2004-03-11 First trip to the Badlands

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First trip to the Badlands


Who: Samantha, Johnny_C, Xue, Zelgadis
When: 2004-03-11

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Merc Exchange: Guarded Lot

Encircled by low (20 ft.) extension of the main city walls, this open air gravel parking lot has two very important assets. One, it's outside the traditional area of enforcement of City... of ANY law. Two, the number of well-heeled mercs who man the those walls, watch the gate leading out to the badlands and keep a kind of truce enforced within the parking lot. Aside from gravel, walls and a lot of mechs and vehicles the only other thing of note is the merc exchange itself. a half of a warehouse jutting out from the fifty foot high wall of the city plus a couple of new outbuildings: The bunker of the new main office and the low brick building of the only 'lawless' gated community the Drake Hammer Apartments.

Samantha follows Xue, right hand hugging her left arm gently.. "No.. hey, Xue... I was gonna say earlier...." she hastens to catch up with the half-elf.

Johnny stumbles into view looking around suspiciously. Quietly he tries to get close enough to overhear the conversation...

Xue Qian blinks, turning "Oro... ?" c.c?

Samantha's ears twitch and she glances off to one side momentarily. Shrugging it off before she can spot Johnny, the nekogirl turns back to Xue and smiles softly, "Well.. I, er. Since I managed to get patched up so quickly, I c'n do the same fer you... I'm sure Sun-chan won't mind. It's not exactly painful either... not really."

Johnny trips over someone's discarded empty bottle. Waving his arms franticly he tries to catch his balance before falling head first onto the gravel. "GYAH! ...stupid human trash..." Quickly he looks up in silent panic, hoping no one noticed all the comotion, but knowing that it was already too late.

Xue Qian blinks at Johnny, but is too busy listening to Sam to do more than glance in the general direction the shout came from "Eh? Sounds fine with me. What method does she use? Magic? Medicine? Combination of both?"

Samantha gives a faint shrug, "Uhh... gems? Magic, I guess.." she blinks a few times, then nods, "Yeah, magic.." she blinks again, ears twitching, and looks straight at Johnny. After a moment's consideration she smiles, "Oh.. heya!"

Johnny blushes at his own clumsiness. "Um.... Hey! I was uh... just um... looking for this bottle! Yeah! I knew I dropped it somewhere..." Jumping to his feet in a single fluid motion he picks up the bottle and hugs it hoping to mask his own stupidity.

Xue Qian raises an eyebrow, curious now "What do you need a bottle for?" c.c?

Samantha's right hand braces against her hip and she raises an eyebrow. "Pretty good point.." she murmurs. Her left arm hangs fairly uselessly at her side. "What kinda bottle is it?"

Johnny puts one hand behind his head and laughs nervously, "I uh... need it! For um... a bottle collection! Yeah! Just needed a..." He pauses to take a look at the bottle, "...a nasty green bottle with some cigarette butts in it! Yep! Last one! Just had to complete the set..."

Xue Qian gives Sam an amused smirk, before looking back to johnny, deciding not to press on what is appearently a losing battle for him "Congratz on finishing your set, then..." >=)

Samantha pauses for several long moments before she glances at Xue, then back to Johnny, and gives a happy shrug, "That's great! How long ya been collectin' bottles for?" She tilts her head to one side curiously.

Johnny goes completly pale in a moment of panic, "Um... since... uh... Since a few years ago! Yep! Life long hobby of mine! Just love to collect bottles... I'll have to show you someday... heh... um..." Hurridly tries to think of something to change the subject, "So um.. what're you two doing in a weird deserted place like this? I've been hearing stories about strange people running around trying to abduct people.... aint'cha worried about stuff like that?"

