2020-05-09 - Visions of the future

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Visions of the Future

Summary: Kimba is shown how bonding feels. Both seem to enjoy it!

Who: Kimba, Vergil Madox
When: May 9th, 2020.
Where: Nowhereto Park.

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Vergil Madox is wandering along as per usual, getting his head out of the books once more as he wanders the park. he's encountered a lot already out here, he wonders what else could be found. though he is not too obvious as a goo, he looks human, gaunt, 5'9 black hair, hazel eyes, gaunt and thin build with very casual clothes.

There is a lion in the park!, more specifically, seems the white lion is testing, climbing on it, and then letting gravity take him forward to the ground. He seems popular with the kids,until parents notice the wild beast and begin to try pulling the boys away from the white lion, much to the displeasure of the white fluffy beast.

Vergil Madox chuckles do not worry mam, Kimba here is a nice person, very kind and gentle soul." he says. to which Kimba might remember the voice if the form is less than familiar to the lion. he ruffles Kimba's mane a little. "good to see you again my friend, enjoying yourself?"

Kimba tilts his head to the left and tilts his head at the greeting, smiling a bit, "Oh, hey Vergil." he replies, purring into the ruffling, "I'm doing ok, exploring this park a bit." he says, still sitting at the bottom of the slide.

Vergil Madox sits down next to him. "so you're starting to find some enjoyable things in this world?" he asks "I hope so, would hate for an existence to be anything but nice." he says pacifist and good guy at heart. "Would you like to take a stroll?" he asks "lots of this park to discover."

Kimba chuckles a bit, "well, just trying to find good things in here, it is quite different from home, and even from... the only other town I have been, at least there they got used to me, "Still is a bit annoying people run away from me like that." he chuckles. "I'm sure it'lll just be a matter of time." he gets up and stretches a bit, "A stroll sounds good." he adds, "You are quite nice."

Vergil Madox nods "thanks." he says "you've been able to eat right? found something that agrees?" he asks. he stands and waves the lion on holding his wrists behind him as he walks with the lion, a regal air in his smile. "I agree, people should be more understanding, allow you to at least introduce yourself.' he says "oh, did you consider my offer?"

Kimba chuckles a bit, "Been trying to eat some hotdogs, and heard of a restaurant that tends to accept most folks, so been eating some meat that way." he says, padding a bit faster after Vergil, tail flicking, "I am curious, just never did anything like that before."

Vergil Madox nods. "would you like to give it a try? no harm in saying no." he states. "might make our walk more interesting." he says "I will need to put my mass somewhere however."

Kimba looks around for a moment, hoping people were not staring at them, "Put it where?" he mumbles, blinking a bit, unsure what that entailed, "I mean we can try of course."

Vergil looks to the lion. "anywhere you want, bigger muscles, larger mane, fat, growth. I can do a great deal with ease." he says "so name your choice, or I have a number of things I do on a whim." he says. "its relatively easy if you want to stop and try." he says pausing in his steps.

Kimba blinks a bit and pauses as well, looking back at the 'human' for a few moments, "Really? like what?" he asks, rather curious now, "I mean... bigger and with a proper mane... and stronger sounds nice." he muses, looking down at his forepaws. "Feels like I have been a cub forever already."

Vergil Madox nods. "with our combined mass I could make you look fully mature." he nods. "is that what you wish?" he asks kneeling beside the lion considering it seems that Kimba is very interested. "I warn you it will only last as long as I am bonded with you." two bonds in a week, he's getting alot of nice energy off of folks recently.

Kimba tilts his head a bit and rubs his snout with a forepaw, "Sure, that would be fine." he says softly.

Vergil Madox melts down into an orange goo. "please step near me and I will get to work." he states. the goo actually creating a small hole in the middle of themselves for the lion to step.

Kimba goes still for a moment, it's always a bit creepy to see something melt like that, and he leans to sniff at the goo one more time, before hesitantly raising one paw, placing it in the 'dry' spot,and carefully moving to sit inside of it.

The goo that is vergil wraps itself around the lion's paws and begins to soak in, at the meantime the lion would feel his neck feel a bit heavier as his minor mane visibly grows out into a full lucious ruff, even going a bit bigger than what a normal lion should have for compensation. the lion feeling an odd stretching feeling all over as his body begins to grow.

Kimba certainly feels kind of weird, squirming gently as the goos eems to soak into his fur, letting out a soft growl as his form... stretches? he looks at himself... or tries to, gasping and trying to turn around, feeling the changes.

Kimba would find their body bulking out a little, thicker chest, legs, neck. as well as the world itself just seeming to be a bit smaller than it once was as he grows another almost 5 inches. his voice shifting a bit lower as well to finish the look, a large adult white lion stands where the adolescent once stood.

Kimba seems to be mostly in shock, looking around, not quite understanding why everything looks a bit off until he moves closer to any reflective surface for a full image of himself, stretching a bit, admiring his now larger paw and nibblin on it, "This is amazing!" he mumbles, moving a paw to brush at his new mane.

Vergil Madox speaks, Kimba hearing Vergil like an inner voice. "Glad you approve." Kimba's mane is amazing, soft and rather large compared to the lion it's on. he though does look amazing and like an adult, even maybe a bit bigger than average. "of course I can do a variety of things if so wished."

Kimba is certainly pleased, he brushes the mane a bit more and grooms his face a few times, stretching a bit and simply enjoying his newfound size, he even trots around, ears flickering a bit at the voice, nodding, "Oh? like what?" he asks quietly, realizing he didn't need to speak up.

Vergil Madox states "well many things, I could revert you to even younger of a cub if you wanted, change the color of your fur, make certain parts of you bigger or smaller, make you stronger or weaker, if you think it, I can probably do it."

Kimba nods faintly, hopefully it can be sensed, "Sounds really cool" he agrees, chuckling a bit, "I think this is nice enough." he muses as he stretches a bit and marches to the shade under a tree.

The large lion is there and feels wonderful. Vergil enjoying Kimba's discovery. "it is, in fact I was wondering if you would consider more silly changes like making your head larger, I hear it is cute on feral creatures such as yourself." he states. random factoids and all.

Kimba chuckles a bit, "I will pass on that, I think I like how this looks... I am not sure having a giant head might be the best, at least until I learn more about what people like."

Vergil Madox will leave it be then. "just remember it's not permenant."

"When I go I'll have to take my mass with me but... if you promise me something I might be able to let you keep your mane." he says.

Kimba smiles and tilts his head, "Don't worry about my mane, I prefer to grow it on my own, when the time comes." the young lion offers, "But, I'll be happy to help you in any case."

Vergil Madox nods "I was only trying to assist. but that is fine. Is there anything else you would like to see or shall we simply continue our conversation." he says being more or less a passenger like this if he's not manipulating his mass around.

Kimba smiles, "I can't figure of anything else to ask, this is more than enough as it is, what kidn of favor did you need?, or rather... what kind of promise? just out of curiosity.". The lion settles under the tree to talk more with his friend and just enjoy the unique situation.

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