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Kazuki Wakahisa
Full Name: Kazuki Wakahisa

Series: Macross
Class: Aidoru ~<3
Threat Level: Street Sweeper
Alignment: Basically Good
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 22
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 149

Short Description: Tall, thin, androgynous person with dark brown hair that's short in the back and long before his ears, and violet eyes.

Kazuki Wakahisa
        Pale, slim, and delicate of features. It might even be hard to tell at first what gender this person is at a single glance. But a second look at the face will reveal a squareness that one doesn't often see in a woman, and thinner lips than a woman's. Still, though...it's a safe bet he gets a lot of teasing over it.
        He has sable brown hair that's left down, and reaches about to mid-back. He's kept his bangs long; if he didn't have them tucked behind his ear on one side, they would hide his face. As it is, the tucked-back hair reveals a face that's delicate and feminine-looking. But there's enough masculinity there to at least tell he's male with not too much trouble unless one isn't paying attention.
        His eyes are a light lavender color, and seem somewhat narrowed. In fact, his features in general seem slim and angular, his fingers slightly too long, and slightly too thin. But perhaps good for fine detail work.
        He's wearing a black, long-sleeved shirt that fits him loosely, a pair of dark blue pants, and a pair of heavy black boots. Pretty simple attire, but its darkness makes him seem even paler.
Kazuki Wakahisa
Spiritia Manipulation: Spiritia is an energy force generated by living things (yes, just like the Force). In his world, manipulation of this energy source is the closest thing to magic that exists. Manipulation of others' spiritia is done via musical talent, either singing or playing an instrument. A musician needs to "play with soul" in order to do this. By doing this, he can sway the emotions of a crowd of people, evoking emotions in those who chose to give themselves over to it. He can "aim" this for a stronger effect on unwilling targets, however.

Anima Spiritia Generation: Beyond the normal spiritia produced by living things, some people produce the so-termed "Anima Spiritia", an even purer form of this energy. By generating and directing it similar to a magic spell (in the way as normal spiritia, by singing or playing music), he can accomplish a variety of effects within other living beings. Plants and nonsapient life will react based on the emotions he's singing with. Sapient life will either find their abilities and/or morale improving or deteriorating, again depending on the emotion in his music. Most devastating of all, he can act on an opponent's morale, in Kazuki's case ATTACK it, wearing down his or her will to continue to fight. Opponents defeated in this way physically suffer no damage, but appear emotionally spent. They will recover easily enough, however.

Agile: Given his light physique, and the fact that he's used the muscle mass he does have to become a dancer, it's no wonder that Kazuki's agility is pretty high. Dodging is generally how he keeps himself alive when things go pear-shaped around him, he's quite good at escaping from bindings and small spaces, and can fold himself up into extremely small hiding places.

Driving: Kazuki's good at driving land vehicles. If it has two or more tires, he's likely to be able to figure it out. Large vehicles don't seem to intimidate him like they do some people, and he maintains an awareness of where all parts of the vehicle are at all times.

Performer: Kazuki is a skilled performer, having been singing, dancing, and playing the keyboard for most of his life. In his early days he went to a voice coach that taught him to sing, as well as to pitch his voice how he needed it. His keyboard skills are mostly self-taught, and he had to learn stage presence through experience.

Disguise: He didn't just learn to manipulate his voice. Learning how to carry himself, both onstage and in real life, has taught him to change himself totally to fit a given situation. He creates a persona, crafts a personality, decides on mannerisms, etc. This isn't limited to gender, as he's been able to successfully pass himself off as a female on more than one occasion. Which naturally leads to...

"Nadine": "Nadine" is Kazuki's female persona, and he's really good at playing this character. He effectively ceases to be "Kazuki Wakahisa" in this guise and is, effectively "Nadine". It isn't quite a second personality, but it's close. Enough to fool all but the closest observers. The biggest thing that gives him away? His height. He's still 6'2", even as Nadine. Surrounded by female Zentradi (Meltrans), who could be over six feet easily, it wasn't a big deal. But in Twisted, that could trip him-- or rather, "her"-- up.

Boys Don't Cry - cillia ft. Gakupo V3 (original fatmanP ft. Luka Megurine)


        Kazuki had a relatively normal family-- mother, father, middle-class income. Except for one thing. He was discovered shortly after birth to have a genetic disorder known as Klinefelter's syndrome. This is a condition in which, because the original embryonic cells did not divide correctly, a percentage of the child's cells contain an extra X chromosome in the 21st pair-- the pair that determines gender. While the presence of two X chromosomes normally indicates a female, the presence of a Y chromosome always indicates a male. In his case it was not a pair of chromosomes, but a trio-- XXY.

