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Double Rainbow! All the Way!

Summary: Rayne comes across a couple of refugees from NeoTokyo. One has an odd similarity to her...

Who: David, Rainbow Dash, Rayne
When: Month Day, Year.
Where: Truce Fountain

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As he will help Dash up to all fours if she will let him and nods, "Yeah It's me from Neo-Tokyo with the flashy armor." he says and will stand up picking his bags up. "Yeah no this isn't Neo-Tokyo, It's a different place with similar breeches to other worlds. One connection is Neo-Tokyo. Right now that Connection is either damaged or outta commission for a while." He says. "But I have to admit you are a sight for sore eyes."

Rainbow Dash gets to her feet, checking her wings. "Good ta see you too," she nods, "I was just heading through the portal to Neo-Tokyo and..bam! Wound up here! I'm glad it's not just me! Anypony else showed up here> I'm guessing there's no portal back....

David shaking his head and says, "The portal I went through kinda had a hissy fit and sorta imploded. So it's a no go. But no no one else has shown up yet." And thinks, "BUT, I have this." and pulls out a tricorder, "this is transmitting a signal that I am hoping my crew can lock onto and try and bring me home." he says pulling it back into his pocket.

Rainbow Dash says, "Wonder what happened...not that I'd really understand it anyway...but these portal things are just getting out of control!" she rises up, flapping her wings. "And I'm stuck in a strange place...again."

David nods and says, "I was considering getting an apartment here till I could find away back, Or get pulled back by my crew." he tells Dash. "And I would hate for them to pull me back and leave you here stuck."

Rainbow Dash says, "I'm sure Twilight and everypony is looking for me...so...I shouldn't worry. Fluttershy can always butter up Discord, just a matter of time, I'm sure," she shrugs. "It IS totally annoying though." -_-"

David says, "tell me about it, I have My wife and kits back home and I am half nuts wanting to be with them again." Shaking himself out and will say, "You up for Some of my chipolte Portabella burgers?" he asks as they will need to make a brief stop at Smart, despite the headaches it gives him."

Rainbow Dash says, "Naw...I'm good. I gotta get my footing in this place and see if any Pony else has been stranded. How long have you been here, anyway? No other Ponies or anybody else from Neo-Tokyo or Equestria?"

David shakes his head and says, "No, I haven't heard of anyone showing up and it's pretty small maybe a few blocks. the place seems very unstable." he says.

"Maybe a week or so, not too long, but longer than I intended." he says.

There's more than one rainbow haired individual in the fountain area. The other... looks more distracted by something on her phone. She's drinking from a bottle of pink liquid... some exotic soda or something? Regardless, she doesn't seem to notice the other two at the moment as she heads towards the somewhat boxy building nearby. The one that has signs on it suggesting a police station. Yes, it's most definitely the one David met at the convenience store.

Rainbow Dash hmms and poke-pokes at a wall. "Seems pretty solid," she mutters, "Might be in flux or something...."

David nods. And looking over to Rayne and he waves to here. "Hey Rayne," and he will pull out that booklet he was given the Welcome Center, "This is something from the Welcome Center. Couple days ago found some varmints who tried to take advantage of my new arrival. So take a modicum of of caution on such.

Rainbow Dash says, "Hey..it's me!" she smirks. "I can totally take care of myself," she looks to Rayne and Yo's!

Rayne lifts her head at the sound of her name, looking over to where David is and... pauses in her tracks. "...Rainbow Dash, I presume?" She glances back at the courthouse, then over to the pony again. "Oh, uh, and hi, D... Daniel, was it?" She looks like she's pretty sure she got the name wrong and is not happy with that fact.

Rainbow Dash says, "That's right? You from Neo-Tokyo?" she asks, "Or are ya just a fan from here?" she grins, always liking fans."

as he listens to the wrong name and says, "David." he corrects politely.

Rayne winces. "David, right, sorry." She laughs a bit nervously as she looks to Rainbow Dash and says, "Ehhhh, no, not from Neo-Tokyo, though I was there... a long time ago for a little bit. And... it's a long story... I, uh, knew Twilight Sparkle for a while, and I currently consider Sunset Shimmer to be my best friend?"

Rainbow Dash says, "Sunset's here? Awesome....she..last I heard was in that other place where all us Ponies are human girls. man, his extra-portal-dimensional thingis is breaking my brain...but It's awesome Sunset is here! Maybe she can help me get home..er.help US get home..." she nods to David."

David nods and says, "I don't understand magic really than manipulating energy but Won't be bad having more help to get home." he nods to Rayne and with a smile says, "For now I was planning to get an apartment here soon. I have a feeling we might end up here for a while." he just has one of those feelings it will happen.

Rayne winces slightly, then says, "Well... not really, no. She's not a pony here... so she doesn't have her magic. She doesn't have any way of jumping dimensions. She's, uh, helping people deal with coming to this world, really. She works in the building over there," she looks towards the government looking building, "In the Welcome Center. Runs it, really, but I don't think she's in right now." She looks back to David and says, "Well, there's a few options on that..." She eyes the pamphlet he was carrying from the Welcome Center, then says, "But I'm guessing they went over that with you already?"

Rainbow Dash says, "I should talk to her...it's been a while. Wonder how my human self is doing? Augh! There goes my brain snapping again..."

David noddles, "More or less I may head back when I have more time and I am not starving." he says. Looking over to Dash he says, "Your brain snapped? you have a brain?" he asks in a teasing voice for Dash to hear. "I been meaning getting back to Equestria for a while. Bring the Wife and Kids."

Rayne smiles and says, "I'll let her know you're in town when I see her. You can ask about your counterpart when you do?" She winces in sympathy at Dash's brain snapping. Yeah. Sometimes things throw her off here still, too. She looks to David more in suprise, though. "You've been there?"

David nods and says, "Oh yeah Equestria is very very wonderful. Great for Spiritual healing." he doesn't go on any more detail as he says, "I turn into an Earthpony there."

Rainbow Dash doesn't seem particularly charmed by David's teasing. -.- She then looks to Rayne, "Totally awesome. Yeah...Neo-Tokyo's got a portal right to Equestria, so, makes it kinda easy to go back and forth. You go there, you get ponyfied."

Rayne looks a little taken aback by that. "Ponified?" She looks between the two. "It... changes your form?" Apparently this doesn't appeal much to Rayne. Yes, it's clear the effect is temporary since David is human again.

Rainbow Dash says, "Hey..works the same way when Sunset goes to..that other Equestria..."

David nods and says, "Yes. No one told me so when I step through I end up face first eating dirt."

Rainbow Dash says, "Just backwards."

Rayne nods, blinking in remembrance that yes, Sunset was originally a pony. Rayne herself has never seen ponified Sunset(Or is that non-humanfied Sunset?), even if the Twilight she knew swapped back and forth. "Er... yeah, backwards."

David thinks, "Well that's odd." he's wondering why they wouldn't be anthro ponies but anyway. He nods and says, "Well it is good to see a friendly face here Dash."

David says, "and Rayne thanks for telling me about the official welcome center."

Rainbow Dash says, "Yeah...totally," she nods, "Maybe the portal will open up...but at least we can hope for the best, what are the odds the two of us would show up from the same place? Anyway, I gotta crash, finsmyself some cirrs and figure out what I'm gonna do next, I'll be around!" She waves, then shoots up into teh sky, looking for a good nesting spot for the night..."

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