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Hope. You should try it some time.

Summary: Rayne and Sunset have a chat in the Usual Restaurant, and something very much unusual happens at the end!

Who: Rayne, Sunset
When: May 6th, 2018
Where: The Usual Restaurant


The information contained within this log is to be considered information gained Out of Character (OOC).
This information may not be used as In Character (IC) knowledge or in roleplay unless it has been learned in-game or permission has been granted by the parties involved.

Questions should be directed to staff.

Rayne is off duty... this means she's not in her full armor! She is, however, in one of the darker corners of the UR at the moment, and has apparently invested in a hoodie version of her usual green tunic. Said hood is currently up, hiding her most distinctive feature. She is OFF DUTY.

The hair is simply the most distinctive feature. It's not the only one, and when you work with someone long enough to notice the other, less obvious things. Thankfully these days Sunset is using that talent for more constructive means, but it does mean even in a busy public place she spots the skulking(?) Rayne fairly easily and wanders over. "Trying a new style? I'm no Rarity but I'd say it works for you."

Rayne looks up and offers a smile. It's not Sunset she's wanting to avoid, afterall, just responsibility for the next few hours while she gets some food she doesn't have to cook herself. "Heh. Not exactly. Just trying to be annonymous for a while. Honestly, I don't like having my hair bundled up like this. How're you doing tonight?"

Sunset crooks a partial smile. "If it makes you feel any better, I only spotted you because I know you so well." Which is followed by a bit of an eyeroll as she slides into a seat opposite of Rayne. "Tell me about it. I avoid it as much as possible myself." And her hair is almost as distinct. "We seems to be thinking the same thing when it comes to taking a break though."

Rayne says, "Hey, you've not there alone, right? You've got... damnit, I forget his name. And her name." She sighs and hangs her head. "I miss working there. I miss having the prospect of not having to worry about the huge organization and instead just having the small one. Fate ain't kind to me here."

Sunset says, "Of course not!", Sunset quickly reassures her. "But moving locations is a big job, we're all a bit wore out from it and keeping up with usual business as much as possible in the meantime. That's all." Which is followed by a whistful sigh as she leans back in her seat. "I hear ya. To think, once time long ago, I wanted to be that sort of person. Big, important, all the responabilities... and power..." She mutters softly at the last one. "I've learned though, the smaller and more personal operation is much better."

Rayne says with a bit of a sarcastic bent, "Oh, lucky you. I didn't need to learn that lesson and I still have to do the big group." She chuckles and shakes her head. "If I wanted power, I'd have follwoed in my mom's footsteps, not gone off on my own to the point I ran away to live with my dad."

"And here I ran off -because- I had wanted it. Funny how that works. But I'd say that's enough talk about the details of work positions, eh?" Sunset turns to wave down a waitress so she can order something.

Rayne chuckles. "Yeah, well, it's all about where you are at the start. But yeah. No need to talk about that. You ran off to go take over a... high school, as I understand?"

Sunset kinda shrugs a bit as she sits back again. "I worked with what I got at the time. The whole alternate realities thing got weird sometimes, even for me."

Rayne nods once. "I know what you mean. I don't think this was my first Nexus world. There was another one I got sucked into once. I think. That or it was a fever dream. A really vivid one. But seriously... You wanted to take over a high school?"

Sunset leans forward a little. "You ever been to high school Rayne? It's the social epicenter of humans at that age, when they're still impressionable and, like I was at the time, rebellious..." Then a sigh as she sits back again and gives it a dismissive twirling wave one of hand. "Then the whole raging she-demon thing happened, and Twilight and her friends had to literally knock sense into me."

Rayne nods once. "I did, yes. In Italy. I was the foreign exchange student. I kind of had difficulty managing the social intricacies when I was a complete and total outsider." She glances upward. "I don't think anyone cared about my hair as much as the fact that I was from the nation that Earth was at war with only ten years earlier."

Sunset smirks a bit at that. "At least you didn't have to learn to walk on two feet instead of four hooves and ... uh..." She pauses, then ahems softly as she actually turns a little pink in the cheeks. "Let's just say there are quite a few differences between growing up as a human girl and a pony mare."

Rayne raises an eyebrow. "How long did it take you to get used to needing underwear, then? Take a while to figure out how to secure a bra?" Smirk incoming, she just can't hold it back!