Xue Qian is currently using a crutch under one arm, with magical ice encasing the entire portion of her upper left leg. *just for setting scene*. She raises an eyebrow "They may get me, but not before me and my 'companion' here..." she taps the hilt of her sword with her free hand "... remove a few of their heads". She then gives a not-so-friendly smile

Johnny glances around, "Oh... so um... damn... I was hoping to find the guy..."

Samantha glances around, taking in the myriad vehicles and starfighters... then looks back to Johnny, eyebrow raising a little higher, "N-no.. pretty much w-n-nani?" Her gaze flickers to Xue, other eyebrow joining the first.

Xue Qian gives Sam a confident smirk "If aliens captured me." ^_^;;

Johnny quickly looks up into the sky. "What?? Is it Tuesday already???"

"Oh." Is all the nekogirl can manage, putting a finger to her lips as she turns back to Johnny. At his next sentence she blinks, tugging on her lower lip as she glances back and forth between the two, totally lost.

Xue Qian asks, "What happens Tuesday?"

Johnny nervously glances at Xue before looking back up into the sky again, "That's when the aliens used to come to grab Squee..."

Xue Qian tilts her head "Poor... um.. Squee... did he ever make it back?"

Samantha sweatdrops.. continuing to glance hurriedly back and forth. "Waaait.. is this real?" She looks at Johnny wide-eyed, right hand straying to the hilt of her sword, "We should help him! Is he out in the Badlands?"

Johnny shrugs his shoulders, his attention still absorbed into the sky, "Nah..... Squee was my neighbor back when I lived in the ol' USA. Poor kid was always haven something bad happen to him. I think his parents had him commited or something..."

Xue Qian looks sideways for a moment (Least he KNEW his parents...) c_c, then looks back to him "Too bad. Prolly woulda fit right in here. Most everyone here, myself included, could prolly use being committed, although i doubt anyone would go willingly" ^_^

Johnny looks back at Xue and grins, "Hey now, I used to volunteer to get committed all the time! It was great! Give ya some free food, talk to you all the time... You can even get these great jackets to thrash around in! You should try it someday..."

Johnny glances off to the side and adds under his breath, "...course I still say the food came from the uncontrolable bowl ward... but that's just me..."

Zelgadis walks out into the parking lot while still checking his weapons.

Samantha blinks at Johnny, "W-what was he committed to?" She glances at Xue, raising an eyebrow again, "Uncontrollable bowl ward? You as lost as me?" She sighs and looks back to Johnny, lifting her hand from the hilt of her sword to rub at her useless left arm again. "Well.. never mind. How's it goin'?"

Zelgadis walks over to the others. He glances at Samantha and Xue,"I'd say good evening but I think I'd rather first ask what happend?" He gances at Xue's leg and Samantha's arm pointedly. Xue Qian snerks "Sounds like fun, cept the food part". She then gives Zel a look, sweatdropping, lookg to Sam "YOU wanna field this one, or shall I?"

Johnny stares up at the sky again lost in thought. Not having heard anything since Sam asked her question he responds, "I'm doing alright... bored outta my skull though... The video store in this town sucks. Damn guy always locks the place up when I show up there... There's nothing to do. I can't even seem to get abducted by weirdos...." Looking around again he realises he took a bit too long to respond, blushes again, and then grins at Zelgadis before taking a step away cautiously...

Samantha jumps slightly as Zel comes up. She then gives a wry grin, looking down as she reaches up to stroke back her hair on one side. "I, er.. heh. Well... guess you'd say it was a little local trouble." She glances at Johnny and offers a smile before she looks back to Zelgadis, "Big things, black.. really nasty lookin'... and they blood burned. Like acid.." she rubs at her left arm again, "Lost this for a coupla days.. Xue's worse if anythin'... everyone else is okay."

Zelgadis says, "Ah, I had hearda bout that." He sighs and shakes his head,"Let's have a look, see if I can't do something about the wounds." He stops for a second as though in thought,"Though I suppose that answers that question about what got the previous owners of that jeep we found."

