2004-04-05 CRAB BATTLE - laughing at the misery of others

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CRAB BATTLE - laughing at the misery of others


Who: Naruto, Johnny_C, Washuu, Nova, Mecha_Crab, Renamon, Fayt, Zelgadis, Rann-chan, Sabin, Rock, Brittany
When: 2004-04-05
Where: The Usual Restaurant

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The Usual Restaurant

You walk into a well lighted room, it's high ceilings lit by dozens of fluorescent lamps hanging from the ceiling. To the south and west are windows, which you would normally expect to see the outside world from, but looking out of them, you see only a misty gray haze. On the walls to the north and the east of the inn are an eclectic collection of paintings, photographs and even holographs of many cheap 1970's to 1980's B-movies. The bar on the east side is made out of hardwood, it's surface polished and shiny. Behind the bar, the various beverages that are served here are kept in relatively neat containers on wooden shelves. There is a large stage in one of the corners of the restaurant with a impressive sound system and a few microphones strung about it. Multiple round wood tables are in this room, near the north wall, is a double swing door that leads to the kitchen. On the east wall is a door leading to the UR's dance club and on the west one leading to the Gym. To the south, is the exit to the outside. A recent addition to the UR is a large fireplace against the west wall, it matches well to the rest of the restaurant and looks like it should have been there all along.

Naruto comes up behind one of the wierd phantom women and pokes at it with one of his kunai. o.-

Naruto hrms. o.- "Ne. I don't think I can help ya, Rock."

Johnny walks in twirling his dagger in his right hand. With a smirk on his face he glances around the room only to stop dead in his tracks as Rock hits a wall. oO(What the hell??)

Washuu smirks, knowing the phantom thigns will follow Rock everywhere for a week.

Nova eeps!!! and goes to jump lightly on Rock's chest. "Wake up wake up wake up!!!"

Mecha Crab waves a claw idly from under the Bar, waiting for it to be safe to ciome out of hiding

Rock mumbles, "No Terry, I don't want to train today...."

Nova sticks her ... nose.. right into Rock's. "Come on Rock! Ya gotta wake up! Dazed is no way to be!"

Rock comes out of it, "The hell...?" rubs his head staring at Nova at point blank range, "Uuuuuh...."

Naruto hrms. o.O He twirls his kunai a few times on a finger, then slips it up his sleeve. "Anou.. why'd these things show up? And why couldn't happen to someone who could appreciate it more?" o_O

Nova smiles. "Yay! You're awake!"

Renamon is up in the rafters as usual

Washuu is happily eating ehr order, her revenge complete...for now

Johnny runs a hand accross his mostly bald head as he makes his way to the bar choosing it best not to distract from whatever is going on. Sitting down and ordering a cherry soda he turns in his seat to watch the goings on anyways...

Mecha Crab is under the Bar, waiting for Washuu to say somehting off the wall, or leave, indicating it;s safe again

Rock says, "Yay..." suddenlyl remembers the phantom things, "SHIT!"

Fayt sweatdrops. "Just andother normal day I guess." -_- he takes a sip of his water.

Naruto says, "Maybe they'll go away if you ignore 'em... man, if Sakura-chan were here she could use Cancel No Jutsu.." x.x

Washuu snickers

Naruto . o O ( It's definately an illusion. I mean, they go right through stuff... But most genjutsu can only be seen by one person.. )

Nova pouts. "Heh... no need for cursing now..." she gulps...

Washuu just starts laughing loudly

Rann-chan wanders in just in time for the laughing, and promptly spins around on one heel and prepares to walk back out.

Fayt blinks at Washuu "What's so funny?" O_o

Naruto looks over at Washuu as well. o_O "...psycho."

