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Recruiting a Part Timer

Summary: Now that Rayne is officially the director, she's really not feeling much different. But TASK is still undermanned, especially after the ordeal with Power!

Who: Rayne, Shirou
When: February 23rd, 2017
Where: Twisted Street


The information contained within this log is to be considered information gained Out of Character (OOC).
This information may not be used as In Character (IC) knowledge or in roleplay unless it has been learned in-game or permission has been granted by the parties involved.

Questions should be directed to staff.

As the hour grows late, a certain stand-out figure walks down the sidewalk from the direction of TASK HQ. The most stand-out feature? Her hair, of course! It's Rayne, her rainbow-hued hair falling behind her to her shoulders as she tiredly walks towards the intersection with Park Road. There, she stops, looking at the buildings to both sides of Twisted Street. The apartments to the north with their siren call of her bed and recent feline adoptees, and the Usual Restaurant to the south with the promise of food. Decisions, decisions.

Shirou comes out of the Integra's arms, balancing a few boxes as he deals with the obstacle known as a door. It's all medium to smallish boxes, and given the stray plug or cord hanging out of some boxes they are apparently random electrical appliances.

Rayne takes a step to the side to give Shirou plenty of space. Or perhaps as much to give herself the space. "Hello, Shirou," she says with a tired looking smile. "Getting rid of some faulty equipment?"

Shirou says, "Oh, hi Rayne," he greets, "I was just repairing these for someone. How've you been since...." He seems unsure of how to even describe what he's trying to refer to. "That mess a while back?"

Rayne slumps her shoulders with a sigh. "Stressed. Overworked. A lot of the same as before, but with that added nagging feeling that I should have done better during it all... and that I should be doing... something myself on keeping a repeat from happening, even if that's beyond me." She pauses for a moment before adding, "I adopted a pair of cats. I'm reasonably sure they're just ordinary cats." One can never quite be sure in Twisted.

Shirou frowns thoughtfully. "I really wish I knew some way to help you out," he murmurs, "That always seems to be the case, and now you've just got MORE going on." "Did you even get to talk to-," he pauses, realizing it's been a while so he doesn't quite remember the name, "...Sunset(?) about delegating getting some help lined up to her, like you were considering?

Rayne steps over to the wall of the apartments to lean against it as she nods. "I... had to. There was just no way I could continue to play that role anymore. I've been running TASK for months... It was only earlier this week that it finally caught up with me to the point that... well, I'm not just acting director anymore. I thought, when Setsuna dropped it on me... that something would change, but..." She shakes her head. "It shows that I've been fully running it all this time."

Shirou shakes his head a little. "Well at least you've got the proper title now," he wonders. "...there just isn't enough help in the world though, is there?"

Rayne shakes her head, silently at first. "There really isn't. The officers I have... they're dedicated, but there's not enough, especially after the incident. They aren't nearly as skilled as the ones that... vanished, and I just can't get enough patrols out there. I still have to throw myself into patrols, too, but then everything else backs up." She sighs, hanging her head again. "You know, I never wanted to be in leadership. But I had to. No one else did."

Shirou frowns all the deeper. "I'm sure me talking about it doesn't lighten the load any," he decides, "Well, like usual, if there's anything I can do..." He readjusts the boxes a little. "Just let me know."

Rayne shakes her head, then pauses a moment before properly responding. "Well, there is the obvious one. I still need more manpower. If you think you can handle that kind of work... and structure. I could use that... direct help."

Shirou says, "What? ...something like police work? I shouldn't have a problem doing two jobs. I can try at worst."

Rayne nods, making eye contact again, then laughs and shakes her head. "Sorry, I mean, I don't want to impose on you that much if you don't want to. Lord knows I originally joined up just because people I'd befriended already were a part of it." She pauses a moment and then glances away. "Not that any of them are around anymore."

Shirou shakes his head. "Police work or fire fighting are more in the kinds of mundane work I was wanting to do anyway...well at least I like the IDEA behind them..."

Rayne smiles weakly, then nods. "Well, then, tomorrow if you want to head up to TASK HQ, we can get paperwork and whatnot filled out... For part time work if that's all you want. I could still use the help, even if it's part time." She lets out another sigh to release some of her pent up tension, her slowly hunching shoulders relaxing again. "Sorry, I'm a bit of a mess."

Shirou shakes his head again. "You don't need to apologize...you're doing a lot for one person. Right, I'll come by as soon as I can."

