2020-05-02 - The Goo Guard

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The Goo Guard

Summary: Kimba and Vergil meet for the first time.

Who: Vergil Madox, Kimba,
When: May 3rd, 2020.
Where: Nowhereto park.

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Vergil Madox is making his rounds as he's exploring the new world he's been given. At the moment the ooze has taken his human form, a 5'9 gaunt man, fair complexion, hazel eyes and black short hair, and even complete with a shirt and shorts, he's keeping the feet bare just because its easier and no one seems to complain. he though steers clear of the fountain.

There is a novelty in the park, a large white feline of some sort seems to be sitting under a tree and engaged in an argument of sorts with some Squirrels, likely some locals stay clear or take pictures of it while one can hear, "No, I'm a lion not a... what's a house cat?" he asks, listens to chittering noises, nods, and adds random questions like "Seen other animals?, ones that speak like me?". So far he seems a bit confused but polite, even if now and then he grumbles 'not a pet' at a particularly feisty animal, and gets bonked on the head with an acorn for his troubles.

Vergil pauses and looks, he's seen a lion before, but one thats sentient and talking. That's a different story. He approaches though falling to goop before forming up , four paws form, strong legs, full body tail and head complete with semi grown mane, possibly 'teenaged' if such a term existed for a lion, sort of like kimba themselves the best he could do with the mass he had tan and brown like those he knows. he comes up behind the lion and gives a quick tap with a forepaw, the british accent still there as always. "excuse me, hi there was just wandering by and saw you. I'm interested in meeting new and exciting people. I hope you happen to be one."

The white lion was busy protesting at the squirrel that threw a second acorn at him, "No... don't lash... don't get angry, count to ten..." he mumbles. In that state of eyes closed and deep breathing, he gets the tap!. He will forever deny the very cublike 'mew!' of surprise, and the jump, followed by squirrel chittering, likely laughs. The young lion blinks as he sees another lion next to him, round ears perked, sniffing the visitor for a moment and standing up on all fours, "Hi!" he calls, sounding rather cheerful, going as far as a friendly headbump as he greets the other, "I'm Kimba, pleased to see another lion around!" he says, "These squirrels insisted there weren't others in the area, one kept saying I was an oversized kitten or something."

Vergil Madox looks the part, but, there are a few signs he isnt what he seems, firstly, the scent is off. the lion's more impressive olfactory system can get the slightly rotted vegetation scent, also known as that freshly cut lawn scent instead of the lion he was assuming. humans can't pick up on it that well, but a lion isnt a human. On top of that the head bump is awkward as Vergil didnt expect it and on top of that he feels mildly cold to the touch. "Vergil, A pleasure and a privilege." he says "that's highly rude of them.' he states "You are obviously a lion, your mane says it all." he states.

Kimba tilts his head and sniffs a bit more, weird scent for a lion, "Are you ok? you seem cold." he offers, sitting on his haunches and nodding again, the topic turning to manes. He raises one paw to brush his rather short 'mane', "I know! I will be an adult lion soon!, but they claim I am making things up, they never seen a lion before." he grumbles, "And that one keeps attacking me with nuts, they are lucky I am the head of the lion guard and meant to keep the peace and help others." he mumbles, before seeming ot get sad as he thinks about it. "This is a weird place.. so many... humans is it?, never even knew of them until recently."

Vergil Madox nods "I am fine, though I will admit and I do not wish for you to be alarmed or distressed but I am not a lion, I am simply attempting to make you compfortable." he admits. he doesnt want to rock the boat too much, making enemies is a bad thing. "so you can speak to other animals, interesting, I find that highly amazing. Judging by your mane you will indeed be a very strong and handsome lion." he says extrapolating the look in his head. "humans, yes, that is what they are. I know many and most of them are good to be around."

Kimba blinks a bit at the admission, "You are not a lion? but you look like one!" he says, and even raises one paw to gently 'pat' the other lion gently, "And feel like one, that's amazing... never met anything that would copy others like that... sounds yes but..." he mumbles. He nods a few times, "Enemies are bad yes, I rather avoid making them as well, unless they are evil and try to harm others and I need to stop them." he mumbles. The comment on animals makes him smile, sharp teeth!, "It's common back home, we all speak there... animals here speak kind of funny, hard to understand at times..." he muses, tail swishing behind him. "I'm not from here, I just... ended up in this place... Twisted?" he mumbles, "It's interesting."

Vergil Madox nods, the lion seems cool so that's good. "I can do more than copy, I can make whole new things among other abilities with other creatures." he says. The mention of all the animals here talking weird would mean even animals have dialects and accents amazing! Yet another grand discovery. "I hear no one that is here comes from here. everyone is from another place." he says "well Kimba I would love to ask you a few questions about your world and yourself, and if you would like to return the favor and do the same I would be more than happy to reciprocate."

