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Kazuki Wakahisa
Full Name: Kazuki Wakahisa (kaz-oo-key wa-ka-hi-sa)
Alias: Kazuki

Occupation: Aidoru ♥♥♥
Series: Macross

Threat Level: Street Sweeper
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Gender: Male
Species: Human

Short Description: Thin but tall, rather effeminate man.

Misc: Kazuki Wakahisa has been on quite the journey -- struggling singer, Sound Force member, part-time Anti-UN terrorist, and now it's come full circle back to civilian. That journey taught him just how unpleasant life could be, and gave him what he would call a "healthy paranoia" of trusting others with his heart. Though scarred by the betrayal that ended his time with the AUN, he managed to keep himself reasonably sane along the way. Now he's just trying to get by as well as he can, bubble of youthful energy and vigor thoroughly burst by a tragedy of errors that would read like a bad soap opera plot if he were to tell the story.


  • Kazuki has Klinefelter's syndrome, a condition where there's an extra X chromosome in some percentage of the body's cells, resulting in an XXY arrangement. Severity tends to differ based on the percentage of cells that have this XXY arrangement. Kazuki's percentage is low. He is physically male, but some of his body's systems act as they would in a female body. This causes a number of issues, but none severe enough to impact his life in an appreciable way.
  • Due to the former, his voice never actually deepened when he went through puberty. The baritone voice that he speaks with is him pitching his voice down.
Kazuki Wakahisa
Age: 26 Birthdate: March 3
Height: 6'2" Weight: 149lb

        Pale, slim, and delicate of features. It might even be hard to tell at first what gender this person is at a single glance. But a second look at the face will reveal a squareness that one doesn't often see in a woman, and thinner lips than a woman's. Still, though...it's a safe bet he gets a lot of teasing over it.

       He has auburn hair that's been cut short in the back, but he's kept his bangs long around his face. These "tails" of hair reach to about his chest.

       His face is delicate and feminine-looking, but there's enough masculinity there to at least tell he's male with not too much trouble unless one isn't paying attention. His eyes are a lavender color, and seem somewhat narrowed. In fact, his features in general seem slim and angular, his fingers slightly too long, and slightly too thin. But perhaps good for fine detail work.

       He's wearing a black, long-sleeved shirt that fits him loosely, a pair of dark blue pants, and a pair of heavy black boots. Pretty simple attire, but its darkness makes him seem even paler. Under normal circumstances he walks in a slouch, his back bent and his hands in his pockets. There will, of course, be situatons where that is not possible.

  • Kazuki's light build makes him vulnerable to strong attacks. Thus he relies on just not being where an enemy's attack lands. Mobility-arresting measures are thus pretty devastating during battle.
  • The story of what he's been through in his home world really does read like a bad soap opera plot. However, it's also responsible for a lot of his emotional problems at current. Besides that, it's often said that the creative mind is already plagued with ills. Whether natural or from what he's been through, Kazuki's anxiety and depression remains untreated.

Kazuki Wakahisa


        Kazuki was a regular kid in a world with space travel. At least, he thought he was normal. As it turned out, he had Klinefelter's syndrome, a condition where a male is born with an extra X chromosome. Treatments wre costly, and it wasn't a life-threatening disease, so his parents opted not to have it dealt with when he hit his teens.

        That was fine, since Kazuki had another plan for his life -- he was going to go into space aboard the colony ship Horizon -- they would need civilians and entertainers too, particularly as favorably as the military saw singers. Kazuki himself had a decent singing voice. And one bit of splurging that he allowed himself was a voice coach, so that, as he grew into his teen years, he could at least pretend to be a normal male. Once he'd hit his adult years, he had both a good understanding of how to change his voice -- both up AND down -- and the opportunity to apply for citizenship on the Horizon. And he made it! It was the chance of his dreams...!

        One that turned into a nightmare...

        It didn't take long before Sound Force picked him up, since he was determined to be in possession of the talent for manipulating Spiritia, a unique spiritual energy that's attached to both music and the soul. Now, this Sound Force had learned from the mistakes of the former, and put everyone in it through basic training. Unfortunately, the rest of the force wasn't aware of this. Even more unfortunate, Kazuki was the only member of Sound Force that had no family in the military. So, while Kazuki was taking verbal abuse from the UN Spacy outside Sound Force for, well... being in Sound Force, he was also taking verbal abuse from inside Sound Force because he had no military connections.

