Gonta Gokuhara

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Gonta Gokuhara
Full Name: Gonta Gokuhara (GON-ta Go-KOO-hah-RAH)
Alias: Gonta, Big Guy, Bug Boy

Occupation: Entomologist
Series: Danganronpa

Threat Level: Street Sweeper
Alignment: Lawful Good
Gender: Male
Species: Human

Short Description: What looks like a large young man with wild, long, greenish brown hair and red eyes. He's wearing a pair of glasses and a brown suit, strangely lacking in shoes, and carries a beetle cage and a large bug net.


Gonta Gokuhara
Age: 15 Birthdate: Jan 23rd
Height: 6'6" Weight: 207 lbs

You see nothing special.

Muscle Head:
While he is not stupid as his trouble with grasping some human concepts, his naivety, and his own insistence to the fact might make him appear, it can very much come off that way to some. He can often be ignored or not taken seriously thanks to this. His having been gone from humanity for 10 years of the formative part of his life means he doesn't get a lot of things. Some he doesn't get after already having had it explained to him, and some just being things no one thought to explain because it was such common knowledge to them. For instance he'd likely have a lot of trouble with grasping even the most basic of complex social issues. It's almost impossible for him to wrap his head around higher tech things like computers as well. Trying to explain as such is sometimes quick to lead to annoyance and headaches for both parties. To make matters worse he's a bit insecure because of these shortcomings and can can grind others' patients more so by assuming wrong doing on his own part and apologizing or fretting more oft than needed.

Naivety and Trust:
Gonta wants so badly to get along with people and believes in the best from most people. Unless he actually sees someone as evil, he will most likely want to give them second chances over and over and over again even though they've burned him personally, making him look very forgetful and stupid to those that don't understand his motivations and drive to help and protect others.

Berserker Button:
Depending on the severity, sometimes just saying you don't like bugs is enough to start making Gonta irritated. Actually hurting bugs without very good reason is likely to cause MUCH worse with his temper.

Gentleman Code: Gonta tries his hardest to follow everything he's learned of how gentlemen are supposed to act. As he feels part of being a gentleman is doing the right things, he probably would also be EXTREMELY unlikely to ever be talked out of these beliefs. This means there are several things he tries to severely adhere to that might strongly inconvenience him at times. For instance he must not strike women unless it is ABSOLUTELY necessary to do so(such as if they are being a clear and obvious threat to his friends). He's not supposed to look at naked people. He should help people in need. He should always treat women nicely and with respect. He shouldn't be rude. He shouldn't lie. So on and so forth for whatever he is convincingly enough lead to believe a gentleman should do. This also causes him to mostly try and default to handling things with pacifism, should it not be important to do otherwise.

Sensitive Soul:
It's very easy for Gonta to fall into his emotions a bit too hard and, despite his generally happy and positive temperament, fly into the kind of aforementioned moments of being overly excited or angry, or one of the other alternatives is that he just breaks out sobbing over something seemingly small. This, in turn, tends to lead to him feeling self conscious of how he'd overreacted, often causing him to apologize or worry overly much.

Gonta Gokuhara
Gonta, on first sighting, is considered a scary looking figure by the vast majority from his world. However, his large, muscular frame and serious case of resting murder face are generally extremely misleading. Having gotten lost as a very young boy, he was raised in the wild by Reptites (though he uses a cover story of wolves) and grew able to speak with all animal kind. After being found, he has been striving to become a great gentleman so his high class, rich, human parents will be more accepting of his wilderness family. He was to be the Ultimate Entomologist among Hope's Peak Academy students due to having already been titled a doctor of Entomology (bugs) in his mid teens. Despite this, he very much tends to give an outward appearance of being rather slim in brain power between oft still struggling with human concepts and obviously having plenty of brawn. While he is greatly capable of handling himself in a fight, he would rather not and is far more known for his kind, gentle nature and his stupidly high level of trusting naivety.


Gonta Gokuhara

Sharp Eyesight:
Gonta has ridiculous level of sight (20/.625) to the point that, while he can't see them well enough to tell what they are or discern any details about them, he can see down to the size of nanites. One of the results of this is that he can draw well due to having such increased awareness of detail.

Gonta has, at a minimum, proved capable of lifting a manhole (usually weighing between 90 and 150 pounds, but sometimes they weigh up to 250 pounds) effortlessly just between two fingers, and throwing it like a frisbee just as effortlessly, despite the fact this is all supposed to be strength he has naturally. He is also stated to have strength enough that, when he was still in the wild, traveling warriors sometimes tracked him down to test themselves.

Animal Speak:
Gonta's adapted to the whole of animal kind enough that somehow he can speak with them either at what seems like a mental level where he is seemingly not talking at all, or just talking normally like a human and they will understand and 'speak' back to him to a point he can communicate better on the animal level than the human level. This is to human level detail, to the point that he can talk to another human, who most people have trouble understanding, by way of that human's pet hamster translating it's master's words into a simplified form that Gonta understands.

Wilderness Survival:
Gonta's very quick, good at pinpointing scents he recognizes, and flexible on top of the aforementioned crazy strength and eyesight. He has a high endurance for temperatures, and is also more than capable of surviving outside of a civilized location, knowing his stuff about nature as well as being able to hunt. Having lived in the wilderness for ten years, he knows all about things like what to do for shelter, how to track things, general alertness, and safety (in regards to dealing with animals, forests, caves, and mountain terrain). Generally everything for when you are trapped in the woodsy mountains for years on end and trying not to die. Due to being a human trying to survive along side creatures with more useful body parts than his own, Gonta eventually learned how to make tools from the things around him in nature. Mostly this was for things like when he needed something sharp (sharpening a stone to be able to cut something, for instance) or needed to get around better. Living in not just woods, but /mountainous/ woods, Gonta has had to account for things like mountain climbing as well as sometimes just needing to get upper ground up in the trees. He's become skilled with rope knowledge due to this, knowing what to make them with, how to tie them, getting them strong and anchored down enough to hold his weight, and using them to swing between high places. Due to having to use this kind of travel he's not entirely inexperienced in the act of parkouring around when needed, but he can still have a tendency to be over excitable and miss his aim on things due to things like moving with too much force.

Ultimate Entomologist:
While Gonta likes all animals, he especially loves bugs and he has studied them quite thoroughly. He can name basically any type of bug you throw at him (only one really shouldn't do that, one might upset him by being mean to the bugs) knows them all down to the tiniest of details, and has been able to do things like discover different diseases and cures effective for humans that were in insects. This is one of those rare things that Gonta will cast aside his general difficulty in communication and lack of self confidence to talk about when he feels he should. Unless one honestly wants to learn about bugs, they should avoid making him go into one of his doctor of entomology style teaching rambles at them. He likes bugs enough even, that he has done things like used his own hair as a nest and summoned swarms of bugs on command.

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