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Jaune Arc
Full Name: Jaune Arc

Series: RWBY
Class: Huntsman in training
Threat Level: Street Sweeper
Alignment: Neutral Good
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 17
Height: 6'1"

Short Description: A tall, scrawny looking blonde with a punchable face.

Jaune Arc
Tall, blonde, blue-eyed, you'd think Jaune would be considered handsome, but no. Maybe he could have been, but that messy mop of a head, that too-skinny build, and above all his personality keep him from being considered a real catch. In fact, a bully might consider his face 'punchable'. As for what he's wearing? A black, short sleeved hoodie with orange lining, and white chest armor over his upper chest area, and the same material on his upper arms. His forearms are also covered with an orange material, the same shade as the lining of his hood. Bits of armor of the same white color poke out of his heavy, fingerless leather gloves. He's wearing two crossing belts, one that holds his sword and scabbard when they're not in hand, the other holding a pouch. Neither one of these seems to be actually holding up his jeans, which seem to stay up just fine on their own, though the left knee is a bit torn. Finally, on his feet are a pair of what look to be black Converse All-Stars, with 'left' and 'right' written on the soles for some reason.
Jaune Arc
Swordplay: While he wasn't very good at the start of the series, his fighting ability has increased tremendously thanks to personal tutoring from Pyrrha Nykos. His sword is called Crocea Mors, and the scabbard extends to become a shield. This weapon has been passed down in his family from at least his great-great-grandfather, who used it in a war.

Aura: All living beings on Remnant have Aura, though this is something that must be activated. Pyrrha Nikos activated his during the Beacon Initiation, revealing that he has 'a lot of it'. A person's aura protects them from harm so long as it doesn't run out, working in a way like a personal shield. It has also been shown to be able to heal injuries. This increases Jaune's toughness tremendously, allowing him to take weapon hits, gunfire, and monster's claws and teeth without injury. While Jaune has a higher than average amount of aura, it is still not limitless.

Semblance: Everyone on Remnant has a semblance. These are much like mutant powers in Marvel comics, with examples including super speed, magnetic control of metal, and creating body duplicates. Jaune's semblance, however, has not been revealed. As of the end of season 3, no one is aware of what Jaune's Semblance is.


Descended from a lineage of Huntsmen(Huntsmen are the trained defenders of humanity on Remnant), Jaune grew up among 7 sisters, well aware of his family history. Unfortunately, he didn't show much aptitude for following his family's past, but this didn't stop him from getting into Beacon Academy. No, he was still able to get into this premier training academy for Huntsmen, but only by cheating, using fake transcripts. But to become a Huntsman was his dream, and poor grades in earlier schooling would not deter him from his goal of becoming a hero!

In Beacon, something remarkable happened to him: After the Beacon Initiation (which involved teaming up with the first person you see and retrieving 'relics' from a temple. Though in his case this also involved fighting a pair of giant Grimm monsters along with 7 others.), he was selected to actually lead his team, team JNPR(pronounced 'Juniper'). Despite Jaune's misgivings, Professor Ozpin, the headmaster of Beacon Academy, stood by his decision for Jaune to lead. Still more or less bumbling through school life, it eventually came to light to a bully, Cardin Winchester, that Jaune had cheated to get into the academy. He more or less had Jaune under his thumb for a period until he tried to get Jaune to pull pranks on the others of team JNPR. Jaune refused, and in the events shortly after, he successfully killed a giant Ursa, a bear type Grimm monster, almost single handedly. With newfound confidence, Jaune found his backbone against Cardin and turned to his teammate, Pyrrha, to help him train in combat, though his team still lost in a food fight against team RWBY later on.

For much of his time in Beacon, he was (incredibly unsuccessfully) chasing after Weiss Schnee, the heiress of the Schnee Dust Company. This ended only after it was revealed that she was in turn after Neptune, another trainee Huntsman from another nation. Later on, he showed his improved skills by helping to defend the nearby city from a massive invasion Grimm.


His name is pronounced 'zhon'. Think like the captain of the Enterprise from The Next Generation.

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