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Summary: Avatar Korra finds herself a little ways away from Republic City. Ikuto gets treed by her beardog Naga, and Rayne comes to investigate the trouble.

Who: Ikuto, Korra, Rayne
When: January 30, 2016
Where: Kohoku High School


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It's Saturday evening, and no classes are taking place. However, that doesn't mean the place is deserted. A number of clubs are meeting now, since there's no school to get in the way. As for Ikuto? He's not in a club. He just likes the high school. It reminds him of home. More specifically, Seiyou High School.

...He misses Tadase-kun...

Anyway, he's sitting in a tree on the school's park-like grounds. He's reclining against the trunk of a tree, his hands behind his head, and his legs stretched out on the branch. And on a branch to his side, a white violin case hangs.

He's not alone, though. Not completely, anyway. Floating over his right shoulder is a tiny catboy near-doppelganger. Said near-doppelganger is reclining in the air like Ikuto is reclining on the branch.

Ikuto is quietly singing something under his breath. It's in Japanese, but he doesn't care who does or doesn't understand it, so it's coming through loud and clear. Well, as 'loud and clear' as the lyrics of a song sung just above a whisper.

"Hurry up and wake me, I'm having a nightmare
 Every beginning
 is a trivial thing, right?
 If you asked me what was good about it, I wouldn't know how to answer
 Because I'm lost somewhere, deluded by the beautiful night"--

Where there are cats.

There will be dogs.

Such a tranquil scene almost begs to be disrupted. Almost as if it were some kind of cosmic law that no peace can be left untouched for too long, the loud howl of a dog is heard across the school and even drowns out the song of the young man perched up a tree. Looks like someone is not enjoying Ikuto's singing!!

"Naga wait!!" The voice of a young woman follows said howl and up in the distance a rushing cloud of dust heralds the approach of a large creature. It looks like a giant dog! The size of a polar bear even!

Riding a top such a strange creature is a dark skinned girl wearing blue fluffy clothing, clearly designed for winter or cold climates. The girl seems incapable of controlling her mount as the giant bear dog jumps over the fence leading to the school and starts running around the courtyard, sniffing the air and the ground.

"Naga! Will you stop trying to track foxcats!?? You're gonna get us lost!!" Its at this point that the girl looks about and blue eyes widen in total confusion. "Way, way lost.. I don't think I've ever been in this part of Republic city before."

And the reaction is instinctive. From both Yoru AND Ikuto. The tiny catboy fairy gives a sudden "NYA!!" of surprise and zips further up the tree. Ikuto starts, almost falling off the branch, and his cat ears and tail appear with a sparkle and a pop. He shifts to kneel on the branch, hands on either side of his knees to steady himself. His tail is fluffed out and lashing side to side; his head is down and his ears are pinned back. If he had fur on his back it would be fluffed up too. He only just manages to stop himself from hissing at the barking...

Christ on crackers, is that thing even a dog?!

However, Ikuto's cat ears swivel forward again when he notices the girl with the dog, hears her words. Foxcat? Republic City? Neither of these are familiar. Must be a newcomer to the world then. There's been a lot of them of late, haven't there? Oh well. Nothing for it, is there?

Ikuto shifts again, to stand up on the branch, and leans lazily against the trunk of the tree, stuffing his hands in his pockets. The level of balance needed to do that is pretty high, he knows. He calls down to the girl, "...Yo." If she looks up, she'll only see him, a young boy with blue hair, and cat ears and tail to match. He gives a lopsided smile that doesn't look too fake.

Naga, which is apparently the name of the massive dog bear, continues to move in circles and sniff about desperately. There is just something in the air that isn't sitting right with her and she just has to find out what it is, much to her chagrin of her rider who seems both lost and confused. Not only can she not control her mount, which is very strange for her apparently, but she also has no idea where she is!

