2020-10-10 - Hamburgers and Wine

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Hamburgers and Wine

Summary: Patrol Officer Kaijin stops by the Usual Restaurant for a meal. She encounters another that drops by to collect an order for personal delivery.

Who: Kaijin, Lynx
When: October 10, 2020
Where: The Usual Restaurant


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For Kaijin, it's another day, another dollar. Having come off shift a little while ago, she's decided to hit the Usual. The place has become a favorite haunt for Godzilla's Daughter, who's something of a regular these days. Tail sweeping lazily as she enters the UR, she waves to the few people she knows and heads for the bar, where she orders a quartet of large angus beef cheeseburgers with bacon, and a large plate side of fries.

"Evenin' officer," one of the waiters says with a grin as he walks past her on his rounds.

"That's when I'm on duty. And I'm technically just a patroller, so don't oversell it," she replies with a grin.

Regular or not, many people come to and go from the Usual Restaurant at any hour of the day. All manner of shapes and sizes and colors are represented through those that treat the establishment with their patronage and company. As such, one wouldn't expect an eye to blink at the entry of of the man that enters through the front door and, step by step, strides into the eatery's main body. However, there is something of note about it. A hiccup in social interaction. A pause in the mundane drone of conversation. For but an instant, upon entry, there is one of those moments where all present and speaking seem to pause at the same time.

The moment does not persist for long.

Walking beside tables where people are seated and eating, the cat-faced individual with a straight posture claps booted footfalls against the floor on his way to the bar area while casually clasping his hands together behind the small of his back. His eyes seek the notice of those serving with a silent and presumed patience, although his gaze surely wanders over those that are situated nearby.

While waiting for her food, Kaijin seems to be relaxing. But a lifetime of living with people who taught her how to use the abilities she inherited from her father mean that she can feel the change in a room. As such, when things go quiet, however briefly, the half-Titan picks up on it pretty swiftly.

It also doesn't take her long to spot the newcomer. She's seen a handful of unusual people since coming here. But this one is a bit new. The fur and claws catch her eyes. She's not seen anyone else recently who has those-- herself excluded-- since coming here. Not that she recalls, anyway.

"Hey," she says with a friendly nod as she tries to figure out the new face. But she is a cop, low ranked or not. No reason not to be polite just because she's off-duty.

A perking of one ear is followed by the most minor swivel of the head as the cat person regards the one that passes out greeting. It doesn't take much to know when one is being studied; those amber eyes do just such a thing. The look itself and the motion of the eyes are not derisive. There is no immediate disrespect shown. No, the peering over is studious and calculating with perhaps a palpable texture of what might be shared curiosity. The corner of the person's mouth turns upward in the barest of smiles before his lips part to speak.

"A sandwich, 'hoagie'-style, with turkey, spinach, and provolone cheese." That gaze lingers upon the half-Titan as the order is revealed before peeling away to be redirected to the server now ready to take such a request. "Oil and vinegar, oregano, a dash of salt, two of black pepper, and 'Phuket Island dressing' on one-third. Cut into thirds. Very lightly toasted. Also, a bottle of ruby port, dessert."

An inclined head turns just enough to send the words spoken next back in the direction of the Greeter nearby: "Very interesting."

"Yeah, I guess you could say that for both of us. I've met a hyena-morph since coming here, but I think you might be the first cat anthro I've met who wasn't just from some form of media on my world." Kaijin chuckles. "So, who might you be? Can't just go callin you 'hey catman' all the time, now can I?" she jokes.

A measured silence is offered as a response at first only after he specifies, "Packed to carry out." One hand is pulled from behind his cape-covered back and a single fingertip is passed along the topmost edge of the bar's counter. While generally clean, there is a sticky residue present that likely comes from a bit of spilled beer. There is a soft sigh at this.

"Oh, you could. That would reflect mostly on you, though, I would imagine. It's customary to introduce oneself when asking after another." The words are not sour. There is a hint of amusement, though. "I'm a scholar, mind. Very interested in history. Mostly." A turn at the waist allows the feline figure to scout over those others present in the building. "Social and natural sciences around the development of humanity is part of that, I suppose, but I wouldn't presume to be an anthropologist in title," comments the still-nameless cat regarding word usage by the half-Titan.

"Huh. Wasn't expecting that." Kaijin replies, a grin crawling across her face. "Name's Kaijin. Still kinda a newbie to the city. Well, sorta. Been around awhile but I'm always finding new stuff. Kinda a thing that'll happen when you're yanked outta your home world and dropped into...whatever you wanna call this place, I guess." She shrugs. "And yeah, I could call you that if I had to. But why would I wanna do that when it'd be so much easier to use whatever your name is?"

"Yanked. Yes, that does tend to happen, at least from one potential perspective." The cat's second arm unwinds from behind his back so that his hands can clasp together once more. The thumb of one hand presses into the palm of the other and rubs in slow circles as the scholar's very attention lowers to watch. "You may call me Lynx along with whichever titles or honorifics you feel are applicable." A flit of the eyes moves them quickly to Kaijin while his face remains mostly lowered in regarding his hands.