Washuu just laughs to herself, her mini-Washuu's popping up and spouting somethign about divine retribution for those who dare to mock the greatness of the one true Washuu.....general over acheiving genius ego type stuff a small crab-mech pops up, ans snips at Naruto-kun's ankles

Rann-chan turns back around at that. "..." . o O ( Okay, that's too much to let go. I call upon the power of the UR's silliness to give me something to compete! ) Immediately, a pair of little mini-Ranns pop up on her shoulders. "Ha! You're not even a real redhead!" "Pink! Is that your hair, or cotton candy?!"

Naruto ows, then stomps on the crab. He blinks... hrm... c.c "...and she looks like a hippy..."

Rock blinks at Nova, "Ar they still here?" one of the apparations bend down over Rock and waves what would normalyl appear to be cutely, "GAaaaah.....!" drains of color.

Nova looks up at the apparition. "If you don't go away, I'll... I'll..."

Washuu's face goes dead serious, as she turns around, her forehead twitching

more crabs nip at Naruto-kun

Mecha Crab holds up a sign 'RUN FOR THE HILLS!'

Rann-chan says, "..." She points at the dolls on her shoulders, arms crossed. "They did it." "She diid it!" the dolls protest, pointing at Rann's head.

Rock stands up and runs over to Washuu and slides on his Knees begging, "MAKE THEM GO AWAY! PLEEEEEEAAAASE!"

Naruto ah-hahs! He hops onto the bar and watches Rock's pleading. o_O "...huh. Thought so..."

Nova hmphs, and gets up to fly over to Washuu. "Please get rid of them. I don't know how you got them here in the first place, but get rid of them."

Johnny blinkblinks at Rock's words, glancing at Naruto as he hops onto the bar he asks quietly, "Um... What the hell is going on?"

Washuu gets the anime look of pure evil, as the usual flames erupt from behind her "I'M A RED HEAD YOU MORONIC SUB INTELLIGNET BAFOON' and just as fast, popp into teeneage sized mode and adds "and I'm cute to boot' complete with the fingers to her cheekc

Naruto thumbs at Washuu as he talks to Johnny. "She's a witch or something, and she put a curse on Rock-kun. She can also give people crabs..." c.c

Rock stares blankly before screaming louder, "PLEASE! ANYTHING BUT THIS! ANYTHING!"

Johnny sweatdrops, "She can WHAT?"

Fayt camly pulls his feet further up on his stool, still ldrinking quietly.

Zelgadis pokes his head intot he Usual and looks around. He blinks as he hears rock scream and wodner's what he's gotten into. taking a breath he walks in and up to the bar.

Rann-chan just blinks at all the flames and the evil look, then walks right over to Washuu, taking her own braid in her hand and holding it up. "This is red." Then she reaches over and takes one of Washu's spikes, pulling it around a bit to hold it next to the end of the braid. "This is pink. There is a difference here."

Washuu erupts into flames again "I'M THE GREATEST SCIENTIFIC MIND IN THE UNIVERSE!"

Naruto nods. "Curse people and give 'em crabs." He crosses his arms and nods. "So that makes her a witch." ^_^

Rann-chan says, "But you're not a redhead."

Nova frowns at Washuu. "Actually, I think you're annoying and a big MEANIE!"

Mecha Crab nips at Naruto-kun

Naruto hops off the bar. c.c; "And she's a scientific mime, apparently."

Zelgadis asks, "Naruto, what are you doing now?"

Johnny chooses it best not to ask anymore questions and simply nods at Naruto...

Rock exclaims, "The ENTIRE NESTS Organization ahs more brains than....A non redhead!"

Zelgadis bigsweats at Rock,"Ah, Rock....hate to break this to you but......"

Naruto blinks, then squints at Zel. "Ara, how come you assume it's my fault?" o_O

Zelgadis to naruto,"I been listening to what you've said for the last minute."

Washuu screms "BAKA!" and pulls of all things, a multi-dimensional hammer out (4 times begger than she is mind you) and proceeds to swing it at Rann..she is a red head.....oh yes she is.