        Soon this did enough damage to his mental state that the UN Spacy forcibly retired him. With no benefits, of course. So he went back to singing for his supper. And for a while that was working out. But then an Anti-UN attack on the Horizon colony ship that saw the ship being temporarily taken over by the AUN had him retreating into a network of large pipes. Two weeks later, he was discovered by Anti-UN member Zhorein Raynes, on a mission to deal with a rogue Sound Force member hiding on the ship. He was too weak to fight back, and was only saved by the timely interference of Ayame Bright, the then-leader of the UN.

        Rather than kill him, she decided to make the recruitment pitch. Feeling that he had no choice, Kazuki agreed to join them. But something surprising happened... he started to make friends with the AUN forces. Soon he was a dedicated member of the AUN himself, learning how to fly a Valkyrie and using his unque vocal talents for their cause. It was the happiest he had ever been -- he wasn't expected to be anything he wasn't capable of, only to do what he could. They respected his need to learn slowly, under their tutelage and care, he blossomed into a confident and happy individual.

        But this is where the bad soap opera plot starts. A battle with the UN turned into a high-ranking member of General Galaxy killing most of the AUN members and threatening to destroy an entire planet. The AUN had no choice but to join forces with the UN to defeat General Galaxy and end the bomb threat, and then then remnants of the AUN fled before they could be captured. However, one of the surviving AUN members -- someone that Kazuki had romantic feelings for (they were of course, unrequited; this fellow was straight) -- told them that Ayame Bright had been captured and needed to be rescued. They set up the jailbreak, made the plans, and set off to rescue their leader.

        Unfortunately, it turned out that this AUN member that Kazuki loved so much... was really a double-agent for the UN. And so, when the group was too far into the facility to easily escape, he turned them all over to the UN. Kazuki spent a little time in jail -- not much, between the AUN's assistance with the planet bomb threat and the fact that the double-agent led them into the commission of the crime of breaking and entering a government facility (entrapment, which is illegal), plea bargains and negotiations happened.

        Kazuki came out of jail bitter and jaded, and a change in his music reflected that. He turned to darker genres -- like metal and screamo -- leaving behind the happy, upbeat songs of his youth. And his Spiritia abilities moved fully from healing to damaging the psyche of others. For five years after he was let out of jail, he just lingered, withdrawing more and more from the public eye. Then one day, he just... disappeared, without a trace.

        He didn't kill himself, no. He'd been pulled into Twisted! At first he didn't care, and only did what he needed to in order to survive, only because he couldn't not do that. They say time heals all wounds, and gradually Kazuki started to come out of his shell. He's never going to be the man he was before that bad soap opera story of a past happened, but he's at least gotten through it enough to get by. Currently he lives as well as he can in Twisted, doing the occasional concert and/or album for an influx of cash.


        Almost nothing of Kazuki's personality before his life fell apart with the destruction of the AUN remains. He's bitter, jaded, cynical, and broken, with very little good to say about anything. Though to be fair, he doesn't have much bad to say about much either. He's lax and flippant most of the time, and if he has a single f**k to give about propriety, he has hidden it very well. However, it is worth pointing out that his time in Twisted has allowed him to heal a little from the fallout of it all. He's still not the same man he was, but he's not the utterly broken and despairing man he was immediately after the incident.

        It's also worth noting that his moping doesn't ever really get out of hand -- for better or worse, he's learned how deeply true is the old adage that when you cry, you cry alone. Though of course that also means that he doesn't talk to people when he has a problem; his time in Sound Force and the betrayal of someone he loved so much taught him to know better than to share his pain with others. If people can see the tender parts of his psyche, they can stab at them, either literally or with words. And he's about done with having people hurt him.

        His ability to create a "mask" of sorts over his true face is about the only thing that survives of his original personality. More often than not, he's covering up his real face with one of these "masks" for the crowd, or just for the general populus. He can pretend to be the same happy, chipper, silly fellow that he was before it all happened of course. That's easy -- easier than letting on that he's not like that at all.

