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Stocking Anarchy
Full Name: Stocking Anarchy (sta'king)

Occupation: Ghost Hunter
Series: Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

Threat Level: City Smasher
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Gender: Female
Species: Fallen Angel

Short Description: The younger gothic sibling in the duo of Panty & Stocking. With purple hair and a pair of stripped stockings that can be used to cut through almost anything, Stocking sets out on her epic quest to find new sweets and kill some ghosts along the way.

Misc: Portions of this profile where filled out by her sister, Panty.

Stocking Anarchy
Age: Female Birthdate:
Height: 5'0" (152 cm) Weight: 95 lbs. (43 kg)

Check it out, douchenozzle! You're up against the asskicking angel in luscious thigh-highs called STOCKIN'! Don't be fooled by the size of her tits, she's not in the least bit sensitive and if she doesn't stop stuffing her face she won't even be able to tell her own gender, but for now you can bet your squirty little fireman that she's the second hottest thing on two legs. For some godawful reason she loves squeezing her chubby body into a corset, which just makes her chest look even more hideously mutated (yeah, I know, some guys are totally into that, whatever) but she rocks the holy heaven out of her namesake stockings, and hey, the doom n' gloom look totally suits her. Whatever she might be, she's my goddamn sister and that means somethin'! She'll slice you up like sushi if you fuck with her, and I'll put a holy bullet upside your head for good measure!

..seriously, Stockin', lose the stuffed kitty, I'm trying to sound awesome here... fuck. Ahem. Ladies and losers: Stockin' Anarchy!

With long purple hair that goes down past her hips, this lolita-fashioned goth is probably eating something with far too much sugar for human consumption as we speak. Wearing mostly black, usually with white trim, the most color you see on her is the light and dark blue stripped stockings going up both legs and vanishing under the hem of her dress. Unless she's fighting - then at least one if not both of those stockings is in her hand glowing with a holy ethereal light in the shape of sword or swords. How? She's a mother fucking angel, you fucktard! Occasionally she'll sport a glowing halo or a pair of small angel wings - but again, usually only if she's about to fight. In her arms she tightly clutches Honekoneko (Bone Kitty), a purple stuffed cat plush painted to look like it has exposed bones running up and down it's body.

Turn-ons: Bondage, electricity, extreme examples of manhood (see Ed O'Neil), groping women, eating anything sweet

Turn-offs: Plastic, working, following rules, man boobs, not being allowed sweets, eating anything spicy

Stocking Anarchy
Right, so there's two of us. Got that? We're angels. Yes, even my slutty sister who keeps face-humping every guy who walks past us. We used to be banished to Daten City - a shit stain on the globe between heaven and hell and told to kill ghosts in exchange for Heaven Coins - the badly named currency in the afterlife. See, if we can't get into heaven on good merits, we figured we'd try to buy our way in.

After taking orders and being bossed around by an S&M freak of a priest we said fuck it and drove to another town in our car See Through. Panty is probably already getting laid by the guests in your guest room - but I happen to have some sophistication and class. I'm here for the sweets. Candy, chocolate. If it's got sugar in it I'm going to be eating it. Good. You know our background. Now fuck off.

"O pitiful shadow lost in the darkness, O evil spirit born of those drifting between heaven and earth,
may the thunderous power from the garments of these holy, delicate maidens
strike down upon you with great vengeance and furious anger,
shattering your loathsome impurity and returning you from whence you came!



Stocking Anarchy
We're mother fucking angels, alright? That makes our undergarments holy items and I can use my stockings to create not one but two swords which can cut through just about anything - unless it involves separating Panty from some skank she just decided to fuck. HAVE I MENTIONED SHE'S A SLUT? I FUCKING HATE HER!!

Both Panty and Stocking receive a strength increase while wearing their halos. In addition to having a heavenly form that they take when changing their undergarments into weapons - neither of them actually need to change into these forms to draw their weapons.

Angelic Halo - Invoking a stunning transformation, Panty and Stocking are capable of donning their angelic halos and becoming a force to be reckoned with. Receiving superhuman boosts to strength, speed, agility, and endurance that only heighten further when they combine forces, they can also shrug off extreme physical effects - including enchantments and transformations already invoked by the magic of others - as a beneficial side effect of the process.

Stripe I & Stripe II - Using her angelic abilities her stockings can be changed into two angelic weapons sharp enough to cut a speeding semi-trailer truck in half and still not break. Much like her sister, she can combine two weapons into one incredible weapon. Not that she needs to. Have you noticed how awesome these swords are? An unfortunate side-effect of the ability will leave the weapons useless if the stockings are stretched out before hand.

Master Swordsman - Master Swordswoman? No. Anyways, she's really good with a sword. Like anime-good. In the time it takes her sister to put a bullet in someone's head, Stocking can make up to eight or nine cuts with her blades reducing anything left to ribbons. She's talented and she's fast. Not a good combination.

The Intelligent One - While it may not be obvious from her insults, her mind works a lot quicker than Panty's (possibly from all the sugar) leaving her often the one to come up with ideas and generally make herself think she's capable of anything. It also means she can read her sister's battle strategies without them having to plan in advance.

Demonic Influence - What?? You didn't see this. This isn't here. Go away!!



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This is better than sex!

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More of this in my mouth!

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Something this yummy should be a sin!

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Give it to me all day, baby!

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Mmmmm, nothing like the classics!

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