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Catching Up Outside of Work

Summary: Sunset Shimmer visits Rayne at her apartment! But it seems there's a pair of new inhabitants to Rayne's apartment, as well.

Who: Rayne, Sunset
When: April 17th, 2017
Where: Integra Arms - Rayne's Apartment


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It's the early evening, though after Rayne's work time. She's down on her couch, waving a cat toy around, one of the ones that vaguely resemble a fishing rod. At the other end of it is a short-hair cat that is mostly white, but with a black splotch across its face. Said cat is gnawing furiously at the business end of said cat-toy, at least for a moment before Rayne tugs on the rod again to pull it away from the cat again. Meanwhile, a bit away, there's another cat, a mostly black longhair with a white splotch on its face, as well as white 'boot' markings and a white belly, lounging on a cat-tower as it looks at Rayne playing with the other cat. Being a cat, it's hard to judge its feelings on what it's looking at.

Sunset hasn't had a chance to see Rayne outside of occasional work crossing paths, so decided to stop by the apartment when she's also not working. She gives the door a couple of light knocks, followed by a "Rayne, are you home? It's Sunset." She shifts a little while waiting, readjusting the strap of the bookbag over her shoulder.

The white cat jumps at the sound of the knocking door and shoots under the couch. Rayne, for her part, rolls her eyes slightly at what her cat does and sighs lightly before standing up. "Coming," she says as she glancing around the apartment. Lying around the apartment are pages torn out of her sketch pad... most of which are sketches of her cats. It seems one of the cats has taken a liking to biting these pages around the edges as puncture marks can be seen on all of them from the teeth. Rayne brings up a smile to her face before opening the door. "Sunset! Hey, uh, what's up? I don't honestly get much visiters around here." In the meantime, the mostly black cat isn't moving, other than its head as it tracks Rayne's movement to the doorway.

"Nothing's up!" Sunset is quick to reply, wanting to avoid an assumption that some problem has come up. Then ahehs softly at herself and rubs the back of her head because that jumpy reaction was a little silly. "I mean, we don't get to often talk outside of work so I decided to stop in and see how you're doing." She leans a little to one side. "Or should I see, you and the cats."

Rayne actually does look slightly releived at Sunset's opening statement. Her smile looks a bit more genuine now, and she steps to the side, looking out over her apartment. "Well, Yang is hiding under the couch, but you can already see Yin over there." Yin, the mostly black cat, looks at Sunset with an uninterested look, then proceeds to start grooming herself. "Um, yeah, please, come in," she then quickly adds. "Had I known you were coming, I'd have cleaned up a little more, but... eh. Have you ever been over before? I can't remember if you have or not."

Sunset laughs softly as she enters. "I've had sleepovers at Pinkie Pie's, it's gonna take a bit more than some mess to deter me... No, but you mentioned getting some cats." Then turns her head a bit to look around. "Interesting decor, that's for certain." She stoops down a bit to set her bookbag by the door so she doesn't have to carry it around the entire visit.

Rayne walks into the middle of the room and motions around herself. "Well, it's based on a ship I owned... I suppose technically still own, back in my home dimension. It's pretty heavily mothballed, though, in a parking orbit around Cevernal." She laughs once, then shakes her head. "Ummm, yeah. But when I came to Twisted, I was told the apartment could be anything I wanted it to be... so I designed it to be like an old home of mine, so to speak." She walks over to the couch and sits down surprisingly carefully. "But yeah, been a while since I had visitors, so I'm a bit rusty on socializing." She's definitely acting differently here than she does at work. She's been sounding more and more authorative at work, less friendly, as she's tried to get into the mindset of 'the head boss' of a workplace. She /is/ now the official Director of TASK, afterall.

"It's understandable one would want something familiar and comfortable." Sunset raises a hand out of habit but stops herself before putting it on Rayne's shoulder, giving the second gal of rainbow hair she knows a chance to walk away. The 'no touch' deal was a bit awkward for someone that's been through two different worlds where hugs and friendly contact was the norm, but Sunset kept reminding herself to be respectful of her friend's comfort zone. That and she still didn't have complete control over what she could do touching someone else. Instead she picks up one of the papers lying around, holding it up with a smirk. "So are the teeth marks the author's signature, or the subject's approval?"

Rayne frowns slightly as Sunset reaches and stops, but in the end she laughs and shakes her head at the remark about the bite marks. The sketches are varied in quality, but all seem to have the bite marks. "Or perhaps the subject's /dis/approval. Hard to say, really." She then holds up a hand and tilts her head slightly "Or maybe jealousy of the one that's not the subject." She reaches over and wiggles her fingers over the space under her couch, trying to coax out the hiding cat there. "Come on out, Yang, Sunset's my best friend in this world. You should properly meet her." The cat, of course, doesn't seem to respond whatsoever to the coaxing words. A white paw does reach out to swat lightly at Rayne's hand in a playful manner, however.

"Maybe all of the above," Sunset replies as she sets the picture back down. "The cat Rarity got could could be very vocal about her opinions... or be completely indifferent if it didn't involve her being fed and groomed." She walks over to sit down on the couch as well, happy with herself for stopping by now. This was the Rayne she remembered from her early days here, and less of the woman's she's had to become due to her elevated position. "Cat only cares when Cat wants to care."

