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Full Name: Tidus

Series: Final Fantasy X
Class: Warrior
Threat Level: Block Buster
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 17
Birthdate: ??
Height: 5'9" (175 cm)
Weight: About 150 lbs (68 kg)

Short Description: Young man with dyed-blond hair, tanned skin, and a boyish face

        A young blond man standing 5'9", with tanned skin. His hair is short and scruffy, and it doesn't take a genius to figure out that his hair is dyed. Mainly because the roots are showing; they're a dark brown color. He has a rounded face, rather boyish looking, and his eyes are a clear blue color.

        His outfit is a little odd; it's a short-sleeved yellow hoodie that only reaches just past his ribcage, black shorts, and a pair of yellow and black hiking-style boots with black socks underneath. Over this he wears a sort of odd garment that resembles as cross between a vest and a pair of overalls. The garment matches his shorts, wrapping around his middle and kept closed with a zip up the front; it's also held closed by a silver-buckled belt that matches the vest. A silver chain attaches to a belt-loop on the left side of the vest; the other end of the chain is attached to the waistband of his shorts.

        The outfit is slightly asymmetrical. His shorts end in what look like zippers on the hem, and his right leg has a portion attached to it that makes it longer; upon this extra piece is an odd, almost triangular symbol in red and lined with yellow. He wears a silver necklace with the same symbol on it. His left shoulder has a sleek blue pauldron on it, as well as a bronze-colored gauntlet on his left hand and forearm. The gauntlet is attached to the pauldron with a flexible latticework of red straps.

High Agility: Tidus has a wiry, compact build. This means that speed his his greatest asset. He's quick and nimble, both afoot and in the water. He can bring surprising strength to bear, particularly when he can apply his momentum to a strike while moving.

Semi-Aquatic: Tidus seems almost more at home in the water than on land-- he can hold his breath for upwards of an hour while undergoing strenuous activity such as fighting or playing sports, he can easily handle a longsword and swing hard enough to cause damage even while underwater. He can even sleep underwater if he must.

Longsword: During his time with Auron as his caretaker, the former Guardian taught Tidus the ways of the sword. However, Tidus learned a style dependent on his quickness and agility rather than on brute strength. Mind, the Spiran idea of a "longsword" tends to be about the same size of a bastard sword. But it's wielded as a longsword.

Battle Skills: Tidus doesn't just swing a sword. He has a handful of support abilities, ones focused mainly on speed and the altering thereof. He can get a hit in before the enemy (Quick Hit), speed up himself and his allies (Haste, Hastega), and slow his enemies (Slow, Slowga, Delay Attack, Delay Buster). He also has the ability to raise his allies' strength and defense with encouragement (Cheer), assist his allies in fleeing when the chips are down (Flee), and distract enemies to give his allies a break during battle (Provoke).

Swordplay: When the chips are down, Tidus has four even more powerful skills he can rely on. These are his "Overdrives", abilities that are akin to finishing moves. He refers to these moves collectively as "Swordplay". Spiral Cut uses the momentum of a cartwheel and a spinning backflip increase the power of a single strike. In Slice & Dice, Tidus runs past the party enemy, taking between three and six running swipes at random targets. Energy Rain sees him charging an enemy from the group and rebounding off its head to get into the air, where he charges up energy from his sword and "throws" it at the enemy party where it explodes underneath them. And finally, in Blitz Ace he charges, slashes his blade at an enemy eight times, plants his sword into the ground and uses it to vault into the air, then kicks a Blitzball down at an enemy with a flip-kick (Sphere Shot). The energy invested into the Blitzball creates and explosion at the enemy's location.

Caladbolg: Despite not being Spiran by birth, Spira provided for Tidus a Celestial Weapon-- Caladbolg, a bright blue, flame-shaped blade with ornate golden accents. This blade is incredibly powerful; as of yet Tidus has not found a substance that can damage it. It accentuates the strength of his strikes to a great degree (Break Damage Limit), makes it easier for him to access the power to perform his Overdrives (Triple Overdrive), and increases his battle awareness (Evade & Counter, Magic Counter). It also seems to be connected to him on a spiritual level-- the stronger HE is, the stronger the blade seems to be.