"Yeah, exactly." Despite the mildly embarassing topic Sunset can't help but chuckle a little herself, it's all fairly silly in retrospect. Good timing for an interruption though as the basket of chili cheese fries she order is delivered. "Or, y'know." She scoops up a big wad of chili on a fry and indicates with it. "Eating food that has meat in it. Thankfully the human form is more than just an appearance, but the -thought- of it took.. getting use to." Her expression goes flat. "Especially when people joke about cheap meat coming from horses instead. It's almost a good thing I already had the 'bitch' reputation by then, no one thought much of it when I slapped the guy that said it."

Rayne chuckles and nods. "Well, there are plenty of humans that don't eat meat, you didn't have to pick that up. And... I hate to say it, but there are some places where eating horse meat is also not that big a deal," she says with a more somber tone. "Granted, I came from a place where the domesticated animals were predominantly... not from earth. Avia had its own life before it was colonized, so the early colonists started raising them when they figured out they were edible. Less of an impact on the planet than large amounts of cattle, waterfowl, and earth fish." There's a shrug as she takes a bite of her own sandwich. She's been taking her time on that. "Sounds like you fit in pretty quickly, even if you did it by playing the 'bitch' part. I think I did by playing like I was an airhead. People left me alone that didn't try to get to know me, the ones that did get to know me knew I wasn't an idiot."

"It was my first stay in an alternate world, sure, but being the protege of a Princess meant I learned a lot about dealing with other cultures before that. Not that I used those lessons in the best way back then but..." Sunset shrugs her shoulders a bit. "What matters is that isn't who I am now, and I'm better off for it. My past is not today."

Rayne nods, leaning back into the booth cushion. "Yes, but it's still part of what lead you to become who you are now. It's still important, even if it's just a part of you learning who you shouldn't be. Which it sounds like you might already know."

"Yep, that pretty much sums it up," Sunset replies inbetween munches of her food. "And now I'm here, helping make sure newcomers don't get confused and distressed and make the same mistakes I did. Not saying the past isn't important, just that you don't let it control who you are now."

Rayne laughs. "And here I am, making sure if they don't listen to you and try to take over places, that they don't succeed at it." She laughs, then slumps slightly. "Thanks for making my job easier. And.... thanks for not vanishing on me."

Despite the somber shift in tone Sunset still smiles lightly. "I've let down enough people in my time, I sure as hell wasn't going to do it again. I've found my place here, and even if it doesn't always go as hoped I'm not running away. From it or from you." And quickly scoops up some more chili fries to help resist the urge to want to reach over and comfort her friend with a pat or such.

Rayne can't help but laugh again. "Oh, nothing in this place ever goes as we hope, it seems. Things can go well, but never in the way we're expecting. I can hope for a lot of things. At this point, I'm starting to be afraid to act on hopes. I act on practicality almost too much now."

Sunset shakes her head a little. "Gotta have some hope, no matter how much you know it's never going to manifest as intended. It's the act of having something to aspire to is both a comfort and a motivation. I've found that to be true in some way with almost every other species I've encountered."

Rayne looks down at her plate and smiles lightly. "I guess I should try to hope some more here and there. Sometimes its hard, though. In a lot of ways, I've become a pretty big coward, you know? I don't mean in the traitional sense, of course." Rayne is known for going head first into combat, afterall.

"I don't think coward is quite the word you want, Rayne, but I think I get what you mean." Sunset swabs up some remaining chili and cheese with the last of her fries. "You have all these other people to worry about now, that look up to you for guidance and direction. If something happens to you... what happens to them? I imagine it's much the same as how Celestia felt when she had to choose between her sister and all the other Ponies under her care."

Rayne finishes her sandwich and sighs, slumping her shoulders. "I guess you have a point. One of the reasons I never went into management at all before this place... I have enough trouble managing myself, let alone other people." She frowns slightly, then stands up. "I... should be going now, Sunset," she says as she steps around the table. "I'll see you later, okay?" With that said, she, for just a second, puts her hand on Sunset's shoulder fairly awkwardly, then just as awkwardly pulls it away before walking for the door.

For a moment Sunset is worried that the topic shifting back and forth has upset her friend. But it's replaced by an honest moment of surprise when Rayne puts a hand on her shoulder, as brief and awkward as it is. Anyone that knows how Rayne and 'touching' get along knows that really means something. "If you need me Rayne, you know where to find me. Even if it is a bit more of a walk now."

Rayne waves without looking back, now feeling rather sheepish. "Eh... It's closer to where I live if not to where I work. I've got two workplaces now, anyway," she says with forced casualness. "Later!"

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