Samantha makes a face, "Do I wanna know..?" At his other she shakes her head, lifting her left arm. It moves stiffly, tentatively, but it move.. though clearly causes a little pain. "I'm okay.. Sun-chan did what she could. Gonna take a coupla days while the nerves reknit, few cracked up bones're gonna have to regrow elsewhere." She drops the arm again with a tight smile, "I'll be back out in a couple..."

Xue Qian looks at Johnny "can't get abducted by weirdo's, huh? Well, that depends on what you consider 'weird'" o_-

Johnny glances around at everyone while rubbing the back of his head again. "Well... heh... I'm just lookin' for something to do. Made me a promise I gotta keep so I can't go around killing things without a damn good reason anymore..."

Zelgadis says, "Not much I can do about regrowing a limb, but I can see about the breaks, burns and the like." He looks at Xue,"What happend to the leg exactly? Same thing?" He looks backa t Xue,"They were skinned. i only know of two things that would do that to a human."

Johnny stares at Zelgadis for a moment being totaly lost in the conversation but making it a point to comment on the bits he understands, "Wait? Skinned people? Hey, now, I don't do that sorta thing anymore!"

Samantha winces, "Don't tell me the other..." she murmurs, glancing at Johnny, "Well.." she looks him up and down, then shrugs, "You could always-ugh." She winces again, "Can we get away from the skinning? Please?"

Zelgadis glances at johnny,"I'll keep that in mind but no, I didn't think you did it. I'm not even sure who you are." Nods to samantha,"So in short bo th of your wounds ahve more or less been patched other than the regenration."

Xue Qian sweatdrops "A fighter plane with REALLY bad aim fired several shots at the creatures as it passed overhead. Hit my arm with grazing shots, and one lucky one went right through the leg, breaking the bone clean in half, and sending the broken tips of the break through the skin of my leg. it's set, but the middle portion of the bone is damaged pretty badly. prolly gonna havep erminent pain from walkin on it once it heals, unless something extra is done to fix it" c_c;;

Johnny grins at Zelgadis and bows, butting into the conversation again, "Sorry, I'm Johnny C., but you can call me NNY for short..."

Zelgadis says, "Right, I can probably heal it. It's going to still take time if the injury is that bad but..." He shrugs,"Hello Johnny. Zelgadis Greywards."

Samantha glances at Johnny, giving another small smile, then looks to Zel, "He's okay.. he's a friend. Somethin' of a fighter too, if I remember.." she tails off with an embarassed grin, rubbing the back of her neck.

Xue Qian nods to Zel "That'd be great....". She looks to the side at Johnny, smirking slightly. never seen em, that she can recall, but oh well

Johnny stares at the disgusting bottle in his hand before tossing it over his shoulders carelessly. "Yeah, friends of the family, I guess... I used to fight with her dad every now and then. Looking forward to next time, if you know what I mean..."

Zelgadis crouches down noext to Xue and extends his hands towards the ice encased leg. A pulsing white glow starts in the palm of his hand and the flicker plays over Xue's leg like light through water.

Samantha looks down at Xue's leg as Zelgadis works his magic, a faint smile on her lips as she talks to Johnny. "Yeah.. well.. I told ya. Anytime y'wanna spar, just don't expect me to hold back -too- much, gettin' kinda used to fighting for my life y'know?"

Johnny grins at Samantha, "Good! Glad to hear it! Nothing brings out the zest for life like trying to keep from dying. You probably aint up for that now, are ya?"

Zelgadis doesn't look up form what he's doing,"Hardly, but if you want someone to fight with all thier might you'll ahve to give me a few minutes."

Samantha looks up, raising an eyebrow. "....not exactly, no."

Xue Qian watches zel heal her, and yawns sleepily, as the spell uses her own bodies reserves to heal itself faster, thus tiring her out a bit "Think i better get some rest soon..." -_-;

Zelgadis finishes the spelll and dusts off his hands on his thighs,"Well, that's all i can do for now. It'll proabably take a few more times before you can use it but at least you'll be on it sooner."

