Nora Valkyrie

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Nora Valkyrie
Full Name: Nora Valkyrie

Occupation: Huntress
Series: RWBY

Threat Level: Block Buster
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Gender: Female
Species: Human

Short Description: A short woman in a pink skirt and orange hair with an over abundance of energy.

Nora Valkyrie
Age: 18 Birthdate:
Height: 5'1" Weight:

A hyper young woman with not-quite shoulder length orange hair and bright turquoise eyes. Her standard outfit consists of a poofy, belted pink skirt and a white shirt with a heart shape cut out above her chest. Across the heart is a tear caused by battle which she's chosen to leave as a memento (luckily it looks deliberate). Over her shoulders she generally wears a blue short jacket with pink cuffs and stripes down the sleeves. On the back of the jacket is a pink dot with a hammer shape cut out of it and a lightning bolt going across it. A pair of pink fingerless gloves and knee-length white boots complete her look. Most of the time she has strapped to her back or hip an elaborately decorated grenade launcher with pink rounds obviously loaded into it. While yes, it actually is a grenade launcher of sorts, it's primary function is to transform into a large sledge hammer named Magnhild. Launching grenades is a secondary function!


Nora Valkyrie, is a very hyperactive young woman with enhanced strength and speed and a natural ability to absorb electricity and use it to enhance those traits further. Due to this and the emotional scars she tries to keep hidden from view she comes off overly animated like a cartoon character and is quick to engage people in play. The downside to this is that she's so used to this behavior that she doesn't always stop herself from saying too much or going too far when it comes to confrontation with other people.

She cares about her friends to a fault and will do anything to help them. She is also extremely good at reading people even when they don't want their feelings to be known. Nora has shown herself to be incredibly observant on the battlefield as well and if not needed to fight she will study everything going on before her in hopes of shouting advice to her friends and teammates.

Nora also has a dangerously strong sweet tooth and a mild obsession with pancakes.

Nora Valkyrie
Nora Valkyrie is known as one fourth of Team JNPR (Juniper). At a very young age she was discovered homeless and saved during a Grimm attack by Lie Ren, who would become her best friend, team mate, and object of her quiet affection over the upcoming years. At 17 she enrolled in Beacon Academy alongside Ren to be trained in the ways of being a Huntress.

At this time she has no known family to speak of and as such she's quick to adopt her friends and teammates as her extended family. Hiding her own pain behind being playful and childish, Nora seems like she has an overabundance of energy and a mouth that never seems to silence. However in battle she's very quiet and observant and has no qualms against doing anything her teammates ask without question. Just don't mention pancakes around her.

After arriving, Nora managed to knock herself cold against a brick wall giving herself partial amnesia. She's not sure who she is yet, but she's sure she's royalty. The Queen has arrived.[1]


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Nora Valkyrie
Nora wields a large two-handed sledgehammer known as Magnhild which she can use with enough force to smash through a concrete wall seemingly without effort. On top of this, Magnhild is also a multi-function grenade launcher capable of firing large canisters of Dust (a substance used in magic on her world) which she uses not only to attack with but to add increased force to her swings. She can also abuse this to ride on her weapon like a rocket and literally fly into battle. It is implied that she created this weapon on her own and can easily repair it should anything go amiss. Magnhild also has a hand-held mode where it converts to a more traditional grenade launcher design which she generally defaults it to while carrying on her back or at her hip. In addition to all of this her weapon can be charged in hammer form with electricity via a switch on the handle which allows it to do additional damage without the need of wasting a dust canister.

Besides her weapon, Nora has above average strength and speed, likely a side effect of her Semblance to some degree. She claims she can bench press five times her own body weight and has been known to leap from the ground to the roof of small buildings effortlessly. Her Semblance, a natural manifestation of an individual's innate and personal power, grants her the ability to produce and absorb electricity directly into her muscles and use it to further enhance her strength and speed.

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