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Yang Xiao Long
Full Name: Yang Xiao Long

Series: RWBY
Class: Huntress in training

Alignment: Damn Good! ^.-
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Height: 5ft8

Short Description: Badass, blonde bombshell and big sis extraordinaire. The original girl on fire...What? Check out the trailer. [[1]]

Yang Xiao Long
Bold! Blonde! Beautiful! Need I say more? - Well, if you insist. At a full 5ft8, and curves like the Suzuka circuit, Yang Xiao Long is a figure that commands attention. - (Pun mostly intended.) With a full mane of golden locks, bright lilac eyes, and a smile gone slightly askew there is something just a bit unruly about the girl, as if her carefree spirit could not be contained by her human form. Her warm, effusive personality spills into every aspect of her being, including her clothes which seem to struggle to restrain her. Yang sports a unique ensemble of tiny black shorts and a short, fitted, brown, poof-sleeved vest which does little to keep her ample cleavage in check -even- with the help of the bright yellow, low cut top underneath it. Just visible on the top is Yang's signature symbol that resembles a black, flaming heart. This same symbol also appears on the loose-fitting, fringed belt that hangs from her hips and holds Ember Celica's shells, though it appears in red and golden hues. Carelessly tossed about her neck is an orange infinity scarf which serves no purpose except to add flair and look totally cool. Yang's choice footwear is a pair of tall brown, biker boots to which orange thigh-highs are tucked- one slouching, the other with a purple handkerchief tied at the knee. The finishing touch is a pair of black, fingerless gloves - always a classic - and, of course, Ember Celica which appears either as a pair of chunky, gold bracelets or full-on Dual Ranged Shot Gauntlets should kickassery be about to commence...And it almost always surely -will- if Yang is about.



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