Born in the technological marvel of a city-state known as Zanarkand, Tidus was the son of the greatest Blitzball player in the massive city-state, a man named Jecht. When Tidus was about seven, Jecht disappeared while training out at sea. Tidus's mother soon took ill, unable to conceive of a world in which Jecht did not exist. Not too long after Tidus's mother took ill, an older man in a red coat appeared, claiming he knew Jecht. This man's name was Auron, and he had promised Jecht that he would come back and try to find Tidus, and look after him.

Tidus's mother soon died, leaving Auron to raise Tidus alone. Remembering Jecht's rather brusque way of expressing himself-- calling Tidus a crybaby, judicious application of what anyone else would call "verbal abuse"-- Tidus had long decided that he hated his father, so this suited him just fine. Auron did his best with Tidus, and the boy grew up to be a great Blitzball player, just like his father, taking the role of star player of the Zanarkand Abes.

When Tidus was seventeen, something happened that would change his life forever. On the day of the Jecht Memorial Cup, a tournament giving tribute to the great Blitzball player who had disappeared ten years ago, the city was attacked. Within a massive sphere of water, a beast known as "Sin" destroyed the city. Within moments, the stadium was in shambles, and the city was filled with Sinscales. Auron made contact with Tidus, and helped him fight through the Sinscales and the Sinspawn that had released them. And then, while the city was destroyed, Auron took Tidus to Spira.

They were separated initially, but they eventually met back up in Luca, when the stadium there was attacked by fiends. Tidus learned there that Jecht was indeed not dead. That somehow, his father was the giant beast that had attacked his Zanarkand, and had been threatening the people of Spira for a thousand years. At Luca, Tidus and Auron were recruited by a Summoner named Yuna-- coincidentally the daughter of the High Summoner Braska, who Auron and Jecht had accompanied ten years ago on his Pilgrimage to defeat Sin.

Along the journey, Lady Yuna's party of Guardians grew, and the secrets of Spira were gradually revealed to Tidus... and the more he learned, the less he liked. Yuna was expected to throw her life away to defeat Sin temporarily, as her father Braska had, to bring about a "Calm"-- a period in which Sin was at rest-- of a steadily decreasing number of years. And along the way, Tidus's outsider perspective gave Yuna another point of view from which to see things.

Eventually she decided that she wasn't going to sacrifice herself and one of her Guardians for the cycle of the Final Aeon, as it had no chance of ever truly destroying Sin. They defeated Yunalesca, and then made to try to enter Sin to defeat it from within. During the information-gathering, he discovered something else-- the Zanarkand that he hailed from was nothing but a dream that was being dreamed by the Fayth-- the human spirits the ancient Maester Yevon changed into powerful beings that could bond to Summoners and grant them to ability to call them in battle. The Fayth were tired, and wished to be allowed to die. But if they did, Tidus and his world would disappear.

Even with this knowledge, Tidus continued on, keeping this from Yuna. At the end of the journey, they stood before Jecht. As it turned out, Yevon had hijacked Braska's Final Aeon-- as Jecht had volunteered to be the Fayth of Braska's Final Aeon-- and turned the Aeon into Sin. Thus, inside of Sin, Jecht had been trapped. The only way to free him, and force Yevon out where he could be faced, was to kill him. Not only him, but all of the Aeons. Once this was done, Yevon had no refuge. The inhuman, bloated, tick-like form of Yuu Yevon was fitting, if rather anticlimactic. Yevon had long lost anything resembling humanity, so it was no great battle. It was merely putting down a dangerous animal.

With Yevon destroyed, Sin disappeared... and then so did Tidus. Just before he did, Yuna thanked him for everything he'd done to help her. Tidus thought he saw Braska, Auron, and Jecht just before his awareness faded. And then he woke again, in waters unfamiliar to him. Had Shiva "dreamed him a new sea", as she'd promised? He couldn't know that his spirit had been caught in the odd eddies of power that swirled about the world of Twisted, and been drawn in and captured...


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