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Lucas R. Korbin
Full Name: Lucas R. Korbin

Series: Original
Class: Mutant
Threat Level: [[:Category:{{{Threat}}}|{{{Threat}}}]]
Alignment: Good (Mostly)
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 24
Birthdate: October 1st
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: Varies

Short Description: A young man with un-seeing eyes. Lucas is a mutant, possessing powers that other humans do not. He's blind, but walks as though he could see.

Lucas R. Korbin
A young raven-haired man in a dark-grey hooded sweatshirt and deep-blue jeans. His black backpack sort of just blends in with his hoody, and the straps have buckles in the front. He's grown a black beard out as if it might make him look older, but... it didn't work. His glassy blue eyes look around, but they don't give the impression that they're really seeing anything. They're glassed over, and it seems very likely that he's blind; his bright, garishly red sneakers don't exactly blend with the rest of his outfit.

Despite his apparent visual impairment, Lucas moves with the casual confidence and lack-of-error that a sighted individual would have. He doesn't trip over things or grope blindly to find what he's searching for - if not for his eyes, he would pass for a sighted individual perfectly. Sometimes he does.

Lucas' accent places him as distinctly being from 'the South', as in the Southern United States. An odd place to hail from as far as Twisted goes, but not unheard of. He appears to be unarmed and fairly relaxed, even when situations get tense.

Lucas R. Korbin
Superhuman: Lucas is an Alpha Mutant with the exceptionally rare power of being able to control gravity. While his powers were weakened to the point of non-existence after he lost his eyes, Lucas has slowly been building them back up.

Currently, he is capable of 'seeing' gravity auras, enabling him to navigate almost as well as a sighted individual, minus the ability to read, but with the ability to ignore walls. He is capable of increasing or decreasing the pull of gravity on an individual, and of changing their center of mass. Combined with his ability to manipulate his own personal gravity freely, Lucas is capable of extreme acrobatics, apparent feats of strength, and even brief flight.

It should be noted that the most obvious displays of Lucas' powers are small displays of terrain deformation, and as such, he is prone to being mistaken for an earth bender. Play off of this as you will - it can only lead to amusing places.

Physical: Lucas has had a great deal of training in hand-to-hand combat, thanks to his life as a thug/assassin-for-hire/asshole. Until recently, most of this was purely muscle memory, but after the integration of his old memories into his new personality, Lucas is a fairly capable practicioner of Wing Chun. Because of the nature of his training (with excess gravity), Lucas is very fit.

Magical: Lucas has even less understanding of or potential for magic than the average bystander.

Knowledge: Lucas is moderately intelligent, but besides knowing a small amount of Spanish, Japanese, and French, and a great deal about gravity, he isn't really all that better off than most above average people.




Lucas Korbin is a genetic abnormality, a mutant. Even amongst mutants, he had the rare blessing/curse of being gifted with his abilities at birth. At the age of three, Lucas had the horrific fate of accidentally killing his parents. Placed in the New York foster care system for years, he grew up into a troubled teen. Accidents with other foster children distanced him from his various foster parents, and he was eventually released from the system at the earliest possible time.

Lucas lived on the street for some time, and soon he became known as the Raptor, a small-time but reputable thug who always got the job done. If he was paid up front, anyway.

Eventually, during a job in Idaho, Lucas sustained head-trauma in a fight with a powerful mutant. Saved from drowning by a passing farmer, Lucas nonetheless awoke with no memory of his past. Forced to learn life and language anew, the young man had to come to grips with reality all over again.

When he used his powers to save the farmer's daughter from a falling water tower, Lucas was told that there was a special school for people like him. Lucas set off for New York, where he enrolled in a 'gifted youngsters' program that taught him the extent and potential of his abilities. As Lucas' control over his powers grew, it became obvious that he was among the most powerful mutants that had ever been seen at the school, and special care was taken to help stabilize his new personality, so that he would not revert into his old, violent self if his memories returned.

The greatest help in this area was a redhead named Rachel, who helped him to merge his memories and experiences from the past with his current self. They shared a close friendship, but before that could turn into anything more, Rachel's own powers drove her quite insane, and Lucas was forced to kill her to save literally countless lives. The battle cost him both of his eyes, one of his arms, and his life. It sent him cratering into the earth, a burnt-out husk of what was once a man.

While he normally would have died, in reality Lucas' landing had been 'fortuitously' cushioned by an unstable portal to Twisted. He was as good as dead by his world's technology, but a multiversal hub such as Twisted had much greater medical prowess available. A particularly talented doctor saved Lucas' life and limbs, but was unable to restore his eyesight. False eyes were grown for him, but they cannot see.

Blind and alone, Lucas is still a fairly amiable resident of Twisted Street, and has gotten used to the lifestyle there. After eight years, he's basically come to think of the place as home. Still, there are nights when he understandably needs a stiff drink.


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