Vergil Madox

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Vergil Madox
Full Name: Vergil Madox

Occupation: Information Seeker
Series: Original

Alignment: Neutral
Species: Ochazis

Short Description: likely either a gaunt thin human resembling Steven Merchant, or a large orange blob. Highly intelegent and looking for more info


Vergil Madox
Age: 354 years Birthdate: with this many birthdays
Height: 5'9 human, 2' blob Weight: 163 lbs

In blob form, a 156 pound orange sludge that has no big discernable features.

Human form: in this common form he implements he stands about 5'9" his form and face are gaunt and pale, his features don't seem worn by age or stress, usually adorned with a smile and hazel eyes, his dark black hair flows nicely as he can usually be found in a variety of rather standard looking clothing from jeans and a T-shirt to shorts and a tank top and everything in between.

His voice has the twinge of the British background that he has had for his entire life. male-sounding, and a tiny bit higher than average, his voice is the one thing he cannot change. no matter what form he takes, his voice will always be the same.

While highly intelligent, his people skills can be lacking, and desperate for information or friendship, can be gullible enough to be swayed to do bad things believing himself to be doing good.

Water, Vergil's cellular structure is unstable, while Bullets, swords, and most physical weaponry is completely ineffective, severe heat, or even run of the mill water will dissolve him like the wicked witch of the west, he can reform after being dissolved like this, but it will possibly take days, and depending on the amount of water, weeks or months to get back together. drop him in the ocean, you will likely never see him again. the only way the water weakness can be countered is to be bonded to another creature.

Vergil Madox
Vergil is a sentient being made of unspecialized cells. His race is one of many in his world, known in the English language as the Ochaziss. this race of similar gelatinous beings live for centuries as well as have the ability to confer memories and thoughts between each other by touch, their history not being written in books but vivid memories in each individual. these creatures have no tools of their own due to their ability to turn themselves into creatures able to do the job needed. this is offset by their time near humans in which they know of tools but are unsure of why some are needed.

The Ochaziss have been around humans since neanderthals roamed the earth but have kept hidden until just after the first world war. He along with his friend to which he now derives his name, was drafted during the second world war as the battle of Brittan began. during those 6 long years Vergil only killed once to protect his friend and fellow soldiers. That memory still occasionally haunts him. Virgil, like many of his kind spend a lot of time alive, spending exactly 1000 years before they bond with another in their mating ritual, to which they give their lives to give life to the next generation. all this time allows them to collect as much knowledge as possible. Vergil is rather peace-loving, self-defense and eating being the only reasons it is acceptable to kill anything in his mind. he attempts politeness and understanding toward others whenever possible. He is looking for information but hopes to find companions along the way.


Vergil Madox
Perfect Memory: Vergil has an immense memory pool to work off of and he can remember every moment down to the bird chirps from out the window. he likewise can help others do the same using his bond ability.

Bonding: The Ochaziss are symbiotes and can share a body with a host, this 'bond' is temporary and can only be done with a willing host. any unwilling participant will eject Vergil near immediately, this goes for once willing subjects that change their mind. the bond ability allowing for the shapeshifting and modification of physical form of the host(conservation of matter), this can also be conferred as healing unto the host for the price of leaving behind some of his own mass. Access to perfect memories, as stated above. and access to a dream-like state called the "Journey" which acts like an extraordinarily vivid dream for both participants, while "anything is possible" within this imaginative state, it is merely in their heads and their bodies appear to be in a coma.

Shapeshifting, Vergil himself has chosen a natural human form for his average meetings however, that is not to say that he does not contain and occasionally use the ability to shapeshift like his brethren. conservation of mass is again used, becoming larger than a human makes him less dense while smaller forms are denser. he can gain mass by eating organic materials (leaves and such) but prefers not to because it then interferes with his human-like facade. Vergil Also has the ability to split his mass up into several pieces and use them equally, a technical workaround for smaller forms is to split up the mass and have multiples of them, or it be a single detachment from his larger whole.

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