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Himet Suko
Full Name: Himet Suko

Series: Lethumi
Class: Special Operations
Threat Level: Street Sweeper
Alignment: Neutral
Gender: Female
Species: Sidran (Darkflower)
Height: Usually around 5'6"

Short Description: A seemingly perpetually smiling young woman with short hair.

Himet Suko
Casual: Really, the girl you're looking at isn't all that attention grabbing. Her short hair is fairly light and washed out in color, much like the color of aged straw. Still, despite the color of her hair, seeing her face you can tell she has plenty of youthful vigor. Why, she can't be a day over twenty, if that! A near-constant smirk adorns her face, a smile that travels well to her eyes... Which are all but closed. She's not quite squinting, no, instead it seems that she just likes to barely have her eyes open at all to begin with. From a casual look, you'd say that her eyes might even be closed, but she can clearly see well enough. She's currently wearing a sleeveless black turtleneck shirt that flares out over the belt of her jeans, though a long sleeved red T-shirt is worn underneath it for the colder weather. On her feet are a pair of fairly ordinary looking dark grey running shoes. Why, she is the very picture of casual!

Armored: Well, you're at least certain that the individual you're looking at is female. She's wearing an odd set of combat fatigues that are tight enough to be sure of that, even though it's clear there is some form of chest armor underneath. The weird thing about the fatigues, however, is the fact that the camo pattern shifts in color to match its surroundings. Slung over her back is a long rifle that has two barrels, the larger bore over the smaller one, that looks like it's probably used for sniping. At the small of her back, however, is also sheathed a wakizashi, but the belt holding that also has clipped to it, at her hip, an odd weapon that looks like a carbon fiber club with rectangular metal teeth on the sides. Over her forearms are a pair of bracers that look like they're part of some sort of computer system, with a few control surfaces on them, but her boots look purely utilitarian, if light weight. It's the helmet, though, that keeps this person looking quite mysterious. Overall, it resembles an eagle's head, with the upper beak positioned like the helmet's visor, completely hiding her face. A closer examination can reveal that there is in fact a hinge that can open the beak, opening up the helmet to the air. The crest of feathers facing backwards looks like it's probably just ornamental, but with how technical this armor looks, it could well house antenna or some other equipment.

Himet Suko
Shapeshifting: As a Darkflower, Himet is a natural shapeshifter. She's able to change her appearance at will to more or less any human sized form. Going beyond a basic humanoid form is difficult for her, but it is technically possible to take a quadrupedal or winged form. Were she to make a winged form, she'd still not be able to use it to fly, since she'd need to understand the biology of a flying creature to get it to work. A tail, however, is completely natural for her as a sidran.

Ninjitsu: Himet is partially trained by the Mi Chkul. While this partial training leaves a lot of gaps, she's quite proficient in acrobatic style melee combat and stealth techniques because of her training. In melee, she prefers a two weapon style, with her shock macuahuitl in her right hand and her wakizashi in her left, primarily used for defense. Her waskizashi has a high frequency vibration blade, and is named Sturmfalter.

Eagle Warrior Training: Himet has been trained in the Cuauhocelotls' combat techniques, which focus on taking an opponent alive, if injured. This puts focus on the use of a shock macuahuitl, which is a larger taser-like weapon used to disable in melee combat, and in the use of a double barreled sniper rifle. This rifle has two barrels in order to be used both as a traditional sniper rifle and to fire tranquilizer darts. While her training also included assault rifles and submachine guns, she doesn't typically carry such weapons. The last piece of her kit is a set of shock cuffs, for after the initial capture of a target has occurred. These handcuffs are equipped with a taser-like device as well in case the captive struggles.

She's also trained in the proper use of the standard Cuauhocelotl tactical armor, which is less about protection than it is about utility, though it is capable of stopping small arms fire in the chest and head area. Its primary purpose is for its active camouflage, which is far from being a cloaking system. Instead, it's more literally camouflage in that it changes its color to match its surroundings in a more general sense. In snow it would turn white, among trees it would turn mottled green and brown, against a building it would match the paint color, etc. The helmet also contains a fair amount of electronic utilities, including night vision, communications, telescopic vision, and effectively acts as the monitor for the computer housed in the armor's back plate. Each hand also has a gauntlet that houses control inputs for the armor's computer. Her training also included the ability to make minor repairs and modifications to the armor's electronics, though if some vital components are damaged, she'd still need to replace them.


In the Sidra Arm of the galaxy, there is a family known as the Darkflowers. These Sidrans are well known, well organized, and numerous to the point of being a clan. The thing that sets them apart from regular Sidrans, more than anything else, is their ability to change their forms. Shapeshifters, they are fully capable of changing their physical appearance from minute details to fully changing their apparent species.

One member of this family, the daughter of the current head of the family, has had enough of the family's constant insertion into her life. First she ran off to join the Mi Chkul ninja, training in their techniques with the intent of becoming a mercenary. Unfortunately, her family tracked her down and pestered her to return to the fold of the family. Instead, she left the Sidra Arm entirely, heading into the Orion Spur to blend in with the humans of the Sol Federation under the assumed name of Himet Suko. There, she used her abilities learned from the Mi Chkul to qualify for training under a special operations division of the Sol Federation's Heaven agency. Heaven is roughly a combination of Secret Service, CIA, and FBI. Himet was trained to become a member of the Cuauhocelotl division as an eagle warrior.

Now a few missions into her career under Heaven's Cuauhocelotl, Himet set out for yet another. Somehow, she didn't make it through the mission, however. Somehow, she's wound up in Twisted.


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