Samantha straightens up, brushing her hair back with one hand (the working one..). "So, er, shall we get inside an' have a drink or something? Been standin' out here far too long..."

Zelgadis stands back up and nods,"Sounds like an idea, unless Johnny still wants to try some sparing?"

Johnny looks up at the sky again, "We have been here too long... It being Tuesday and all... Um.... sparing?" He glances at Zelgadis again with a confused look on his face, "Um... I guess so... if you really wanna..."

Zelgadis shrugs non-chalantly,"I could use some practice. I've been working on the business end of things for the last little while. It is up to you."

Xue Qian listens, curious to see just how Zel's been working on his technique

Samantha grins and draws her sword, flipping it and catching it neatly by the blade... before extending the hilt towards Johnny. "Go fer it, NNY... y'can borrow this. Unless yer hidin' something?"

Johnny holds his hands out to the side carelessly, hooks come out of both his sleaves which he catches and crosses at his chest. "Well... I don't do any of that energy and ki crap. I stick to good ol' teeth, nails, and metal... if that's alright with you..." After saying this he winks at Samantha and laughs.

Samantha shrugs faintly and smiles, flipping the blade back around and resheathing it at her left side.. pushing it down fully with a little 'click'. "Just offerin'.." she murmurs, glancing at Zel. She frowns a bit as she adds on, "Go easy... he's not as fast as I am..."

Zelgadis smiles faintly and draws his sword,"Alright." He says witha glance out of the corner of his eye at Samantha he turns slightly and raises the tip of his sword,"Whenever you are ready."

Xue Qian step-clicks off tot he side, to watch

Johnny nods his head and charges at the man, his hands pulled up in a defensive position. Stopping just short of striking distance he stops and grins. "Well... maybe you should go first."

Samantha strolls over to a small pile of rubble at the edge of the lot, and sits down, kicking her legs out in front. She keeps her eyes on Johnny and Zel, gaze moving back and forth between them.

Zelgadis's eyes narrow,"Alright." Without further thought he lunges with the sword as though attempting to pierce Johny's chest.

Johnny throws up his arms attempting to block the incoming strike with the hooks in his hands. "Damn... your a fast one..."

Zelgadis smiles and doesn't say a word, continuing the forward motion even as his sword is blocked. He throws his shoulder in towards Johnny as though going for a bodycheck. Considering he's practicly solid rock this could hurt!

Johnny ducks down, trying to push the blade upwards with his hooks. As Zelgadis comes in closer he spins around trying to use his back to brace for the man's impact. Hoping for the best he pushes up with his legs in a lame attempt at using Zel's momentum to flip him over his shoulders...

Zelgadis has had a little better teacher than that when it came to fighting. He let's go of the sword and dropps his elbow straight at Johnny's back. He's still got the forward momentum to wind up going over but it's a controlled flip,not a bruising tumble. he lands on his feet a few paces away from johnny, unarmed, feet spread and waiting to see what the other will do.

Johnny stumbles forwards a step or two as Zelgadis lands on his feet. Taking a second to clear the stars from his eyes he turns around with a look of hatred in his eyes and a smile on his face. In one swift motion he puts away the hooks and pulls out his trademark twin daggers and chuckles. Pushing forward with one foot, he charges towards his opponent - his left hand off to the side casualy, his right hand pulled up in a stabbing motion. As he get in closer he tries to spin as he slashes hoping the momentum will allow him to get some damage in...

Samantha blinks, jerking up a little in alarm. (Does he actually want to..?)

Zelgadis blinks lazily as Johnny rushes him withthe knifes and doesn't even make a move to dodge. He let's the blade(s) bounce off his impenetrable hide and then simply straight arms johnny, basicly attempting to give him a shove back.