That's when she hears a voice from the trees and she looks up to see a very comely boy greeting her. "Oh, hey there!" She seems glad to see a somewhat friendly face. "Sorry to bother, but you could point me in the direction of Air Temple Island? I'm completely lost!!" Her eyes narrow suddenly as she finds something strange with this boy. Are those.. cat ears and a tail??

Before she can even ask. Naga is charging forward and trying to climb the tree where Ikuto is standing, barking at him. "Naga! What is wrong with you??" The girl asks her very perturbed dog bear before looking up again at Ikuto. "I'm so sorry! She's usually not like this! She must have smelled a.. foxcat.." Wait.. cats.. barking.. Korra is slowly starting to put together why is Naga barking at this boy.

And Ikuto's reaction confirms it. When the dogbear (or beardog, however her world classifies this particular weird gestalt animal) leaps at the tree, Ikuto emits a quiet, choked, "--Ghh!" He grabs hold of the violin hanging beside the branch he's standing on, and jumps up to a branch high enough to evade the beardog. He can still be seen though, unlike Yoru, who has wisely hidden waaaaaaaay up the tree. Korra may notice Ikuto's cat ears are laid back against his head, the way upset cats do, and his tail is fluffed and lashing behind him.

Yeah, that's pretty much feline behavior.

Nonetheless, Ikuto speaks, though he keeps a close eye on that massive creature. "There isn't an Air Temple here. Not in this world." He explains, "You're not back where you were anymore. This isn't your world. This is a place called 'Twisted'. Think of it as the realms' drainage trap. People fall out of time, they end up here."

Now noticing that her beardog's behavior was really perturbing the boy she was talking to, Korra takes more extreme matters and pulls on her mount's ear. "Naga! Enough!" Her tone was commanding now and Naga knew this was serious. She relents and whines in apologetic manner as she finally stands on all four paws. At least from the moment, the beardog has decided to stop barking or trying kick the tree down.

Now that things have calmed down a little - or at least relatively calm when giant beardogs and catboys are concerned - Korra is free to listen more clearly.

"Not in this world??" She cries out in surprise at the boy's response. "What do you mean-- oooh, wait a minute." The girl seems to understand all of the sudden. "I must have somehow fallen into the spiritworld!" She looks up. "Aaand that would make -you- a spirit! That explains the cat ears and tail. Huh, you really had me going there for a moment mister cat boy."

She's not getting it at all is she?

Ikuto calms when the giant creature does, his ears returning to a neutral position on his head. "...Thank you." He's not afraid of dogs, but that thing is not a dog. He blinks when Korra makes her assumption.

He's about to speak when Yoru peeks down from the foliage above, tilting his head back to look out over the sight. "...Is it safe to come out-nya...?" he asks.

"Maybe," Ikuto replies as he looks up. Looking back to Korra, "No. This isn't a spirit world. It's a cosmic drainage trap, like I said. And I'm not a spirit. I'm a kid. Ikuto Tsukiyomi." Pointing up at the tinier catboy above him, he offers, "This is Yoru."

"...Hi?" the chibi catboy offers, with a careful wave. "Your bear isn't gonna eat me, is it-nya?"

The appearance of Yoru is a welcome sight. Even Naga which by nature of being part dog clearly dislikes felines of all kinds, seems to be surprised by the adorably cute nature of the tiny catboy fairy. "Aww! He's adorable." Korra coos softly, having some girlish tendencies despite looking like quite the tomboy. Even from Ikuto's vantage point, he might be able to notice that this young girl has quite a lot muscle definition. She could very well be described as a young Amazon warrior.

"Don't worry little guy, Naga's not gonna hurt you. She was just confused I think." The girl pats her massive beardog and true to its rider's words, Naga doesn't appear to want to try and eat Yoru or Ikuto anymore.

Things get even stranger when Ikuto tries to explain that this isn't the spirit world that Korra knows and loves, but something entirely different, and far weird. "A.. cosmic..drainage trap??" Korra blinks in confusion. "Wh-what is that? I've never heard of something like that before."

