Rocket Raccoon

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Rocket Raccoon
Full Name: Rocket Raccoon (rä-ˈket ra-ˈkün)

Series: Marvel's Rocket Raccoon
Class: All of his own
Threat Level: Block Buster
Alignment: Sardonic Good
Gender: Male
Species: Halfworld Raccoon
Age: Too old for your crap
Birthdate: Just one
Height: ~2'6"
Weight: 32 lbs

Short Description: He looks like a large raccoon standing upright that wears clothing and is armed with...pistols?

Rocket Raccoon
Is that a raccoon?

Standing just over two and a half feet tall at full posture is a brown-furred creature with black and white markings. The entirety of his whiskered muzzle is white (save for his black nose) while his eyes have a bandit-mask of black fur ringed with a thin band of white. His fingers, much like most of his body, are brown and have very needle-like sharp claws at the tips. His tail is also brown with a few rings of black along it.

Currently, the individual wears what appears to be a yellow and brown hooded jumpsuit. The hood is clearly designed to fit his head with room for his ears, but when worn fully turns into a protective space 'helmet' with a forcefield for the 'face plate'. His sleeves are pushed up to his elbows and, on his hands, he wears lightly-armored fingerless gloves. A belt around his waist secures not only pouches for miscellany, but also two holsters for his blasters. Further down, small metal boots are worn designed for his physiology that have an integrated propulsion system built in.

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He is a genetically modified alien life form with cybernetic enhancements originally uplifted by sentient robots to be chief of security for the insane asylum on Halfworld. As such, despite his small size, he's as strong as a top-physique human and far more durable, has greatly enhanced reflexes, and acute senses of smell, sight, hearing, and touch. His sharp claws allow him to scale walls, buildings, and other obstacles. Such athletic ability adds to his fighting prowess. In addition, he's also an accomplished starship pilot, expert marksman, has an affinity for heavy weaponry, and knows far too much about demolitions. He's renown for being a military tactician and, when allowed, makes a great leader. His high intellect allows him to craft weapons from almost anything. Additionally, he: -speaks in an accent comparable to Ray Winstone, reportedly; -is a fan of Bette Midler; -can (probably) drink more booze than you; -actually was a raccoon once (but is now something more)


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