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Selyia Marett
Full Name: Selyia Marett

Series: Final Fantasy XIV
Class: Thaumaturge
Threat Level: [[:Category:{{{Threat}}}|{{{Threat}}}]]
Alignment: Unknown
Gender: Female
Species: Elezen/Human
Age: Early 20's
Birthdate: 28th August
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 110 lbs.

Short Description: An uncommonly diminutive elezen maiden, suffering from a perpetual hunch.

Selyia Marett
Bearing willowy, elongated limbs and angular features, this young woman at five foot, six inches represents the elvish side of her parentage sanded down to a less pronounced silhouette and shorter ears that when uncovered are not quite as long in their daggerlike point than a full blooded elezen. Swept back in a widows peak from her forehead is hair that curls round behind the ear to form uneven bangs, longest just brushing her chin. The rest runs in a tangled braid twisted round itself to crown the back of her head, pearl green with a shade of tarnished gold in harsh light.

Framed by pale hair is equally fair skin, white grey with a bluish overcast threaded by the faint tinge of veins at the temple and wrists. Facially, her sharply pointed nose bears an empathic contrast with rounded, youthful cheeks often flushed and slightly slanted, large eyes.

At first glance they appear matched, only upon a second viewing does the empathic difference became apparent with her right eye an inkily ringed vermillion and left deep crimson, like freshly spilt blood. A faintly luminous sheen is granted to both oddly paired eyes.

Her regular attire is a cowled robe bearing tapered sleeves that serve to hide from view the silver wrought bracelet clamped tightly round her bony left wrist, surface crisscrossed in innumerable grooves forming an eye-wateringly intricate geometric pattern. Otherwise, her apparel is eminently forgettable and deliberately featureless, right down to the battered clumpy leather boots cracked and worn by travel to her baggy robes of faded black wool.

Rarely absent from its position slung and strapped into place across her hunched back is a cracked and gnarled wooden staff. It bears numerous marks scored into its whittled surface that seem to writhe and slither into eye watering incomprehension whenever individually examined. Set into a metal crescent topping the staff itself is a faceted gemstone whose colour shifts from deep green to scarlet depending on the hour.

Selyia Marett
Thaumaturgy & Conjury - Built on similar guiding principles when it comes to form, the real difference between Conjury and Thaumaturgy is Conjury draws upon the surrounding aether sensed within the land itself, Thaumaturges tap into their aetherial reserve to cast magic. Selyia has learned how to conjure the primal elements (fireballs, blizzards), aid allies and debilitate foes by manipulating aether itself.

Hearer - Selyia is able to listen to and communicate with natures spirits, practice granting her a sixth sense when it comes to magic and magically dependent lifeforms.
Keen Ears - Due to her elezen (elvish) heritage, Selyia can detect the faintest whisper from across the room. Her hearing is approximately twice that of a human.
Herbalist - Taught to supplement her curative magic with herbal remedies, Selyia can apply salves, brew tonics and prepare poultices to aid in a patients recovery.
Accessorizer - All Thaumaturges learn to fashion gemstones to enchant various items like necklaces, staves and sword hilts.
Absorb - (Granted by bracelet) When hit by magic, Selyia may attempt to negate the brunt of it using her bracelet. Unpredictable, can backfire.



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Has a country burr to her accent.

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