Fayt slwly traces a spiral on his palm with a finger "One daze, coming up." -_-

Rann-chan erks, hitting the deck, her new chibis left hanging in midair for a second before the hammer thwacks into them. However, in the manner of cute things in anime, they seem to have avoided harm, and instead scramble up Washuu's arms towards her own chibis. MiniRann-A immediately starts a fistfight with MiniWashuu-A, while MiniRann-B... starts hitting on MiniWashuu-B in an entirely different manner.

Washuu's mini-washuu's have long since vanished, they know better than to mess with pinky when someone insults her.....

Nova fumes a little at Washuu. "An' not only that, but Raven's a MILLION BILLION TIMES MORE OF A TECHIE THAN YOU'LL EVER BE!!!!" she shouts. "NOW MAKE THOSE THINGS LEAVE ROCK ALONE!!!!"

Ah. In that case, the MiniRanns start biting Washuu's ears. ^.^

Washuu keeps smacking about "baka baka baka baka baka" now if only one had the right bass beat going.......

Rann-chan crawls over to hide under a table. "... Aiya..." c.c;; "Great scientific mind does not equal maturity..."

Zelgadis says, "Never did. The big thing is I ahve yet to fault her for it."

Washuu heaves for air. No one said Washuu was mature...she even admits it.

Rock exclaims, "Please get rid of theeeeem! I'm sorry!"

Sabin pops his head out from under the bar, motorcycle helmet on his head" @.>"

Fayt stops tracing his spiral, and looks around the room "Is it over yet?"

Washuu looks right at Nova "No. He insults my looks...hell hath no fury.....and boy am I furios...and relax" as she tosses the uber hammer over her shoudler 'crash' "they'll go away on thier own....in due time" as a horde of mini-crabs wearing hard harts pop in carryign building materials and beginto fix the damage caused

Nova frowns. "Soon isn't now!!!"

Washuu hummmphs, popping to teenage size, crossing her arms

Rock exclaims, "ANYTHING BUT THIS PLEEEASE! It's not personal I swear!"

Rann-chan calls from under the table, "You know, this is really Akane's schtick, you'd better put that scientific mind to thinking of how to avoid a trademark infringement suit..." Then she busily crawls to a different table.

Washuu holds up her copyright contract, dating to 11,000 years ago.,..she;s covered.

Rock exclaims, "Please something that'll at least let me live somewhat normally! I HAVE A JOB!"

Zelgadis smiles faintly,"You ticked her off didn't you Rock?"

Washuu just snickers

Naruto puts his hands into his pockets. "Why can't you just give him crabs, like you gave me?" o.o

Rock exclaims, "Not on purpose!"

Washuu rasberries Naruto as another crab tries to nip his ankes

Johnny falls into a fit of laughter at Naruto's words.

Sabin finds things afely satisfactory and puts his helmet back under the bar as he re-seats himself

Fayt glances at Johnny "Why can't I help but think there's a hidden meaning there?" yep, he's dence.

Naruto erks, and stomps on that crab. He's gonna have pinchers in his sandals for weeks.

Rann-chan peeks up from under a table. "Washuu's crabs are particularly persistent, she probably wants to be really sure how she feels about someone before she risks giving 'em to them."

Zelgadis attempts to Rap Naruto lightly on the head,"Think before you speak. Do you know how that sounded?"

Zelgadis looks at Rann,"Et tou?"

said crabs come up to nip at Rann-kun's ankles

Naruto ows. c.c "Yeah, it sounded like she sicced some crabs on me. And she did!"

the mini-crabs fixing the damage finih, and leave, each one tipping it;s hard had as they vanish, leaving the place in perfect condition

Zelgadis glances back at Naruto,"Ah, the innocence of youth."

Rann-chan exclaims, "Ack! Washuu gave ME crabs, too! I didn't know women could GIVE other women crabs!"

Naruto says, "She's lucky I don't give her a bad case of warts!" u.u "I can summon frogs, y'know."


