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Danielle Moonstar
Full Name: Danielle Moonstar
Alias: Mirage

Occupation: X-man
Series: The New Mutants

Threat Level: Street Sweeper
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Gender: Female
Species: Homo Superior

Short Description: Cheyenne. Mutant. Proud.

Miscellaneous: Low-Level Psychic.

Danielle Moonstar
Age: 26 Birthdate: April 15th
Height: 5' 6" Weight: 123 lbs.

Moonstar is a young woman of average height and impressive physique. Her hair falls in long, dark-brown braids, and she wears a red headband in addition to the wraps that secure said braids.

Weapon: Compound Bow

Moonstar travels around with a collapsible compound bow, though strangely she seldom carries any ammo.

She primarily uses it to fire neural arrows - psychic attacks that pierce armor and drop targets non-lethally.

Armor: Unstable X-men Uniform

Moonstar wears an X-men uniform made from Unstable Molecules, meaning not only do they provide her protection from the environmental effects of most climates, but they also shrink or grow with her in the unlikely event that someone alters her size or shape.

Limitation: The Rule of One

While she can manage many illusions at once, Moonstar can only manifest one actual construct at a time. Whether it is a mental barrier or lack of skill, when she creates a new construct, the old one disappears. Dani has forgotten this and accidentally disappeared her Porsche out from under her. Hey, noone’s perfect. To train this ability, Moonstar has taken to constantly manifesting a necklace, even while sleeping.

Limitation: Limited Telepathy

Moonstar’s animal telepathy can only convey images and ideas, as animals typically do not possess the intelligence for full-fledged conversation. Sentient animals like Corvids and dolphins place strain on this ability, but can communicate using bits of actual language.

Flaw: Obstinance

Moonstar is one of the most stubborn women alive; in the course of her work, this usually presents as a drive to survive and succeed, but it has caused her to come to literal blows with her team-mates when she's not calling the shots.

Danielle Moonstar

"I am Cheyenne, and today is a good day to die!"


Danielle Moonstar is a Mutant with the ability to manifest people’s greatest fears or desires as sensory illusions, or with some effort, as tangible psychic constructs. She also has a limited psychic rapport with animals.

She was recruited along with the other New Mutants to replace the X-men after the famed mutants' apparent deaths at the hands of the Brood. Fortunately for everyone, rumors of the X-men's demise were greatly exaggerated. The New Mutants proved themselves, and their team was eventually folded into the X-men proper as a specialist strike squad.


Danielle Moonstar
  • World-Class Marksman: Moonstar is an extremely capable marksman with rifle and bow, capable of competing with Hawkeye in the medium ranges, though not much further.
  • Peak-Human Gymnast: Moonstar hunted dangerous prey with knife and bow long before she was an X-man, and was the second mutant (after Kitty Pryde) to pass her first danger room run. Under the X-men training regimen, she became the pinnacle of human fitness.
  • Exotic Animal Handling: Moonstar's rapport with animals allows her to make instant friends of all but the most monstrous beasts, and she can train them in a mere fraction of the normal time.
  • Espionage/Stealth: Moonstar was recruited and trained by SHIELD, and was one of their most successful undercover operatives of all time, bringing down an entire terror network from the inside.
  • Horseback Riding: Moonstar practically grew up on horseback, and has ridden an Aesir Pegasus through the sky. Long story.
  • Punching People in the Face: Moonstar is particularly adept at hand to hand combat, both in giving and receiving punches directly to the face.

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