Russell Anders

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Russell Anders
Full Name: Russell Anders

Series: Original

Alignment: Lawful Good
Gender: Male
Species: Human

Short Description:

Russell Anders
Age: 39 Birthdate: December 11th, 2025
Height: 5'9" (174cm) Weight: 220 llbs (100kg)

5'9" light-skinned human male with brown hair and blue eyes. He shows his age, but still looks to be quite healthy, even if he's a bit past his prime.

He is incredulous of anything claimed to be supernatural, to a fault. Given how often bona-fide supernatural things occur in the universe he comes from, this can occasionally pose a problem.

He has some psychological trauma from years of combat. It's not so extreme as to cause daily flashbacks, but the sort of thing one aught to be seeing a professional for. Maverick from Top Gun is the closest example that comes to mind, though Russ won't shut down during combat, it bites him after.

It wouldn't normally be considered a flaw, and I personally wouldn't consider it one, but Russell is human. He is as fragile and squishy as humans are. without a mech or fighter (which he wouldn't presumably have), he's not going to last long if superheros start throwing punches.

Russell Anders
Russell is a quiet man. One wouldn't call him meek, but he prefers to keep his sentences short and to the point while letting his actions do most of the talking. Once he gets to know someone, the more lighthearted joking side makes itself known. Russell can be quite the prankster, and prides himself on his moments of sharp wit. His age does show itself from time to time as an 'I'm too old for this' attitude rearing it's head once things get too ridiculous. He has a rural upbringing, and it translates into a love of the outdoors and working with his hands. His first love is arguably aviation however: He's collected books on aeronautics, aviation history, aerial combat, scale and R/C models, and flying actual aircraft when he can.

He grew up in a rural community in what would have been called the United States before the Unification wars. He had no interest in aircraft at all, let alone fighters, until he by chance got to ride in the back of a 'Valkyrie' variable fighter. This experience was life-changing, and led the man to enlist in the UN Spacy to be able to experience it again. He was older then most of his peers, but he earned his wings, and passed his qualifications for the VF-11 C Thunderbolt III. He served for several years as an ELINT (Electronic Intelligence/Intercept) where he got the nickname "Frisbee" from the round Radome VFs in his role use, and his tendency to have them blown off or otherwise lost. He later qualified on the RVF25 Messiah, as the VF-11 was already outdated while his unit was still flying them.


Russell Anders
Russell is a naval (Aerospace Navy) fighter pilot, and has the skills expected of such: He has basic tactical survival training, weapons training, can fly an aircraft he's been trained on, as well as smaller spacecraft (As the RVF25 in particular is capable in both theaters). In addition to this, he has the Math and Science background also required of the position. His ELINT experience gives him some aptitude with electronic surveillance and penetration, but not nearly to the extent that a professional hacker would have-the ELINT kit has it's own software written by the pros after all.

Outside his military training, he knows how to operate farm equipment, tend crops and raise livestock. He's not particularly good at it, but he can play a few chords on the Guitar (a hobby picked up while on deployment). Some would say he has a good poker face as well-likely from being able to do math in his head, but Russ himself would disagree.

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