Alissa Bailey

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Alissa Bailey
Full Name: Alissa Bailey

Occupation: Priestess
Series: Original

Threat Level: Street Sweeper
Alignment: Neutral Good
Gender: Female
Species: Homosarien

Short Description: A tall teenage girl with golden blonde hair

Alissa Bailey
Age: 16 Birthdate: April 29th
Height: 5'7 Weight: 140 lbs

This young girl is best described as a girl of contrasts. It's fairly clear that she has the bearings of a common girl that grew up with a life of lots of labour, with callused hands. She is tall for her age, standing at five foot seven, with sturdy shoulders and lithe arms. Her physique from there is girlish, growing and maturing into that of a generally attractive young woman. Where the contrast comes from, is from her brilliant, golden blonde hair and teal green eyes and countenance, there is always a warm and welcoming presence to this young woman, supernatural in nature. The youth is rarely seen without a smile. Presently she wears very simple clothes of cheaper, tough fabrics and clearly not modern, modest in fit tailoring, with a dark red cloak. She carries a staff and greatsword tucked under her cloak, both with runes on them.

Alissa is very reckless in the face of evil acts and is often going to put herself at risk. Her incredible courage can be a downside here if she ever bites off more than she can chew.

Prepares to settle things with as little violence as possible, and while she understands that won't always happen, she has no true passion for violence or fighting.

Alissa is rather Naive, and unobservant at times. She is an idealistic girl who has her heads in the clouds and always thinks the best of people at first. She is very oblivious to romantic approaches simply due to her lifestyle growing up.

Vulnerable to corruption: This is a thing that plagues all people like her from her homeland, Arcadia. With the right pushes, the right approach, a priestess of Arcadia can be perhaps corrupted to a darker power or another kind of worship. The reason they are vulnerable is that the lifestyle of a priest of a priestess of Arcadia is a very strict one, with many rules and oaths one imposes upon oneself as being part of it, and the freedom that is often felt once sworn away from it is immense.

Going 'Gray': In Alissa's world, those who wield mana attain it from a source, normally. With her arrival in twisted, her link to her god is being slowly cut off, and active use of her mana may speed the process up. She has maybe six months to find a way to create her own mana, or find another source, be it a deity, a device, or anything in between. 'Going Gray' is the term used in Alissa's world for this problem, and is considered sacrilegious among her people, as normally the only way to be going gray is to have wronged God in some extreme form. The worse yet, is arching, going from light to dark.

Alissa Bailey
Alissa was born in a world known as Grandeur. It is much like earth, with many different cultures, and many different peoples. But in this world, there was one concrete fact: Gods are real, and Alissa was living proof of this fact, as she was a homosarien, a variant of human in the world of Grandeur that was created by the gods, in this case, in particular. Arcadia's god: The one true god. A homosarien, or light-bearer, took 'mana', through their gate, provided by God himself. The gate was an actual physical and spiritual part of a Homosarien's body, nestled deep within the brain. Beyond that, Homosariens were the same as Homosapiens, but homo-sapiens of her world could wield 'essence', and with it, the elements of the world.

Arcadia is a land of knights, chivalry, and had many elements connecting it to similar Arthurian legends of Earth, and light-bearers such as herself, regardless of their lifestyle or social class normally, were held in high regard. They were the bearers of the lords light, all chosen to wield the light to protect their land and guide the populace. Alissa herself had a hero, a childhood hero that never met, but in her idealistic mind, she was inspired by the tales told.

V Vermillion. The woman who chased the demons away kept them away for Years and Years. A kind soul, and protective soul that cared for all of Arcadia. Those stories resonated with a young Alissa, and she was determined to be like her hero. "Just you wait! I'm going to chase away all those demons that are coming, just like V did!"

it was true, demons were coming, with V Vermillion's death, there was no one left to keep the demons of hell sealed away, and in time, they would come. Crusaders were sent out to stop them before they arrived.. but the location of the demon's portal had been lost to history, and the crusaders were lost at sea

Alissa trained her light in the arts of a cleric and light mage, even from a young age, a cleric's healing capabilities were untold of said even to bring back the eyes of a man who lost them in battle. A cleric made oaths to pursue paths of peace and to spread the touch of light to all one can, to promise kindness and acceptance. The merciful and compassionate side of her lord.

And then in the arts of a light mage, bending the very light mana into a weapon, creating small lasers, or protective barriers, to great, incredible feats of calling down her Gods might in a limited capacity, one, as a youth, she could not come close to.

Try, try as she might, a young, eleven-year-old Alissa could not combat the forces of darkness like she thought she could. Her homeland had gotten overwhelmed in a day, as most of the army had left on the crusade. People were forced to abandon their homes, and live among the castle. Alissa was included in that, having abandoned her farm alongside her family, her father having been seriously crippled by goblins in the escape, an injury he would never recover from, as at this time, Alissa's healing abilities very limited, by her experience, limited training, and age.

But sometimes. Heart, courage, and a determined mindset were enough to change the course of battles, Alissa tried. She joined the knights defending the land at every chance she could. She fought with everything she had. She had to be clever and smart, as even a goblin was too much for her directly.

But she'd still try. She had to try, her home was in danger, and those still stuck outside the walls of Arcadia were suffering. The goblins pillage, torture.. and who knows what else.

And through her efforts, she was able to make a difference, even saving the lives of a knight of the round table on two occasions, one time using her light to step through a billowing pillow of fire created by a chimera without being burnt, and pulled the burnt Knight, Ser Tristan, back, away from the battle to heal him. A youth that should never have to be on a field of battle faced the challenges of such head-on, knowing that even weak as she was, she had to try.

