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Steven Quartz Universe
Full Name: Steven Quartz Universe

Series: Steven Universe

Threat Level: Block Buster
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Gender: Male
Species: Gem Hybrid

Short Description:

Steven Quartz Universe
Age: 16 Birthdate: August 15th
Height: 5'6 Weight: 130lbs

A youth of average height and build, Steven Universe is a happy go lucky kid. Curly dark brown hair adorns his head, his face still showing signs of the childish chubbiness that has yet to fade away. A pink varsity jacket with white trim covers his torso, with a blue t-shirt that has a large yellow star prominently displayed upon it underneath. A pair of blue denim jeans covers his legs, with a pair of simple pink flip flops covering his feet.

Steven Quartz Universe
Steven Universe's history is one that begins six thousand years prior

to his birth. Lightyears away from the planet Earth lies a civilization of sentient Gemstones, that sought to expand their empire and find new planets to grow new Gems to increase their population and might. After being granted her own colony, one of the members of the ruling Gems, The Diamond Authority, Pink Diamond decided to sneak away from the Gem Homeworld to see her colony herself. The colony that she was granted domain over just so happened to be the Planet Earth. After changing her form and adopting a new alias called Rose Quartz, Pink Diamond became enthralled by all of the new experiences and beauty that Earth had to offer.

Choosing to fully abandon her previous form, Rose Quartz rebelled against the Diamond Authority and the Gem Homeworld, leading a costly and devistating war to prevent the Gem Homeworld from draining the Earth of its precious resources to create new Gems. For over five hundred years the Gems waged war against eachother, with the Rebels, now calling themselves the Crystal Gems, managing to evade capture and staying one step ahead after each engagement. After a devistating final attack by the Gem Homeworld, the Earth was abandoned by Homeworld, believing that nothing could have survived. Yet, Rose Quartz and her faithful companions Pearl and Garnet survived. For another fifty-five hundred years, Rose Quarts and her companions, protected Earth from the fall out of the Gem Homeworld's final attack. Almost every Gem that had been on Earth was corrupted, turning into vicious monsters that threatened the planet as a whole. During this time, a new Gem was discovered, by the name of Amethsyt, bringing the trio up to a quartet.

A chance encounter with a musician named Greg Universe during his one man concert in Beach City, led Rose Quartz to discover new emotions that previously Gems had not before. She experienced true love. While Gems know of love, to them it was more of a fanaticism. It was an absolute. For Rose, this new discovery was like that of an addict. The first taste had her hooked, and she then devoted herself fully to learning and experiencing everything she could of this new type of love. After encountering one of the residents of Beach City with a baby, she became enthralled by this new possibility and chose to 'create' a new life with Greg. She became pregnant with what would become Steven. Yet, Rose knew that in order to bring this new creation into the world, she would have to give something up. Chosing to give up her own existence, she passed her Gem, the very center of her form onto her child.

Thus, Steven Universe was born.

During his formative years, he lived with his father Greg, who had by this time quit being a musician and opened up a Car Wash within Beach City. Yet, Greg knew there would come a time when Steven would need to leave his care and go to live with the companions Rose Quartz had left behind. Steven wasn't just a human, he was also a Gem, and this meant that there would be things about Steven that Greg would not be able to teach him, or even begin to understand. For nine long years Steven trained with the Crystal Gems, discovering that like them, he had Gem Powers of his own. Eventually, Steven would learn to control these powers, even coming to master them. Along the way, he made new friends, and discovered new things that not even the Crystal Gems knew would be possible. Eventually though, history would repeat, and once more the Diamond Authority would once again turn their attention to the Earth. Through many hardships and battles, eventually Steven overcame the Diamond Authority, bringing peace to the universe by the age of 14.

For two years he worked with the Gem Homeworld to establish peace upon the other colonies, and believed he would usher in a new era of peace and finally get his own happily ever after.

This was not to be.

Upon his return to Earth from the Gem Homeworld, a relic from Pink Diamond's past misdeeds would come to threaten the earth. Once more Steven would have to fight through immense hardships to save his home and friends. He would eventually succeed, yet it did come with a cost. The realization that there is no happily ever after is one that made him understand that the future is what he makes of it, and he's chosen to protect everything he loves with all he's got.


