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Full Name: Maret

Series: Original
Class: Spellsword
Threat Level: [[:Category:{{{Threat}}}|{{{Threat}}}]]
Alignment: Neutral-esque
Gender: Female(?)
Species: Mystic

Short Description: Though once a wanderer, Maret has been taken under the wing and apprenticeship of the great Flea.

This is certainlly not a normal one, if interesting in form and dress. The person is dressed in an interesting outfit to say the least, and is obviously Mystic in blood. A pretty face, with fine features and smooth pale blue skin, whilst long tress of red hair hands down to around mid back, short bangs hanging down to just above red eyes. Meanwhile set atop this mass of red is a white lacey frill. Long pointed ears peek out from the hair as well. Red lips, no doubt from lipstick, lead down, neck covered by a lacey frill. The outfit that covers the body is a black satin affair, tight around the waist and lending support a bossom shoring off a bit of cleavage, more of the frilled lace bordering the open area of the chest and shoulder. Puffed up sleeves cover upper arms, and it is not until mid forearms, where a pair of sword guards cover the wrists, and backs of delicate hands, a cingle ring of red rope attatched around middle fingers, while the digits end in neatly manicured and red colored nails. Over the black portion of the outfit is what appears to be the start of a white silken apron. Tied at the small of the back into a large bow. THe loops hugged delicaately there, whilst the twin strands that hand beneath drift along barely above the ground. There is an ever so slight miniskirt that just barely hides the person's hips, showing off long shapely legs of that pale blue skin before they dissappear into long white stockings, which become a pair of tabi at the bottom, and are supported by a pair of sandals.





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