Johnny tumbles onto the ground, half rolling before coming to a stop. Sitting up again he blinkblinks looking up at Zel confused. "What the hell?"

Zelgadis says, "I guess I should explain, I am part Golem. My skin is pretty much like stone. Unless you ahve the sword of light you would have no chance of piercing my skin."

Johnny flops backwards on his back in frustration, "Oh, come on now!!!! How the hell am I supposed to be able to fight a damn golem?!? What kinda stupid crap is this...?"

Zelgadis says, "Reality."

Zelgadis says, "in any case, you're skill are quite good. You could fight any normal human and succeed I nbelieve."

Johnny sits up and glares at Zelgadis still focusing on the reality comment, "No no no... reality was that place where I couldn't die no matter how many damn times I tried, and stupid creatures living in my walls try to make me kill people... this sucks..."

Zelgadis holds out a hand palm upwards,"This is reality I assure you. I don't know aobut things living in the walls but here if you die it is very much perment." A glow forms in his palm ad a ball of energy forms,"You probably could hurt me if you tried, you just need to approach the problem in a diffrent way than what you ahve been trying."

Johnny climbs to his feet, putting his weapons away at the same time, "Well... It's the only way I know..."

Zelgadis let's the glow fade form his palm and lowers it as johnny doesn't seem to be attacking anymore,"I see. It's always a wise idea to have an alternative method just in case." he walks over and picks up his sword and shielthes it,"I can fight in just about any form that doesn't require a vehicle. It gives me options if one way doesn't work."

Samantha smiles softly and stands up, starting to walk back over towards Zelgadis. "Thanks.." she murmurs, hopefully just audible to the chimera, then looks at Johnny. "Y'know.. mebbe y'should take up something new?" She nods to the Exchange, "All kindsa instructors hang out around here...."

Johnny shrugs his shoulders, "Well... All I know is what I made... these weapons of mine are all I've got. Why'dya think I walk around hoping some moron'll pick a fight with me? If you got someone who's up for teaching me, I'm willing to learn. It'd be nice to pick up a new skill or two..."

Zelgadis looks at Samantha and nods slightly before turning bakc to Johnny,"Well, you'd ahve better luck on 'that' side of the wall doing that..." He jerks a thumb towards the badlands,"unfortunatly your' likly to find something like me there as well."

Johnny stares over at the wall lost in thought a moment, with a manic grin he replies, "Hmmm... You mean I can kill things???"

Zelgadis says, "As long as it's in the badlands, yes."

Zelgadis glances at Samantha and wodners if he really should ahve said that.

Johnny,giggiling, starts to make a run for the wall, ready to jump it and kill anything he can see...

Samantha nods to Johnny. She's reasonably unaware of his psychotic tendencies.. or chooses to be, at any rate. "He's right on both counts... but if ya need someone ta take you out, just gimme a buzz. But.. I'll take full salvage rights." She holds up her hand, "Ne.. er, where ya goin'?"

Considering the wall is agood fifty feet in hight and smooth ocncrete that might take a while...

Johnny is already a third of the way up the wall using his daggers to climb with before he realises people are still talking to him. Pausing in mid climb he looks back over his shoulder, "Eh? What..?"

Zelgadis just watches Johnny's progress,"Eager isn't he?"

Samantha blinks, "You're not kiddin'..." she raises her voice and calls up to Johnny, "Might wanna come down.. the, er, guards get a little 'tetchy' if y'don't use the proper exits." She looks up, nodding vaguely towards the patrolling Mercs.. armoured and armed with heavy rifles.

Johnny glancing around towards the guards Samantha mentioned, he nods his heads and simply drops down landing in a crouch. Spinning his daggers as he puts them away he grins and walks casualy over to the group again. "So... um... where's this exit?"

Zelgadis waves to one of the guards lettingt hem know everyhting is okay,"there area few along the wall and there is one just throughthe Merc Exchange building. But you really should have someone along with you."

