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Full Name: Locke

Series: Original
Class: Advent

Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Gender: Female
Species: Solarian+
Age: 117
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 64kg

Short Description:

You see nothing special.

Class: Advent

Locke is one of the six Advents that remains active in the multiverse, and she has all the powers afforded to her by that status. Each Advent has a domain that they are associated with, an aspect of reality that they exert anywhere from moderate to total control over. In addition to their domain, each Advent has a singular talent they are skilled in, usually independent of their main area of expertise. This can (and usually does) synergize with their domain quite well.

Advents are living beings that have existed in every possible variation of the multiverse. How such a thing is even possible is still a matter of much debate. The most widely held theory is that there are fixed points in time where something always occurs and always will, and that these fixed points invariably lead to the creation of an Advent. There are others who argue that there must be an entity guiding the whole of time for the purpose of creating these beings.

Whatever the cause, an Advent begins life as any other of whatever race it is born to. Though the course of their life, often during traumatic or cathartic events, an Advent begins to reel in other versions of itself, growing in both power and skill as entire other lifetimes worth of experience and strength flow into them. As they exist across a nigh infinite spectrum of realities, this usually ends up in an Advent being the ultimate example of their race at the time they lived.


As an Advent, Locke has the somewhat limited ability to look and/or travel through space and time, going almost anywhere and anywhen she pleases. Additionally, the more flexible rules of physics, such as gravity, are fluid for her. These rules need not apply to her if she does not wish them to, and even the more inviolate rules of physics, such as two objects existing in the same space and time, are a bit more flexible for her than for most people. This ability alone caused many Advents of the past to categorize themselves as deities, and is responsible for the arrogance that contributed to their downfall.

Advent Domain: Life

Locke is the Advent of Life, and as such, can prevent or expedite death, both in others and herself. This means she is effectively immortal, in that she may only die if she truly wishes to.

In addition, she has a link to all living things, and the closer they are to her, the stronger that link becomes. This link is strong enough that any damage visited upon Locke is visited upon nearby living creatures. This ability has been observed within a range of up to ten feet when Locke is in her human state. When awakened, Locke has exhibited this ability within a range of up to a full mile. Constructs, undead, and any other sentient beings that are not technically alive, are completely immune to this effect.

Advent Talent: Learning

Locke's talent is from the Knowledge domain, and it is the ability to learn anything she is exposed to instantly, within reason. If she reads a book, she will retain all the knowledge from the book as if she had studied it for years. Likewise, if she is taught a dance or fighting technique, she will master it far sooner than should be possible. This talent is under-rated, and is actually one of the most dangerous things about Locke.

Advent Instinct: Solarian

Locke is the perfect Solarian. She grew up a farmer, but has also been in her other lives a soldier, a bio-engineer, a computer programmer, a starship pilot, a doctor, a teacher, a physicist, and much more. While her other lives do not feature nearly as prominently in her skillset, they are there in the background, contributing to her overall ability to be larger than life.

Advent Artifact: Oblivion

Every Advent will construct an artifact of immense power some time before their death. Clever Advents will create artifacts that only they can use, but there are legends of such artifacts that even a simple mortal can wield effectively. Locke's artifact falls into the first category, as she has formed twin blades that personify the end of life, and the journey into death. These two blades are collectively known as oblivion, and are capable of shortening or ending the life of any living being they strike. They require constant maintenance, and have no effect on constructs, undead, or anything not truly alive.

Skill: Swordplay

Locke has mastered the Caedon-Ryu single-sword fighting style, and has used it as a basis to create her own unique twin-sword style with her artifact, Oblivion. It is composed mostly of tiny, non-threatening strokes, as even the smallest wound from Oblivion is potentially lethal.

Skill: Agriculture

Growing up in a humble farming household, Locke has a great deal of experience with and knowledge of plants, irrigation, and life cycles. As a side note, this also means she is a fantastic cook.


Locke had a simple childhood on the once-human colony of Solaria until a star fell from the sky. As a young girl, she found a silver-haired man in a smoldering crater, and she risked her life to pull him from the fire. Her parents gave him the best first aid they knew how, and he recovered smoothly. As she grew, they became fast friends, and then something more. When he was sent off to war, the colony was invaded, and she used the skills he'd taught her as part of the resistance.

Locke awakened to her role as the Advent of Life while the hordes descended upon her home, and for a brief shining moment, she was a beacon of hope for the colony. Like most hope, however, she was fragile, and she eventually fell. She was not seen again until she had been corrupted by the Advent of Extinction, ensuring that all Life ended in Death.

Locke suffers from a low-level personality inversion, and every personality trait she possesses has been inverted to its polar opposite. Whereas she was once kind at heart, but grumpy and down to earth, she is currently rotten at the core, but outwardly kind and flowery. Locke disappeared with the breaking of Twisted, and has not been seen since. ... It is presumed that she is not dead.


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