Introductions also help though and Korra doesn't argue Ikuto's nature for now. She decides to focus on at least know who she's talking to. "Erm.. nice to meet you two. This is Naga." She motions to her beardog. "And my name is Korra."

"I'm the Avatar." She adds with a smile.

Even this far in her career, Korra still feels inclined to tell people her title. Which works in this particular situation because people are sure as hell not to know who she is.

At the assurance, Yoru disappears into the foliage again, and then drops down to float at shoulder-height to Ikuto. "Good. Because I don't taste very good-nya," he declares, putting his hand-paws on his hips.

Ikuto has indeed noticed that this girl is very muscular. She might notice that he's abnormally thin, too. Which probably didn't help her initial thought of him as a spirit, since people just aren't that thin unless their ribs are showing. And he doesn't look gaunt, just... very thin.

As for a drainage trap, he explains, "Ever dug a hole next to a river? Water will fill it up and won't go back out. That's where you are now. People come in, but they generally don't go out. Unless it's one of the worlds that's already attached. Leaving is easy. Getting back to where you came from, not so much."

Sure enough, when Korra introduces herself as 'the Avatar', Ikuto raises a brow. He and Yoru exchange a confused look. Looking back to Korra, Ikuto inquires, "Whose avatar? There are a bunch of gods here."

"Ya think she's one of Kotal's-nya?" Yoru suggests. "She looks like she could mess people up. Maybe she's an aspect of Kotal Kahn. Like... the... rage of a woman fighting against abusers or somethin'-nya?"

"...Plausible," Ikuto agrees.

Korra did notice that this boy had a strange otherwordly aura about him. More than just his skinny figure and the feline features, there was something about him that didn't quite feel right. Further fueling Korra's believes that he was a spirit.

She wasn't ready to argue with Ikuto about his real nature however, but let's just say that she wasn't fully believing him just yet.

The analogy helps, and Korra tilts her head sideways, face twisting a little as she struggles to picture it in her mind. Water next to a river, now a little world next to her world. "So.." She narrows her eyes, gears slooooowly turning in her head. "I'm in.. some kind of.. parallel world.. like a third world beside the spirit and material world?" In typical Amazon warrior stereotype, Korra appears to think with her biceps. Clearly, she's not the sharpest Avatar out there and she's taking her own sweet time figuring it out.

Oh, but it gets worse!! Ikuto's apparent ignorance of the Avatar truly horrifies Korra and she visibly turns a little pale. "Wh-what do you mean who's Avatar?? I'm Raava's Avatar! The one and only!!" Oooh, now she's getting defensive. This is some kind of sore spot for her somehow.

"More gods!!??" Okay, now she was just getting a headache, and she puts one hand on the side of her head in distraught.

"Who's this Kotal Kahn?" Her dread continues to rise as these two seem to immediately peg her for a follower of one of the local gods. Was she getting profiled already? It was bad enough that this world didn't seem to have an Avatar. "I hope they aren't like Vaatu."

"Close enough," Ikuto replies to Korra's assessment of her present surroundings. "It's more like this is a little hole dug next to all the worlds out there. So all of them have 'runoff'. I'm not from your world." His clothes should be enough to tell her that, but he does note that, in case she doesn't realize it. "Also I don't think you have Guardian Characters there." He points at Yoru. "He's not a spirit. But he's not a physical being, either."

Figuring the explanation would convince Korra he wasn't from her world, confuse the hell out of her, or both, he offers the explanation. "All kids from my world have an egg in their hearts. Most of the time they lose their egg. Sometimes they're born into the world. And sometimes they hatch."

"I hatched-nya!" Yoru declares.

So yes. Somehow his heart had an egg in it. Somehow Ikuto expelled the egg without killing himself. And somehow an egg hatched into a cat. This is somehow supposed to convince Korra he's normal.

Yoru pipes up, "Who's Raava-nya?"