Johnny sighs and drops his arms to his side patheticly, "...but that's no fun..."

Zelgadis says, "Well, will let you play with the creatures. We just want what ever they might be carring."

Zelgadis says, "And to take care of anythingt aht is blade immune."

Samantha nods to affirm Zel's words, "Yeah.. an' by that he means... someone -at least- as strong as me. I've been out once or twice alone but.. it's not easy." She smirks, rolling her eyes amusedly, "If it was 'fun' it wouldn't be a job now would it?" She nods again at Zel's words, "Yep. No charge if y'wanna tag along, but full salvage rights... you won't find anyone doin' it cheaper either."

Johnny nodnods at the proposal, this being the best deal he's heard in months, "Sure! Since Terry made me promise not to kill I've been itching for an excuse to spill some blood!!! I'm all for it! Come on, let's go! I'm ready!"

Zelgadis sighs and glances at Samantha,"I suppose I should take him as you don't seem quite ready just yet."

Johnny anxiously shifts his weight from one foot to another, "Yeah, 'cause we need to get going... we should hurry..."

Samantha gives a wry grin, "No way near ready.. one hit in the wrong place an' I lose a limb." She glances Johnny and raises an eyebrow, "Calm down, huh? You two get goin'.. I'll go grab a drink or somethin'. Take care.."

Zelgadis nods and heads off leading the obviously anxious Johnny along into the badlands,"See you when we get back."

Zelgadis passes the wary Merc sentries and enter the Merc Exchange proper.

Badlands - Sector S4

A steady wind blows in from the east, rising up from the cliffs that mark the eastern border of the badlands and the Sea of Japan a hundred feet below. This wind keeps the streets relatively clean from dust and grime although the constant smell of salt air lingers heavily and lays a fine layer of salted mist on the easternmost buildings of the area. Overall the place is filled with broken structures, large piles of debris, and gaping holes in the asphalt and concrete of the roads and sidewalks.

To the north and west the roads wind, leading deeper into the city and the turmoil. To the south the road moves toward the massive border wall that seperates the badlands from the city of Metropolis that can easily be seen with it's skyscrapers glittering in the sunlight.

Zelgadis leads johnny into the badlands. he starts to glance about, watching for anyhting that might be around,"Actually, worst threat right now might be other mercs. there is still a huge boutny for the magebusters...."

Johnny glances around wide eyed and daggers drawn, "Huh? Oh... um.... whatever... so where's these things I get to stab?"

Zelgadis moves on past the wreck of a truck of some sort and shakes his head,"Could be any where. Could be in any number. i've run into everything form 12 foot kittens to orks to swarms of insects out here."

Johnny nods his head at the thought of such an awsome thing, "Oooooh... big kittens... fun!"

Johnny twirls his right hand dagger as he glances back at the wrecked truck waiting for something to move. "So um... here kitty kitty?"

With out warning one of the walls suddenly explodes as a 20 foot tall beast busts into the street. Beast is about the best way to describe it as it looks like nothing that has ever lived. It moves aobut on four legs, each one tipped with three foot long claws. The extended jaws are filled with foot long teeth while twin tusks like spears thrust out form either side of it's fanged maw. The skin is blotchy and in places looks like it is toughend to hardend plates.

Zelgadis blinks upa t the huge monstrosity,'you wanted something to kill?

Johnny laughs histericly as he throws up his right arm. From out of his sleave shoots a long rope with a barbed hook on the end of it. It seems he's gonna try to climb this thing!?

the Massive beast roars at the two explorers then lowers it's huge tusks and charges towards the two. It's wieght shaking the whole street with it's steps as it charges towards them.

Zelgadis decides that discression is the better part of valour in this case and makes a sudden leap up onto one of the side buildings, getting out of it's way for the time bieng.