Rayne nods a bit absently as she continues to try to coax Yang out from under the couch. "In....deed," she says, then reaches down with both hands to pull out the white shorthair. Upon seeing Sunset, he looks a bit panicky, but Rayne keeps a grip on him, making what at least she thinks are soothing sounds as she holds the cat to her chest, foacing his head towards Sunset. "Well, I've found out one of my cats is skittish around strangers, now... I suppose that shouldn't be a surprise, he hid under my couch the entire time I was home for the first week I had him... Yin's a bit more friendly." That's not saying much, as Yin is merely watching the two while looking a bit disinterested. Rayne pauses a moment, then says, "I /think/ they're just normal cats."

"Pity Fluttershy isn't here. She knows a lot more about animals than I do." Sunset leans forward a little and holds out a couple of fingers for the cat to investigate. "But I remember her saying how animals have their own personalities too."

Yang predictably recoils at first from the approaching fingers, but doesn't take too terribly long to reach out with his nose to sniff at the fingers. Rayne, for her part, seems surprisingly okay with Sunset's hand coming that close to her. Perhaps because the attention is on the cat, not Rayne. "Oh, that's absolutely true. These two have very different personalities, that's for darn sure. I know not to pick up Yin, for instance. Either she comes to you, or she doesn't want attention. But, at least when no one else is around, I can just reach down and pick up Yang and he's usually okay with it."

Sunset chuckles a bit. "They are aptly named, then. Opposites that compliment each other." She leans back on the couch, folding her hands behind her head as she does. "And I bet it's nice to have someone to come home to. Even if they're mainly happy to see you because it means being fed and some attention." She's smiling, but it's not without it's own hint of subtle sadness. She still misses the friends she left behind, even with the new ones she's made here.

Rayne frowns and deflates slightly as Sunset makes her comment about someone to come home to. "Yeah," she says a bit softly as she lets Yang do as he pleases by letting him go. Surprisingly, he doesn't move from Rayne's lap. He still looks a little wary of Sunset, though. "It's a new bit of... stability I put into my life. I think I've gotten to the point that I'm almost afraid to really try to make friends at work. I don't know if it's appropriate, for one, but then I've also been a bit afraid they'd vanish..." Her expression darkens slightly. "Or just abandon us," she adds with a bit of venom in her voice.

Sunset nods her head understandingly. "It can be hard to tell how far you can go or not go when you're the one in charge. I know, from experience, that certain Princesses had similar problems. Celestia was mentor for myself and Twilight, plus she had an entire nation to rule. Not an easy position to be in." But bringing it up finally lets out a sigh. She knows the 'vanish' part all too well, and sometimes worries if the Rainbooms think she abandoned them. "Sometimes I wonder why I was so obessed with being the top of the ladder in my youth. Almost seems like more trouble than its worth."

Rayne nods a slight absently as Sunset relates a little about Celestia, then chuckles darkly at the comment about being at the top being trouble. "Oh. Oh it very much is more trouble than it's worth. I'll never understand those that /want/ to be on top. I've lived over four hundred years purposefully avoiding crap like that... then I come here, and bam. Second in command of the police. Bam. Councilwoman. Bam. /Head/ of the police since the previous head took the escape route he found." She definitely sounds a bit angry at Kotal as she says this. Apparently sensing the change in tone, Yang jumps from her lap and runs over to the cat tower, where he hides in a hole. Yin, on the other hand, seems to have the opposite reaction, jumping down from the cat tower and calmly walking over towards the couch, where she jumps up and promptly sits herself down inbetween the two humanoids.

Sunset ahehehe, rubbing the back of her neck. "Well... at least you didn't try to brainwash an entire establishment so you could try to conquere an entire alternate dimension? Or so unable to control the newfound power that your obsession started tearing rifts between said dimensions? Misguided intentions to protect your beloved camp by trapping everyone inside of it by bringing part of the forest to life?" Pause. Uh. "Only the first one was me." Just to clarify.

Rayne blinks and looks up again, then over to Sunset. "Oh, uh... Yeah, well... I'm glad you're not the brainwashy type anymore, then." She then pauses, then leans in slightly to peer at Sunset, a slow grin crossing her face. "Or are you and I've just been brainwashed to be your friend?" She really can't keep a straight face as she says this, though, and is reaching her hand to Yin to give the fluffy black cat some petting.

Despite the somberness of it Sunset has a fairly good sense of humor about her sorted past, to which she laughs as she leans back from Rayne's leaning close. "Oh come off it Rayne, you're not THAT hard to befriend!" Followed by a more contained but still besmused snort. "Though the not being able to hug you is a bit of a bother," she teases.

Rayne frowns slightly and leans back to a normal seated position. "Sorry about that," she says quietly, before raising her voice back to nomral. "I'm not used to that really being a bother to people. I'm a little used to people trying to 'fix' me of it, but... well I've always seen it as my problem, not other people's problem. I grew up part of a noble family, and the decorum meant no one really touched anyone in a friendly kind of way. I think my father was the first person to actually hug me, and I didn't know him until I was thirteen."

