps from her bar stool and dives under one of the tables... one that has a red flashing bomb. She kicks at the thing, her aim to kick it right at Tron."

Bridget_Lake is just... going to stay still. She doesn't know how to fight. "I don't have enough cookies to handle this kind of crisis.." she groans and puts her handful of change back into her pocket.... only to look down and see a bomb starting to flash red next to her chair. She looks up at the sky. "What did I do to offend you, God?" she asks before diving over the bar and taking shelter behind it.

Kibi uh-ohs as a bomb rolls close to her... She kicks it back at one of the sevebots. ..and somehow she has a bag of popcorn now.

Corporal Nariwasa saunters in from the street about to call in off duty for coffee, when something catches his eye.

A wave of her free hand and one of the servebots by Miki rises and flies towards Tron, Miki closing her book, and closign her eyes tightly.

Though his attack seems to have been highly successful, the brightness of those bombs rolling under furniture worries Kotal. He's no expert on explosives but something tells him those are armed. "Damnation!" Curses the Aztec warrior as he moves to try and kick them out of the way, though he finds himself intercepted by a dozen or so Servbots trying to dog pile him. "Quick! Kick those explosives out of here!" He says just as he notices Violet doing just that. "Like that! Yes!" As for his current predicament of being surrounded by Servbots, a bolt of sunlight shines through the roof of the UR causing energy to explode from his body and push the Servbots out of the way. "Unhand me, you curs!!" Again with this talk about calling the 'police', don't they know that that's him??

Mecha-Crab just sighs somehow as this goes on, and Yuji enters, as he clicks some "Ahh, excellent timing Coporal, would it be possible to attempt to contains this escalataing situation?"

Corporal Nariwasa reaches down onto his belt and activates a tiny black box. Almost instantly his figure and features are blurred by a boxy force field. the figure reaches up to some blurred object on his shoulder and Yuji's voice can be heard speaking urgently to his dispatcher.

The servbot hurled through the air by Miki cries out in joy as he goes flying through the air, bashing Tron in the head and knocking her over. "..ow..." She picks herself up just in time to see the bomb Violet kicked heading straight for her. Screaming, she holds up the Servbot as a shield, and looks a little singed from the explosion, coughing out a cloud of soot. The bombs explode with no particular synchronization, sending barstools and tables - and in one case, a servbot (the one Kibi kicked a bomb at) - flying through the air, accompanied by a big green robot busting a hole in the wall. When Kotal bursts out his blast of energy, the rest of the servbots go tumbling through the air, some of them screaming in pain, the others in glee.

Tron herself hops up into a hatch on the robot's front, and slams it shut behind her. Her voice is piped out through a loudspeaker on the 'bot. "Oh crap, it's the cops! Okay, everybody, new plan! Grab what you can and let's get outta here!"

The servbots collectively (and dizzily) chime out, "Yes Miss Tron..."

She slams a hand down on the table as she rises, "You know, you get out and you tell yourself, you're not going back, you're not going to use your powers, you're going to be good, and then...then people like you come in and make it damn near difficult for people like me, people who are trying to be good, to be good, and to stay out of trouble..." Miki's head turning, eyes looking for Tron. Sighing as the woman makes her escape into the bot, a low growl in her chest, flinging any servbots at the larger one, that near her.

From Yuji's radio comes the voice of the dispatcher assuring him that backup will be there in three minutes. The man himself runs around trying to catch bombs before they explode and failling. He flies around the room a lot.

Kibi tires to hand one of the sevebots one of the bombs. "Here take this! I don't need it anymore!"

"Hahah! Well done everyone!" Kotal Kahn cackles once he sees that the natives put up a good fight against this bandit and her group. If only he knew that the people he's suddenly filling swelling pride for aren't actually his people. "Push her forces back!" Like a commander leading an army he points his massive serrated blade at Tron and her retreating army. "No!" The Aztec suddenly roars and flash steps towards the presumed Gustaff bot. "You will not escape my wrath, criminal!!" Cries out the warrior who still vehemently believes that he's that law around here and swings his serrated blade at the bot's hull. The blades, though obsidian in nature, are laced with Huitzilopotchli's chi and fully capable of slicing through reinforced metal.