Johnny barely manages to avoid getting trampled as the hook, having found it's way home in the creature's side, is pulled tightly flinging him into the air. Struggling he pulls his way up onto the things back - still laughing the whole time. Emulating one of the movies he'd seen (Dune) he tries to use another hook to pull himself up into a standing position.

the creature roars as it realizes it's prey has gotten out of it's sight. Feeling the slight sting of the hook one glowing red eye and throws its head to the side, changing directions so that it's headed straight INTO one of the buildings, entering it witha crash of rubble that it seems to hope with dislodge the irritation clammering aobut on it.

Zelgaids jumps again as the building he is on becomes unstable due to the loss of most of it's lower levels. He lands neatly back in the street and can only shake his head in amazment at the fact that johnny is LAUGHING about this,"He's nuts. Certifiably so..." He raises his hands gathering power ofr a spell .

Johnny screams as he's flung into the air from the collision. Barely managing to catch himself on a remaining portion of the wall with a quickly produced set of claws, he discards his hooks leaving them still dangling from the creature. Looking at the irratated creature he smiles again, dropping down to the ground. Watching quietly, he waits to see what it does next...

The creature tunrs back, it's eyes glowing as it roots through the rubble looking for bodies before catching sent of the tow. It's head comming up it paws the ground but instead of charging it actually makes a gruttal sound, almost like speech. With one stamp of it's hoof ther is suddenly a ball of flames rushing towards Zel and Johnny.

Johnny"EEEP!"'s as he jumps behind a pile of debris hoping for cover... Zelgadis brings his hands down towards the beast, releasing the spell he had been casting,"Elmicia Lance!" The long blade of energy shoots towards the beast like an arrow, both spells passing without so much as causing a flicker.

The beast lets out a shreik as the lanc impacts it though it seems to do no physical damage. Shaking it's head as though to clear it it then roars again and charges this time rearing a little to try and claw things.

Zelgadis dodges aside at the last minute, the fireball sailing across the street to blow the front form one of the buildings.

Johnny jumps up to see the creature rearing towards him. Trying to think fast he does the stupidest thing he can think of - he runs towards it at full speed and tries to do a forward roll between it's feet! His plan being to grab ahold of his discarded hooks and try climbing again...

The Beast actually wasn't quite ready for that. Most have more sense. It crashes bakc to the ground just missing Zelgadis who is currently trying to distract it with falre arrows. The firey bolts doen't seem to do much but for now it's attention is on hima nd not johnny.

Johnny uses the opportunity to grab ahold of his ropes and climb up, swinging wildly as he climbs. Making it about halfway up he stabs the beast in it's side and grabs ahold of the dagger's hilt with both hands expecting his own weight to pull him down thus slicing the side of the creature open...

The beast roars in pain as Johnny slides down it's side. the gash comming in jerks as the knives keep hitting boney patches that it can't cut through. It turns and steps sideways, trying to brush the annoying thing off it's side buy crushing it into one of the buildings. Zel takes this chance to leapup onto one of it's legs, using his own daggers to pull himself UP the otherside.

Johnny lets go of one of his two most prized possesions, putting it away as he let's go of the other dagger. During his fall he reaches for one of his ropes - assuming the incoming collision doesn't knock him to the ground first...

The beast brushes into the wall with enough force to send cinderblocks flying before the pain on the otherside causes it to roar and ddecide to simply ROLL towards Zel. Not much the Chimera can do to avoid that as the beast comes over on top of him other than drag his sword form his sheath and brace it agianst it's side. the sudden change in direction is going to probably throw Johnny into the wall if he grabs the rope, the roll will then send him right up onto it's side.

Johnny blinks as he reaches for the rope, as the creature and the rope are suddenly moved away from him. Falling flat on his face and rolling into the wall with his momentum, he jumps to his feet. Blood trickiling from the scratches on his face, he curses himself as he gets his pair of claws out again and charges towards the beast - still wanting to climb it for some stupid reason...

the beast is still on it's side, or at tleast half the time as it's rolling back and forth obviously trying to smother Zel intill he manages to get the angle of the sword right and one of the rolls plunges it into it's side up tot he hilt. With a scream it spasms and a voice calls form underneith though muffled,"Digger volt!" There is an electrical cackling as the spasms get a little worse.