Steven Quartz Universe
Gifted Musician: Like his father, Steven is a gifted musician who is

capable of playing both the ukulele and guitar with ease. He is also rather capable lyricist and singer, easily creating songs on the fly.

Gem Technology: Due to his unique heritage, Steven is capable of using Gem Technology, such as their Warp Pads and is also resistent to their weapons due to his human half.

Fluctuating Age: As revealed in the episode "So Many Birthdays", Steven can manipulate his age through his state of mind. Steven's age depends solely on how old he thinks he is. Uncontrollable age-changing could also potentially be caused by his emotions like most of his powers.

Object Bubbling: Steven has the ability to encase objects and even people in pink 'bubbles'. The bubbles themselves are nearly impossible to destroy from within, however they are easily popped from any outside source.

Gem Shield: Steven is able to summon the shield of his mother, a bright pink shield that is extremly durable and capable of withstanding most things thrown at it. He is also able to throw the shield like a disc, instantly creating another to replace the one he's flung. Steven is able to manifest more than one shield.

Shield Vibration: On certain occasions when Steven's shield is hit, it emits an audible vibration that disables magical constructs.

Fusion: Owing to his unique heritage, Steven is able to fuse with other people that he has developed a close bond with. With the Crystal Gems, he is able to fuse with them to form new and more powerful beings. With other humans, the greatest aspects of both are fused and given new abilities that suit the new fusion.

Shapeshifting: Steven is capable of changing his form, however he does have extreme difficulty with this. Anything prolonged causes him extreme strain, and will overload his physical form causing him to revert to the smallest form he's ever had: That of an infant.

Bubble Shield: Steven is capable of generating a bubble around him and others. Unlike the bubbles he creates to encase objects, these bubbles are extremely durable, and even capable of allowing him to survive in the deep cold darkness of Outer Space. The bubble has many uses, such as:

Spike Bubble: As shown in "Steven vs. Amethyst", Steven can morph his bubble in such a way that sharp spikes appear along its surface.

Long-Range Bubble: Steven can stretch a side of his bubble into a small tunnel that connects it to another bubble.

Expand and Shrink: Besides the bubble offensively popping in "Nightmare Hospital", it has shown the ability to grow larger and smaller in "Bubbled".

Popping: Steven can "pop" his bubble to knock surrounding enemies back, as seen in "Nightmare Hospital", where he knocked much larger Gem mutants back by popping his bubble. His bubble will also pop if he is startled, as seen in "Sworn to the Sword", when Pearl startles Steven, or if immense pressure is applied to the bubble, as seen in "Gem Hunt" when the Snow Monster popped Steven's bubble by stomping on it. Steven's bubble is incredibly durable. However, it is better at withstanding short, narrow bursts of pressure, such as being hit with a harpoon, than a large amount of pressure constantly being applied over a large area of the bubble, such as in "Nightmare Hospital", when the Gem Mutants hit Steven's bubble, the pressure causes little ripples to spread across the bubble, and in "Gem Hunt", when the Snow Monster stomped on his bubble with enough force to cause it to lose its circular shape and pop.

The extent of the bubble's durability is unknown, although it has survived most of the following:
The tremendous pressure of an ocean trench ("Bubble Buddies").
Being crushed by a falling Injector ("On the Run").
A shot from a death ray at point-blank range ("Say Uncle", non-canon).
A spaceship crash ("Jail Break", "Jungle Moon").
The vacuum of space ("Bubbled").

Phytokinesis: Steven possesses limited control and influence over plant life. Using his healing saliva, Steven is able to grow sentient and sapient flora by licking plant seeds. In "Watermelon Steven", Steven discovers he has the ability to grow watermelons shaped like himself. They act as his bodyguards, but they are not directly under his control, and the Watermelon Stevens ignore his orders and attack whoever they think is threatening him, suggesting that he does not have full mastery of this ability thus far. It seems that this has changed, as once Pumpkin was brought to life, it was completely non-hostile and possessed its own opinions of others. It is also possible that, in the case of Pumpkin, Steven had full knowledge of the ability and thus control over it, whereas in the case of the Watermelon Stevens, it was accidental.

Super Human Strength: Steven is strong due to the fact that his mother was one of the four most powerful Gems to exist: The Diamonds. He is capable of lifting extremely heavy things, but it is rather tiring for him.

