Earthworm Jim

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Earthworm Jim
Full Name: Earthworm Jim

Series: Earthworm Jim
Class: Superheroic Space Cowboy
Threat Level: City Smasher
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Gender: Male
Species: Lumbricus Terrestris
Age: Unknown
Birthdate: Unknown
Height: Variable
Weight: Variable

Short Description: A talking worm in a space suit.

Earthworm Jim
Seriously, its a talking worm in a space suit. That's all you need to know!!
Earthworm Jim
        Jim has good things:

Weirdness: There is no other like Jim! As the only SUPER INTELLIGENT WORM FROM SPACE (Texas) to ever exist, Jim enjoys certain luxuries, such as boggling the minds of even the most knowledgeable of individuals. Chances that files exist of a giant talking worm in a space suit that spouts nonsense about Justice and Honor whilst totting around a ray gun that shoots cows sometimes, are astronomically low, even in such a well documented place like Twisted that keeps information on all manner of creatures. Because of his unique nature, Jim can often get the drop on foes by being completely unpredictable. Enemies that attempt to learn Jim's patterns through continued exposure to him will find two things; first, probably a tremendous headache for trying to figure him out, and second; that there's no rhyme nor reason for his actions other than an inexplicable desire to be good. His motives are clear. How he goes about them? Not so much. Foes trying to second guess him are in for a daunting task.

Super Space Battle Suit: Invented by Professor Monkey-For-A-Head, the suit that Jim now commandeers is the ultimate automaton for space travel and all terrain combat. It grants the user an amazing strength multiplexer to the point where they can lift metric tons of weight over their head, and it also offers superb resistance to all kinds of damage, including the ability to survive the vacuum of space. But wait, there's more! If super strength and near invulnerability weren't enough, the suit is also equipped with an extremely vast array of weaponry. From a simple plasma gun strapped to the waist portion of the suit, to Manta ray shields that come from the forearms, to inflation devices to levitate in the air or stay afloat in water, boot thrusters for enhanced sprints, hidden boxing glove compartment, a Pocket Rocket to cruise around the universe and have lots of fun, Swiss knives, portable microwave and is not clear to just how long the list extends. If there's a situation that demands for a particular set of mundane tools, i.e. hammer, screw drivers and such, Jim can usually find it somewhere in his suit.

Justice Before Reason: Jim is an overzealous guy. Loyal to a fault, he is absolutely firm in his ideals to uphold justice, honor and the Texan way. No matter how dangerous the mission may seem or how overwhelming the odds may be stacked against him, even if it looks like a down right suicidal endeavor, Jim will do it with no doubt in his mind and no fear in his heart (okay, maybe a little fear, but he’ll do it anyway). The space worm is from a school of thought that goodness will in the end always prevail. He believes he will succeed no matter what simply by virtue of being in the side of good and this gives him an irrational sense of courage, regardless of the ultimate outcome. Spells and enchantments that cause fear on people still work on him however, though there are greater chances he'll just resist the effects and continue attacking.

Tumbling Worm: When the Super Space Battle Suit fell on top of Jim's head, it transformed him into a super powerful worm! He was given four super brains to process vast amounts information (which he uses mostly to remember pop culture references, but that's besides the point). He can speak, see clearly with human like eyes, and ingest solid foods through a rather large sized mouth. Furthermore, Jim's body is not at all frail like one would expect from a worm. It is surprisingly durable and flexible, to the point where Jim is now able to use himself as a living weapon; smacking opponents around like a whip, lassoing them or even strangle them if he needs to. Another added benefit of being a worm on a super suit is that he can slip and hide inside if he needs to avoid damage entirely. Some other more mundane benefits of being a worm is that he can burrow in the dirt and sense people approaching when down on the ground.

        And bad things:

Weirdness: There is no other like Jim! And that's not necessarily a good thing! Just because you're unique doesn't mean you're useful. Jim can usually get the drop on enemies because he is so confusing, but unfortunately, this is also the case with allies. It's easy for other people to not take him seriously despite his good intentions. His personality is also quite unsettling, as he is over the top in all his actions and is prone to flights of fancy due to his eccentric nature. This leaves his employment in any kind of mission as a gamble, his skill level tends to range from stupidly incompetent, to Lord Worm Savior of the Universe, or anywhere in between. The only reliable thing about Jim is that he is completely unreliable.

Super Space Battle Suit: Invented by Professor Monkey-For-A-Head, the suit that Jim now commandeers is the ultimate automaton for space travel and all terrain combat. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for it's pilot. This suit was clearly created for someone with a more extensive history of military experience, not a squirming earthworm. It takes genius levels of intelligence to operate properly, which Jim obviously lacks, and there's no real integrated assisted computer to even explain the controls, which Jim desperately needs. The suit is also that, just a suit, and it requires someone to use it in order to function. It looks at least intelligent enough to manage some manner of movement without a proper user, but without Jim to control it the suit can do little more than walk, run, and occasionally wave to people. The possibility of it being stolen still remains there as well, and the suit seems incapable of making any distinction between Jim and other users, it will do whatever the current wearer is telling it to do. Jim could probably program it with some security devices to prevent theft, or heck, learn how to properly operate and repair the space suit if he just read the owner's manual. But of course, Jim thinks that reading the manual is for chumps and prefers to blunder through the controls.

Justice Before Reason: Jim is an overzealous guy, to the point that borders on idiocy. He doesn’t listen to reason when told about the perilous dangers of a situation and always, /always/, charges head first with guns blazing. Plan? What plan? The only plan that Jim needs is GOODNESS, caring little if a straight forward approach is actually the correct one or not. This more often than not tends to bite him back in the butt, as he comes in swinging and gets bounced right back out. Oh, Jim will get back up more than likely and try again; he’s resilient like that, but good luck trying to offer him a more sensible approach other than attack attack attack.

Tumbling Worm: When the Super Space Battle Suit fell on top of Jim's head, it transformed him into a super powerful worm! A super hero as he may be though, Jim is still just a worm. He lacks any limbs and can only slither around in the ground when he doesn't have his suit. Jim is also insanely strong, but only to worm standards, a normal human will likely be able to out-wrestle him with some effort if he tries to go for the ensnare. The super worm is also highly susceptible to just getting plucked out of his suit, and enemies that know what they're doing will immediately try to grab Jim by the head and forcefully yank him out of his suit to render him helpless. As a worm, Jim is also laughably simplistic in his mentality, though he tends to get highly sophisticated by praising the virtues of love and justice, he is just as likely to consider lying down on the ground a legitimate way of spending his free time.


Once nothing but a dirt-eating worm with a healthy fear of crows from Texas. Jim was transformed into a super-intelligent (by worm standards) hero when an ultimate space suit was lost in a starship battle being fought dangerously close to Earth. The suit fell right on top of Jim, miraculously pointed head down, and instantly transformed him into a dashingly brave superhero worm. After taking control of the suit and all its super-powered abilities, Jim learned the suit was being sought out by Queen Pulsating, Bloated, Festering, Sweaty, Pus-filled, Malformed, Slug-for-a-Butt, who would put it to evil use. As any self respecting Texan would do, Jim would have none of that and took it upon himself to not only protect the suit but the whole universe while he was at it. Having little motivation other than this, Jim often solves puzzles and mysteries by randomly blowing things up until something starts making sense. Although rowdy, he's an alright chum to be around, even if those that keep to his company have high chances to get body slammed by flying cows.


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