Bridget_Lake peeks up over the edge of the bar, really just the top of her hair and her eyes are rather visible. It... seems to be getting resolved? At the Corporal's arrival? Not yet though. "EEK! Look out Yuji!" She grabs a coffee mug from behind said counter and flings it at one of the bombs a bit too close to the police officer, trying to knock it away from him.

Violet, now that the bombs have blown up and the cops... well, a cop, has shown up, seems significantly less concerned about the situation. Well, until she sees that Yuji isn't doing so well. "Should I call in for my mech to counter hers, officer?" She grins a bit ferrally towards Tron.

Kats walks thorugh the front door of the Usual, the red and blue lights of the light bar on her Spinner flashing through the window as she looks very non plussed, in full uniform

Mecha-Crab dips his eyes again and turns to Violet, clicking "It will be quite alright Miss, the Coporal is very adept at handling these situations with a minimum of personal injury" and then looks back as Katsumi walks in "Ahh, the Chief arrives, the situation shudl be handled shortly. Woudl anyone care for adrink"

Violet says, "Awww... you guys are no fun..." She mock sighs and makes her way back to the bar and to her.... now shattered glass of orange juice. Damn bombs. "Uhhh..... can I get another orange juice?"

Mecha-Crab nods "Of course madam, one moment" he clicks and scuttles off to gt a glass of OJ

There's a shower of sparks as Kotal's serrated blade slices right into the Gustaff's chest plate, tearing off the first layer of armor. Tron's voice echoes out, "Hey! That's my robot you're trying to bust up! Stop it!" Its right arm transforms into a giant drill, which makes a clumsy swipe at Kotal, more to get him to back off than really hurt him. Of course, this is when servbots get hurled through the air by Miki, clonking and bashing into her armor, causing the robot to stumble towards the hole it made in the wall.

One of the servbots takes the bomb from Kibi. "Thanks!" Another takes her bag of popcorn. "Yeah, thanks, miss!" They turn to run, maybe getting ten steps before the bomb explodes and popcorn goes flying everywhere, catapulting the 'bots towards the door.

Kats gets hit by flying popcorn "ok...been a while since this has happened" as she tires to figure out what is going on

Corporal Nariwasa sits up off the floor still looking like he's being eaten by a bunch of gelatinous cubes. "Hey isn't that coffee cup MINE?"

No worries about hurting Kotal Kahn with a drill. Where mere mortals would be turned to bloody chunks when having a giant drill pushed on them, the god of war brings a glowing palm towards the Gustaff's drill and stops it with his bare hand. Sparks flying as Huitzilopotchli's skin simply refuses to budge against the metal. "And these are my people you are trying to rob!" Counters the warrior god. Unfortunately, he gets distracted by the explosion and popcorn being scatted everywhere which ends with Tron's escape. Rather than pursue, Kotal abruptly turns towards the UR with glowing bright eyes. "Is everyone all right!? Any injuries!?" Blast, this would be a really good time to have Silencia around.

Mecha-Crab returns with a glass of OJ, setting it down for Violet "Your juice Ma'am" he clicks and turns to teh main room "Chief Liqueur, I do not know all the particulars, but I believe the genetleman with glowing eyes is new to NT, and is unclear of how things operate. As for the rest...I regretfully am unsure" and he shrugs, and produces a fsh bag of popcorn for Kibi

Bridget_Lake eeps and ducks back down behind the bar that she took cover behind. Not clear yet. She thought she had thrown just a regular coffee cup, honest.

Kibi yahs and she get popcorn happily munching it. "Kibi is fine and has popcorn again!", she looks at the mecha-crab. "Kibi woudn't mind a lime soda either...

Kats turns and nods "Thanks Bob, like the new voice, bout time you got one." as she turns and addresses he of glowing eyes "Sir, please take a seat" as she looks around "ok, Yuji's scrambing for coffee, no flames...lots of soot, hole in the wall. No dead bodies, so more or less things are back to usual...."

Corporal Nariwasa turns off his velocity sheild ceasing to look all Dune-ish and resuming a normal appearance.

Bridget_Lake asks, "Is it safe yet?"

Violet says, "Yyyeah, I think he thinks he's police." She glances over the bar at Bridget. "Looks like the bombs and mini-bots are all gone, yeah."

