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Full Name: Jade

Series: Beyond Good and Evil
Class: Photojournalist
Threat Level: [[:Category:{{{Threat}}}|{{{Threat}}}]]
Alignment: Neutral Good
Gender: Female
Species: Human(?)
Age: 20
Birthdate: 11 May, 2415
Height: 5'4" (163cm)
Weight: lb (kg)

Short Description:

You see nothing special.
Curious mix of high technology and mystical equipment

'Abilities: Martial arts, agility, stealth, mystical powers;' (Taken from IRISwiki)

"Jade has learned and acquired many different abilities throughout her life. Expert in martial arts, she can defeat enemies with nothing but a combat stick, her trusty Daï-jo. Also, because of her light figure and agility, she can perform numerous stunts: leaping, somersaulting, climbing, sidestepping, dodge roll, and even hang from ledges. She has the stealth and cunning needed to infiltrate highly secured facilities and bypass guards without being detected. Working side by side with her companions she solved complex puzzles, infiltrated military institutions and taken down an evil galactic overlord, and can also drive both a hovercraft and a spaceship.

Toward the end of her adventure, Jade discovers a strange power within her she was unaware she possessed. Because of the mysterious Shauni entity supposedly living inside her, Jade was able to use this ability to rescue all the other remaining victims of the DomZ war. The full extent of this power remains unclear, even after the end of the game." Taken from IRISwiki, Character Page Jade


The Synthetical-Atomic-Compressor (or S.A.C for short)(Sack) is a backpack-like object used to carry other items. The S.A.C's most common use is to digitalize objects and compress their atomic structure (like the Camera) and being able to carry them around without hindrance; within the S.A.C, the user can then un-digitialize the object into the real world again for use, some S.A.C's also have an Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), as is shown by Secundo. (Holds the data from photographs taken with the camera. Secundo not included!)

Weapon: Daï-jo (Daï-jo staff meaning Great Staff) A precious gift from her uncle; this telescopic staff appears to be wooden with a gold inlay design at either end. It retracts to about half its length for storage. Able to channel some form of energy, empowering its strikes after a moment's charge. Jade receives the daï-jo from Pey'j after the sarcophagi invade the Lighthouse Shelter. She uses it to take out the DomZ monster and continues to use it for the remainder of the game.

Camera: The VP-H263 is Jade's camera and the most important item she possesses. Connected to the S.A.C. storage unit it maintains and manages all of her photograph storage, uploads and downloads. But the Programs within the S.A.C. allow recording and displying of species data and recorded information, translation of a photograph of a map into an extrapolated 3D model and some general known information on scanned targets.






Jade is the protagonist and player character of Beyond Good And Evil. She's a sassy but strong tomboy who throughout her whole life grew up on Hillys where war is the only subject of discussion. She has been an orphan through her entire childhood and has no memory of her parents or where she came from. She was taken in by her adoptive uncle Pey'j, who raised her like she was his own daughter. Her camera, apparently given to her by her parents, is the only tangible link to them.

Jade eventually gained a love and job as a photographer and started her own business - "Jade Reporting & Co." - earning money on commission from various companies that are interested in her photographic and reporting skills. Along with Pey'j, she lived at the Lighthouse shelter with six other orphans and a dog named Woof. All the orphans look up to her as their big sister since Jade tries her best to protect them at all costs from the DomZ or any other threat.

She eventually becomes a member of the IRIS Network - working under the pseudonym "Shauni" - after having some doubts about the Alpha Sections' claims of being heroes. She believes that the only thing that will help bring this war to an end is by learning more about the secretive elite organization and stop it before it's too late. At the end of the game, Jade received cryptic information from the DomZ High Priest that hints to her true identity. The High Priest also hints that Pey'j knows the answers that surrounds this whole situation and has kept it all from Jade for unspecified reasons.


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