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Tabitha Smith
Full Name: Tabitha Smith (Like, really?)
Alias: Boom-Boom

Occupation: Special Operative
Series: Marvel Comics

Threat Level: Block Buster
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Gender: Female
Species: Homo Superior

Short Description: An athletic blonde bombshell whose style usually lies somewhere between bargain basement superhero and your typical 80s mall rat. Has a penchant for long coats and tinted shades. Totally cool, in her own mind. Sort of an embarrassing, trashy throwback as far as anybody with better taste is concerned.

Misc: Boom, baby!

Tabitha Smith
Age: 22 Birthdate: November 30th
Height: 5'5" (165cm) Weight: 122lbs (55kg)

Flaws: Yes.

Tabitha Smith
ZOMG. I just started writing this and I'm already bored! Where does a bitching badass blonde bomber begin? So I'm a mutant, duh. My super awesome power is that I look great in everything, and also I can blow your entire face up with plasmatic time bombs. Small ones, big ones, long ones, girthy ones... just balls of all shapes and sizes, tbh. I've been able to do this since I was a kid, which was NOT my parents' favorite thing ever. They made a bad time of it. I had a bad time. It was a bad time. So I ditched them, obvs. What the frick else was a girl to do?

Runaway Tabby took her licks on the road, made some friends and some enemies, took what she needed to survive, and eventually ended up kicking self-righteous ass on a special ops team. Several of them, in fact. Ever hear of X-Factor, X-Force, the X-Terminators, the ol' X-Kabong? Alright, I made the last one up. Sue me. Just the three Xs! XXX, for a good time call--

Well. That's where it gets kinda complicated. Some people protest too freaking much, and think I've had too many codenames. Time Bomb, Meltdown, Boomer, Boom-Boom. I even ran without one for a while. Shit got weird. If I like you, you can call me Tab, Tabs, Tabby, T-Girl, T-Money, and Boom-Boom is just peachy either way. Don't wear it out or I'll go back to Doctor Madame McSplode.

J/K THAT WAS NEVER A REAL ONE, LOL (She'd ruin your day, though. Fear her.)

People think I'm a joke, but I am super, duper cereal. I've been snooping about and scrapping since I was thirteen years old, blowing up bad guys and supporting my friends... and a bunch of other ungrateful losers who don't even deserve that name! Sure I know how to have a good time, but I've saved more lives than I've blown up cars - and that's a fuckton of cars, let me tell you. Since my mutant brohams and brominas founded a paradise on Krakoa it's been a bit of a rough ride, but anyone who says I can't hold it together and get results is just a no-goodnik hater scumbag.

Yeah, you heard me. Come @ me.

Now it seems like we've got to jump across dimensions or something, something, blah blah. I dunno. "Go save the world, Tabitha", "liberate your fellow mutants, Tabitha", "stop blowing everything up, Tabitha". Another day, another dollar. Another night, another After Hours Shake 'n' Bake with Tabby Von Boom. See you on the flipside, lovers and haters. Peace o-u-t!


Tabitha Smith
Drinking - A dab hand with a whiskey bottle, Boom-Boom can put it away with the best of them, and fall over well before the rest. Don't sweat it, she'll get up again. Probably.

Explosions - One of the more aggressively-chaotic amongst the undisputed 'good guys', Boomer is explosive enough in her own right, but her particular genetic mutation allows her to create and control orbs of plasma that can subsequently be triggered to unleash physical explosions. These vary in size and impact based on both her intent and current ability to exercise restraint, from tiny, near-harmless firecrackers to substantial payloads capable of leveling walls and turning large vehicles into junk and shrapnel. She's also quite adept with the energy consumed in this process, able to put out blasts with sustained effort when necessary.

Fighting - Mutant gift aside, it's all too easy to write Boom-Boom off at first - or even second - glance. She has her 'dumb blonde' act down to a tee, and writes checks with her mouth that few asses could reliably cash. To her credit, though, she's been working on various clandestine special ops teams since she was barely out of her tweens. She's trained with, and fought alongside, some of the heavier hitters Earth-616 has to offer, and has the corresponding skills tucked into her slender waistband. Subverting all reasonable expectations, she's kind of a well-rounded badass.

Yakking - In case she really needed a fourth estimable talent, Tabitha is skilled in the art of running her damn mouth. The astute may note that she uses sarcasm and trollish humor to cover for a thousand glaring insecurities, but the astutely tactical can go one further - as part of a butt-kicking team, she makes for a valuable distraction. Go on, let her take that brick to the face so you don't have to. Who said snarky one-liners don't serve a practical purpose? Assholes, that's who.



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