Ikuto adds, "Never heard of them. Like I said. Not from your world." As for Kotal Kahn? "He's supposed to be some god of war from somewhere. Head of the police force around here. I know the word 'avatar' to mean 'the earthly representation of a god'. And you look pretty strong, so I figured you'd be a god of war's avatar."

"Wait?? All the worlds??" Korra's eyes widen and makes an even more horrified face. "You mean there's more than just two!?" This is beginning to be far too much for Korra who's not particularly good at swallowing concepts that are more complicated beyond punching things. She falters and nearly falls Naga's back. A deep breath, then another. She remembers Tenzin's words of breathing calmly and concentrating when everything's spinning. But will it work here? There's not even an Avatar and people don't know who Raava is!

"Raava is the spirit of all that is good and just, and I am her Avatar!" She shouts back to the two cat people, though it seems she's just trying to reassure herself of this fact at this point.

Ikuto's explanation that in his world there are kids that have magical guardians that hatch from eggs are not helping this time. Korra bends forward and begins to tremble, sweating just a little. Despair is starting to set in as the enormity of the situation hits her like a ton of bricks. The question beginning to throb in her head over and over again.


There's a familiar term though, head of police. "Really?" She looks up questioningly. "A god of war is the head of police here?" And Korra thought that Lin Beifong was bad!

"I'm not this Kotal Kahn's Avatar. I don't promote war or violence. I'm all about finding the balance amongst all things."

From the general direction of the school's gate strides a leather armored woman with rainbow colored hair. Really, she looks almost younger than the other two! But there's a certain air of authority in her stride as she approaches Korra, Ikuto, Yoru, and Naga. She gets to within thirty feet or so before looking up in the tree at Ikuto, then back to Korra. She sighs, and says, "Really? This is why I was called? Someone clearly overreacted to call TASK over this. Balance is good, Kotal can really be a handful sometimes, but his priestess is a good balance to him now." Seems she was able to catch the tail end of what they were saying as she was approaching. Rayne looks up at Ikuto again with her arms crossed and asks, "I assume everything's okay here?" From what little she heard, she's assuming Korra is a recent convergence without asking.

"Considerably more," Ikuto replies, shifting to sit down on the branch. "Countless. There are a bunch that are connected to this place. But I don't care, none are my world." That was a little snooty, wasn't it? But he's a cat, maybe that explains it. He sees Korra start to tremble, and frowns a bit. He starts pulling the violin out of its case while Korra explains who Raava is. "Ah. A spirit of balance. That makes more sense," he confesses. "Some people would call 'spirits' gods."

He pauses as Rayne appears. He and Rayne are near the same apparent age, actually-- Ikuto doesn't look much older than Rayne. He raises a brow as Rayne mentions Kotal getting a priestess. "Oh good, a feminine influence should balance out his fiery male tendencies." He's really not trying to be sexist, that's just how they think in Japan.

Ikuto explains, as he starts fiddling around with the violin (rosining the bow, tuning the strings, plucking them to make a note so he can tune the instrument, etc.), "I believe Miss Korra is new to Twisted and she's confused as to where she is. Her... mount is apparently part dog, and thought Yoru and I were cats."

Yoru nods. "Yeah. Since it's the size of a bear, someone probably just got upset when it went bounding and barking over to us-nya. Also not a lot of people can see me, or Ikuto's ears and tail, so they probably just thought Ikuto was a student in danger from a wild animal-nya."

The sight of Ikuto pulling a violin as she's having a panic attack is not lost on Korra. Is he going to be playing a sad tune?? She narrows her eyes at the cat boy when she jumps to conclusions, though thankfully doesn't act on them until she's completely sure. Since Ikuto doesn't seem to be mocking her in any way just yet, she refrains from being impulsive for a change and continues her quest to digest what's going on. This was not going to be easy.

"Countless worlds.." She says in complete disbelief. "And you said that.. even though going back is easy I can't be certain of where I'm going?? I could land in any world at random???" Despair and disbelief seem to be the order of the day for Korra right now.

Korra turns to the new arrival and shoots Rayne a concerned look, her eyes immediately focusing on the armored woman's hair.