Soon enough, supplies at the castle were dwindling, and the threats became more clear, as vampires showed up, and one even tried to turn one of Alissa's role models, Iris Astraea, the Cardinal of fortitude, chosen by the archbishop himself. This left Iris in a half-vampiric state, the cardinal's blessing and spirit protecting her from full corruption into a vampiric creature.

It was also the time that Alissa had to make the decision on if she'd see Iris as a demon, or still as Iris. She prayed at length about it, meditating upon an answer.. and decided to trust her role model, who had begun to also teach her the arts of a knight, learning swordplay, and while Alissa never truly excelled in it, it gave her the much-needed edge to help her survive.

A climatic encounter with a creature only known as a Behemoth was a defining moment of Alissa's courage, as landed from a leap, hundreds of feet away, right before her, and proclaimed its presence with a roar that nearly stopped Alissa's heart and knocked her unconscious. Many fell unconscious, but Alissa steeled herself, and pressed on, pulling away from an injured knight, Ezekiel hawk, who had been injured by a giant prior, unable to move at all, due to his wounds, and would likely have died to the behemoth after.

There were few battles after that, with the king and his army returning, having fought their own battles in a foreign land of darkness, but not the land they had thought it was. The king chased away the demon threat with his armies and had a climactic battle with the behemoth, slaying it in the end.

it wasn't over just yet, however. Vladimir, the third lord of pride and an incredibly powerful vampire was pushed into action by the killing of his Behemoth, and a duel between the vampire and king happened. The vampire was sent running, and the king critically injured, and Ser Lancelot was slain.

Alissa, in a sudden bout of energy, put everything she could into her healing to save the king's life. Every bit, it was a reckless, dangerous thing to do. While a person like herself does not suffer physical fatigue from using their mana, it eventually can have a toll on the mind, the mana is drawn from the gate in their brain.

She pushed herself too hard, temporarily damaging her gate and brain, and leaving her in a coma for a month. She had, however, saved the king's life. While she was in a coma, Vladimir returned again, and this time, Rayner killed him.

That ended the first siege upon Arcadia, and lead to another five years of peace for Arcadia. Alissa recovered from her coma in a month and was heralded as many by a child hero who had been an inspiration for many throughout the time the king was away. When the King asked what Alissa wanted, she just said "I just want my family farm back. I don't need any special reward, I just miss my home."

She got it back, and for the next five years, she grew, she trained, and she worked the farm, but then Arcadia had to face the world: They had made first contact with outside nations five years ago, and now word, of another land cropping up with darkness, enslaving others, and lead by Lycanus, a species that were believed to be demons by Arcadia, and its teachings.

Alissa was selected to go. Now, sixteen years old, a full-fledged priestess, she was determined to try and save these people from an encroaching darkness. She never arrives, as the boat, she was on capsized, and in it, she made a desperate bid to save herself, and others. Magic distorted, and through some happenstance, be it luck, good, or bad, or done on purpose, she now finds herself in the world of twisted, in the strange, foreign city of Mabase.

This, however, is a timeline shift.

In the true timeline, Alissa had been captured by the forces of the enemy, and put through great torments, until she succumbed to the torments, and fell to darkness, becoming a priestess of darkness, of worship to the Demon prince of lust of her world - Asmodeus. She had taken the identity Lascif, and cast aside her past.

Personality quirks: Alissa is a kind, and caring individual. She puts others before herself and will also face off against evil when it is presented before her. She will fight, and she will fight lethally if its against demons or monsters. But against people? Humans, or what she perceives as human? She will refuse to kill them, no matter how many times they may try to harm her.

She believes there is good in even the darkest hearts of humanity. She would rather nurture that good then feed any darkness. Humble, patient, kind, Alissa doesn't strive to be a light in the darkness wherever she goes - its simply in her nature to be.


Alissa Bailey
Light Magic: Bending Light and photons into lasers, mirror-like barriers and other forms of attack and defence, including exploding varieties or even hand-held swords of blade or light, for more complex works, incantations are usually included. Sometimes, it takes on the form of holy lightning or fire, borrowed from the seraphic nature of her magic.

Clerical arts: Learned as part of her training as a cleric, clerical arts are blessings of light magic or healing arts. A blessing can make an individual stronger, faster, protect their mind from intrusion, or a great number of things. A clerics healing arts, at their peak, are considered to be nothing short of a miracle, as with great focus and prayer, a cleric can restore a lost individual's limbs or organs if done soon enough. This is often enough to bring someone who recently died within a moment back from the dead, as it works on the concept of neogenesis, rebirth, and effectively turns time back on the event that caused the damage to occur.

Spirit arts: Techniques taught to her by the archbishop himself, and a technique she came up with on her own, these don't fall under the above categories as they usually involve empowering oneself in one way or another with the use of Mana, which in Alissa's world is entirely spiritual, which makes them unusual.

Swordsmanship: Not her strongest point, but she was taught the ways of knightly swordsmanship with sword, shield, and longsword.

Cooking: Alissa loves to cook, and if she's making food - someone hungry is going to be having a good day, as her passion for it has allowed her to become a very talented cook.

Attunement to Light: Alissa is highly attuned to light and holy energies, and can innately sense them, it affects her appearance and is the reason she has the blonde hair and teal-green eyes that almost glow, it gives her that warm and welcoming presence as well. Said presence might instead be irritating, annoying, or downright repulsive to those that wield opposing energies.

Sensing: Alissa can sense dark energies in a limited capacity and a short-range around her, she can't discern the type of darkness or know its exact direction, but simply know its nearby.

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