Rock clasps hands in front of him, "PLEEEEEASE! I'm soooooooorrrry!!!!"

Johnny is fighting tears as he tries not to laugh anymore, but the situtaion just keeps making things worse for him...

Nova blinks. "I really don't think I wanna be hearing this..."

Washuu gets a evil red glow to her eyes "Crabs are only the very tip of my vast arsenal of creations....."

Rann-chan scuttles about, and glances over at Washuu. "What's next? Lobsters? Shrimp? A nemato~de?"

Zelgadis says, "Naruto, I suggest you behave. Otherwise I'll turn you over to Washuu for her studies."

Naruto rolls his eyes. Gets a 6. "I do enough study at school."

Mecha Crab (all 6 foot plus of him) stands behind Naruto-kun, gently tappign him on the shoulder. Even it has a pint where it will start to defend it's creator

Rock screams and begins begging more with eyes clsoed as the models swarm!

Zelgadis looks up at the crab,"Shall I gift wrap him?"

Naruto turns around and pikupikus at the crab. "Mou, don't YOU start giving me.... lip.." o.O

Washuu ches "fine....." as she calls up a terminal, and 5 of the 6 phantoms vanish

Mecha Crab has no lips, but has 2 ratehr large claws

Rock is still nervous, "Th-thanks!" and time to get drunk.

Washuu says, "che...you whine worse than my daughter......"

Johnny wipes the tears from his eyes as he finaly gets himself under control and takes a drink of his soda.

Rann-chan riiiises up from behind the bar. "Man, now Washuu's crabs are REALLY bad."

Fayt sighs and slaps his forehead with his hand... wait? didn't he cast something on one of his hands? "Dizzy..." @_@ he suddenly toppls out of his stool *thud!*

Rock makes noooooo comment and goes to the bar, "Sabin...yeah...soomething Hard...real" gulps, "Hard."

Johnny goes into a whole new fit of laughter thanks to Rann... it's gonna be a long night...

Nova follows Rock on the bar, having a seat, and starts snacking on the metal tops of the salt and pepper shakers.

Mecha crab just waves a claw at RAnn-chan as if to say do not get involved...yet...

Sabin blinks. He shrugs and slides a glass of Terran PGGB on over to Rock "Try that."

Rann-chan calls over, "Hey, blonde guy! I hear you can get rid of crabs using this!" She tosses him a disposable razor.

Zelgadis sighs and takes a seat as well,"Sake Sabin." he nods to nova and Rock,"So, how long has this been going on?"

Nova sighs. "Too long."

Rock says, "IT"S NOT CRABS! IT'S WORSE!" takes a gulp of the drink and looks at Zel, "20 minutes.

Washuu ches "you all are no fun....."

Zelgadis shakes his head and just hopes this Washuu isn't as interested in odd people as the last one.

Sabin slides a bottle of Sake and a small sake cup over to Zelgadis "Here ya goZel"

Fayt slowly pulls himself off the floor and back onto his stool, haking his head "Hate it when I do that."

Misato walks in with a *huge* yawn..."Wow..talk about a long day..I need a beer..." she says, scritching the back of her plumb colored head, taking up residence at teh bar.

Naruto ka-blinks at Zel. . o O ( He... ordered something... other than sprite? )

Rock grumbles as the woman conjured by Washuu to torment Rock continues it's flirtatious behavior, "Why can't I have a normal day? Fist fight? Street race? Learn a song on bass? Make sndwhiches?"

Nova sits rather cutely on the bar, munching on more salt shaker tops.

Misato looksn at Nova.."Oh..kay......"

Washuu is sittign at the bar now, aand a 6 foot tall mecha crab is standing behind a rather obnoxious young man and lookign quite cross at him.

Zelgadis pours himself a cup and tosses it back. He holds his breath for a second then let's out a small sigh and a puff cloud.

Fayt sits at hte bar, quietly drinking his water.

