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Katherine Lebedev
Full Name: Katherine Lebedev

Occupation: Major in GRU/EDC Director
Series: Themis Files Book 3, Only Human

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Gender: Female
Species: Human, A1

Short Description: A bright eyed woman dressed in a suit that's all business, with a personality that's all smiles...and sometimes possibly, just possibly the teeniest, tiniest dash of murder - maiming at the very least. Katherine is currently serving as a Lt. Commander in the NTSDF and heads their Research and Development division. - On Earth (as she knew it), Katherine was a Major in the GRU, The First Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces. There she headed a small division focused on alien technology and weaponry. In particular, she and the Russian government were very interested in obtaining Themis, a large "mecha" built by the aliens known as the Ekt. Later, Katherine took a position with the UN's highly specialized Earth Defence Corps commanding a strike force and developing weapons using cutting edge, experimental technologies. Katherine is exceedingly friendly and, by appearances, a bit scattered but don't let that fool you. She hasn't gotten to the top by sheer dumb luck. There's a method to her madness. Approach with caution.

Katherine Lebedev
Age: Early to mid 40s Birthdate: Classified
Height: Classified Weight: Classified

Wearing a NTSDF uniform, Katherine Lebedev is the very picture of professionalism. The crisp, straight lines of the fitted jacket and knee length skirt make a sharp, no-nonsense first impression but those hard edges are softened by the way the ensemble hugs her slender body creating a sleek, feminine silhouette. As Katherine heads the R&D department, her gear is in the deep shades of blue that represent it with the notable exceptions being her red and gold epaulettes and the markings on her sleeves and breast which denote her senior rank to be that of Lieutenant Commander. She carries with her at all times a small side-arm, a PSS silent pistol, which is holstered at her belt. Katherine is the smaller side of average height and weight, though not quite petite. Her posture is effortlessly impeccable, no doubt from years of military service. She always seems at attention- alert. She is approximately somewhere in her late 30s or early 40s, though one could easily mistake her for several years younger than that, especially given her bubbly personality and chatty nature. Still, keen observers might note the barest hint of crow's feet at the corners of her eyes, though they are very subtle. Katherine has large, bright blue eyes which convey mirth and amusement as readily as they do shrewdness and acuity. If eyes are the windows to the soul, it's safe to say that Katherine's may be tinted for it's not always easy to read the woman this way. Is she joking? Is she serious? Katherine wears her disposition cheerfully, but she keeps her cards close to the vest and trying to read the truth from her expression is likely an exercise in frustration thanks to years of work in government intelligence which has trained her to give away nothing...unless it serves your purpose. Katherine's blonde shoulder-length hair is smartly cut- layered at the bottom and parted to the side. At all times - in and out of uniform - Katherine's appearance can best be described as neat, tidy, and perfectly presentable.

Katherine Lebedev


Katherine Lebedev

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