"And what, then, is your observation on this place? Has it been hospitable enough for a demi-human such as yourself?" It may be an assumption, but how much does it matter if it is accurate or not? "Not everybody finds a place within it to aquire belonging."

"Enh, it's.....different." Kaijin said with a shrug. "Also, 'demi-human'? Huh. I have to admit, that's a new one. I'm basically half-human, half-Titan. So I guess maybe that fits?" She ponders that a monent, then shakes her head. "Anyway, as for my observations on this place? Nothing really ever stays too static here to make any kind of real opinion on the whole thing."

"Yes, that's precisely what I figured, although you will have to elaborate on what a 'Titan' is regarding your lineage," comments the feline on the phrase 'demi-human'. He does not speak directly to Kaijin, however. He finds others at whom to stare and a couple stare back, yet never for long. There is a slight noticable discomfort or unease that the well-dressed scholar seems to have for the immediate area of business that is related to an unspoken distaste for many details. Yet, there he stands. Waiting.

"I trust you'll try to look beyond the everchanging hues of distraction to see the permeating cementation of the tree's roots eventually. That depends entirely on your position and passion, though, doesn't it?" A full look is given the half-Titan once more. For the moment, she has Lynx' full attention. "Not everybody has the desire or time to dig, do they? What about you?"

"I'll be honest. Most of what you just said didn't make a lot of sense to me." Kaijin admits. She's never been one to puff herself up unjustifiably. "About the only thing I did understand is that you're not sure what a Titan is. That, I can help with. More or less anyway." She digs into her pocket and pulls out a cell phone. "I'm just glad the folks at Monarch were so obsessed with recording everything. Here. This is footage from when they went to Antarctica to prevent the release of Ghidorah. That...didn't go well. Luckily my father arrived to take some serious heat off of them. I'm just sorry he couldn't get their sooner." she cues up the footage and sets the phone down so that Lynx can watch it.

The feline makes no effort to get any closer to change distance or viewing angle. He's quite content with what personal space he has. Not a word is spoken as the documentation is revealed to him. Not a single tell is telegraphed upon his face to betray any underlying thought or emotion. Even the cat's pointed ears remain still.

"I stand by my initial observation," is said at last once the footage has ended. The words may refer to 'very interesting', yet they hold little excitement or wonder. "I am familiar with such things and you are descended of such? You must have quite the story to tell so far. How do you intend to maintain such stature of bloodline here?" Twisted, as a gameboard, is littered with powerful pieces. Many sit idly by doing little so removed are they from their elements. Others seek upheld glory. Others still crave greater.

"Well, my birth is...a convoluted story, to say the least." Kaijin says, putting her phone away once the footage is done. "Father's been around for millions of years. Humanity, in my world, called him the King of the Monsters." She grins. "He's basically a celebrity after having beaten Ghidorah and saved the world twice in five years. He keeps the others in line." Shge shrugs. "I'm not sure I have what you'd call 'stature' here. I was an ambassador back home. The closest thing the Titans had to a voice on the world stage. I like using my powers to help others. So I took a job here as a cop. It's not glamorous, and I get more people making cosplay-based come-on lines than I like to count, but if I can help people out now and then, that's a decent trade-off in my view."

It is at that time that a server brings over a paper To Go bag with the top rolled down and stapled. It is heavier than it may appear due to the presence of a bottle of wine within it. The status of the half-Titan's meal is fully separate. Nonetheless, the feline demi-human listens carefully even as his line of sight is shifted due to the arrival of the parcel. Lynx moves a hand to his hip while his other arm hangs loosely at his side and that faint smile returns.

"Ambassador. Powerful. A desire to provide positive correction. You are skilled in diplomatic and political practices?" There's a spark in those eyes as the question is asked as if the potential of an answer alone possesses some integral importance to an unknown equation. Much like his entrance that very moment encompassing the time between asked question and potential answer seems to be charged, much like a basketball player poised and hanging in the air before any conclusion or interception befalls them, which might warrant caution and careful answering. Is this what it feels like to be so intensely focused upon?

Kaijin shrugs, tail swaying gently from one side to another as her own food arrives. "I'm not the best in the world or anything like that. But I'm not stupid either. I was raised by humans and have the only voice that can communicate with the Titans. Or could, till I wound up here. Mostly it was just Mothra. She loves to interact with humans. Rodan barely pays them any mind so long as they leave his nest alone. Godzilla-- my Father-- well, he seems to keep to himself more or less. He keeps the other Titans in line. He's their King. Their Alpha. I'm not really sure what he thinks of me." She picks up a burger and looks at it for a moment. "Y'know, come to think of it, I don't even know if he knows I exist. Then again, he's kept the others from attacking human cities, so I guess that's as far as I need to worry when it comes to him." Then she grins and takes a quick bite out of the burger. "Hmm. So as for diplomacy and politics....like I said, I'm not going to be lauded as some kind of demagogue of a speaker or anything, but I can talk to crowds of people in power when I have to. But I kinda just prefer regular people. They're the ones who end up feeling the effects of the choices made by those in authority."