        His parents raised him normally in spite of the condition. Really, it wasn't too hard; Klinefelters had once been a common condition, the doctors explained. Apparently, in the early part of the 21st century, 1 in 500-650 men had been born with it. They were capable of living normal lives, and it wasn't serious. They still couldn't fix it (genetic variations weren't reversible, and even if they were, this condition was not life-threatening, so there was no need to try). But symptoms likely wouldn't manifest until around puberty, and he would remain completely male-- this did not make him a hermaphrodite.

        Unfortunately, the doctors had neglected to tell Kazuki's parents how expensive the treatments were. And they wouldn't fix the problem, only change his look slightly. All it would really do is mitigate the teasing he had to endure in school as he grew up. But even then, he'd have to explain why he suddenly started to look so different. And the treatments would only work as long as he was taking them. Meaning he would have to be taking expensive medications for pretty much the rest of his life. Thus they elected to allow him to go without the treatments.

        Kazuki ended up growing into puberty as a very slender, slim young man. His hands were too large. His shoulders were too narrow. His voice didn't deepen like his peers. And of course, teenagers being the cruel, malicious things they are, he was teased, bullied, and harassed over it. But he didn't let it get to him. At least, on some level. Inside? Yes, it did hurt. He had few friends in high school, more because of his own desire to push people away so they wouldn't hurt him.

        In an effort to at least sound more masculine, he got a part-time job and shelled out enough to hire a voice coach once a week. It gave him the ability to make his voice deeper. But it never made his voice deeper by itself. He did however discover that he had a reasonably good singing voice. And he'd seen some of the singers that he liked...some of them were also rather effeminate, and seemed to have quite the fan following.

        People genuinely liked them.

        So he turned his attention instead to improving his singing voice, rather than trying to change the way he spoke. Because of the voice coaching, he ended up with a pretty decent vocal range. By the time he was eighteen, he'd been placed as the front man of a band at a club that needed a lead singer. He and the band became fast friends; they seemed to not really care about his feminine looks. No one even mentioned it.

        While he was working at this club, a number of things occurred. He started to refine his stage look. The band's bassist was female, and so she guided him in the ways of makeup and hair styling. He couldn't play up a masculine appearance with a display of rippling pectorals, because he did not have them. So, she suggested, play up his beauty with just a touch of makeup. Since too much makeup looks bad on anybody, male or female. And also, he became friends with the keyboardist, who taught him to play a little.

        Kazuki realized something else. If he was going to be on stage, with no instrument to hide behind-- which was MURDER on the residual shyness from his school years!-- he would have to do something to distract the audience. So he started studying dance (mainly what he could bring up during computer searches). He did a lot of self-study of various dance styles, and he started to put together his own style, incorporating many different kinds of dance. Things were starting to look up for him! His time performing there taught him to forget about what everyone else said about him, and to just do what he enjoyed.

        Unfortunately, things didn't last too long. After a couple years, the club was shut down for some legal reason, and the band was turned out. They tried to struggle along for another year or so...but just couldn't make it. None of them had any experience promoting, and no connections to anyone. So they finally made the hard decision to break up as a band. They needed to turn their attention to more mundane concerns, like making enough to survive.

        Also, Kazuki needed to figure something else out. His parents were kind of hinting that they'd like him to move out as well. Not because they didn't want him there, but because they thought it was time he started thinking about his future seriously, and stopped all the "playing around" with a doomed musical career. This is, historically, the part where the kid packs his bags and strikes off out into the world, determined to prove his parents wrong about a musical career being out of his reach. And so that's exactly what Kazuki did.

        But it wasn't "off into the wild blue yonder" he ended up going. As if some cosmic force knew that he was heading for disaster and wished to spare him the pain it knew would come, it parted the veil between his world and Twisted and pulled him inside. Perhaps being stranded on Twisted would be preferrable to whatever fate awaited him in his own world...


  • Kazuki has Klinefelter's syndrome, a condition where there's an extra X chromosome in some percentage of the body's cells, resulting in an XXY arrangement. Severity tends to differ based on the percentage of cells that have this XXY arrangement. Kazuki's percentage is low. He is physically male, but some of his body's systems act as they would in a female body. This causes a number of issues, but none severe enough to impact his life in an appreciable way.
  • Due to the former, his voice never actually deepened when he went through puberty. The baritone voice that he speaks with is him pitching his voice down.

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