Mecha-Crab nods and reutns a few moment later with a lime soda "Your soda Miss." as he sets it in front of Kibi

The rest of the servbots pick themselves up and grab whatever's nearest - discarded bags, a jar of jellybeans, and in one case a table, and stream out of the restaurant through doors and holes in the wall. Outside, there's the hiss of rocket jets, and Tron's voice over the loudspeaker, getting quieter as her plane takes off. "You haven't heard the last of Tron Bonne!"

Corporal Nariwasa nods to Bridget. "Good thinking getting behind the bar. IT's been specially remade after the first few times this place was trashed."

Kats sighs and lens to her left Shoulder "Dispatch, get a patrol air unit going, looks like Tron caused some mischief again."

Kibi says, "Kibi has nothing to with that!!! Nothing at all!"

Miki grumbles and moves to site back at her seat, looking down at what's left, and pulls out a few pieces of money and lays them down on the tabletop for the waitress, "A new coffee please, and...the porkbelly and crawfish eggrolls." she asks making a new order.

Bridget_Lake can't help but think that that girl could use a friend... and a stabilizing influence. Fortunately, that's Not Her Job Title. At everyone else's words, she gives a sigh of relief and, now that she's not in crisis mode, walks AROUND the bar to get back to where she's supposed to be sitting. "Well... it's not like I'm really a combatant of any kind..." she says with a small blush of embarassment. "Are you okay? Were you hurt?"

Mecha-Crab already has a dishtowel out and is wiping down the bar "At once Miss" he poleitly click-says and puts theorder in with the kitchen, delivers the coffee and returns to tidying up the bar and cleaning the surface of it

Corporal Nariwasa makes a show of dusting himself off and then tells his dispatcher that he is "10-7 for coffee". looking back at Bridget he puffs up his chest and says "My strength is the strength of ten because my heart is pure"

With Tron Bonne making a hasty retreat and Kibi reporting that there are no injuries (though why Kotal Kahn trusts the girl's judgment is still unknown) the Aztec warrior nods his head satisfaction. The criminal may have escaped but there were at least no injuries. That's better than how he and his team usually do. "Well done." A woman in imposing uniform suddenly talking to him makes his eyebrows furrow under his helmet. He apparently missed Mecha-Crab's comment about him being new, but Kotal can always recognize someone a fellow leader, and that appears to be Kat. "Who are you?" He asks simply, not taking Kats offer to take a seat just yet.

Corporal Nariwasa in the meantime. NOW off duty for coffee, picks up the thrown coffee cup and heads to the Bar.

Kats takes a remote out of her uniform pocket and points it outside, pressing a button, and the light bar on her Spinner stops flashing "Katsumi Liqueuer. Chief of Police, NTPD. And you are?" as she walks over, and gently slaps Yuji in the back of the head "No flirting while in uniform" she says to Yuji before returning to address the man with glowing eyes

Bridget_Lake sighs like she can't believe the cheesiness that just came out of Corporal Nariwasa's mouth, but the small smile tugging at the corner of her lips shows how much of a lie that is. She opens her bag, making sure everything's still in place, before placing her order for hamburger and fries. "I'm glad you're okay."

Violet looks to Miki and grins. "You're right. That was actually kinda fun. Pity I couldn't do more, but still." She then frowns. "Maybe I should volunteer for a patrol, even if nothing's been going on."

Mecha-Crab is already setting up the asbestos pad and getign out the thermos of nuclear fuel....er extreme coffee

Corporal Nariwasa says, "barkeep A cup of my.. oh you guessed!"

Kotal does a warrior salute in return to Kat. Its something that he does reflexively whenever someone introduces to him with their full name and title. He places his hand over his chest as it was customary for warriors in the lands of Aztlan to do and answer, "I am Huitzilopotchli. Better known as Kotal Kahn. Emperor of Outworld and Chief of Police, TASK." And that is when it finally hits him. The deity's jaw clenches slightly and he grips the handle of his macuhauitl a little too tightly as well. "This.. isn't Twisted, isn't it?"

Kats shakes her head "No sir, this is not. This is Neo Tokyo."

"Neo Tokyo?" Kotal echoes and blinks his glowing eyes again. "Is that a part of Neo Edo?"

Mecha-Crab nods his eyes "Of course Coporal, when on duty, what other drink woudl you ever have that woudl not either violate regulations or get you trouble with your superiors" as he does what only he and few others can....handle the thermos for pouring wihtout protective gear

Bridget_Lake actually laughs at Nariwasa's befuddlement. "You are kind of predictable there," she teases gently.