"I'm not trying to cause any trouble." She explains quickly having a lot of bad experiences with cops before. "My beardog Naga was just confused. She thought she smelled felines." She was right, though not in the way she thought.

After a moment's consideration, Korra can't hold her assumptions any longer and simply asks. "Who's Avatar are you?" This question is direction to Rayne. With that kind of colorful hair she has to be some spirit or god's avatar.

Rayne sighs again. "Great." She regains her composure and does her best to look moderately official in her stance. "Well.... Welcome to Twisted, land of confusion, Miss Korra." She uses the name as Ikuto said it. She nods to Korra as she introduces herself. "I'm Rayne Hurris, second in- Avatar?" She blinks and pulls back her head as Korra's question registers with her. "Uhhh, I'm just a phoenix, I'm not a deity or mortal representation thereof." Sure, 'just' a phoenix, she says. "Uhhhh.. but yeah. Like he said, if you've a way of travelling between universes, I'd be really careful with it... it's pretty dangerous from Twisted, unless it's to one of the more stabilly linked ones." She then frowns, shifting her weight to the side. "We really do need an official welcoming proceedure or something," she says, likely more to herself than anyone else.

"Leaving Twisted is easy," Ikuto corrects. "There are portals up there." He points to TASK's headquarter's general direction. "The portals are stable enough, and go to and from the same place every time. But unless your world's behind one of the portals already linked up there, you probably won't be getting back where you came from. Wayward river runoff isn't easily relocated to its river. But it can flow into other holes that are dug."

Rayne mentions she's 'just' a Phoenix. "Hey uh. Y'do know that who 'just a thing'... THING isn't... a THING in other worlds, right? There's a Phoenix god in our world-nya. It's called 'Suzaku'. So you might be considered an avatar of Suzaku-nya~!"

Ikuto waits until the speaking is finished before he pulls the violin up and rests it between his shoulder and chin. What comes out when he draws the bow across the strings is not a sad song, no. Well, maybe it's a little sad. But it also has an air of hope. 'Don't give up,' it seems to say. Ikuto's ability to express emotion with his music is much greater when he's in Chara Change... as he is now.

"JUST a phoenix? Are you serious??" Right, Korra seems to voice Yoru's concern almost immediately. She regards Rayne as if she had just grown another head-- or as if she had just told her she's in reality a phoenix which is what just happened.

"So he's a catboy." He points up at Ikuto still up a tree "And you're a phoenix. Is everyone half animal in this crazy world??"

The name 'Twisted' is beginning to make a lot of sense to Korra who does not miss its meaning and chuckles. It's no a happy chuckle, more like the kind of laugh of someone in the verge of breaking down. "Twisted.. this is all like a really bad joke."

She stands straight after Ikuto and Rayne both mention the possibility of traveling through universes. "I don't have a natural way of moving between worlds." Then at Ikuto "I will give these portals a shot then. If any of them lead back to my world then it's a risk I have to take. My world needs me!"

Since she now knows about this world, Korra is beginning to think it also falls on her jurisdiction. After all, no one said that the Avatar is solely about bringing balance to just one world, maybe she's destined to bring balance to the whole universe.

"So.. you're not this Kotal Kahn's avatar?" Another question directed to Rayne.

And then a more genuine chuckle when Ikuto begins to play his violin behind her. "Ah, yeah.. I guess its too good of an opportunity to pass up." It seems the music is helping since she's cheering up!

Rayne looks back up to Ikuto and deadpans, "Yes, Ikuto. That would be what I was referring to when I said 'stabilly linked'." Adding inflection back to her voice, she adds, "Okay, okay, well, I meant 'just' as compared to being the mortal representation of a deity. I'm one of many, not a singular 'thing' with the partial force of a god behind it." She gives another sigh of frustration and looks a bit deflated. Ikuto always seems to bring out Rayne's most incompetant side. "No, not everyone is something unusual like that. We have perfectly normal people as well... but we also have sentient sea slugs, lizard people, at least one deity other than Kotal, a siren, a hyena man... just expect to see weirdness out there."