Sunset puts a hand to her forehead. "Rayne, that was a -joke-. Sort of." Good job Sunset, still entirely capable of putting your hoof in your mouth.. err, foot in your mouth. But she offers an apologetic smile all the same. "Much the same as I come from a world where personal contact is socially normal. But trying to change it just because it's different would be even crazier."

Rayne frowns slightly and shakes her head. "That describes most worlds, Sunset. It's been an issue before I came here, too, you know. I'm pretty well aware that I'm the odd one out in this regard." She smirks and looks directly at Sunset again. "Heck, even among the normal people on my homeworld, it was common. But for me, well." She glances away again. "It's kind of like... Well, it's more personal. It bothers me because I don't know where exactly I am, where exactly the other person is," she says, struggling to describe it.

"Could be worse." Sunset holds up one hand, wiggling her fingers. "You could be able to accidentally scan someone's memories via contact and learn much more than you would ever want to." After which she actually shudders a little. "Never, ever, -ever- use mindreading powers on Pinkie Pie. Trust me."

Rayne raises an eyebrow, then nods slowly. "Well, considering I don't have mind reading powers, I don't think that's going to be an issue with me," she quips. "I didn't know you could read minds. Is that helping out with the Welcome Center at all? Or is it kind of something you avoid because of times like with, uh, Pinkie Pie?"

Sunset shrugs her shoulders a little. "I don't use it very often, but that's moreso because I can't always control when it goes off. Thus the 'accidental'... That and even when you can sense someone's reason thoughts, you don't always get the context to go with them. It can be a bit... impersonal. Not really good for making first impressions with lost and confused newcomers."

Rayne frowns and nods. "I guess I can see that," she says with a shrug of her own. Yin raises her head up slightly, which prompts Rayne to reach under and skritch under the cat's chin. This appears to have been Yin's goal. Well, the ladder of dominance in this apartment seems to be Yin > Rayne > Yang, from the looks of things. "And if you can't communicate with someone without it, then it's kind of just... intrusive if you use it to try to get a feeling for them since you can't ask permission? Yeah. I guess it's not that useful unless someone wants to tell you something without other people hearing it?"

Sunset nods her head a few times. "Yeah. Not that it can't be useful." Pause to brush some stray bangs back into place after the nodding dislodged them. "But having come this far, I find it better to get to know people the normal way. Less awkward." Unlike this conversation is getting. "Uh.. I think maybe we need a new topic."

Rayne laughs a bit nervously and nods. "Sorry, sorry. My mind for social skills has gotten a bit rusty. I guess I've been too much in either work or hang out with cats modes lately." She glances around and stands up again, a bit too quickly for Yin, but the cat doesn't move from her spot, now next to just Sunset. "Um, yeah, so, a lot of people have been fascinated by the fact that this place simulates being in space... Have you looked out the window yet?"

Sunset snickers softly. "You're just a little out of practice. And no, I hadn't." Sunset pushes herself to stand from the couch and go over to do that... But gets a few steps before stopping. "Uh.... where's the window?" She's not entirely sure of the futuristic decor!

Rayne steps over to a relatively small window on the side, motioning for Sunset to follow. Outside the window is a view of space, stars everywhere, and a moon visable and much larger in view than would be from the surface of Earth. "...The front has a better view of an actual planet. Ehhh, when I say front, I mean where the cockpit was on my actual ship. I've kind of... made it a hot tub here."

Sunset whistles. "If you're going to pretend to cruise the cosmsos, may as well do it in style. Now I feel kind of silly for keeping my apartment practical." She folds her hands behind her back as she gazes out the window. "Nice view, though. Wonder if this is what it's like looking at the sky from the moon..."

Rayne takes a step back as she shrugs. "Well... it kinda is practical, to me... well, the actual Spectral Eagle was, at least. Have one half of the ship for living space, the other for storage. Sure, had to adjust engine output because of the uneven weight, but that's pretty simple." She looks around the relatively small space, really more like a studio apartment than anything else. Efficient use of space seems to be the norm here, complete with the bed mounted above the couch. She then looks back at Sunset and nods. "Yeah, more or less. I don't know what your moon was, exactly, but almost always if a planet you can actually live on has a moon, it's not going to have an atmosphere, so the sky always has stars."

"At least Luna could still see her night sky then," Sunset murmurs under her breath. Then shakes it off. Brrr. Being banished sounds so much worse than just running away. Not that her doing so was really any better, but it was her own fault at least. "I should probably head back to my own apartment for the night. Though it was nice to chat away from all the things keeping us busy these days."

Rayne smiles, perhaps a bit sadly, and nods. "Yeah, another day of work is ahead of us tomarrow, after all, right? I know I'll need my sleep..." She glances over at Yin, who is still exactly where the two had left her. "Well, I guess I'll likely see you tomarrow then." She leads Sunset back to the door, as she's not sure how obvious it is which way is out. "Have a good night?"

"Yeah, see you in the morning." Sunset grabs her bookbag at the door, and turns to wave before stepping out. "Night, Rayne."

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