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Soujirou Seta
Full Name: Soujirou Seta

Series: Log Horizon
Threat Level: Block Buster
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: Late teens/early twenties at most

Short Description:

Soujirou Seta
A young man appearing in his late teens but possessing a boyish charm, usually bearing a cheerful disposition. His long dark hair is worn up in a topknot with longish bangs that frame his face and threaten to fall into his dark blue eyes. At a glance he appears to be dressed in traditional Japanese wear consisting of a kimono, hakama and a haori, all in tones of gray-blue to sky blue, with pale yellow trim for the designs on his haori. Around his neck is something of a scarf tucked into the neck of his kimono. His footwear consists of tabi socks and zori-slippers.
Soujirou Seta
Soujirou has become an expert in his class as a Samurai. He's specialized in the "Katana" path over the "Taichi," the latter focusing on damage and strength whereas the former was based on agility and speed, and therefore requires a refined control. His techniques are quick and efficient, sometimes to the point that an enemy wouldn't know what hit them. Adjusting to fighting by his own actions than by the strike of a key or a click of a mouse has come perhaps frighteningly easy to him, and he's picked up on how to move and attack so quickly that it's almost like second nature. Soujirou's strikes with a sword are precise, and even regular attacks can be quite deadly, especially with the right timing. Paired with his Overskill ability, he can track even the quickest movements of an opponent to counter and or avoid.

Known Skill Listing

Aside from his ability for swordplay, Soujirou bearing the body of an Adventurer is tougher and quicker than the average person. In terms of agility, he's light on his feet and capable of impossible leaps and feats such as running along the sides of walls. He can withstand more of a beating than most, allowing him to fight longer, although that by no means makes him invincible.

Equipment-wise, here are the most notable in Soujirou's possession:

Divine Katana, Kogarasumaru - It is Phantasmal-class, which in the world of Elder Tale is a rare items class in that those who gain such are practically known server-wide. It's edge is sharp and its blade strong, but on top of that, it also acts as a support in battle, capable of summoning the sword's personification to act on the offensive, even if Soujirou himself is incapable of attack.

Warrior Armor of the New Emperor - Phantasmal Class; it provides optimum defense and a number of stat bonuses, but notably also absorbs curses.

Dragonfly Beads of Ten Thousand Natural Calamities - A talisman meant to ward off evil, and it provides high resistance against movement inhibiting attacks to a certain level.

Magic Bag - Virtually a bag of holding, gained through completing a quest at Level 45.

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It began with the Catastrophe.

The popular MMORPG called "Elder Tale" was to have its newest expansion, "Nova Sphere" go live. However, players got much more than they bargained for when they awoke to find themselves not in the body of their game avatars, but in the world of Elder Tale itself. Somehow fantasy had become reality for them. Naturally many panicked, others frustrated and uncomprehending as to the situation... And then there were those like Soujirou Seta who were absolutely thrilled.

Soujirou was a veteran of the game, having been playing for several years. He had formerly been a part of a group called the Debauchery Tea Party, which was never a formal guild so much as a gathering of skilled players who were very successful at many raids and had all hit the previous level cap of 90. It had long since been disbanded, and thus Soujirou had created his own guild, naming it the Westwind Brigade, and of those of the Debauchery Tea Party that he had invited to join, two had accepted his invitation.

He found that a few of his guild members were also in the world of Elder Tale as well, and he was eager to be with them and to be able to experience this new phenomena together with friends. It wasn't until their first encounter with monsters that the young guildmaster realized that not everyone shared his enthusiasm in this game made reality. It was at that point that he decided to take it upon himself to protect all of his dear guildmates.

His guild consisting mainly of females, it had come to be renowned as the harem guild, and there was no denying Soujirou's popularity with the woman. Still, the members of the Westwind Brigade cared as much for their guildmaster as he did for their safety, and so also decided to train and learn how to fight so that they could likewise protect Soujirou. There were a lot of things that needed to be adjusted to in this world, and there were a lot of things about the world in general that all Adventurers (as the players were known as) would have to learn. Since they could not log out, there was no choice but to adapt, and given that things were real to them, there was understandable hesitation in wanting to find out if death would provide an escape back to the real world.

Death proved to be impermanent as it had always been in-game, but unfortunately Soujirouand his guild learned this through unfortunate circumstances. With the lack of law enforcement in the cities, some Adventurers had taken to doing whatever they figured they could get away with. So long as no one brandished and used a weapon in Akiba, the Guard would not come to deal with them as fighting within cities was prohibited, back in the game days. This apparently did not cover other crimes, and so it was taken advantage of by some of the more unruly and perverted players. One of the Westwind Brigade members was assaulted, along with their guildhall housekeeper, an NPC (People of the Land) that in this real Elder Tale had just as much personality and life as any player character. In order to protect her, Isami was forced to draw her weapon, which in turn called the Guard to action. Soujirou appeared just in time to protect her from what would have been a fatal strike, although it was hopeless to fight against a Guard with expectations to win. He purposely drew its attention as well after slicing off the arm of the offending player who had dared to accost his guild associates, and when others of the Westwind Brigade came, he ordered them to take Isami and head back to the guild hall where she should be safe. In the meantime, he faced the Guard. Even with his Kannagi healer Nazuna to assist him, he couldn't do more than distract it, but he succeeded in keeping it from pursuing the others, and with its target lost, the Guard disappeared. Souji's HP was depleted as well, and he faded away in Nazuna's arms. Not knowing what would become of their precious guildmaster, the Westwind Brigade members all clung to the hope that he would revive at the cathedral and so made their way there.

Soujirou had revived, and if he was shaken by the experience, he didn't show it to the teary eyed faces of his beloved guild. His accidental proof that one could come back from being killed had become a trigger for the rise of PKing (Player-Killing), and even though it probably would have been inevitable that such things would occur in a virtually lawless world, Soujirouwas burdened by the fact that it was because of him that it had happened a lot sooner.

Life in Akiba had become notably depressing for the Adventurers, and Soujirou likened it to a prison, missing when things had been enjoyable and simpler. More and more discoveries within this game-turned-reality just made people more uncertain about how to go about their lives. Thankfully someone wanted to do something about it, and so when Soujirou was approached by one of his good friends and former Debauchery Tea Party-mates, Shiroe, the samurai eagerly offered his assistance, even though he had no idea what Shiroe had planned. What eventually came to pass was the establishment of a Round Table Conference, including representatives from each of the most renowned guilds and some representing the smaller and unaffiliated players. It was but the first step on the path of change to try and improve things in Elder Tales, and there would always be new problems and trials to face in the days ahead.


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