She then blinks at Korra's questioning if she's Kotal's avatar, and laughs. "Noooo, no no, gods no. If I were his avatar, I'd come in brandishing a macuahuitl and likely be a lot more threatening than..." She uncrosses her arms and gestures towards herself. "...This. No, I'm his second in command of the police force here." She then turns towards the TASK headquarters and points out the tower in the distance. "But that's where the portals are. You're welcome to go take a look to see if your world is linked there... But I'll warn you, most people I've met aren't that lucky."

"Technically I'm just a boy with feline abilities," Ikuto replies. Yes, he can talk and play the violin at the same time, unless he's playing a particularly intensive piece. He's playing a more sedate one at the moment. "I was born a completely normal human. Still am," he asserts. As to the portals? "Just be careful in the worlds you go to. I haven't looked, so I can't tell you what you might come up against."

He smirks a bit at Rayne's exasperated statement to him. "Miss Korra doesn't have the benefit of what we'd call the basics. Her world seems to be kind of archaic to a modern world. I wouldn't expect her to know what a car is, for instance."

Yoru pipes up, "Not that she needs one, with being able to ride that thing-nya!" He's referring to Naga, her beardog.

"For what it's worth, I hope you do find your world linked," Ikuto replies. "If not..." He pauses in his playing and points towards the main drag. "...Look for Integra Arms. You can find a place to live there."

Korra's lips tighten as she tries to draw more comparisons between this world and the ones she knows. "It still sounds like some warped version of the spirit world to me." She decides openly as her beardog shifts in place so that Korra can have a better look at the phoenix girl and the cat boy.

"I can handle weird just fine." The Avatar says as truthfully as she can before making some clarifications. "For the most part." She has been more than a little weirded out thus far. It was going to take her a while to adjust, that's for sure.

It looks like Rayne and Ikuto know each other though as they begin to have a discussion above her and for a moment Korra is beginning to feel like she's the weird one here. It feels all kinds of strange when a rainbow haired girl and a cat boy begin to talk about you like you're not even in the room with them. "I do know what a car is!" She looks over her shoulder to Ikuto correcting him. "Its a mechanical way of transpiration with four tires, a steering wheel, and a lever to crank them up so they can run." Korra's idea of a car seems to be incredibly outdated in terms of modern world. She's describing cars that came out in the early 1910s from the sounds of it.

"I don't respond well to threats." She gives Rayne another look when she clarifies that she'd be acting far more aggressively if she were the local god of war's avatar. A look is then giving to a building in the distance where the portals are and she nods. "I guess I have to at least try." She says mostly to reassure herself and urges her mount to go. "Come on, Naga." Another look is given to Ikuto when he wishes her good luck, before she glances at both the phoenix and the cat. "Thank you both for the help."

"Although before I leave, I guess I better talk to this Kotal Kahn. A war god being in charge of this place doesn't sit right with me." It looks like she's determined to fight him if he turns out to be evil.

Rayne calls out after Korra as she leaves, "He's just in charge of the police, not the whole place!" Then, a slight quieter, she adds, "For the moment, at least," with a look of slight surprise on her face. She always gets taken aback slightly when she reminds herself of the planned Council.

"You'll need that," Ikuto replies, to Korra's mention of handling weird. "This place is pretty much made of weird." He pulls the violin from his shoulder, stopping for now, and tilts his head back in acknowledgement of her thanks. And at the mention of talking with Kotal? "Careful you don't try to 'talk' with your fists. His 'voice' might be louder."

"Be careful, Korra-nya!" Yoru offers merrily, waving a hand-paw.

And then? THAT'S when he starts playing a sad song. And yes, he is being facetious. A little. He doesn't know what 'The Avatar' is, and doesn't have the context to realize what she is to her world. But he does know what a god of war is... unfortunately for Korra...

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