Kimba is more curious than anything, given the fake 'lion' is just speaking and doesn't seem to be trying anything shady or menacing!. He pokes the lion a few more times with his paw, gently of course, "That sounds really cool." he begins, eyes open wide as he seesm to consider the possibilities. The mentino of how most here are also 'visitors' gets him back to the topic, "Really?, I am kind of... a bit stuck, but hopefully I'll figure some way back." he says, "So lost people and stuff end in this city?" he asks softly, taking a step awayfrom the tree. "That sounds fair, happy to try to answer your questions at least."

Vergil Madox nods "thank you, I can give you a small taste if you would like or if you feel brave and adventurous I have never tried somthing with a feral framed creature such as yourself." he states. he doesnt seem to mind the pokes but he seems as real as any other, if you discount the lower than average temperature. "I am very new here myself but according to the person I met yesterday it does seem that anything from any place could end up here at some point in time." he states. "tell me more of this lion guard if you would."

Kimba nods a few times, "Sure, would love to learn more of that." he agrees, finally pulling his paw back to stop pestering his new friend. He settles on his rump and listensa bit, "I see, maybe that means there is a way back somewhere." he muses, rubbing his chin with one forepaw. The big white cat thinks for a moment, before realizing he was asked a question, "Oh, right, well, I live in the Pridelands, a large region ruled by lions, where lots of different animals live in peace and harmony." he begins, "I mean we still... eat meat and the defend themselves and stuff but, otherwise we mantain the peace and try to keep the lands safe." he adds. The lion turns a bit and points to a foreshoulder, to a black marking that looks like the head of a lion, "To help with that, one particular lion is picked to lead a special group, called the lion guard, to try to help animals in danger and keep the peace and even try to stop battles and stuff." he says, sounding excited, "A long time ago it used to be only lions but since a few generations ago, they realized everyone would potentially join it for their merits... my own guard is a mix of different animals." he mumbles. "Anyway... we just patrol the lands, answer to requests for help, deal with other animals trying to abuse the lands or invade us, stuff like that."

Vergil Madox nods "so you are in essence the law enforcement of your world, highly interesting." he admits. "its an interesting balance you attempt, and a very admirable one at that." he admires. "What is a creature in your world, I assume since lions are the same many others will be too." he states "your world sounds quite interesting I hope I can get the chance to come back to your world with you if only to visit, it sounds remarkable."

Kimba smiles a bit, "Well, there are all sorts of animals here, zebras, gators, meerkats, aardwolves..." he lists quite a few, "They are usually friendly, unless you end up scaring them I guess, especially the zebras.. I swear to the spirits of the elders, all they do is scream panic and run, and then work themselves into a stampede at anything." he says, chuckling a bit.

Vergil Madox nods the lion shrinks by an inch as a small puddle of goo emanates from his paw, bright orange until it begins forming up, small paws and short legs, a long body, forelegs, and the muzzled head, furred, standing bipedally before them is a meerkat. "so what do you think?" the meerkat states with the exact same voice the smiling lion does.

Kimba was still chuckling a bit about the zebras, so he only realizes something happened when he hears that, glancing back at the lion and the... meerkat?. He tilts his head and brings his snout closer, "Wait.. you made this?" he asks, "That's really cool!" he mumbles, looking over the small critter and raisin a paw to pet it, "Very nice!"

The meerkat is just as cold as the lion. "I did indeed." the meerkat says with Vergil's voice. "I'm glad you like it." the lion says with the exact same tone. "as long as its of a lesser or equal size I can manage. which is why I apeared to you as young as I look instead of like an adult." he admits. "this is only the tip of what I can manage though."

Kimba chuckles, "I like it, quite neat!." he says, sounding rather impressed

Vergil Madox nods with both bodies. "so are you brave enough to try something new, and see me without the fur?" he asks

Kimba tilts his head a bit and looks around for a moment, the mention of 'brave' causing the lion to sit up, puff his chest and try to look regal, "Of course."

Vergil Madox nods "if you're sure." as the lion and meerkat seem to lose definition and color soon turning bright orange as they quickly liquefy into a puddle of orange goo, thick and viscous like a good gravy but of course a lot more colorful. it does not look delicious.

Kimba doesn't seem particularly freaked out, but curious, snout moving closer, hovering over the weird puddle, fighting the instinct to actually poke or sniff or lick at it, appetizing or not.

Vergil Madox speaks as the puddle. the surface vibrates a bit. "this is what I really am. please do keep your mouth closed if at all possible if you wish to be this close." he asks politely

Kimba chuckles a bit as he steps back, "Sorry."

The puddle ripples as Vergil speaks. "I am known as an Ochaziis, like you are a lion, my people are symbiotes, that means we can connect and bond to people, which allows us to give our powers to others as well as other things." he says "would you like to try considering you seem to be an eager companion?"

Kimba tilts his head to the other side, he knows some of the words, "Is it dangerous?" he asks softly, "It sounds like something serious." he says softly.

Vergil creeps closer. "it is not dangerous, though for some it is odd. If you would like to try we can, otherwise we can not, anything I do is easily reversible."

Kimba nods a bit, seeming a bit nervous and looking around once again, "Well, maybe we can try it then, on a spot without so many people looking around at me?" he asks, chuckling. "It sounds cool." he adds, stretching a bit, "need to rest for a bit first."

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