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Full Name: Khas

Series: Original
Class: Warlord

Alignment: Lawful Evil
Gender: Male
Species: Devil
Age: Milennia
Birthdate: Unknown
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 172 lbs.

Short Description:

You see nothing special.
Auspex: This Discipline grants Khas supernatural senses. Auspex allows someone the opportunity to see through illusions, as well as to learn the various qualities of a person through their aura. Khas has mastered the ability of reading auras during a fight, giving him some small level of prescience that serves him well in close-quarters combat.

Celerity: This Discipline grants Khas supernatural speed and finesse by expending blood. This extraordinary speed violates the laws of physics in that Khas doesn't experience any change in momentum, friction, etc. A knife thrown by someone using Celerity isn't any faster, and a user moving at incredible speeds will never catch fire from friction no matter how fast they move.

Hemomancy: This particular brand of sorcery is Khas' specialty, and makes him quite a force to be reckoned with in Hell. Khas is able to almost freely manipulate blood, be it his own or others'. While the blood of others must usually be spilled before he can work his magic, Khas' constantly dripping hand provides him with plenty of ammunition to spill that blood in the first place.

Turning a spray of blood into a razor-sharp mist is just the start of what Khas can do with this magic, and once an enemy's blood is flowing freely, it's usually the end for them. Of particular note is his ability to accelerate or slow down blood-flow in willing targets, essentially able to either put a willing target into stasis, or to enhance them up by increasing the flow of oxygen and adrenaline through their system.

Khas' Blood Sorcery has not been observed to have an upper limit of scale. It is assumed that Khas is able to turn the tide of an entire battle by simply using the blood spilled during that battle to tear apart his enemies, and therefore assaults against him are planned to be quick and decisive, for fear of brutal retaliation if much blood is shed.

Chess Master: Khas plays the long game, and does his best to see several moves ahead in any situation. If he is forced into combat, the odds are good that he has anticipated the situation and prepared accordingly. The few assassins that have reached him have discovered too late that he was expecting them.


Khas' history is uncertain and filled with rumors, but most agree that he was a vampire before he was banished to hell. His transformation from a vampire into the devil that he is now is a story that none can agree on, but the most popular tales involve his conflict with the God of Secrets, and a beheading.

Since his emergence as a devilish warlord in the pits of hell, Khas' methods have been the source of much debate. He will often call other warlords and demons weak, sending one champion from amongst his horde to fight the whole of his enemies' forces. More often than not, these champions will be seen only once, before fading back into the obscurity of Khas' rank and file, but they seldom leave survivors, and none of his champions have ever been defeated.

Despite the power his champions wield, Khas' maneuverings are shrewd and conservative. He never over-extends, never sends more than one follower to engage an enemy force, and he has no problems resting on his laurels and consolidating his power while he waits to make another move. He is charismatic and bold, and his voice is usually calm and quiet. Because of this, Khas seems rather un-warlike for a devil, and it is hard to gauge his true strength, or the true strength of his followers.

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