Levitation: Steven is capable of levitation and flight. Of course he's not able to fly at super sonic speeds like certain Caped Boyscouts.

Healing: Steven's saliva, or 'smooches' are capable of immense healing. This also extends to reviving someone who has just died, however there are serious consequences with this act as this will irrevocably change the person who was revived by changing their skin color to pink, and giving them new abilities such as enhanced endurance, enhanced longevity. Steven is also able to use their hair or 'mane' to enter his own personal pocket world that he can then use to move to where any others who have been revived by his power may be, exiting through their hair.

Super Human Abilities: Such as his superhuman strength, Steven is also able to run at quick speeds (mostly just above a Sprinter's top speed), as well as having enhanced durability. The kid is capable of taking a real beating, just like a Timex.

Empathic Telepathy: Steven is capable of In "Horror Club", Steven is able to sense the Lighthouse Gem Monster's presence as well as its emotional state. In the episode "Chille Tid", it is shown that Steven can communicate with Gems through his dreams. Steven talks to Lapis Lazuli mentally as he was dreaming. He also saw Jasper and Malachite in the same dream at Malachite's Realm and they noticed him as well. Steven was later shown in "Gem Drill" to be able to communicate with a distressed Cluster while it was struggling to form. In "Kiki's Pizza Delivery Service", he helps Kiki battle her inner demons in her dreams. This ability has primarily come to light while other beings are under emotional turmoil. "Kiki's Pizza Delivery Service" shows with Kiki Pizza that Steven can also enter the dreams of other humans, but also that repeated use of this power can physically exhaust him, as sleeping in this state seems to provide no restful benefit that would otherwise be gained from typical sleep. In "Steven's Dream", he shows a strange development of this ability, in being able to subconsciously see through the eyes of Blue Diamond, while crying her tears. This can even happen when he's awake, if in close enough proximity to her, though this may be a result of Blue Diamond's own empathetic powers seen in "The Trial". In "Together Alone", in Steven's dream that his mother juggled then coughed up was the hair of Rose Quartz that the nightmare was made by White Diamond who can see in his dreams and "Change Your Mind", another nightmare that the Diamonds direct attack on Steven which the light flickers him between himself, Rose Quartz, and Pink Diamond and again by White.

More specifics of the abilities of his Empathic Telepathy are listed below:

Mind Transfer: First shown in "Super Watermelon Island", when he is able to take control of a Watermelon Steven, Steven is able to transfer his consciousness into another living being he has a connection with while his own body is asleep. The true mind of the host body lays dormant while he is in control of it. The full extent of this ability is unknown. In the "The New Lars", Steven has shown to be able to possess someone (in this instance Lars) he thinks about while he sleeps. It is shown in the episode "Escapism" that this ability is strong enough to reach from Homeworld all the way to Earth, which is likely many lightyears away.

Mind Link: First shown in "Steven's Dream", Steven is able to link his mind with another being. This power allows Steven to feel the target's emotions and see the world through their eyes. For example, if the target is crying, Steven will cry as well, regardless of his own current emotional state. When Steven sleeps, his dream will be whatever the target is looking at. Steven does not have to willingly link minds with a person in order for this power to work since he did not originally know his mind was linked with Blue Diamond.

Psychometry/Retrocognition: First shown in "Jungle Moon", when fused with Connie as Stevonnie. He is able to relive moments experienced by his mother Pink Diamond, either as an observer or as Pink Diamond herself. This has only occurred when he is sleeping somewhere of great significance to his mother. When fused, the subjects of these memories can appear as algamations of figures both components consider to be similar in character. Steven was unaware about the nature of the memories at first, and it can sometimes take him a while to realize he's reliving Pink Diamond's experiences.

Astral Projection: It is shown in "Reunited" that if Steven is knocked out hard enough, his mind will go into an astral dimension while his body remains comatose. While in this state, he cannot interact or communicate with anyone in the physical world unless he phases through them. It is unknown how Steven can return to the physical world on his own. Steven used this new ability to inspire his teammates to keep fighting and convince the Diamonds to halt their attack.

Aura Projection: While interacting with Blue Diamond and Yellow Diamond in the astral dimension, Steven was able to manifest and project a powerful pink aura, which convinced them that he was truly Pink Diamond reincarnated. This is something only a Diamond has been shown to be able to do.

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