Rayne sighs again and gets off the wall to bow to Shirou. "Thanks. The help is sorely needed, especially after we lost those in the incident..." She straightens up a moment, then leans against the wall again tiredly. "So what are you up to, then? Repairs, you said?"

Shirou nods in reply. "I was just going to take these to who I fixed them for, but there's no rush on it. They weren't expecting it back yet."

Rayne leans over to get a closer look at the electronics, but doesn't lean in, keeping her distance as is her norm. "I see. Mechanics work, that was my first career, you know. Before coming to Twisted, that was my whole experience with a police or military type organization. I briefly considered going back into it here, but... well, things obviously went a different direction."

Shirou says, "Heh, I've done this as a sort of past time to help practice with my magic since I was in highschool. My best friend was the student council president and I helped him out a lot by fixing broken things in the school so he wouldn't have to ask for money to replace them or get someone else to fix them."

Rayne laughs and shakes her head. "Oh, I wish I were that good a person in high school. I was such an obnoxious brat when I was a teenager." Of course, she still looks like she's seventeen. "Then again, moving in with my dad and getting transplanted to Italy when I didn't speak the language didn't help too much in my 'not being a pain' skills."

Shirou says, "From how Fuji-nee talks about me it's like I haven't grown at all since I was 8...she still tells people about the school paper I wrote about wanting to be a super hero..."

Rayne raises an eyebrow at that. "Welcome to Twisted, we've had a few of those here." She then shakes her head. "Beats my obsession with a certain infamous bounty hunter when I was a kid." She then laughs at that... clearly there's an actual story to it.

Shirou says, "Oh? My adoptive father was a sort of bounty hunter...but I highly doubt there's any connection. He was extremely on the downlow outside of the magi.""

Rayne grins a bit ferally. "Oh, only adoptive? The blood of legends runs through my veins... Not that they acted it around me. The dread bounty hunter and the great admiral."

Shirou tilts his head some. "Who are they though," he wonders curiously, "And yeah, I really don't know about my blood line...but by adoption apparently I'm the adoptee of a bounty hunter who was infamous with the magi for going after rouge magi, vampires, and other mage related problems, he was also the adoptee of a bounty hunter that hunted the same sort of things... I'd say I'm just more of a general trouble shooter though?"

Shirou says, "...odd jobber might be a better word for it? I just do what I can do where it needs to be done."

Rayne tilts her head slightly, then answers his question. "My mother is Fleet Admiral Maniko Hurris... Commander of the Second Avian Fleet, Captain of the TDS Wings of the Dragon. My Father... Gonfei Thri, though he went by the name Gonthri Fei when bounty hunting. A figure of legend, he has movies, books, TV shows based on that persona, but none of them have a clue what he's really like." She nods with a light smile at Shirou's self description as trouble shooter. "Well, going after rogue magi, vampires, and other stuff might be what you have to deal with as part of TASK."

Shirou says, "Oooh. I haven't heard of them, but they sound like impressive people! ...just a case of different worlds, I guess. So it's even LESS likely you've heard of The Magus Killer." "That's true, the multiverse has a tendency of throwing everything AND the kitchen sink!""

Rayne says, "Ah, yes, I keep forgetting that this isn't your first multiversal nexus place... But yeah, I've not heard of someone with that as their name.... or title, for that matter. Really, soujnds more like an assassin than a bounty hunter..."

Shirou says, "Fuuny that...I've learned he can be summoned as an assassin class heroic spirit."

Rayne raises an eyebrow. "'Heroic Spirit'?" she asks simply. "Part of your brand of magic, I'm guessing?"

Shirou says, "A thing from my world where you can summon people from things like mythology and history and literature, or something else called a counter guardian...usually can only be done with a holy grail or something else that stores an insanely huge amount of mana.""

Rayne tilts her head. "So I'm guessing if that existed in my world, it'd be completely different people than it is in yours. Of course... In Twisted they're possible to just be walking around."

Shirou nods in agreement. "In Metropolis servants could exist without a holy grail OR a master to summon them, so it's probably the same here...and it also many any one from any of the worlds that are considered highly enough could be around as a servant really...

Rayne says, "Well, I was more referring to just the actual person being there... not related to being a servant. Like... an actual Robin Hood or Heracles, Thor or Dragon Emperor." She shrugs, then yawns. "Well... At any rate, I need to get inside to feed my cats before they riot and try to eat my couch. I'll catch you later, Shiro, okay?"

Shirou says, "Take care, see you tomorrow!""

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