Johnny giggles as he leaps onto the creature's side and then climbs onto it's stomach. As it rolls he uses his claws to hold himself inplace until it begins to reverse it's roll. Whiping out his last remaining dagger he stabs down into it and literaly tries to run down the length of it's belly attempting to gut it like one would a hunted animal...

Well, THAT got the beast attention. There is a reason you don't skin animals alive, specially ones that have tree foot claws on all the feet your cutting inbetween. It reacts violently by trying to claw Johnny four ways at once, trying to reduce him to so much miced meat. Zel can't do much at the moment, there is stills everal tonnes of monster lying on top of hima nd he's out of breath.

Johnny screams as he is violently slashed at. Leaping off to the side he hopes the beast will come after him, allowing Zel to finaly be freed of his suffication. Blood flowing from some of the deeper wounds he growls. From deep inside him something dark stirs. His blood begins to run dark, not from the deepness of his wounds but from something... else...

The beast rolls off comming up with a snot. it glowers at Johnny and the air cackles as lightning bursts forth fomr the air towards Johnny. Zelgais in the mena time leavers himself up on the hole he was crushed into, using his sword as a cane he manages a few steps but can't do much else just yet.

Johnny begins to... cackle? His eyes turning as black as the blood which flows from him, he stands his ground as he watches the creature begin to run towards him. Leaping into the air as it approches he tries to dig his right hand claw deep into the thing's throat in an attempt to slice it open...

The beast swings it's head to the side, first trying to gore him with it's tusk, then bite with it's teeth before swiping at Johnny with it's claws.

Johnny does do some danage but once agian those boney plates keep things form being a neat or clean and definatly not fatal. Zelgadis manages to send off a fireball int the back of the beastand get's rewarded with a couple of clawed kicks. Those do even less than Johnny's did to it and sends him flying.

Johnny dangling from the creature's throat, thrashing around and bleeding quite baddly, pulls into his arsonal of tricks for one last surprise - A nearly arm's length pole with a sharp hook-like sickle attached to the end of it! Swinging wildly with his one free hand he tries to gouge out the beast's eye before it manages to throw him off of it...

The beast roars in agony as it's eyes is suddenly poked out with a really pointy stick. With a bellow it tosses it's head in order to shake johnny off of it before turning and racing away down the street. Maybe it's hurt worse tahn you thought. Maybe it just decided the meal wasn't worth the effort. In etiher case it's making it's get away at a good clip.

Johnny climbs to his and chases after the beast, "I WANT MY DAGGER BACK YOU BASTARD!!!!!!"

Johnny bringing the hooksickle up to his chest, ready to strike makes his way half way down the street after the beast his hair whipping wildly around his face as he runs...

the beast just rumbles off intot he distance, leaving johnny quitre literally in the dust.

Johnny stabs the ground in frustration, "GODDAMN SON OF A BITCH!!!!!!!!"

Zelgadis walks up to Johnny, still clutching his side a little,"Ah, looks like it left. YOu still wanted to take a round out of it?" He says as he eyes johnny's wounds.

Johnny continues to glare into the distance, his eyes having returned to normal again, "It hurts, but oh well... Just a sign that I'm still alive, eh? I guess I should probably get it looked at..."

Zelgadis says, "Ther's a medical wing in the merc exchange and I can probably do a bit to close some of those. oyu're going ot want to eat and sleep after though."

Johnny blinks, "Nah... just some bandages will do for now... I don't want to cheat myself out of some real pain..."

Zelgadis blinks at johnny and shakes his head,"Ah....alright." He shakes his head and seriously wonders.

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