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Magic Emperor/Dragonmaster Ghaleon
Full Name: Magic Emperor/Dragonmaster Ghaleon

Series: Lunar
Class: Warrior/Mage

Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Gender: Male
Species: Vile Tribe
Age: 152

Short Description:

Magic Emperor/Dragonmaster Ghaleon
Standing here is a tall man, his skin is white as snow, and long flowing silver hair appears from his head which is sweep back over his shoulders, he is wearing purple cap that has a red band over the front and the band is cover in gold symbols, above the redband is a white triangle and another gold symbol, on each side of the cap are two white with purple strip from top to bottom cups that hold the purple cape which cover the back of his head. he is wearing a purple robe that flows all the way to his feet with a white frontplate that has gold and red marking down the front of it, he has on a pair of tight purple pants with the same gold and red marking around the heam and a pair of black knee boots on his feet.



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