"Absolutely. Excellently put." There's a beat. Lynx adds, "Although, have you met the local authority?"

It may seem to be a very bizarre question to some. For the most simple, police are the local authority. A policing body is designed to uphold rules and regulations put in place by a governing body, though. Through that chain, thusly, one can easily open a can of worms. The expectant sparkle disappears the moment an answer is given to the previous question, yet the cat person seems to engage directly with the demi-Titan as that air of curiosity persists.

"If you mean the mayor or city council, I can't say I have. The closest so far I've gotten to meeting anyone of authority is the chief of police and those under her command. Good people on the whole. At least so far as I can tell at the moment." Kaijin munches a bit on the burger she'd picked up. "Have you met anyone from the council or the mayor or anything?"

"None that would yet have a vested interest in me."

"I do know Detective Hawksmoor, though, professionally," admits the cat with allusion to some sort of working relationship, possibly related to a case. "Have you yet met the man?" It's almost like small talk. In fact, it could be just that. Yet, is it? Parcel so received, the sharply-dressed demi-human is at social rights to a departure. "Also an interesting individual. You shall, no doubt, encounter many such people as you continue your professional role. Must be quite exciting, really." The image of a scholar is rarely depicted as an exciting thing, after all.

"Hawksmoor? I don't think so. It was only by chance I met the chief, and even then, I'm only a patroller. So unless I get wrapped up in something big, I probably wouldn't meet him while on duty in all likelihood." Kaijin says after trying to think if she's met the man in question. Then she laughs a bit. "Y'know, a lot of people think police work is like what they see on TV. It's really not. I went into that with eyes wide open that the job was probably not going to be anywhere near as exciting as TV and movies make it seem. I was right. As for meeting interesting people though? Yeah, I suppose that's about right."

"Is that a fact?" asks the felinoid in response to the notion that the work of a policing body is similar to that of telebroadcasted fictionals. "I wouldn't really know," he offers as a slight glimpse into a more personal window of revelation before adding, "so I shall take your word for it. In my experience, the role of Guardsmen are quite necessary and very useful. Habitual patrol will at least make you familiar with the area and its denizens. A good start."

There is almost a tangible shift in tone for the grim as Lynx turns to collect the parcel which still needs further delivery. "You should be very careful, Titanblood. There are many unseen dangers lurking inside the city far worse than the obvious ones living on the skirt's hem of loosely-stitched reality outside of it. You may learn to overlook the fantastic for as much as can be encountered here, but I advise against it." The man shifts the weight of the bag with the crinkling of thick brown paper before offering Kaijin very direct eye-contact. "If something feels wrong, let your fellow Guardsmen know."

"Naturally. That's why we have a means to call for help if we need it." Kaijin says with a smile, patting the pocket where her phone is. "As for unseen dangers in the city? Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised. But that's why the police are here. We protect and serve."

"So you do. In that order?" There's some cheeky humor in that remark to accompany the otherwise serious nature of what was only just spoken. "Stay vigilant, Titanborn, and if you do happen to meet the Detective let him know that Reynolds is still in stable condition. He likely is aware, yet I would prefer he know, indirectly, that I'm still doing what I can within my ability." Turning away in preparation to leave, Lynx decides to at least state, "I shan't elaborate, but Hawksmoor might. Police business, after all. His call. You understand."

Kaijin chuckles. Then chomps more on her burger. "Yeah, if I run into the guy I'll let him know. You're a bit on the strange side, Lynx. But all in all, was nice meeting you. Take care out there. Winter's right around the corner, and that's usually when some people like to start making trouble. Or at least they did back home."

Despite taking a couple steps, the feline pauses at being called 'strange'. While he does not turn around, or even to the side, or even barely turn his head, he does faintly tip his nose downward to one side as to address the officer behind him with a lowered tone of voice. "Perhaps. Though perhaps it is disarming of oneself to label things as unfamiliar or familiar. Nothing you encounter here is fully transparent. You would do a disservice to yourself to try and identify that which you best know. Expect nothing and you avoid being blind to most surprise."

Kaijin quirks her head to one side. Most of that made little sense to her. But she grins anyway. "I generally don't worry about anything when it comes to my expectations. Because one way or another, every day here always manages to find some way to surprise me."

There is a noise that follows that might just be a chuckle, although it is muted by a sudden raise in volume of a nearby conversation. The cat person departs at this point and, after crossing the threshold, there just might seem to be something missing in the atmosphere inside the restaurant. Something hard to place, neither good or bad, that simply isn't present any longer. A footnote, perhaps, and certainly far far less 'strange' than many others about. It could be an observation and nothing more or simply altogether lost in the sea of shared words and enticing food aromas.

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