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Full Name: Mileena

Series: Mortal Kombat
Class: Hell Stripper
Threat Level: Block Buster
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Gender: Female
Species: Genetic Experiment - Tarkatan & Edenian
Age: 25
Birthdate: Nope. :(
Height: 5'9" (175cm)
Weight: 128lbs (58kg)

Short Description: An abomination created in the Flesh Pits of Outworld by the sorcerer Shang Tsung, Mileena boasts the mixed ancestry of the graceful, powerful Edenians and the brutish, demonic Tarkatans. Her body represents the arguable peak of feminine beauty, blending dangerous curves with incredible athleticism, but amongst otherwise attractive facial features she boasts feral eyes and a mouth that no mother could love. Fortunately, she doesn't have one. Cannibalistic and violent, on her homeworld Mileena was the obvious candidate to take the throne from her 'father', Emperor Shao Kahn, after he was slain by the kombatants of Earthrealm. However, her stranglehold on the title of Empress was released following a successful coup by the Osh-Tekk Ko'atal. Executed in stomach-churning fashion, the over-ambitious clone was thought removed from the arena of Kombat; a pity that on Twisted, those rules no longer apply...

Informal Title: Empress Mileenapants the Bitey, First of Her Name
Theme Song: Freak Kitchen - One Last Dance

There's an immediate impression of something primal when beholding this alarming woman. Her body is as close to an approximation of 'perfect' as one is likely to find; smooth, feminine curves accentuated by honed, flexible muscle. Her breasts are a pleasing double-handful, the generous swell of her rear serving as both titillation and containment for further power. To call her a 'specimen' would be a vast and ironic understatement.

Mileena's head is where it all goes wrong. Her hair hangs as an old, unkempt mop, black enough to border on purple as it catches the light. Those inclined to lust might view it more favourably, as bedhair, but this woman's detractors see carelessness and dirt. Her features are severe, though aggressively attractive, a sunken and broad-boned brow framing slit amber eyes that hold a predator's instinctive and alien confidence. With wild fronds tumbling past her shoulders, framing sharp bones and pale skin, there's an unshamedness to her blunt, savage beauty.

Her attire flatters the whole, violently-sexual package. On her deliciously robust torso, a scandalously short purple half-toga does nothing to conceal barbaric lingerie, bound by a black sash and offset with a segmented upper chest plate. Elaborate, ornamental armguards of a dense, purple-dyed fibrous material restrain the corded muscles of her limbs, culminating at top and bottom with stylized plates of bone - decorated in a ghastly skull motif. Her hands, guarded on the back, are wrapped to the fore with fingers left bare, tipped at the apex with sharpened, painted nails.

The abomination's thighs are mostly visible courtesy of coarse black chaps, which disappear into chitinous knee pads also carved to resemble alien skulls. Beneath these, her lower legs are tightly bound in purple-stained bandages, and esconced from the calves down by what can best be described as battle-armored stripper heels, rear calves and feet protected by dark metal. The heels themselves are jagged, down-sweeping daggers, which clearly require unearthly grace to move around upon. More direct armament comes from the pair of leather-bound sai strapped to Mileena's upper spine.


Martial Arts: Mileena is trained in a variety of styles, familiar with diverse forms but preferring to utilise simple, brutish techniques derived from her animalistic origin. She is no less deadly for it, possessed of incredible speed and strength rivalling Kombatants two or three times her size. Beside her fists, feet and maw, she favours paired sai in battle. Her technique, such as it is, is nigh flawless - she is a masterful and unpredictable warrior.

Genetic Advantage: Vat-born and created from carefully-selected DNA, Mileena is a genetic super-soldier. Her strength and speed are both naturally-boosted as part of her artifical origin, and the sorceries of Shang Tsung have gifted her with a coherent understanding of these gifts. Impeccably agile, she is also obscenely tough; she can take blows that would mulch lesser fighters, and recovers at an astounding rate from physical damage.

Chi Manipulation: Mileena has the ability to bolster her techniques and her movements with bright, jagged bursts of energy tied to whatever plane she currently inhabits. Able to quite literally teleport at will, she can use this power seemingly indefinitely and at a split-second's warning. It only works within close, sighted range - however, she can also form an ethereal link with her weapons, and use these as conduits through which to move her physical form.

Natural Magic: Created partly by magecraft, Mileena is sensitive to the magical arts. She can instinctively use and understand sorcerous objects, and if given the means to use a magic-based power deriving from evil and darkness, is positively prodigious. There is a theoretical limit on this talent, which may grow in time with exposure. Currently, the act of performing even artificial magic is tiring and a threat to her already fractured sanity.

Clone Empathy: Though she has to discover this ability, Mileena is - at this point in her evolution - able to communicate telepathically with her own clones, commanding them as a Hive Queen through strong mental suggestion. They share the same link, allowing her to effectively coordinate with as many 'other selves' as are available. Currently she is separated from the Flesh Pits, but good things come to she who waits...


A creature of Outworld, Mileena is a magically-imbued genetic experiment created by the sorcerer Shang Tsung, whose Flesh Pits are well-stocked with creations made for the Emperor Shao Kahn. Of these, Mileena herself is the first success, cloned from the blended DNA of the captured Edenian, Princess Kitana, and the demonic Tarkatan race. Resembling her father's adopted daughter almost entirely, she has inherited too a hellish maw by grace of her barbaric half. A deadly mix of beauty and beast, she quickly became the favoured 'offspring' of the Emperor, and her loyalty came naturally. So, too, did a venemous hatred of Kitana, and much of Mileena's early life was spent in violent pursuit of the princess - whose betrayal of Shao Kahn's court marked her for execution.

Following the untimely demise of her 'father', it was Mileena who inherited the throne of Outworld by questionable right of birth. Her time as Kahnum earned her a yet greater reputation for bloody displays of violence, and her subjugation of her people earned her the nickname 'The Mad Empress'. Fortunately for many, her reign ended relatively quickly with a successful coup by one Kotal Kahn. The sole survivor of a race slaughtered by Mileena's father and predecessor, Kotal gained enough support and proved powerful enough to force the Empress into exile with a few of her closest advisors. Thus began a long and fierce rebellion - a civil war for Shao Kahn's throne.

During this time, Mileena would obtain the amulet of Shinnok; a fallen Elder God and one of the most potent denizens of Outworld. This would provide her the leverage to launch a counter-assault upon Kotal Kahn and drain his life force in order to reclaim the throne. This plan would backfire, in large part because Shinnok's power came at a deadly price; weakening the would-be Kahnum along with her victims, and she was all too easily dismantled by combination of Kotal Kahn, and his 'First Minister' D'Vorah. A former subordinate of Mileena's, the insectoid woman was gleeful in carrying out her order for execution, murdering Mileena in sickening fashion.

But Mileena's is far from a normal existence. With many more identical clones within the Flesh Pits of Shang Tsung, she may effectively be proven immortal with the right actions - here and now, it has been far simpler for the dark goddess Christabella to pull her through the stuff of nightmares and give her shape, mind and flesh. The Mad Empress stalks once more, and has herself a chance at redemption - by killing Kotal Kahn, now rightful ruler as ordained by the Elder Gods themselves, she can restore her lost glory and perhaps rise to take a new throne.


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