        Another thing that remains is the fear that a look at the real Kazuki -- the Kazuki underneath all the pretending and flair, the deeply broken and cobbled-together man underneath it all -- would send people running. He once thrived by covering up his true self, and it was only when he let someone in that he was hurt. So he's not about to stop covering up anytime soon.

        But overall, his time away from all the reminders of his failures has done him well. He no longer blames himself for being "not good enough" for anyone back home; a goldfish can hardly be blamed if it can't climb up a tree with all the other monkeys, can it? Freeing himself of this guilt has done wonders in gluing together the broken pieces of who he was. Like a broken porcelain doll, no amount of glue is going to hide the cracks, but at least he can hold himself together reasonably well now, and that's all that really matters. Now he just wants to make music and make a few people happy.


Kazuki Wakahisa
  • Spiritia Manipulation: Spiritia is an energy force generated by living things (yes, just like the Force). In his world, manipulation of this energy source is the closest thing to magic that exists. Manipulation of others' spiritia is done via musical talent, either singing or playing an instrument. A musician needs to "play with soul" in order to do this. By doing this, he can sway the emotions of a crowd of people, evoking emotions in those who chose to give themselves over to it. He can "aim" this for a stronger effect on unwilling targets, however.
  • Anima Spiritia Generation: Beyond the normal spiritia produced by living things, some people produce the so-termed "Anima Spiritia", an even purer form of this energy. By generating and directing it similar to a magic spell (in the way as normal spiritia, by singing or playing music), he can accomplish a variety of effects within other living beings. Plants and nonsapient life will react based on the emotions he's singing with. Sapient life will either find their abilities and/or morale improving or deteriorating, again depending on the emotion in his music. Most devastating of all, he can act on an opponent's morale, in Kazuki's case ATTACK it, wearing down his or her will to continue to fight. Opponents defeated in this way physically suffer no damage, but appear emotionally spent. They will recover easily enough, however.
  • Agile: Given his light physique, and the fact that he's used the muscle mass he does have to become a dancer, it's no wonder that Kazuki's agility is pretty high. Dodging is generally how he keeps himself alive when things go pear-shaped around him, he's quite good at escaping from bindings and small spaces, and can fold himself up into extremely small hiding places.
  • Driving: Kazuki's good at driving land vehicles. If it has two or more tires, he's likely to be able to figure it out. Large vehicles don't seem to intimidate him like they do some people, and he maintains an awareness of where all parts of the vehicle are at all times.
  • Various Bits of Military Training: Throughout his journey, Kazuki was in both the UN Spacy and the Anti-UN, both military-class forces, though on opposite sides of a conflict. While he hasn't been meticulously trained like the rest, he can use a gun with some competence, and he knows a decent amount of barehanded fighting techniques. He really shines with a single dagger, though -- his slender frame is perfect for the quick movements that are needed to attack quickly with a dagger.
  • Performer: Kazuki is a skilled performer, having been singing, dancing, and playing the keyboard for most of his life. In his early days he went to a voice coach that taught him to sing, as well as to pitch his voice how he needed it. His keyboard skills are mostly self-taught, and he had to learn stage presence through experience.
  • Disguise: He didn't just learn to manipulate his voice. Learning how to carry himself, both onstage and in real life, has taught him to change himself totally to fit a given situation. He creates a persona, crafts a personality, decides on mannerisms, etc. This isn't limited to gender, as he's been able to successfully pass himself off as a female on more than one occasion. Which naturally leads to...
  • "Nadine": "Nadine" is Kazuki's female persona, and he's really good at playing this character. He effectively ceases to be "Kazuki Wakahisa" in this guise and is, effectively "Nadine". It isn't quite a second personality, but it's close. Enough to fool all but the closest observers. The biggest thing that gives him away? His height. He's still 6'2", even as Nadine. Surrounded by female Zentradi (Meltrans), who could be over six feet easily, it wasn't a big deal. But in Twisted, that could trip him -- or rather, "her" -- up.

Boys Don't Cry - cillia ft. Gakupo V3 (original by fatmanP ft. Luka Megurine)
Suicide Parade - ShiKai ft. Gakupo V5 (original by YurryCannon ft. GUMI)
Skating Away (On the Thin Ice of the New Day) - Jethro Tull



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