Johnny shakes his head and glances around the room as he finaly and completly get's over his own bad thoughts about the situation. Looking back at Naruto he grins, "So, um... Want me to kill some?" To emhpaise this he pulls out his dagger again and begins to twirl it.

Renamon chuckles from the rafters. "This is the largest group I've yet seen here."

Naruto erks. "No, they've left me alone. Except for this big one, and he serves drinks so he's cool." He turns around and points at the giant crab. "Speakin' of, ne! Get me a large milk an' a dozen boiled eggs!" o.o

Fayt looks up into the rafters and gives a small wave to Renamon "Hello." -_-

Mecha Crab shakes heis eyes stalks no. You insulted him and his creator...he wants an apology

Zelgadis pours more sake into his glass and repeats his previous actions with it,"Well, this is the start to an interesting night."

Rock says, "Kill me."

Johnny spins around to look at Rock with a bemused grin on his face, weapon ready. "Really?"

Zelgadis glances at rock,"If it weren't for the fact that I'm sort a member for a couple of teams Rock. Sorry, you have to live."

Nova glares at Johnny. "NO!!"

Fayt twitches "Are you sure you want to go around saying that in a city like this, someone might take up the offer." he nods to Johnney "Like him." O_o;

Rock grumbles and faceplants, "D'oh."

Zelgadis looks at Johnny as well, eyes narrowed.

Johnny scowls at everyone as he puts his weapon away. "...no fun..."

Naruto sighs. u.u "Oh, geez. Yeah, I got a little carried away. I'm sorry." u.u "Can I have those eggs now? I need 'em to develope my new technique."

Zelgadis pours another drink,"Do I dare ask what technique uses boiled eggs?"

Naruto glances at Zel suspisciously. "I can't tell you."

Rann-chan asks, "Heckle-fu?"

Zelgadis says, "Sounds about right Rann."

Renamon says, "You humans are stranger than most I know. And that's saying something"

Naruto shakes his head. c.c "No. They're not for throwing."


Zelgadis looks up at renamon just to see what the heck is talking to them all. his scales catching some of the light.

Fayt mutters to himself. "I'd make the obvious joke at this point... but I hear enough form him as it is so I'll just ignore the easy opening." -_-

Renamon smirks, giving a friendly mock-salute at Zelgadis, an action she picked up from Ryo Akiyama back home.

Zelgadis makes a slight nod in return and goes back to his drinking.

Rann-chan says, "Oh, give 'em to him... if a teenager wants to play with his eggs, he's gonna play with 'em."

Rock swings around pushes what looks to be a hologram of a supermodel away form him, "God damn it! Why must it always be holographic women that are the worst!?"

Misato gets her beer and chugs down quite a bit of it...*glug glug glug* *BuuRp!* YeeaaaH...that hits the spot!

Zelgadis blinks, ah, that misato. he pours himself another sake and downs the glass.

Rann-chan golf-claps for Misato. "Refined. Ladylike."

Naruto takes his eggs and starts shelling them. "See, if you want to learn a jutsu, you have need to have chakra, and you need the right kinds of experiences, and o' course you gotta be smart..." n.n

Nova shakes her head, hops off the bar, and goes to curl up in a booth.

Fayt hops off of his stool "I better get going, later."

Brittany trots in quickly and glances around. She then heads to an empty booth off to the side of the room.

Misato looks to Rann and smirks a little, "Does it look like I care righty now? Gimmie a break....I've been up 24 hours, I'm tired and I'm not in a good mood, so deal with it, okay?"

Johnny overhears Fayt and waves at him.

Crickets begin to swarm prinnies in the corners.

Rock grahs, "I CANT TAKE IT!" he runs out of the UR with a terrified look on his face, hologram following.

Brittany picks up a nearby menu and glances over it. o.o She finally just orders a soda from the menu... then blinkblinks and glances toward the screaming person. "...odd."

Renamon phases out of sight from the rafters and reappears on the ground. "What is?"

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