2004-12-10 (PreU) Meeting the Neighbors

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Meeting the Neighbors


Who: Johnny_C, Samantha, Lynx, Maret
When: December 12th, 2004
Where: Chronos

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There is a rustle from beyond the fire light and into the woods steps a man wearing the standard Porre uniform, or well, a man with scales and pointed ears, the exact color hard to tell in the fire light. He walks up, two snares slung over his shoulder, rabbits caught in each. He sighs, "Ma'am, such a fire is going to attract too much unneeded attention."

The wind rustles through the trees causing the fire to flicker. The flames briefly seem to invert their color and the shadows cast off by the flames lurch and seem to come to life. Moving stealthfuly they converge at the base of the cliff and then with another gust of wind all is again right with the world, save for an extra pair of eyes watching from atop the cliff face behind everyone...

What the...?! Who the heck said she needed help? Lee spins around on hearing a voice, and narrows her eyes once she realises what's going on. This is her mission, and she knows her last message can't have hit the HQ yet so this can't be about her failure yesterday... this is something else. "Yeah?" She shoots back, giving a violent toss of her head that sets her braids to dancing. "Well, I was cold an' I wanted a fire. If you don't like it, yer welcome to come back the way ya came an' leave me be." She lifts one hand from the floor, jerking a thumb towards the slope of the cliffside. Suddenly she seems to freeze, and flings her hand out in a vague gesture in front of her, looking around to face into that mysterious breeze, "Hey, stop it! I lit this to be -warm-. Quit blowin' wind all over the place..." she gives an exasperated sigh, lifting her knees up to her chin and wrapping both arms around her legs. Glaring moodily into the fire, she seems to be done speaking to her little interloper, fresh food or not. Stupid, stupid pain, darned nature and annoying, irritating, skin-crawling whelp of a commander! Why can't she just be let do her job and get her kicks?

Johnny watches from his perch and snickers at his new entertainment. Probably a little too loudly, but what does he have to hide from? Reguardless, he reamins in his seat waiting for the right moment to poke his nose in. After all, this is his cliff. It's his duty to be obnoxious and annoying when people come to visit. Not thinking he gets out one of his daggers and begins to twirl it absentlmindedly. It's blade occasionaly reflecting off the light cast by the flames.

Lynx gives an exasperated sig and sis by the fire and pulls out a knife from a sheath on his wrist and begins skinning the rabbits. He's had practice it seems and soon he's got them ready to be cooked, "Which would you prefer Ma'am? A stew or just roasted? I still have left over vegetables I foraged earlier."

"Prefer? I'd prefer to be left alone.. I was pretty happy, y'know? Who said ya had to come bug me, anyway? There's plenty of other things y'could be doin'... -useful- things." Lee's more than a little surly today, yeah.. feeling your life slowly slipping away through these painful little cuts will have that effect, as will knowing you completely fluffed an easy job and might have to pay for it by not being sent on any prime slaughtering expeditions in the next few weeks. Life is hard. Not to say the lithe mercenary's nostrils don't flare a little on smelling fresh meat, a twitch pulling one eye closed as she forces herself to resist any urge. Gotta remain stubborn., can't show any weakness in front of this... lesser being. "You gonna gimme an answer?"

The soldier sighs, "I was being helpful, I've been staying out of your way and getting food and making sure we were not encroaching on any territory of particularly dangerous monsters." he pauses and sighs, "I'll just roast them." he pulls out sharpened sticks and uses them as spits so that the rabbits can be cooked properly.

Johnny rolls his eyes. Well, this started off intresting. Time to meet the neighbors. Hoping down from his perch with a silent thud from his boots on the dusty soil he slowly walks towards the flame, still absently twirling his black bladed dagger. "Nice night for a cook out, huh? Had I known, I'd have brought some potato salid or something..." Grining he half-waves at the expected stares of his new aquaintences.

Lee heaves a brief sigh, lifting one hand to toy a few braided lengths between her fingers, watching her hair idly as she replies to the troublesome oaf sent to watch on her. "Yeah, sure... like I needed help. Like I'm not one o' the best Porre's got, huh?" She rolls her eyes and then turns her attention back to the fire, about to relax again when.. oh. Another interruption. "Great. Just great." An eyebrow raises as she looks up to the approaching figure, returning the wave only with a stare. The merc shakes her head then and arcs her back, making a face as she feels a couple of bones crackle into more comfortable place. The little surge of pain from her shoulder wound doesn't help either, and a torrent of black mist rises from the edge of the crudely applied bandages, wafting up between the trees and out into the night. "Whoever ya are," she murmurs as she stops stretching, "We're here on business... unless y'wanna be added to my list of playmates I'd pretty much suggest you go back to yer home."

Maret hmmphs, "You understand I was only sent to watch you because I'm considered expendable enough to be paired wit-" he blinks and turns to look a Johnny hs knife ready to be used in case Johnny turns out to be a true danger, "Who are you? Why are you here?"

Johnny glances back and forth at the duo with an amused smirk. "Um... well technicly I am home. More or less...." Not that he advertises. Although the cliff has more than a few legends about a particular dagger wielding ghost that likes to make random appearances here. "It's not like I'm trying to stir up trouble. I just like to know what kind of people camp out up here." Glancing at the wardrobe of the two he decides he might could have some fun from this, "You two don't look like Guardian Soldiers. Where ya from?"

Lee doesn't look like much of a -soldier- at all. Not many uniforms consist of a cut-off leather jerkin and black leggings. Her appearance is definitely on the bottom end of the mercenary scale, not really stopping far short of being dubbed 'barbaric'. Though not many out-and-out berserker types would wield a blade as graceful as a katana, admittedly. Still, if there's anything she REALLY isn't right now, it's friendly, and her response to Johnny is another careless shrug. Maret doesn't get a response to his unfinished piece - wah wah, I'm dispensable. So what? We're all dispensable. That's life. It's all dandy until suddenly it's all painful and you're dead. Hmph. "I'm not too sure where I'm from, an' even if I was I wouldn't go yellin' it to every random person I meet. But I sure ain't a Guardian soldier, whatever. -I- can actually fight." She reaches out to poke a loose ember back into the fire, burning her finger mildly in the process but making a show of not caring, just wrapping her arm back around her knees.

Maret grunts at the stranger's question, "Nowhere important." he says this annoyed and he pulls out a bag and fishes around in it pulling out some shredded up herbs and scatters them over the cooking rabbits for flavor, "I wasn't aware of anyone living in this area." he says offhandedly.

Johnny raises an eyebrow at the fight comment. oO(Ooooh.... ain't done that in awhile...) Casting a confused glance at Maret he shakes his head. "Well, that's kinda the point. Come on... I don't get alot of visitors anymore. Well, that Munin chick, but she hardly counts. My name's Johnny. Either of you have a name you go by?"

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