Kats shakes her head again "No sir. This city is located in the Nation of Japan. It suffers or is blessed, your choice, of being at a nexus of dimensions, and we have a large population of persons from other worlds. Do you happen to recall any vortexes or portals in your rencetn past travels?"

Corporal Nariwasa shrugs "I suppose I am, and yes I'm unhurt they issue us velocity sheilds. saved my life more than once. it's not fun going through a brick wall.

Kibi says, "Kibi is from a place long long ago in a galaxy far far way."

Kotal hmms at the explanation. A dimensional nexus is something that he is very familiar with by now. "A double edged sword if there was any. The lands where I hail from are in a similar state. Fractured and yet more than they were at the same time." He muses. "We do have a nexus of portals, though I was nowhere near any of them when I converged here. It felt simply as if I took a wrong step and was suddenly transported here."

Bridget_Lake chuckles. "No, I suppose going through a brick wall would be the opposite of fun. Though, with that coffee of yours, I'm not sure you'd even FEEL being thrown through one."

Kats nods "hmm...sounds like a Ryouga displacement...."

Mecha-Crab finishes pouring the coffee into the armored cup "I can assure you ma'am, ther are onyl 3 patrons who can handle this brew un diluted. And the Coporal here is one fo them"

Corporal Nariwasa sips his coffee and shivers for moment "point taken still the sheild minimize pulverized bones and what not.... not so good against fire though.

Kotal blinks at that suggestion, having no idea what this Ryouga is. "A what displacement?" Asks he, rubbing his chin. Whatever this Ryouga is it sounds clumsy.

Almost as if summoned, a small black piglet bolts from the kitchen and into the middle of the room. It looks around with a very lost look on its face.

Bridget_Lake is about to say something, but... is completely distracted by, "CUTE!" she squeals, eyes locked on the lost little black piglet, hands clasped under her chin as if such an adorable existance appearing before her is completely unexpected.

Kats nods "Not the technical terms, but it's a nickname for the type of dimensional shift that just heppans, that the affected person seems totally unaware things have changed inisitally"

Kibi says. "Piggy!, eyeing the cute black piglet!

Mecha-Crab finishes putting away the thermos and asbestor pad "ahh, good afternoon Mr Ryouga" he click says to the piglet

Corporal Nariwasa clutches his coffee cup like it's a lifeline and drinks some more.

"Leaving that as it may, I am now very much aware of my current predicament, madam." Kotal narrows his glowing eyes starting to sound quite concerned. "Can you perhaps inform me of a way to get back to my dimension? You mentioned a nexus of portals did you not?" The Aztec glances at the appearing piglet but pays it little mind. "Hm, this place shares a lot in common with Twisted I see."

P-Chan asks "Bwee?" as it looks around. It takes a couple of steps away from Bridget, then a few more away from Kibi. Hearing his actual name, however, he turns to look at the Mecha-crab and moves over to the six foot crab and says to it, "Bweee? Bwee bweee bwee!"

Kats shakes her head "That's the tricker part. There is no known safe way to return. Sometimes it happens, but offcially there is no known stable reliable way for peopel to return home."

Corporal Nariwasa says, "well you could always walk the badlands."

Corporal Nariwasa says, "trouble is.. THINGS reside there."

Mecha-Crab dips his eyes "I see. That is most unfortunate. I have not seen either Miss Akane or Mr Ranma recently. If you wish, the restrooms are free if you have need of them, the blue line of the floor"

Bridget_Lake bites her lower lip. "That... sounds awfully dangerous, though. I don't even like looking at it, it gives me a headache," she proclaims firmly.

Kibi says, "Kibi doesn't mind this place! It's alot of fun! Kibi been here a long time.. or mabye a short time. Kibi isn't sure...."

P-Chan sadly says, "Bweeeeeee...." Slightly dejected (more because he can't find Akane. Saotome be damned!), he starts to head for the bathroom. Starts. Before even halfway there, he's headed for the exit of the Usual entirely.

Violet speaks up. "I'm bored, I can escort him." She then blinks. "Where are the badlands, again?"

