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To make things simple we'll be trying to catalog the most common random monsters used on Twisted on this page to help players. These creatures should be treated as NPCs and can be freely run by anyone who wishes to partake in a scene involving them. Participation is voluntary only, please do not feel you are forced to include these in scenes or that you have to remain in scenes if someone introduces them. However we do ask that you please at least have your characters leave in a realistic manner should this occur instead of just leaving the room.

Random Recurring Monsters

These are creatures that could potentially appear at anytime on Twisted.

Aquatic creatures who appeared during a TP event in 2015. While these were supposedly dealt with, rumors of activity still come up along the waterfront from time to time.
A race of warlike beings with green skin.
Another terrifying creature introduced during a TP event. Xenomorphs build hives and capture citizens to use for breeding. They have acid for blood and are very difficult to kill. Please use restraint when introducing these in RP.

Silent Hill Monsters

These creatures all appear at night or in a dense fog and cause speakers to emit a loud hissing static.

The Groaner
A dog-like creature that tends to hunt in packs. This is probably the most common monster to come out at night or in dense fog and will bark or howl whenever it sees something living. These creatures have poor night-vision and can be avoided easily by staying quiet and sticking to the shadows. That said, they can be defeated easily too as almost any blunt instrument will do.
Lying Figure
These creatures resemble humans who've become trapped in their own skin like a straight jacket. They tend to appear solo and secrete a yellowish acid when they get close to someone. These creatures have no mouths and make no noises besides the shuffling of their feet.
These iconic nurses are identical to the ones found working in the Waiting Room with the exception that they are now being controlled by Christabella. Nurses will talk on occasion usually with a raspy voice with a snake-like hiss to the S's in words. Normally they pace around the darkness crying and will attack when they hear noise or sense light. All of them seem to carry a blunt object like a pipe or a sharp object like knives and scalpels.
Pyramid Heads
On rare occasion these distinctive killing machines will step out of the fog following instructions only they understand. Much like the nurses, Christabella has taken control of the handful of these beasts who had been lost or hidden following the original war between the two Councils. It is also noted that on even rarer occasion they will recruit new members into their ranks, but these must be truly cruel or horrible people who see no harm in murder. Pyramid Heads always carry either a long spear or a massive blade called the Great Knife. They do not speak, and will even kill other monsters who get in their way.
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