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Muradin Bronzebeard
Full Name: Muradin Bronzebeard

Series: Warcraft
Class: Mountain King
Threat Level: City Smasher
Alignment: Lawful Good
Gender: Male
Species: Dwarf
Age: 124
Birthdate: May 4th
Height: 5 Feet
Weight: 243 Pounds

Short Description: A dwarven fighter!

Muradin Bronzebeard
Standing at a staggering 5 feet tall of height, Muradin Bronzebeard is a proud Dwarven Fighter.. and you best not forget that! Being a dorf, Muradin shares many of the traits that his kin are usually associated with. He's much shorter than the average human, almost by a full head. He's thick and stout, with a strong build despite his stature, with sturdy biceps, a barrel like chest, and strong legs to hold that weight up. And of course, he has a well groomed beard that shares his namesake.

This dwarf is a fighter through and through, easily seen by the thick, but versatile, blue armor he wears. A solid piece of equipment that is meant more to protect him from glancing blows than full on tank the damage, splint mail armor rather than full plate. A horned helmet protects his nogging, and of course, there's a large dwarven made axe hanging from his belt.

Unlike his dwarven people, Muradin doesn't seem to have the gruff demeanor that is often found in dorfs. He seems to be constantly jolly, a seemingly youthful arrogant disposition about him that is more likely seen in fresh faced youths than obvious veteran warriors like himself. It all clashes somewhat with the many orc and ogre skulls that adorn his armor and hair, but hey, that's dwarves for ya.

Muradin Bronzebeard
Muradin's primary abilities are to fight with both war hammer and battle axe in each hand. Because why choose between a hammer or an axe when you can use both!? While Muradin's axe is magically enchanted, his hammer is in reality pure magic and can summon it whenever he needs to, meaning also that he can use it as a projectile without fear of ever losing it. However, due to being a summon it does run the risk of being more easily shattered or dispelled unlike its sturdier axe counter part.

Besides being a skilled and strong fighter, Muradin is legendary for being extremely resilient, to the point where his durability can very well be considered regeneration. He has managed to get back up from what would be catastrophically fatal wounds after a few moments of rest. This is probably in part to his kinship with stone that he shares by virtue of being a Khaz Modan dwarf. The thane can rapidly heal himself by hardening his skin to stone and in times of great need, Muradin is able to transform into a being made of pure stone that the dwarven people often refer to as an Avatar.

Character Theme: Blackrock and Roll Remake
        --World of Warcraft
Digging a Hole : Diggy Diggy Hole
Dungeon Crawling Dwarf Fortress Theme Orchestral
        --Tarn Adams/André Marí Coppola


Muradin Bronzebeard is the younger brother of the dwarven King Magni Bronzebeard and the older brother of Brann Bronzebeard, a very renowned explorer. The Bronzebeard family rules over the Iron Forge, the jewel of the Dwarven territories of Khaz Modan in the planet of Azeroth.

Dwarves have always been famous for their fighting prowess, and Muradin is no exception. Whereas he might have felt overshadowed by the exploits of his older brother the king or his younger brother the world explorer, Muradin was without a doubt the fighter of the family.

Muradin Bronzebeard first began polishing his prodigal skills for fighting during the Second War against the Horde where he served as liaison between the human kingdoms of Lordaeron and Khaz Modan, in his time there he fought in battles like Blackrock Spire and even was one of the many heroes who ventured through the Dark Portal to take the fight to the orcs in their homeworld of Draenor.

In his time during the Second War, he grew close to the human royal family and befriended prince Arthas. After the end of the war, Muradin became Arthas personal tutor and taught him all he knew about the fighting arts. Muradin saw Arthas grow into a great fighter and was proud when his protegee took his place as one of the holy paladins of the Silver Hand.

It was not to be. Many years later, Muradin met Arthas again in the frozen land of Northrend where he followed him into a doomed expedition to find the cursed blade of Frostmourne. When Arthas came into possession of this blade, the seals that bound the sword to its pedestal shattered and struck Muradin down, presumably killing him.

Fortunately for Muradin, he was not only a prodigious fighter but also was tremendously durable. The dwarf awoke from what where otherwise fatal wounds and was found by a clan of frost dwarves native to Northrend. Suffering from amnesia at the time, Muradin followed the frost dwarf expedition until it was attacked by a jormungar. Muradin slew the giant worm single handedly and was hailed by the frost dwarves as their lost king, giving him the name of Yorg Stormheart. Now the leader of the frost dwarves, Muradin sought to bring his new people to the fold of the Alliance where he once again regained his memories.

With his identity returned, Muradin now knew what was the ultimate fate of his old friend Arthas. The human prince became the Lich King, possessed utterly by the cursed blade of Frostmourne, and now waged war against the entire world with his legions of undead. Muradin joined the fight against Arthas and eventually pushed back to the citadel of Ice Crown where he would have his long awaited battle against his once apprentice.


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