Kotal grumbles at this revelation, golden lines across his body glowing in contained rage. "Far too much in common with Twisted I see." He huffs and exhales trying to calm down with only partial success. "It is the same in my realm, there was supposedly no way to escape." He shifts on his feet, leaning on his massive Mesoamerican sword. "And yet here I am.." He muses, not losing hope just yet. At the mention of the Badlands from the officer and Bridget, the warrior god shakes his head. "Let me guess. One can get frozen in time there? Or perhaps there is a fog there full with nightmarish monsters?" This is starting to sound almost like a carbon copy of Twisted! If Kotal weren't so mortified right now he would start laughing. At least according to Kibi's words, these Badlands sound a whole lot like his Wastelands.

Corporal Nariwasa waves vaguely "outside the city. it's where the Kaiku and Angels and the rest of that lot come from.

Bridget_Lake can't help but coo slightly at the dejected bwee.... "Um, Mr. black pig? That's not the way to the rest room..." she says, trying to be helpful. Hey, in a place like this, she is nOT going to question the giant crab thing on what's sentient.

P-Chan stops and looks up at Bridget. "Bwee?" He looks around again. Everything looks so different from so low to the ground... it makes it much more difficult to see the signs for the restrooms! He changes his direction, now confident in his new direction! ...That of the dance club.

Kibi blinks watching the black pig. "umm.."

Kats takes a seat at teh bar "It's a place were the rules are survive or don't. There is a chance you can find your back out there, or get lost. WHile it's borders are more or less fixed, internally...well it shifts almost constantly"

Corporal Nariwasa says, "It's bigger inside than outside."

Bridget_Lake deadpans, "I really think it is -not- the Tardis, thank you." Aaaand the pig is going in the wrong direction again. "Erm, Mr. Black Pig, do you need me to show you which way it is?"

While many men are very wary of asking or accepting directions.... Ryoga is not one of those men. Really, if he was, he'd never get anywhere. As such, he actually looks up and nods to Bridget with a rather releived sounding. "Bweee."

Survive or Die. It is something that Kotal Kahn is well accustomed to. His very existence is survival of the fittest made manifest. "Take me there." He says to the Chief of Police suddenly. Back in Twisted, he avoided the Wastelands like the plague, particularly after his encounter with Freakazoird. Here though, he's through playing safely, he needs to get back. "I will confront these challenges." He looks down at the pig though. It looks like he isn't the only one lost here.

Bridget_Lake figures it'd probably be embarassing to be picked up and carried, so Bridget instead stands up, and slowly walks towards the male bathroom door. "Follow me," she says, and keeps looking back to make sure the little piglet isn't headed towards a random direction instead.

Kats looks back "Sorry, On the official level we stop at the border. On the personal level, I avoid it on prinicple. I've seen demons, fought gods, monsters and the like. No need to go doing it willingly again."

Corporal Nariwasa shudders and drinks more coffee.

P-Chan does not take his eyes off Bridget as he follows her. He knows better. As they arrive at the bathroom, with a bit of effort, he pushes the door open and trots inside.

Corporal Nariwasa says, "hmmm doesn't the NTSDF patrol the near edge or something?"

Violet waves over to the police officers. "My offer still stands!"

Kotal scoffs and moves away from the counter, placing his sword on his back away. "Very well." He gives an impatient grumble and scoffs lightly when Kat mention she has fought gods. "Then perhaps there may be some worthy foes for me as well." Kotal turns to Violet suddenly and now realizes she was offering to take him there and not the pig. "Ah, yes, I accept your offer."

Bridget_Lake returns to her seat with a sigh, hoping that little piglet will be okay. "Well, I'd think they'd want to patrol, to keep anything too nasty from getting into city limits." She shakes her head at the thought of 'worthy foes'. Life's better when it's peaceful.

Corporal Nariwasa sips his coffee "I like boring"

Kats spins back and orders some food "Boring would be VERY welcome about now"

Kibi says, "But but boring is boring!"

Kats smiles "but it can be enjoyable sometimes"

Kibi says, "How?"

Corporal Nariwasa counts on his finger "No bombs, no dark mages, no ultimate warriors...I could go on. boring is great.

Bridget_Lake tilts her head. "You don't think a summer's afternoon can be lovely, spent in a park with a good book, no expectations of explosions or destruction? Or a cold winter's night, with a good fire going, a blanket wrapped around your lap and a hot chocolate in your hands?"

After a few moments, the door to the men's room opens again, and from it steps Ryoga! He looks around as he does so. "Ahhh... It's good to be on two legs again!"

Kibi hmmms.. "well Kibi guesses so..

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